10.10 in a nutshell 

Cas: I have a plan. I need to talk to Metatron.

Sam: Cas, no

Dean:  I slaughtered people:(

Hannah, who descends from Heaven, pissed as holy fuck roll, and bitchslaps Castiel with both hands: EXCUSE YOU, CASTIEL? WHEN I TRIED TO-

Cas: anyway, I’m gonna do the thing, bye

*one stairway to heaven later*

Metatron: lol you keep getting funnier and funnier, Castiel

Cas: shut up and tell me what’s in the demon tablet since you wrote that down

Metatron: so do you want me to shut up or to tell you

Cas: !!!!

Metatron: as if. Whatcha gonna do? Double imprison me? you have like zero leverage, I don’t have to do shit like pfffffffff like look at all the pffffffs I give you. I mean just listen. listen: pffffffffffffffff

Dean: I am so confused. I’ve slaughtered people

Dean: :(

Cas: *glances at Dean brokenheartedly*

Cas: ok I’ll let you out if you help me

everyone: f uck

Dean: I want to punch a person

Cas: [the all-emotion inclusive] Dean

Metatron: Oh, poor Castiel. You’d do everything. So in love with that *dramatic pause 3.1a*

audience: *gasps*

Metatron: hoe *mini pause*

audience: *insulted gasp*

Metatron: with which humans rake leaves

Metatron: since you love humans so much

Metatron: and like that one

Metatron: that buddy pal bro friend your homie amigo hetero brother

Metatron: this is such an easy connection to make, a conclusion to have and an insult to offer, and yet I am not doing it just no

So, I have this theory knocking around about the angel spell and why Metatron has it out for Dean.

Until the show tells me otherwise, I will believe that the ingredients for the angel banishing spell all has to do with love: The heart of a nephilim, the product of love of an angel and a human; the bow of a cupid, an angel tasked with bringing love to humans; and the grace of an angel that loved a human.

If it wasn’t supposed to be special grace, if any grace would do, Metatron would have used Naomi. She was right there and he would have lorded it over her. But her grace wouldn’t do. It had to be special. Castiel has always had that “crack in his chassis” and “too much heart has always been [his] problem.” We know from Metatron in “the hUnter Games” that he doesn’t have a heart per se, we know Anna talked about how angels couldn’t truly feel…but Cas has always been different. It HAD to be Cas for the spell because he is special.

(I jhave this whole other headcanon that it’s also this love and capacity to love the keeps bringing Cas back to life - his grace and love are so unique and powerful that he could not be killed…but that’s another day).

So, how did Meatron know that Cas was special? Well, maybe the way all the other angels know Dean and Cas are a thing, it was just in a memo, or Cas’ mark on Dean’s soul is visible to them, or, hell, they could feel Dean’s longing for Castiel if they were close enough. Suffice it to say that meeting Sam and Dean was what propelled Metatron to expel the angels - because through them he learned that the final, elusive ingredient to the spell was out there. He learned that there was a human that an angel loved, and he knew it was Dean.

So, my theory is that if Cas’ love for Dean was the key to the spell, Dean himself is somehow the key to reversing it. But He won’t have the power to do what ever it is that has to be done - true love’s kiss, confess his love back, who knows - if he’s dead or a demon.

THAT is why Metatron sent Cas to be human and “get married and have kids” because I think Dean loving an angel back would fix things; tht’s why once Cas was re-angeled he turned his mission to defeating Cas AND killing Dean, or helping him on the way to demonization; because otherwise the Angels get their wings back.

Well, that’s my dose of crazy for the day.

thoughts on the voice of god.

There’s a phrase we use in fandom: “the word of god.” It refers to when a creator makes a declaration about a story that we as consumers of the media take in and absorb as part of the cannon. The best example here is J.K. Rowling telling us the Dumbledore was gay. JK didn’t contradict the text, and in my opinion, though it wasn’t explicit, it was clear in the text. She had to contradict the “straight until proven gay” problem of heteronormativity.

Supernatural has a fascinating relationship with the word of god - more so than any other TV show or media. For one, Supernatural has not only broken the fourth wall on multiple occasions, it’s broken it down, busted through your TV and engaged in a nuanced conversation with the viewer about the nature of fiction and storytelling.

Because Supernatural is a show about heaven and hell and free will and God, it has a unique opportunity to address the relationship between creation, creation and observers - and it has. The first foray into this was With the character of Chuck Shurley, a drunken prophet and assumed he was a god, though it turned out he was just an observer…and then it turned out that maybe he was god. We have never been given an answer on this in the text of the show.

And that’s important - Chuck is simultaneously a stand in for the writers - commenting on the weakness of old episodes and the brutality of “literary symmetry” but he’s also a stand in for us. He observers Sam and Dean through his visions and write about them through the filter of his own perception. If Chuck is god, he is not only a god because he has power over the story as an author, but as an observer.

Chuck disaapears at the end of Season five - and god himself has always been depicted on the show as absent. For a few years we didn’t really get much more exploration of the writer as god idea…until we me the scribe of god, Metatron.

Metatron is, I think, one of the most fascinating and thought provoking characters the show has introduced in the last few years. In the first episode where we meet him, he opines about the power of story, how humans can become gods over their own tiny universes when they tell stories. This was the first instance of Metatron commenting on the nature of stories, but it wouldn’t be the last.

Metatron the voice and scribe of god is the perfect vessel for the writers own commentary on the nature of story telling, not just their own, but in general. Instead of god a creator, at first Meatron was the stenographer - he listened tot he story and wrote it, again, colored by his “editor’s notes” - but he wasn’t tje beginning of it. Metatron the scribe wat the same as Chuck the prophet - a filter. And he was chased from heaven and became a giant douche because all the angels wanted to know what god said.

Metatron went on in season nine to be the most explicit voice of a creator that I’ve ever seen in a TV show - he wasn’t commenting just on the story, but on the way stories are told and perceived. He both asked explicitly what gives a story meaning, and by his actions invited consideration of who, if any one, can  control a narrative.

And it’s very telling that the surrogate for the writers, the voice of god telling people what to think and believe sometimes, was protrayed as a fallible villain.

Metatron, is the writers, the ones chased down by those looking for meaning rather than looking to the story. His turn to villainy, he choice to start declaring what the story was and means was not a coincidence. He missed the part of the apocalypse where team free will tore up the script.

Now, just just because he’s evil doesn’t mean all the other things he had to say aren’t meaningless. But the fact he - the ultimate transcriber of a story - still didn’t get it matters. The failure of the voice of god to take over is a signal to readers that they do not need an intermediary between perception and meaning. 

It’s all very meta ;)

“I heard the book calling out to me like it’s alive”

This line not only had some pretty major Harry Potter overtones, but ti kind of makes me wonder… Thinking about it some more, was it the book at all that called out to Dean?

Okay somehow after reading what mytharc4dean had talked about it relation to Jacon, the Stynes and the Thule and what they could probably want now I sort of cannot unsee how Jacob  kind of almost has the same haircolour and cut as Dean…

And particularly in the lower gif for some reason - and that reason is probably me reading way too much into this and me probably better going to sleep, because my brain is just making crazy connections after working all day and me being tired as hell - now the “resemblance” just hair wise kind of is… striking?

This is really just crazy thinking with my hands on the keyboard, but now I also remember how the promo was cut so fast and you could only see someone strangling Sam for a split second and if you didn’t pay close attention you cpuld have thought it was Dean and I don’t know… I felt like that seemed rather on purpose? For what might lie ahead. It was just as purposeful as the long shot of showing Sam knifing Jacob - it called back to Dar and it called back to how Meatron killed Dean and… this just doesn’t give me any good feelings regarding the brothers for the ending.

Anyway, what this “resemblance” made me wonder about again is the compass, the compass that tracked the book and how Dean said “they found me” when really they stumbled upon one another by cicumstance. Still neither Dean nor Jacob seem to see it that way since Jacob says “And then a man bearing that mark comes in here, comes to me”… I don’t know….

Did Dean maybe not hear the book calling at all but the Stynes? And why could that be? It is really endlessly creepy if you consider how Jacon also said “The Book of the Damned” it wants to be found, want to come “home”….

This is going to sound really crazy, but… somehow does that mean that by extension the book and the Stynes have been calling Dean (or anyone who bears the mark) home?

And it gets crazier, could the Stynes be trying to get not only the book but Dean into their hands - treating both as “long lost sons”? And using Dean as a “weapon” to utilize? I lossely seem to recall Jared saying that there are forces working against Dean getting rid off the mark. Could those forces be the Stynes? It could make sense… And with 10x21 “Dark Dynasty” seeing Dean running into the Stynes again and it ending apparently in a Cole-esque fight and 10x22 “The Prisoner” being the next up… Could the Stynes take Dean hostage. You know… thinking about all this in “family” terms, 10x23 “Brother’s Keeper” might get an all new creepy meaning…

And then there’s the Frankenstein stuff coming into play that @anotheridijiton caught. And all of it, building artifically humans, creating a “monster”, experiments… It all makes my skin crawl in how it relates to SPN and Dean’s MoC situation.

But like I said, just stream of consciousness typing here. Thi is just loose thoughts, nothing based in anything definite.:) And I am so going to bed now before I end up posting more horrible and bad stuff like this. *sighs and tears at hair* Why does this show have to always give me so many emotions and ideas???? ;____;