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Prompt 12: Eric Coulter

“You want a fight. I’ll bring a war.” 


Y/N- your name

H/C- Hair color

E/C- eye color

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Honestly all of you guys who reblog and like my posts make my day! I think I’ve fallen inlove with creating Eric in a different mindset then just being a straight up asshole. I feel like he would be the kind of person to be a hardass to everyone and sometimes to the reader, but in private he would be the type to drop the asshole persona. 

She was tired and moody, this morning mother nature had decided to pay her a visit and a damn initiate decided to challenge her once again. It seemed that the initiates this year were brave and cocky. For some unforeseen reason they thought she was an easier target. Yet, time and time again she had proved them wrong, but they still came back for more. She leaned against the wall tiredly, when she saw that the hallway was empty. She stood up straighter when she heard heavy footsteps, coming from behind her.

“Y/N, what the hell are you doing. We have a meeting in five and you have me walking around the whole fucking compound looking for you,” She heard Eric’s snide voice from behind her. “Hurry your ass up!”

She rolled her eyes, stifling a yawn wishing that she had decided to deny the leadership role like Four had done. “I didn’t ask you to.” She fell into step beside him, accidentally brushing his shoulder. She felt the urge to yawn again, but she didn’t want to hear Eric’s nagging voice.

“Y/N!” She stopped turning to look at the black haired male. “Where are you off- Eric..” She turned back to Eric only to see a pissed off look on his face. Being the asshole that he was Eric stood behind her, glaring down at her black haired friend. “I was just wondering if you can reschedule your tattoo appointment to tomorrow evening.”

“Shit, I totally forgot about my appointment. But yeah, tomorrow at seven?” She asked while he nodded. “Okay it’s a date, I really have to go.” She rushed out feeling Eric’s angry gaze on the back of her head. She didn’t notice her friend’s surprised face, because she turned back to Eric grasping his meaty arm pulling him towards the meeting room.

Y/N yawned again while Eric gazed at her. She was one of the few people that he tolerated, and he didn’t want to admit to himself that it bothered him when she said it’s a date. Sure, she was attractive, even more so since she always stood up and never took his shit seriously. But he had never realized how much he was attracted to her.

“How is the training with the initiates going,” Eric brought his attention back to Max while he eyed both her and himself.

“They are courageous, yet cocky. They seem to think that they are better than Four, even as we knock them down time and time again. It’s taking sometime to break them, but it’s not impossible and we are only a week behind schedule,” She spoke clenching her fists tightly.

“I have no doubt that you and Four will break them. How are the strategist coming into play,” Max wrote something in his tablet.

Eric watched her E/C eyes light up, while he listened to her absentmindedly. He watched the way her hands moved excitedly as she described her strategies. He wanted to reach forward and brush away the few strands of her H/C hair that fell from her loose bun.

“Eric?” He blinked a few times, before turning to look at Max. “What’s your input?”

He knew he fucked up, he hadn’t heard a word she said, because he was too busy paying attention to her and not what she was saying. “She’s good with strategy. I don’t anything wrong with it.”

Her eyes shot over to him in surprise, before nodding stiffly in thanks. “Alright. Everyone’s dismissed.”

Eric waited for everyone to clear out before he pulled her aside. “Tell me your strategy again. I wasn’t paying attention.”

She pulled her arm away from him. “So basically you were just spouting bullshit about me being good with strategy. Figures. You know what Eric, I’m not really into explaining it again so you can ask me again tomorrow. Goodnight.” She turned away from him, before flipping him off over her shoulder. He watched her go, noticing the sway of her hip. Eric clenched his fists when he felt the urge to run his hands over her ass.

“I swear Four, if they keep testing me I’m going to put them in the infirmary,” Eric listened in on Y/N and Four’s conversation. “Cara asked me to chill out this year with the initiates, you know how she is.”

“Actually I don’t because I’m not the one that used to put initiates in the infirmary,” Four gave her a small grin, before turning his attention back to the initiates. “Maybe that’s what this bunch needs, even when you keep kicking their asses they don’t seem like they’ll respect you, regardless if your a leader.”

Eric moved closer to the pair, brushing against Y/N. He smirked when he saw her shiver slightly. “What do you think?” She looked up at him, it was one of the things he learned to like about her. She always asked him, no matter if she was pissed off at him or he was pissed off at her.

“It would be interesting. Pick the one who always gives you shit,” He shrugged. “Initiates get your asses around the mat.” He gestured for her to take control.

She grinned up at him, before looking at each of the initiates. She stopped at a blond haired kid, who was smirking at her. “Blake.. Since you won the last three against your competitors you will choose who you want to fight next.” Blake grinned at her, before his eyes skimmed lazily over her form.

“You. I wanna fight you.” Eric’s eyes widened slightly at the balls on this kid. Y/N at first glance looked weak, but Eric and Four learned the hard way that she was anything but weak. She had the ability to see every weakness and use it against her opponent. What she lacked in strength she made up for it with her agility and stamina.

She smiled sweetly at the kid, “Alright.” Eric coughed out a laugh. The kid had fallen right into her plan. She took off her boots, going to stand in the middle observing her opponent. “Coulter! Mind telling the rules.”

“First one to get knocked out loses or we can go with first blood,” Eric leaned against the mat, eyeing her. “Up to you..”

“I love first blood, but I think I’ll go with the first option. Four you’re on standby” She smiled down at him, before her body relaxed. “At your call Coulter.”

He felt a surge of pride flow through him, “Fight!”

Eric watched as she lazily eyed the kid. Blake rushed at her, at which she turned slamming her foot into his face. Eric grinned seeing the blood gushing out of his nose. “C’mon, you wanted a fight. You got me all excited.” She taunted him, only to grin when she saw him charging at her. She ducked under him, propelling herself up onto his back jabbing her hand into his neck. “You give?”

“No,” Blake choked out, trying to get her off of his back. She rolled her eyes, using her body weight bringing them down, before she tossed him across the mat. “I want a fight!”

Blake got up wiping the blood from his face. Y/N smirked, “You want a fight. I’ll bring a war.” She charged at him, kicking his legs out from underneath him, before she grasped both of his arms. “You challenge me and my authority daily. I’ve been trying to mellow out but you fuckers keep pushing me towards the edge.” Blake whimpered below her, when she pulled his arms tighter. “So, the next one to disobey me and challenge me again will end up with two dislocated shoulders.” Y/N grasped Blake right arm dislocating his shoulder. She cut off Blake’s scream with a single punch to his face. Eric grinned at her when she turned glaring down at the rest of the initiates, “Do you weaklings understand that?”    

Eric watched in amusement when they all nodded dumbly at her. “Great, you’re all dismissed.” They moved around her, eyeing her wearily. “Eric mind handing me my boots?” He grasped her boots scooting while she scooted towards the edge. She grinned at Four while he rested his hand on her shoulder. “You taking him to the infirmary?” The stiff nodded, hauling the kid up.

“You did good Y/N,” Eric set his hand on her thigh. “It’s hot watching you kick people’s asses.” He ran his hand down to her leg. “Do you want to get a drink with me?”

Y/N raised an eyebrow at him, “What are you playing at?”

Eric sighed leaning against the mat, he wasn’t good at this. Usually he would ask and the girls would agree without hesitation. “You’ve been on my mind and I decided to act on it. So is it a yes or no?”

She shrugged pulling on her boots. “Sure, but I have my tattoo appointment in fifteen unless you want to come with me then we can get a drink?”


“Thanks Derek,” Eric watched her smile at the dark haired male. The guy eyed Eric back, before smiling down at Y/N. “I’ll talk to you later.” She glanced up at Eric, before turning to leave the small shop. “So, uhm-”

Eric put his arm around her shoulder leading her towards his compartment. “I figured we could have some privacy.” He opened the door for her while she stepped inside. “Sorry about the mess.”

“Mess right,” She joked looking around the clean room. “If this your idea of a mess, I’d hate to see when you would call something filthy.” She glanced at the few shirts that were tossed into the chair. She looked back at him, frowning slightly when she noticed how uptight he was. He moved away from the door, heading towards his small fridge, pulling out a few beers. He opened her’s before handing it to her.

Eric leaned against the counter, “I’m not used to the whole talking ordeal.” He downed the beer trying to ease the nerves that he felt.

She shrugged understanding. “You have any cards,” she asked moving to sit on the counter next to him. He nodded grabbing the pack, tossing them at her. “Alright, let’s make this interesting. I win, I get whatever I want from you and if you win then you can choose whatever you want from me. Deal?”

He grinned back, pulling up a stool. Regardless of whatever game they played he knew that she would most likely win, no matter if he used to be from Erudite. She was extremely good at strategies.

“I win,” Eric grinned at her setting his cards down. “So I get anything I want from you?”

She shuffled the cards again, “Those were the terms. Anything you want.”

He grasped the cards from her, moving to stand in between her legs. Eric put his hand on her cheek, pulling her closer so their lips almost met. “I want a massage.”

Y/N laughed, bumping her head against his. “Deal.”

He moved back while she jumped down from the counter gesturing for him to lead the way. He led her into his neat bedroom, before pulling off his shirt. “Focus on my shoulders,” Eric mumbled before laying down. He heard her laugh again, before he felt the bed dip and weight settle on his lower back.

She dug her fingers into his muscles and he had to bite his sheets to keep himself from groaning out in pleasure. Her hands were surprisingly soft with small callouses here and there, but he loved how cool they were against his skin. He turned holding her so that she was still straddling him. She tensed slightly before raising an eyebrow at him.

Y/N raised herself up slightly, reaching towards his shoulders again. He closed his eyes when her fingers massaged his tense muscles. A shiver ran through his body when she ran her hands over his pecs. He found his hands gripping her waist tightly before he flipped them so she was laying beneath him. “This is not a massage Eric,” She grinned up at him, while he grinned back.  

Eric leaned down, capturing her plump lips into a searing kiss. She whimpered slightly as he bit her lip, causing her to arch into him, while he ran his hands up her legs. He pulled back smirking down at her, “Stay with me tonight.”

Y/N bit her lip, he leaned down to kiss her again. She hoped that she wouldn’t have a nightmare tonight, before she was distracted by Eric’s skillful lips.

Y/N woke up, trying to remember where the hell she was. She moved to sit up, but a beefy pale arm held her down. She froze slightly when she trailed her eyes up, seeing Eric’s face sleeping soundly beside her. She moved soundlessly trying her hardest not to wake him up, once she was out of his bed, she grabbed all of her clothes throwing them all on before dashing out of his compartment.

Y/N was late. She sprinted to her compartment showering quickly before throwing on her workout clothes. She wrapped her hair into a bun, before sprinting to the training rooms only to see Four already stretching, maybe she wasn’t that late. She jogged over to Four, sitting beside him beginning her own stretches.

“You’re late.” Four grimaced while he held a hand down to her. He stared at her neck, rolling his eyes grinning slightly. “Now I know why.”

Her fingers probed her neck slightly, remembering Eric had left a mark from last night. Deep down she was embarrassed, but she shrugged grinning cockly at Four. “So we can skip the morning run?”

“Nope, let’s go,” Four pushed her slightly before she huffed dropping the cocky grin.

She started jogging falling into step beside Four, with her legs protesting at the extra exercise. “Four I’m going to kill you,” She huffed pushing past her jelly filled legs. She stopped leaning against the column, “Give me a second.”

Four smirked while she flipped him off. “C’mon, we can skip today. It seems you’ve already gotten way more exercise than usual.”

Y/N was sharpening the knives when the door banged open and a pissed off Eric stormed it. She went back to sharpening the knives, before the angry man leaned on the table beside her, she could feel the anger vibrating off of him in waves.

“Spit it out, get it over with,” She murmured not satisfied with the sharpness of the tool. He grabbed the knife from her hands flinging it at the wood, glaring down at her. “Impressive shot, but a little to the left and-”

“You left. Why,” Eric growled out through clenched teeth, staring (more like glaring) down at her.

“I had to get my morning workout in. Then I had to prepare for the initiates. I didn’t have the luxury to sleep in,” Y/N shrugged, grabbing another knife to sharpen.

“You’re a leader… you can choose. You’re a coward Y/N, you left because you were scared.” Eric hissed moving away from her, clenching his fists.

She rolled her eyes. “Totally, I’m a coward for doing my job. I’m not scared, if I was then I wouldn’t have went to your compartment.” She grasped his arm, pulling him towards her. “If I was a coward, I would’ve covered up your marks you dumbass.”

Eric grasped her chin, looking at her neck. He brushed his fingers against the marks, grinning slightly. He grabbed the knife she held throwing it back to the wood. “You’re right, I just wanted to see your reaction.”

“Asshole. So, what are we? Fuck friends,” Y/N smirked pulling her face away from his hands.

“If that’s what you want,” Eric rested his hands on her hips, before he trailed his fingers down her legs, wrapping her legs around him so she was pressed against him.

“I wouldn’t mind,” Y/N shrugged wrapping her arms around his shoulders. “So is where we also see other peo-”

He growled slightly, squeezing her thighs and burying his face into her neck. “I don’t share.”

“Neither do I,” She laughed when he brushed his lips against her sweet spot.

*Four months later*

“Stay,” Eric wrapped his arms around her, he had been asking her for months now yet she always refused. “Y/N c’mon let’s just sleep.”

“Eric, c’mon let go.” She weakly fought against him.

“Why don’t you want to stay? Fuck Y/N,” Eric let her go, sitting up watching her pull her clothes on. She sighed sitting back on the bed, while he moved closer kissing her shoulder.  “What are you so nervous about? Are you embarrassed?” He moved back, while everything started to fall into place.

“Why the hell would I be embarrassed? Who gives a fuck what other people think?” She hissed laying back down on the bed.

“Then what the fuck is up with you.” Eric scowled at the ceiling.

She put her arm over her eyes, biting her lip. “I have nightmares Eric. I didn’t want you to see my weakness. That’s why I’ve been avoiding staying over.”

Eric moved so that he was laying on his side looking at her. He grasped her waist pulling her into him. He held her tightly, breathing in her scent. The possessive side of him, grinned at the fact that she smelled of him. “You don’t have to be ashamed of things that aren’t in your control.” She sighed softly, burrowing closer to him.

One thing he loved more than anything was moments like these, where it was just him and her. In his room he was able to be somewhat vulnerable around her, but they still kept their professionalism. Eric wouldn’t admit it to anyone else, but she was one of his fears. He often feared that she would find someone better, nicer and more open than he was. To others it may have been a pansy weakness but to him it was something he never wanted to come true. She had managed to worm her way into his heart and he wasn’t going to lose her. Eric kissed her hair, holding her tightly.  

“What are we Eric,” He heard her mumble out while she intertwined her legs with his. “This feels like so much more than fuck friends.”

“I’m all yours if you’re all mine,” Eric smirked running his fingers along her exposed flesh. She looked up at him, grinning slightly before moving so that she was straddling him.

dan and phil play yasuhati don't stop eighth note: a summary

danandphilgames sad musical notes

47 seconds in and dan is already getting his daily fix of phil staring in

seriously look at that smile

dan mate there’s a camera in front of you how about smiling at us

he’s transfixed

oh no he just acknowledged the camera for a second it’s fine

back to staring at phil

oh now phil’s staring back at him

is this softcore porn

phil is giving some serious hand porn that i know for sure

dan has no time for the slow motion ‘dan vs phil’ meme

“all i know is that’s cute” if you close your eyes it’s easy to imagine dan saying that and pointing at phil

“don’t nose it” “i’ve nosed it”

“you’ve just got the tape on your nose, it’s going to have phil pore dust all over the tape now” “there’s no dust on my pores!” better comebacks phil better comebacks

they’ve just started the game and i already feel sorry for their neighbours

no wonder the dog wondered into their flat it probably thinks they’re in trouble all the bloody time

dan saying literally,,, it’s been a while

whispering oh is this doing anything for you asmr loving folk do you have a nice satisfying tingle

dan’s first attempt and he kills the character wow symbolic

seriously i feel really sorry for the neighbours

forget the lady that’s always having sex in the apartment below she probably thinks dnp like it rough every day holy shit

why is phil so vocal like dan’s high pitches are to be expected but,,,,,, deep voice phil please stick around

“imagine being sat next to a train and someone was just playing this next to you”

dan called him out on it

“thomat the tank engine”

suggestive thomas the tank engine edits ok i wonder who edited this vid the mind truly boggles

“i love thomat the tank engine” yes phil drag him to the pits of hell

dan can’t handle being called out can he

why are they just saying oh

“i’d like to see your failure” i love phil

“i’ve got a tickly voicebox”

see i’m glad i had time to prepare for dan’s piercing scream this time

“our neighbours are going to call the police” i think your neighbours are going to call a counsellor

watch phil as dan moves the character along he’s so invested and so animated

he wants dan to succeed you can see it in his eyes

“this is so tense” he acknowledges the camera before going back into supportive bf mode

i feel like dan should tackle opera he has the voice volume capacity

rip headphone users

phil makes sure to tell us dan has hit 100

“everything’s fine” dan says after deafening more than half of his audience

phil is still very much in supportive bf mode

“i’m the freaking best at this and i was trying to be mildly entertaining” deafening me is not entertaining dan this is why i make you the asshole in fics

“you could do this as an olympic sport” see, supportive bf phil vocalises himself

“watch out lads, watch out girls, watch out musical notes. philly’s in town and he’s got a great set of lungs”

phil’s noises are,,,,,,,, really something

those poor poor neighbours

dan’s calm voice is weird i think because it’s so unused (hint hint nudge nudge danny boy)

“don’t be so loud all the time” dan how dare u

ok phil’s noises are either sex noises or the noises of a dying corpse i’m

is dan crying

“you don’t have to scream, phil” again dan how dare u

dan stop staring

you get those noises on a regular basis let us have this

i mean what


the noises suddenly turn distinctly sexual

dan is cringing he doesn’t like to share

“the neighbours are going to think this is really weird” if they’re not already used to it i’ll eat a shoe

oh my god phil are these noises just in the back of your throat

dan stifling his laugh is adorable

up goes the hand

his other hand is suspiciously out of shot

that was a joke

“this is so much harder than yours!” who needs context

i swear if you listen to this video with your eyes closed you’ll interpret it very differently

dan’s little glances i’m

dan stop trying to sabotage him nobody wants your rendition of walking in the air

still loving this angle of phil tho ngl

dan’s face is priceless

“what the fuck is this game” honestly dan a smut writer’s wet dream is what it is

phil’s gorilla impression ok not going to question anything by this point

seriously dan stop trying to sabotage

phil didn’t react to the word vagina

“yes YES! i’ve done it! i’ve done it!”

i would pay to be a fly on the wall in their neighbours’ flat

“i wanted to win so much- oh i died”

“have you just lost your voice?” dan would know tbf

eye contact

“it’s about like…. projecting” again, dan would know

“i thought you’d have learnt this from tatinof” well, what happens on tour stays on tour lads

this game and this video are something else

“oh my god we’re going to get kicked out”

dan throws down the all or nothing gauntlet like the sore loser he is

“phil you need to see my plan” is that what the kids are calling it these days

also why has dan suddenly started enunciating more

oh my god are they actually going to sing

i’ve been praying for a sing it gaming vid for so fucking long

please don’t make it a joke i seriously need this

of course dan makes phil sing their own song


this reminds me of the speech jammer challenge

dan can’t speak for laughing this is my aesthetic

that was set up for failure i’m sorry honey

go on phil set him up to fail too

“that was the funniest thing of my entire life”

oh dan’s picking for himself i can’t help but feel this is a little biased

did he do pouty lips and wide eyes

i bet he did pouty lips and wide eyes

oh fuck he’s actually doing this isn’t he

strap yourselves in kids it’s like internet takeover never ended

dan fucked himself over oh no what a shame

the universe doesn’t like cheaters soz about it

pouty baby throws a tantrum, kills desk,,, innocent supportive bf laughs in the corner

look at those meaty arms as he raises them in victory

“well that was something, that was an experience” you’re telling me, phil, you’re telling me

“the game’s over, phil” sore loser dan doesn’t want to be here anymore

dan says hi to google overlord

they might do it again

“it’s not going to be good dan and phil singing, if that’s what you’re looking for” oh COME ON what do i have to do to get a singing game

naturally phil suggests toxic

“i’m so sorry to your ears” thanks dan but i think that would’ve been a good disclaimer to have at the beginning

danisveryLOUD (tru)

ASHOUTINGPHIL (amoaningphil more like)

Ya’ll dont know the struggle of waiting in line for kenny omega and hes wearing a hoodie and just as its your turn he takes the damn jacket off and hes in a tank top woth those big meaty arms and shoulders all out

Thats when the stuttering began (i probably drooled i cant remember cause all i was thinking was MEAT)

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I was ready to go to bed, but then I read brumalbreeze was having a bad day, so I decided to finish these, and see if it could cheer her up :<

Also also: I love drawing meaty arms, have you noticed? And flustered Rei. And holy shit, begging Nagisa. Sorry about the lack of peen. I thought it’d be better to leave that for the imagination ;D (aka: I was too lazy to figure that out)

When I was 10 I read at a college level and this was due almost entirely to the Book It program, where reading a certain amount of books would get you a free pizza.

And when the class as a whole would read enough, we would have a pizza party. I was alive solely for these days. I would read as much as I could, and I would carry the entire class with my meaty child arms to this cheesy finish line. I’d work tirelessly to hear the words “free pizza” leave the mouth of my teacher. And when they did? Well. Just imagine a chubby 10-year-old with glasses way too big for her face flipping over an entire desk and screaming “YES” so loud the nearest Pizza Hut’s windows shake and the manger look out that window with a thousand yard stare wondering how he wound up standing in this fine pizza establishment afraid of a little girl.

I’d get my pizza and while I’m eating it I’d already be working towards my next hit. Book in one hand, a slice in the other.

So thank you, Book It program, for giving me a stellar reading ability, and the motivation to use it only when free food is on the line.

Stuffing the Pig

“So what is it?”

Danny asked from the armchair he always sat in, referring to the strange gift posted through the letter box in our house just off

“I don’t know. I don’t even know what it is. Or who sent it.”

It was unsual to be spending Christmas with only your best friend but to be honest we didn’t have much else. We both hated Christmas
for a start, I didn’t get on with my family and this year they had gone to visit my Grandma overseas. The idea of being stuck with
them for two weeks with no escape route was too much so I had made my excuses and decided to wait this festive season out playing
video games and getting stoned. Danny (I had known him for 3 years now) I don’t think he ever went back, he didn’t talk about it
much but I don’t think he had seen his parents for a long time.
We hadn’t even bought each other presents so when the small but heavy wrapped gift was pushed through the letter box we had no idea
who it was from. Curious I had unwrapped it to find some kind of thick metal chain with a padlock on it.

“A bike chain maybe?” I pondered, still standing in the middle of the room holding the mystery gift.

“Who would send a Bike chain to you for Christmas? You don’t even have a bike.”

“I don’t know…maybe it’s the wrong house”

“Pass it here” Danny beckoned, so I threw the heavy chain over to him, he caught it mid air and began to closely scrutinise it.

“Weird. I think maybe it’s supposed to be a necklace” he said, clasping the metal around his neck.

It clicked and a sudden wave went throughout the house. A ripple almost, I can barely describe it, but I remember seeing Danny’s
face suddenly go slack before my own head began to rush like I had stood up to fast. I almost lost my balance and turned my back on Danny to clutch at the edge of the sofa for support. Still dizzy I sat down, holding my head in my hands.    

“What… was that?” I could still hear my pulse throbbing in my head.

There was a pause then Danny spoke up.

“I don’t know, must have just been a prank. Anyway, let’s get back to where we were, my hole feels empty Master”

Master? I turned around to see him sat in his favourite swing in the dungeon, exposing his sloppy hole. Dungeon? Yeah our sex
dungeon. He’s an insatiable asspig I met online but now he lives here full time as my slave
. Although didn’t we go to university together?
Well he’s never been to university, he’s too old for one thing and secondly he’s a dumb fucker. The only thing that fuckin pig is good for is taking loads.
But that wasn’t true was it, wasn’t he my friend? Danny? But another name was now pushing it’s way into my head, pigslut. I tried to fight it but that voice in my head started talking over my thoughts again. pigslut, look at him, doesn’t he look like a pigslut. I wanted to protest but when I looked at my former friend I had to agree with the voice this time.

For a start the man in the sling was clearly too old to be at University unless he was a mature student, he looked about mid thirties. Secondly he had tattoos and each erect nipple had a bar of silver running through them, matching the silver of the chain around his neck it was kinda kinky and looked hot. But most of all it was the way he was looking at me, almost possessed, panting like a dog and sticking his big tongue out as though trying to lick an imaginary cock or hole…just like the little fucking pig he is. Finally my eyes lingered on that hole, gaping, pulsing, sweaty. He’d obviously taken a lot of dicks in his life, he’d probably be able to take my meaty arms down to the elbow and my fat pigdick would slip inside him no problem.
My pigdick? The voice was no longer a whisper,  they were my own thoughts, the whisper was now being one of desperate protest niggling in the back of my mind. As I looked down at my thick, 9 inch pierced cock that I was rubbing up and down, getting slick with precum, the whisper seemed dimly aware that my clothes weren’t quite…the same? Filthy, torn, the words PIG written in big letters on the front. This was wrong…that whisper screamed before the rushing in my head built to a fever pitch. I needed to give in. To let go. My hands came up to my broad chest and started to clutch at the hairy nipples sticking out of the holes, twisting and squeezing at them. It felt SO good. I puffed at the cigarette dangling out my mouth, the smoke forming around that noise in my head and pushing at the tide. This was wrong. The tide broke, I felt that whisper fade away with the thick plumes of smoke as I deeply exahled out of my nose. It was so wrong, so filthy, so depraved. Sleazy. Just the way I liked it, I was just Pigfucker after all. One of my hands worked it’s way back to my leaking slab of meat and I started to laugh, a deep, husky laugh as I looked at my little asspig.

“Yeah pigslut, I’m going to eat my cum out of your dirty cunt. But first I’m going to stick my whole fuckin arm up you, and if your a good sleazy pig I’ll let you drink my rank piss afterwards.”

Moaning in ecstatsy the dirty little fucker moved his hand towards his ass and slipped one of his thick fingers into his pigcunt; it sliped in without any resistance and he began to fuck himself in front of me.

“yeah, fuck me master. Fuck me with your meaty fists.”

This was how was spent every christmas, in the dungeon. Every day really. Just two perverted little pigs pushing each other into new levels of depravity. We still didn’t celebrate Christmas but there was one tradition I did enjoy…. stuffing the pig.

“Hoggy, I ain’t doing it,” Junkrat growled, flailing underneath Roadhog’s meaty arm as the man effortless carried him towards the doctor’s medical bay. His arms were pinned against his sides with how Raodie was carrying him so only his beanpole leg and peg leg could only flail helpless behind him. As he was forcibly carried.

“You’re doing it,” Roadhog rumbled.

“I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT ME FEELINGS!” He yelled, flailing harder.

“Just told her what you told me, I doubt she even wants to talk to you,” Roadie grumbled.

“Now that’s a fuckin’ dick thing to say!” He yelled.

Roadie carried him all the way to the doctor’s medical bay, where pretty as a poisonous flower she was sitting at her desk. She gave them that pained smile that looked like she got kicked in her lower bits but was still trying to smile.

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Ice Joker x reader

“Y/N! Get off the ice pretty doll. Daddy doesn’t want you hurt.” I walked further out on the ice no thoughts going through my mind. I didn’t want to die but I wouldn’t have minded dying either. “Y/N!” I heard J’s voice grow angrier. I turned my head to look back at him. It was winter out yet he was still wearing his purple coat with no shirt underneath, his tattoos fully exposed as well as a few goosebumps. I smiled at the thought then turned back around walking further out on the frozen lake. I could hear J growl at his men something like “Go get her” but it was hard for me to hear. 

It was dark outside the only lights being that of the city behind us, the bright light of Gotham that burnt out the stars in the sky, much like it did to it’s people. Heavy footsteps came trudging behind me. Fearing the feeling of the men’s meaty hands on my arms I stomped hard on the ice with my heels. I could hear the violent crack below me until suddenly I was being covered by ungodly cold water. J was yelling but it sounded so far away. My body didn’t fight the current only floated along with it until everything went numb then all of the lights in my brain went out. 

J’s P.o.v

I stared at her chapped blue lips listening the the blasted heart rate machine go flat making a steady beep. Something dark took a hold of me and began to destroy the hospital room. Once all the machines were broke and the windows shattered. I walked out staring intently at two of my henchmen. “Well since were here let’s spread our own cure huh?” I laughed dragging my hand through my hair, her heavy memory pulling down my chest. The henchmen waited for my response straight faced  “Kill them! All of them and throw that bitch out the window!” I said pointed at Y/N who I wanted to hold and kiss to take away the darkness like she usually did. Never again was I  going to get the opportunity to find that clarity again.

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Something where Graves is super protective. You're wearing a dress that he knows will make people hit on you, and so he decides to go with you ends up getting jealous and just picks you up( like In fright night 2011, with the club scene) Like the imaginyou imagine- just extended (English is not my first languege but im excited to see what you can do to my fav Character- greetings from Spain <3 )

Hi lovely! Firstly, wow! A reader from Spain! I’m really excited! Hi from Malaysia! Sorry for the delay in getting this story done, I apparently have problem writing anything that’s not angst. I tried to do my best to recreate the club scene from Fright Night and I hope this is what you had in mind! 

Warning: This story contains mature content and some coarse language.

“You’re not going.”

You rolled your eyes, head still hidden away in the massive oak wardrobe you shared as you try to find your favourite pair of shoes, the ones you wear only when you’re trying to look your best.

Finally finding them from amongst the organised chaos of the wardrobe, you huffed and pushed back your curled hair. You threw a retort over your shoulder even as you slip on your heels, wobbling briefly as you tried to find your balance. “I’ll be with my old friends Percival, and besides, I did ask you to come with me, but you’re the one who decided that you were, I quote, “far too old for such nonsense”.” You paused to admire your figure in the full length mirror and smiled when you noticed Percival’s dark gaze on you; you made the right choice wearing this dress tonight. Honestly though, it wasn’t anything too provocative; if anything, it was rather proper and covered everything it should, although it did a beautiful job of accentuating everything you (and he) loved about your body. The burgundy dress fell just above your knees, and the gorgeous scalloped neckline showed off your delicate collarbones.

Pouting slightly, you sauntered over to your sullen lover and wrapped your arms around his neck. Almost automatically, his arms encircled your waist and you leaned into his solid embrace, enjoying the small moment of intimacy. “Darling, it’s not like we’re going to one of those shabby No-Maj clubs, I promise I’ll be fine. I’ll even be back before midnight, so there’s nothing for you to be worried about.” He sighed and pushed a loose strand of hair away from your face, “It’s not your safety I’m worried about, I know you can take care of yourself. It’s just,” he gestured exasperatedly at you, “look at you! I don’t want other men staring at you like you’re some piece of meat when you’re mine-” Placing a finger against his lips, you cut off any of his forthcoming protests. You peppered light kisses along his jaw, “If you don’t want men ogling at me, all you have to do is come with me.” A groan escaped the formidable Auror’s lips, and you grinned triumphantly, knowing he’d give in. Five minutes later, the two of you Apparated to the wizarding pub where you would be meeting your old friends from Hogwarts.

Percival chuckled as he listened to Emmaline, your Ravenclaw best friend who got a job as a Potion Master’s assistant upon graduating, animatedly recounting all the times you got everyone in trouble whilst in school. You buried your face in his shoulder in embarrassment as you endured the good-natured ribbing at your past as a troublemaker, but secretly you were thrilled that your lover was getting along so well with your friends. These were people who stayed up late at night with you, trying to finish last minute assignments, they were the people who comforted you through your first breakup and who you confided in when you finally had your first kiss in your sixth year. You had missed them terribly after you moved to America, and while communication between the lot of you was sporadic and not as often as you had initially hoped it would be, the bond was still there, as evidenced by the squeals and hugs and crying that greeted you when you saw them upon your arrival.

Percival initially intimidated your group of friends, what with his serious demeanour and the regal way he held himself, even when not at work. But your friends quickly got over his scary appearance and treated him as their own; it helped that Percival had a very sharp, dry wit that delighted them. Also, the man could hold his liquor, which immediately won him points in his favour. The hours passed easily, filled with easy camaraderie and joviality and Percival found himself enjoying the company of your friends, who obviously meant a lot to you. The night couldn’t have gone any better, and you were glad to have been able to spend it with the people closest to your heart.

Everything however, went downhill when Percival excused himself to use the gents’. You went to the bar to get some more drinks because you were the only one who could still walk without falling over (you were a lightweight, so you watched the amount of alcohol you consumed. You didn’t want to have to deal with Apparating whilst drunk; that was one messy experience you didn’t want to have to go through again), and you were immediately accosted by a drunken boar of a man, whom you recognised as a petty thief whom you and your colleagues at MACUSA have apprehended more than a few times. He either didn’t recognise you, or he was far too drunk to care that he was hitting on an Auror who had once been responsible for him being in jail; one who was engaged to the Director of Magical Security, no less.

“Hey doll, fancy lettin’ a real man show ya how to have a good time?” You shuddered when he winked sloppily at you, you couldn’t believe he actually thought he looked attractive doing that eye twitch. Ignoring him, you took your drinks and made to move around him, but the drunkard placed his meaty hand on your arm, his fingers clumsily trying to trail a path. You glared at him and bared your teeth, “Get your hand off me dumbass, or you’ll be seeing the bars of a cell tonight.” It infuriated you that the man only laughed and proceeded to tug you over to him, catching you off guard as you lost your balance momentarily and stumbled. You cried out when your drinks fell to the floor, the liquid splashing onto your feet and the floor. Turning to acquaint his face with your fist, you were instead unpleasantly surprised by his trout-like lips on yours, and oh god was that tongue?!

Before you could hex the bejeezus out of the poor excuse of a man, he was suddenly pulled away from you, and you gasped in delight when you saw your Percival throw a punch straight at his face, effectively knocking him out. Your friends were standing behind Percival, confusion at the situation plainly written on their faces. Your lover turned towards you, and you threw your arms around him relieved, not noticing the dark look on his face. Realising he wasn’t returning your embrace, you pulled away slightly and for the second time that night, had a kiss forcefully pressed on your lips, although this was much more welcomed than the first. Breaking the kiss, your dark-haired beau didn’t give you a chance to explain or speak, and you shivered in delight at the husky tone his low voice took on as he whispered in your ear “You’re going to say goodbye to your friends and we’re going to leave this god-forsaken place. When we get home, you’ll get rid of that damn dress and I’ll fuck you so hard the neighbours will be able to hear you scream my name through the walls. All right?”

You were stunned and so very turned on by his promise to you that you could only nod wordlessly before complying. Walking as fast as you could to your friends who immediately broke out in questions for you, you told them, as nicely as you possibly could in your lust induced fog, that you had to go, and you would see them again before they were due to return to London. You were just heading to find Percival when you saw him stalk confidently towards you, and you felt a rush of heat pool in your belly, knowing that you were his prey that he was just dying to devour. As soon as he reached you, he tugged at your hand roughly and in one swift motion, threw you over his broad shoulder in a fireman’s carry. You squealed when he smacked your arse unexpectedly, and he soothed the sting by rubbing on your behind lovingly. You waved goodbye at your friends who were hooting and cat-calling at the both of you as Percival made his way out of the pub with you dangling helplessly over his shoulder, and just like that, he Apparated you home.

As soon as the world stopped spinning, you pulled Percival by the collar of his shirt into your bedroom. Throwing you down on the king-sized bed, he began divesting himself of his clothes while ordering you to strip, which you did, tripping over yourself in your eagerness. Percival made good on his promises, and your poor neighbours had to endure an entire night of animalistic screams and the sounds of your bed banging against the wall. The next day at work, when Tina innocently asked you if you were okay after noticing the way you were walking awkwardly, you made some flimsy excuse about how you slipped in the bath and bruised yourself, all the while promising to kill a smugly smiling Percival who very “helpfully” told Tina he would take good care of you. The git.

Bonus: Colin Farrell gif that’s making me melt and god I don’t know what it’s doing to me

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Characters that are from a warmer climate being asked to spend a crisp fall day outside by their s/o who's from a colder climate. "It's only 50F and breezy what's the big deal you big baby?"


It was odd that you be the first one out of bed. Usually it was Fareeha who was up before you, making coffee and catching up on the news. This time, you made the coffee and had flipped to the news channel for her. Maybe it was just that it was her first time sleeping at your place? Yeah, maybe your bed was so comfy, she wanted to sleep in just a bit.

Taking a sip from your mug, you heard Pharah’s tired voice, “Morning…”

“Morning!” you chirped, turning to her.

Her hair was all cute and messy and she yawned like a little kitty. She wore the same pajamas she always did, but this time, wore your blanket around her like a cape! You stifled a laugh as she stood there, trying to keep the blanket tightly wrapped around her.

“Don’t you have heating here?” she asked tiredly.

“Yeah, why?” you shrugged.

“I-It’s freezing,” she shuddered as she walked over to the kitchen counter and poured herself some coffee.

“What are you talking about,” you chuckled, “It’s only 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Just wear a light jacket,”

“50 Fahrenheit?” she gasped, “That’s 10 degrees Celsius! Brrr, why don’t you have to heating on?”

“Because it’s a perfectly beautiful day out,” you laughed, wrapping an arm around her waist, “Just sit in the sun, and you’ll warm up,”

Pharah only gave you a sleepy, disgruntled look. She was rarely ever this grumpy in the morning.

“Ah, I get it,” you realized, “You’re used to weather in Egypt. Everything’s all hot and sunny 24/7,”

“Please turn on the heat,” she croaked one last time.

“Alright, alright, my Lady Pharaoh, whatever you say,” you joked, getting up and heading for the thermostat.


It was so rare that Mako didn’t jump at the first mention of arson. You had the motorcycle and the bombs all ready! Why was he being a grumpy potato on the couch?

“C’mooon, Roadie!” you pleaded, tugging at his meaty arm, “Let’s goooo!”

“No,” he grunted, “Too cold,”

“What do you mean ‘too cold,’” you mimicked his raspy voice, “It’s never too hot OR cold for arson!”

Mako just crossed his arms in a pout, occasionally running his hands up and down his arms in an attempt to warm up.

“Never too hot,” he mumbled, “Just too cold,”

“It’s only 50 degrees out you big baby!” you whined.

“Jamison and I never do arson when it’s below 60,” he turned away like a sulking toddler.

“Are you serious?!” you fumed, “We spent all weekend planning this heist!”

“We can do it another time,”

“Jeez…” now you crossed your arms and tapped your foot impatiently, “Wouldn’t all that body fat just keep you warm anyway?”

You immediately regretted bringing that up. If Junkrat were here, he would have knocked the daylights out of you for calling his friend fat! But it was just you and Roadie…and your boyfriend was scary when he was mad. He had never been mad with you, but then again, you had never called him fat before.

Slowly, he turned his masked face toward you again, a slow, steady breathing emanating from his mask. You noticed how his fist clenched up, making a bone-cracking sound. Grimacing, you waited for some kind of outburst or hurtful retort. But then he lifted up one of his arms, creating a space next to him on the couch.

“Why don’t you come over here and find out?”

Your nervous expression dropped, and you could feel a little smile tugging at your lips.

“Right…I’m sorry Mako,” you nodded, taking a seat next to him as his arm came back down, pulling you close to him.

“Wow!” you exclaimed, “You’re like a living furnace! Why don’t we gather around you at Christmas time instead of the fireplace?”

“You should see Jamison, he’s about as bad as me,” Mako chuckled.

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So is the belted glove the final look for FK's meaty knight arms or are we going to get some shiny gauntlet's on those fists at some point?

Those are only the starting gauntlets! I can’t show any others off yet, but that will be one of the things you can swap out and choose to support your playstyle :)


“Wait a second!” You all but yelped after Mick coiled a meaty arm around your waist to drag you out the back entrance of the shitty bar where you’d decided to meet. “You’re Heat Wave?”

With an expression that resembled that of an apologetic puppy, Mick allowed you to pull out of his hold before pinning you with sad eyes… “Guess that hurts my chances to get a second date then, huh?”

You blinked, thinking faster than you had in a while, what with the cops hollering something about surrounding the building and pressuring you to make a decision long before you were ready…  But this date had been going exceptionally well before the fuzz got there and started busting up your fun and the thought of going your separate ways weighed a little heavier on your heart than what you’d originally anticipated.

“So…” You started with a smile as you stepped in, his scent surrounding you- the smell of alcohol and sulfur swarming your lungs and giving you a pleasant buzz with your new proximity. “I know you have to go right now but when can I see you again?”

At that Mick smirked. “Don’t worry, kiddo. I’ll find you.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine being on a date with Mick that gets cut short after the cops recognize him*

Request: First I wanna say I love your blog. You are such a good writer. Hope you enjoy your hiatus. Anyway imagine the reader is on a date with Mick but it gets crashed by the cops cause someone recognizes Mick as Heatwave. Thanks and I hope you have an awesome day.

Repeated Mistakes

Or: “that time Kara kept having sex with Cat Grant as Supergirl”

She didn’t mean to have sex with Cat Grant, not really, it just kind of happened.

She could probably blame the weird crab alien for it, if she were to point fingers at anyone. It had been a close call, real close, and there was a moment there when its meaty claw arm was crushing down on her that she thought this is it, this is how I die and man, for her to go out like that? no way, no sir. 

There were some things she had to take care of first.

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Do you guys realize how painful you are??? Why not put like a dandelion yellow or a nice orange instead of brown in the background! It's more inviting!

My friend, you fail to see the artistry in the color of Shrek’s beautiful swamp. Brown allures us to dive into the warm, fizzing mud bath with Daddy; brown tempts us to lose ourselves in Shrek’s onion-scented, meaty arms while hearing his heart thump under his brown shirt. Brown is the color of reflective, almond eyes, so strong yet so soft, eyes that defy Lord Farquaad but promise Fiona she never has to be afraid. Brown is life. Brown is love.

Brick and a Hard Place

Prompt: Avenging the death of her sister, reader decides to go after Brick.

Reader Gender: Female

Characters / Fandom: Oliver Queen / Arrow

Word Count: 1,900

Warnings: Angst & fluff

You spin away from your attacker, arching your back as the blunt instrument he is using as a weapon slices through the air. Using the momentum of your spin, your weapon, Oliver’s bow, collides loudly with the one that had just narrowly missed your back. The force with which they hit makes your arm vibrate and you almost drop the bow.

Your attacker chuckles low in his throat. His accent is thick, slurring certain words, “thought you’d be bigger.”

“You know what they say, Brick, it’s not the size that counts.” Your voice isn’t your own thanks to the voice changer Oliver always wears. One lone green light blinks against the quiver strap on your chest.

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With a large sigh, Ryse rubs at the back of her head helplessly. She'd never seen the ever-happy BV so... despondent. At a loss, but unwilling to give up, she sits down next to the sad ghost, about to wrap a meaty arm around their shoulders, but changing instead to a few gentle head rubs awkwardly.

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* Nothing Seems to he-