Prehistoric stone cairns on Cnoc Meadha, Tuam, Ireland. 

Inside the hill of Cnoc Meadha itself is reputedly where the local King of the Fairies, Finnbheara, holds court. One of the cairns is purported to be the burial place of the legendary and infamous Queen Madb though other locations such as Ráth Cruachan and Cnoc Na Riabh may have a better claim. A lesser legendary figure, Cessair, is claimed to be buried in another of the cairns.

It’s an eerie place.

Vaughan when he comes back to Doranelle
  • Vaughan *comes back after searching the North for Lorcan*: Where is he?
  • Fenrys: Meave broke his oath
  • Vaughan: Why?
  • Fenrys: I'm sure Gavriel would love to explain, but his oath was broken too.
  • Vaughan: What about you?
  • Fenrys: Oh Maeve just loves torturing me. Talking of torture, there's the 19 year old fire-breathing Queen of Terrassen currently strapped in a coffin iron next door.
  • Vaughan: What the fuck
  • Fenrys: Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. Ashryver. Like Gavriel's son.
  • Vaughan: What the fucking fuck.
  • Fenrys: She also happens to be Rowan's wife and mate.
  • Vaughan: What.
  • Fenrys: Because guess what, Rowan's first mate wasn't actually his mate but just a game of Maeve's.
  • Vaughan: The. Fuck.
  • Fenrys: OH YOU MISSED EVEN MORE. Lorcan gave up the tortured loner life and got married to the Lady of Perranth but then he screwed up and I think their marriage is over.
  • Vaughan: WHAT. THE. FUCK.
ACOTAR & TOG theory wyrdkeys

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Ok, ok, ok. So we’ve all been trying to weave together how these two worlds collide right? So I was trolling through the TOG wiki when I just found something that made a lightbulb go off.
“The Wyrdkeys had been created in the era of Faes'” Common knowledge right? But it took me a second to piece it together. What if the era of the Faes, before Meave’s time, when the Fae have significantly more power and their own secluded from mortals kingdoms, and no human(ish) descendants is Pythian.
WHAT IF this means that the three wyrdkeys are made from the three legs of the Cauldron. Maas even describes the cauldron as made out of dark iron, and the wyrdkeys and dark and black in colour.
WHAT IF the wyrdkeys are only a taste of what the cauldron, the pure creative power of their universe, is capable of. And think about it, if something has the power to create it can’t exist as either good or bad, but simply with the intention to create, just as the wyrdkeys don’t exist as good or evil, only how the bearer wishes to express their power.
WHAT IF the King of Hybern or the Court of Dreams does something in ACOTAR 3, like say destroying the cauldron, that could rip open the fabric between the dimensions?
WHAT IF this is exactly the kind of event needed for the Valg to slip into Pythian.  And ACOTAR is the origin story of this entire war that keeps being repeated over and over again through time, just as Elena told Aelin that she was a piece in an unfinished game. And then Feyre and the dream team create the wyrdkeys out of the legs to close the tears in space and to create a way to defeat or at least wound the creatures that came from the battle with Hybern?
What if Aelin is finally the one who is determined and powerful enough to stop the cycle? To finish the Dream teams war? I’d probably cry myself to sleep out of awe for the rest of time.