Prehistoric stone cairns on Cnoc Meadha, Tuam, Ireland. 

Inside the hill of Cnoc Meadha itself is reputedly where the local King of the Fairies, Finnbheara, holds court. One of the cairns is purported to be the burial place of the legendary and infamous Queen Madb though other locations such as Ráth Cruachan and Cnoc Na Riabh may have a better claim. A lesser legendary figure, Cessair, is claimed to be buried in another of the cairns.

It’s an eerie place.

EOS SPOILERS- theory ahead

Let’s complete this circle of bad ass queens that Sarah has brought into our lives. Fenrys thinks Aelin and Mannon are 2 sides of 1 coin. I think it’s more like 6 equal parts.

Half Fae- Half Human: Aelin
Half Crochan- Half Blueblood: Mannon
Half Human- Half Blueblood: Elide

THEORY: Half Crochan- Half Fae: Lysandra

We don’t know who Lysandra’s parents were, their heritage, or her original form, which could’ve been as a Fae. If her father was a Fae shapeshifter and her mother was a crochan, it would explain the heritage, but the only question remaining would be which members of her family belonged to a royal court?

THOERY: Half Human- Half Crochan: Ansel

Ansel was born into a witch London, and her placement in that kingdom already makes her far more likely to have some connection to the witches. Also, after her family was slaughtered she was able to encounter a witch and walk away alive and protected. Maybe there was more that witch sensed in Ansel than her fear.

THEORY: Half Blue Blood- Half Fae: ?

Meave knew about Aelin’s future with Rowan. Blue Bloods have the power to see the future. But that would mean that Mora and Mab were also born with blue blood so I don’t think it could be as likely unless Meave forged some kind of bond between herself and the blue blood line to give herself more power and live longer.

Asterin’s story has been particularly compelling since we were first introduced to her character. She has never fit the mold of the traditional Black beak or Blue Blood witch and has even proven herself to be a particularly vicious and cunning fighter. Perhaps it’s Fae bread instincts that make her stand apart.

Glad to see we are not all breaking apart before Empire of Storms. You know. We are staying strong. Holding it together. Like sane people…


So far we have: 

Aedion dying on a battlefield. Aelin cradling him in her arms and having him swear the bloodoath to her with his last few breaths, giving him that last honour, while the soldiers around them drop to their knees, bowing in honour. Because if anyone deserves it it is her cousin, friend and Wolf of the North who has fought harder for Terrasen and her people than anyone else. 

Aedion being killed by Gavriel. Maeve uses the bloodoath and orders Gavriel to kill his own son, Aelin’s beloved cousin and the second member of her court.

Aedion swearing the bloodoath to Meave. She somehow captures him and he is forced to take the bloodoath to her and not his beloved queen and cousin. The oath he has dedicated his life to make sure happens, that he holds so dear. And Maeve will make sure Aelin watches as this happens. As Aelin made Maeve watch Rowan swear the oath to Aelin. 

Asterin sacrificing herself for Manon. And as she dies Manon realise she can love. Asterin in some way dying for Manon, like the proud, fiery and loyal, Second she is. The pain Manon experiences at her death makes Manon see witches are made into monsters. Not born.

Asterin being killed by the Grandmother. The same Grandmother who burnt UNCLEAN into her skin. She sees what effect Asterin has on Manon, making Manon slowly become “softer”. She has Asterin killed or kills her herself. This would be what would finally make Manon kill The Grandmother. 

I am so glad we are such a cheerful, joyous and positive fandom. I wonder what fresh hell I am going to get to read about tomorrow.