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I'm in the middle of writing a series that I am attempting to have published. I write paranormal romance. I'm five books deep and I've started to do some serious editing on book one. My husband is an avid fiction reader and is giving me shit about the first book in my series being 198k. The other three in the series are currently are about 160k. What are your thoughts about the initial book in a series and its word count.

Are you looking at traditional publishing? The industry can be a bit rough on long books. Depending on the publisher, a first book is typically in the ballpark of 60K to 80K. Possibly 100K if they have faith in its ability to hold an audience or if its a returning author.

Personally, I have no issues with longer books and I know many people who feel the same way. This is pretty typical for all the Fantasy sub-genres to be a bit meatier than their realism counterparts simply because there’s so much to work through.

But, the problem with first books that have such a high word count is they may be at risk of having a lot of filler. This could be anything from info dumps to a full scene or even chapter that’s completely unnecessary.

If the writing is tight and drives the plot, the word count can end up high just by the nature of the book. But in the event of editing, its hard to cut out what isn’t really necessary for this story.

If you return to your outline (or create a rough outline, if you’re a pantser) it’ll help you figure out where the plot is meant to go and what’s ultimately important to the story. From there, you can decide if the book has too much filler.

Also, try to treat your first book as a stand alone. This will help you remove what might be better added to a later book.

I hope this was able to help!


Boy I hate the idea that I might end up sticking with a shitty site just because I don’t know where else I’d go. All my internet friends are in the same place, here. 

I guess I could move to LJ, if I really had to. I know some people there. I’m comfortable with the interface. I’ve moved internet house before.

Picking out the winners and losers in Camel Up! There is an elegance in its simplicity which is undeniable. Like most great racing games, Camel Up is not a game about racing, but rather it is a game about gambling. Players not ready to put down a bet on the race have to do something, and while grabbing a pyramid tile gives you a bit of income, it also gives the other players valuable information they can use to hedge their bets. Wait too long, and you could end up with next to nothing on that leg. While there are a few decisions to make, and there is a sense of real tension at times, Camel Up is not a game which I find myself REALLY getting into. It is, however, very short; a round can play out in about 15-20 minutes, making it an ideal quick game to play before sitting down to something a bit meatier. What are some of your go-to quick games?
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Despite the innocuous surface appearance, a lot of the prompts really do lend themselves to really dark responses, and it’s making me frustrated too.

I find most of the prompts to be so irrelevant to my relationship. On top of that, I feel like I’m repeating the same shit ten times over, because the prompts are just… too flat for me. “yes, I am sad person. Look at us be sad together. No, we are not very happy. Look at how not happy we are. Yes, I have said this three different times three different ways.”

So I really feel like I’m just writing a bunch of boring, superficial crap. And I’m like “ugh idgaf anymore”.

I’d love to get into something meatier, but for whatever reason, this just isn’t happening. And all it’s doing is highlighting how much I suck at devotion and how my relationship doesn’t seem to fall within “normal” parameters.

And yeah, the responses are depressing. I expected that, though. Pretty much everything I do and experience is filtered through the lens of depression. What is happiness except for some empty word I hear people use? You know? I’d be a fool to think that wouldn’t show up in my responses.

My tits are bitter, I guess.

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NAC Maya is nothing like Shawn. In bmw Season 1, he was nothing more than Cory's sidekick. We were slowly introduced to Shawn and his home life. He wasn't shoved into our faces in the pilot. And even when the show started to focus on Shawn alot, They made sure CORY was still treated as the main character while also giving the other characters plenty of screen time.

yea but shawn still had the meatier storylines

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You know what would've made Mark's role into something meatier instead of a "well we need someone besides Larry to die" role? If you replaced Glenn with him in the first episode and established more back story for him. I could see him and Lilly coming from the same base.

Actually, I think he and Lilly did work at the same base…at least I remember some exposition along those lines. Didn’t the group find him holed up in the base mess hall or something? And that’s why he got to join them; he had a good supply of food?

I do like your idea though. Or if not having him replace Glenn, then adding him in alongside Glenn instead. His spontaneously appearing in “Starved for Help,” and then having his backstory / history with the group being hastily backfilled in, is a teensy bit awkward. (IIRC there was a lot of rewriting going on between EP1 and 2 of S1; hence the long delay in EP2′s release, and why the “next time…” trailer for it bears no resemblance to the actual episode. That might explain why that dialogue feels a little shoehorned.)

Plus it’s pretty easy to identify him as zombie / otherwise gruesome death bait. I’m almost surprised he wasn’t wearing a red shirt. Zombie-based fiction in general has always been bad at that though, at least IMHO.

…Personally, I’ll always remember Mark for whirly-wind‘s commenting to me “aw, I like Mark; I hope he doesn’t die” like, 30 seconds before he got hit with that arrow. The Gods of Irony pretty much had to take him out at that point, I guess. :P