Fast Firsts and Sloppy Seconds Part 3.5

A Rowaelin/Manorian AU

God this part was so hard, I was super stuck, super distracted, the second half was just NOT happening - but then finally around like 1 AM I fell into a grove, lol. It’s currently Friday, 3:25 AM EST, but only 9:25 PM on Thursday in Hawaii!! This is the last one I’m doing this late, I swear to god. Tags are gonna have to be in a reblog, because I’m kind of deceased rn. Thanks for sticking with me, guys, love you all <3 As usual apologies for typos, the chapter didn’t make actually make it to Becca again
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EDIT: JUST FUCKING KILL ME. I was in bed, all happy and shit, it’s 3:56 am rn, and then I shot up, because I realized that I forgot to trigger warn, and I am SO sorry!!!! Luckily no notes  yet, so that’s good, and I had added a cut, so that’s also good!
Trigger Warning: It’s nothing too bad, just vague mentions of child abuse towards the end, but I wanted to make sure everyone reading is okay, and prepared, and can avoid it if they want to.
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Dorian was losing terribly. Manon was entirely invested in the game, her darts hitting their mark almost every time. To be fair though, Dorian wasn’t trying very hard. It’s not that he wasn’t focused, however. He was particularly focused on the way she looked in those shorts. On the way her shirt barely climbed up her body every time she thrust her hand forward. On the way her eyebrows scrunched together when the dart was so close, but not quite where she wanted it. On the way she cheered every time she did hit her mark. On the fact that she was intentionally avoiding his eyes and keeping a healthy distance between them. Dorian was incredibly focused. Just, not on the game at hand.

“That’s the third time I’ve beat you in the last half hour!” She turned to him, smiling once again, and regretted it immediately. The heat in his eyes hit her like a wave as he scanned her body, his eyes lingering over her breasts and between her legs.

That was why. That was why she had avoided it – avoided meeting his eyes. She lost all conviction, all ability to breathe, under that gaze. And  in no way did she like it. Her eyes quickly flicked away from him, desperate for something anything else to occupy her mind other than her desperate need to tear off his clothes. Because she couldn’t. Right then, she knew she couldn’t. She knew she simply wouldn’t survive. Not then, not with that boy.

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Vaughan when he comes back to Doranelle
  • Vaughan *comes back after searching the North for Lorcan*: Where is he?
  • Fenrys: Meave broke his oath
  • Vaughan: Why?
  • Fenrys: I'm sure Gavriel would love to explain, but his oath was broken too.
  • Vaughan: What about you?
  • Fenrys: Oh Maeve just loves torturing me. Talking of torture, there's the 19 year old fire-breathing Queen of Terrassen currently strapped in a coffin iron next door.
  • Vaughan: What the fuck
  • Fenrys: Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. Ashryver. Like Gavriel's son.
  • Vaughan: What the fucking fuck.
  • Fenrys: She also happens to be Rowan's wife and mate.
  • Vaughan: What.
  • Fenrys: Because guess what, Rowan's first mate wasn't actually his mate but just a game of Maeve's.
  • Vaughan: The. Fuck.
  • Fenrys: OH YOU MISSED EVEN MORE. Lorcan gave up the tortured loner life and got married to the Lady of Perranth but then he screwed up and I think their marriage is over.
  • Vaughan: WHAT. THE. FUCK.
TOG 6 theory about Aelin's rescue

-Rowan found Aelin in start of Heir of Fire when Meave sent him to her to Doranelle to Maeve.
-Rowan found Aelin in Heir if Fire when she got angry and Skinwalkers tried to kill her.
-He found her in Queen of Shadows when he arrived to Rifthold.

He has found her many times and he will find her again.

“I’d walk into the burning heart of hell itself to find you.”

Just have a hope.


Prehistoric stone cairns on Cnoc Meadha, Tuam, Ireland. 

Inside the hill of Cnoc Meadha itself is reputedly where the local King of the Fairies, Finnbheara, holds court. One of the cairns is purported to be the burial place of the legendary and infamous Queen Madb though other locations such as Ráth Cruachan and Cnoc Na Riabh may have a better claim. A lesser legendary figure, Cessair, is claimed to be buried in another of the cairns.

It’s an eerie place.

Submission #373

After Maeva died Spencer didn’t speak to the team for at least 3 days. The only reason he started talking to them again was because Derek ended up kicking down his door an stopping Spencer from killing himself. He later had a HUGE break down at work while everyone was at lunch, they came back to find the bullpen a mess an Reid sobbing in a corner. They learned he had relapsed and he was showing signs of schizophrenia. Now the team is extra careful around him but they still treat him normally.

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Aelin: so who wants to watch me make plans that involve you guys, ofc I won’t tell you, but I’ll save your lives by sacrificing myself instead
Rowan, Aedion, Lysandra, Dorian, Chaol, Gavriel, Fenrys, Lorcan, Elide, Manon, The Thirteen, Evangeline, Nesryn, Nehemia, Kaltain, Sam, Elena, Brannon, Abraxos, Arobyn, Meave:

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"I don't regret this and I never will."- for Elorcan please and thank you :)

My heart aches for these two and how they will come to terms with what happened on the beach! So without further ado here is the fic~!

A war cry bellowed over the sounds of metal clashing and screams of pain. Lorcan strode through the carnage. Blood dripping from his broadsword as sweat ran down his muddied face.

Without hesitation he cut down valgs, wyverns and any enemy that dared entered his path. Hellas’s power coursed through him – death and thought and destruction. A dark warrior who thrived on the dark gift. That was what Lorcan was.

A wild smile danced on his lips as he let current of power rise to its potential.

He crouched low and avoided needle-sharp teeth and flesh-shredding claws before cleaving the head off the beast that dared to face him. In the distance he saw flames and wind answer the call to their wielders. Aelin and Rowan had once again found each other.

Lorcan had not time to celebrate for his friend finding his wife – his mate. Not when there was a war to be won.

In the midst of his killings Lorcan had lost track of the one thing he had vowed to protect no matter how this battle turned. It wasn’t until he heard a familiar scream that Lorcan’s heart plunged in fear. Something he rarely felt, but his panic propelled him to bound over the fallen bodies of both human, fae and monsters alike with blinding speed. 

“Not her,” Lorcan whispered to the air that reeked of decaying flesh and smoke. “Anyone, but her.”

“LORCAN!” Elide cried out. Her tone pushing Lorcan to greater lengths to find her.

He would always find her. That was what he promised.

He followed her scent until he leapt several yards away from where she was held captive. In the hands of his previous queen. Maeve.

“My traitorous dark warrior has arrived. How have you enjoyed your time being free of the blood oath?” Maeve said with ease. Even as her fingers held a dagger to Elide’s throat.

When Lorcan didn’t answer with anything but a glare Meave simply tsked in disappointment. “I figured you – a demi fae – would steer clear away from human females. Let alone one that is crippled and holds no beauty compared to your previous lovers.”

Lorcan continued shooting Maeve with a hateful stare that would have sent most warriors on their knees in fear of his wrath. 

“Have you nothing to say?” Maeve asked. “Perhaps the pitiful female would like to speak.” Maeve dug the blade deep enough that a small trickle of blood streamed down her throat.

 Elide was silent, but her dark eyes looked at Lorcan. But her eyes spoke loud enough for Lorcan to understand that she needed him. Elide was no match for Maeve, but Lorcan could at least help her escape from the queen’s clutches.

But Lorcan couldn’t move. His whole body was frozen.

 “I should kill you now Lorcan,” Maeve mused. “The severed blood oath has probably made you terribly miserable. Killing you would be a mercy wouldn’t it?”

Against Lorcan’s will he nodded his head. Elide’s eyes widened in terror.

“Leave him alone,” Elide snarled. Meave’s blade cut deeper into her throat in warning.

Dirt and blood mixed on Elide’s face from the fights she had previously been in. Her mangled ankle barely supported her body as she trembled from exhaustion. But Elide would still go down fighting until her dying breath.

 “Tell me Lorcan,” Maeve eyed him disdainfully. “Do you want to live?”

Lorcan said nothing. His voice wouldn’t rise at all due to whatever magic Maeve held against him. His blade hung uselessly at his side as he scowled at the Queen of Doranelle.

“He does want to live,” Elide said quickly. “Lorcan’s life is not one to be tossed away at your whim.” Elide spat the last part out.

 Lorcan winced. Why didn’t he force Elide to stay off the battlefield? Sure she would have loathed him for it, but at least that meant she was away from danger. He wished that she was safe in Perranth. Her home…where she belonged.

Maeve raised a brow at the human in her grasp. “You have quit the tongue don’t you? Not many humans would dare speak to me in such a tone… for that I will spare him on your ill-placed passionate words on this dishonorable warrior…but you little human” Meave ran the blade higher on Elide’s neck. “If Lorcan does not wish your life to be spared then you shall die.”

Elide looked to Lorcan with eyes full of hope that it almost brought him to his knees. He tried to speak and to his horror no words left his mouth.

 In that instant the hope in Elide’s eyes cracked. And shattered when Lorcan couldn’t say the words he desperately wanted her to hear.

Elide I want you to live. I want us to live together. In Perranth. Forever.

“Will you not beg me to save her Lorcan? Like you groveled on your knees and pleaded with me to keep you as one of my blood oath warriors?” Maeve smiled faintly. Taking in the internal agony that Lorcan fought from within.

“Lorcan?” Elide’s voice was raw with unshed tears. Her pale face that previously was filled with unrelenting rage to fight shifted into disbelief and finally despair.

“Lorcan please,” Elide said louder even as the blade began to cut into her throat.

Lorcan could smell her blood just as clearly as he could smell the emotions that radiated from Elide.

“Nothing?” Maeve said. “Then let this be a lesson Lorcan. Those that are gifted by the God of violent deaths – Hellas himself – then those you hold closest to your heart shall face violent ends.”

 The blade flashed in one quick motion followed by a spray of blood. Elide’s life poured from her wound. One that did not mean a quick death, but instead one that would be drawn out.

 Darkness pushed Lorcan forward with a roar. He dropped to the ground and cradled Elide to his chest. His leather armor became soaked in her blood within seconds. He pressed his scarred hand to the wound. Yet red seeped between his fingers no matter how much pressure he used.

 “Elide stay with me,” Lorcan begged. “Please don’t leave.”

 Elide choked and her cough brought up blood. The ruby color contrasted darkly with her pale lips.

 “You…betrayed me…again…” Elide brokenly said.

 “No! I love you Elide. I swear it.” Tears rolled down Lorcan’s cheeks.

 “Your promises,” Elide wetly coughed. Words barely understandable. “Are worth nothing to me.”

“You don’t mean that,” Lorcan held her gently. “I worked every day to earn your trust back after Aelin was taken. I love you so much and you said you loved me as we walked onto this battlefield together.”

With her final breath Elide looked directly into Lorcan’s eyes. N warmth could be found in her stare. “I hate you.”

And Elide Lochan’s heart ceased to beat in the midst of war being held by a fae whose soul had died with his mate’s last words. A mate she didn’t even know she was.

 Lorcan must have been screaming. He fought off the hands that wrapped around him.

Please not Elide. Hellas could take anyone else, but not Elide.

Elide who he loved.

Elide who was his mate.

Elide who –


Lorcan jolted awake and his eyes registered darkness. But this was not Hellas’s darkness coming to claim him. No this was night that cloaked the room.

“Lorcan?” A gentle hand reached for his bare arm that was without braces that usually held hidden knives. It was then that he realized he wore no armor. Only a blanket covered his chest save for the small hand that made it’s home above his pounding heartbeat.

His eyes followed that hand until he was met with the sight of Elide. She was nestled against his body in a nightdress and her eyes blinked drowsily from being awoken suddenly.

“Elide?” Lorcan reached for her shakily. Afraid that this moment would shatter.

“Was it a bad dream?” Elide asked.

Lorcan swallowed. “Yes.” His hand hovered above her cheek. He knew that his nightmare had been a fabrication of his mind. It had been years since the war. He and Elide were married now. Living in Perranth no less.

What if she had chosen someone else instead of him? She wouldn’t have suffered through seeing him betray her Aelin and her court to Maeve on that beach. Wouldn’t have known what a damn mess of a fae he was and that he had no right being in this bed beside her. Elide, the light to his darkness, deserved better.

Elide blinked and clearly heard the thoughts through the mating bond. Her fingers interlaced with Lorcan’s hesitant hand. She brought his knuckles to her soft lips.

I don’t regret this and never will,” she whispered across his jagged scars. “I love you Lorcan. And I would do it all again – the good and the bad – if it meant being with you.” 

Lorcan eased his other hand to Elide’s cheek and gently raised her face toward his. Slowly he kissed those lips that knew just what to say when he needed them most. 

“I love you Elide.” He said into her lips.

“I know,” Elide smiled and deepened the kiss. Earning a pleased growl from her mate.

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Breathing a bit heavier, hazy thoughts began to piece together more coherently. Eira snuggled into the soft mattress and brought her fluffy pillow closer to her. Except, there wasn’t a pillow beside her. Her thoughts were automatically settled on the fact it had most likely fallen off in her sleep as she had an occasional tendency to be tangled in her sheets with her bed, and the area surrounding, a mess.

Her body gradually pushed itself to the edge, hand reaching blindly for the fallen case of cotton. When nothing but air was caught in her grasp, a frustrated huff left her. Eira forced herself up-right now to assess her surroundings.

Yet. This wasn’t her room??

Tog would you rather

Lysandra or Elide? Aedion or Dorian? Brannon or Elena? Terrasen or Adarlan? A bird fae form or a wolf/big cat fae form? Aelins fire magic or Dorian raw magic? Sea dragon or Ghost Leopard? Crochan or Ironteeth? Damaris or Goldryn? Erawan or Meave? I will not be afraid or To whatever end?