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Meatless Meals for the Family! (all vegan)

Idk about you but my parents and siblings can be very selective when it comes to eating vegetarian meals! They have become more accepting over the years but that was after they tried quite a few of some delicious vegan and vegetarian meals! Want to have a meatless meal with your family? Here are some great vegan options that my family loved!

You can add vegan cheese to any of these (it would probably taste good on the quesadilla, chile, and pizza!)

For more recipes check out my pinterest, this other pinterest board, my recipe blog, or the meatless monday official website!

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Motivational May!

Motivational May is a challenge throughout May that will have different activities every day! There will be 7 focuses (a different one everyday throughout the week!). The seven challenges include:

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Meatless Monday
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Appreciation
  • Treat Yourself
  • Self-Love

Every day there will be a new challenge and we will present the daily activities the Saturday before they begin (:

The goals of this challenge are to have you try new things, learn to appreciate your life, and learn to love yourself! We want this to be fun and we want everyone to update us with pictures & whatever else and tag them #motivationalmay (no space!) We would love to see your month of activities under that tag! *You may also tag toethefinishline and runningraspberry (no space or dash!)

We will be posting the challenges for:

  • May 1-4 on April 26.
  • May 5-11 on May 3.
  • May 12-18 on May 10.
  • May 19-25 on May 17.
  • May 26-31 on May 24. 

So stay tuned for the weekly postings and please take a part in this awesome challenge! It will be fun, motivating, and rewarding, but it can only be those things if you all participate! 

By toethefinishline and running-raspberry.

The Norwegian Military is Fighting Climate Change with ‘Meatless Mondays’

Some people combat climate change by holding grand international conferences; others, by serving up a heaping lunch buffet of falafel, couscous, and beets to a cafeteria full of hungry soldiers.

Last week, at the Rena military base 90 miles north of Oslo, the Norwegian armed forces staged its first-ever “meat-free Monday” (on a Thursday, oddly enough) as part of a larger effort to decrease the military’s consumption of meat and protect the environment (in September, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization estimated that livestock supply chains are responsible for nearly 15 percent of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions). In one of the more unlikely ecological experiments we’ve seen recently, the military plans to test out the concept at other bases over the next year—and estimates that it can cut its meat consumption by more than 330,000 pounds a year if it extends meatless Mondays to all units at home and abroad.

“It seems that people don’t think it’s possible to be an iron man as a vegetarian, it seems like they don’t think a good soldier can be a vegetarian, but we have a lot of soldiers who are vegetarian, so I know it’s possible,” says Pal Stenberg, a nutritionist and navy commander who heads up the army’s catering division. “We have to use a lot of effort in communicating both the environmental benefits and the health benefits.”

Read more. [Image: Afternposten]