2 dec 2013. national palace museum

home of the jade cabbage and meat stone (not pictured)

hammy: hoards of tourists from china abound. luckily, mama knew exactly which exhibits qualified as “must see” in the museum and we hit them up in rapid succession. we got to see the famous piece of jade carved into a napa cabbage with a cricket, and a stone resembling a marbled piece of marinated pork. there was also quite a bit of calligraphy, snuff bottles/boxes, and pottery.  

g: jade cabbage and meat rock…i thought that i didn’t get modern art but i guess i don’t get old art either. deep meanings aside, the museum was very well laid-out and up-to-date - i particularly enjoyed the interactive exhibit that allowed you to look at very old calligraphy on giant touch screens and the evolution of certain chinese characters from pictograms to the characters used today.