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Kitchtastic pop culture humorist Charles Phoenix (previously featured here) is so caught up in the Halloween spirit that he turned the Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen into a mad scientists’ laboratory in order to create this awesomely horrifying Halloween Meatloaf of Rat.

This may be the most frightening meatloaf we’ve seen yet. Its bloodshot eyes are made of green olives stuffed with carved radishes and its nose is a green olive on a toothpick. Kielbasa was used to form the ears and the tail and its long whiskers are made of spaghetti. But none of those gruesome features, not even the real chicken feet, are the best/worst part.

My favorite part of all this is what you can’t see until you cut into him. His ‘lil bod contains a whole squeeze bottle of ketchup. Imagine your guest’s blood curdling screams when you slice and serve him as he conveniently oozes ketchup and special meatloaf juice gravy. YUM YUM YUM !!!

Click here for the recipe, instructions and a couple ghastly process photos.

[via Charles Phoenix]