Here’s a Jack in the Beanstalk view of one of our cherry tomato plants. I am of average height, and I wasn’t crouching to take this picture – you’re not even seeing half of this twelve-foot high plant.

It’s been a very busy week and weekend. I hope to find the time to create some meatier posts in the next few days.

Boy I hate the idea that I might end up sticking with a shitty site just because I don’t know where else I’d go. All my internet friends are in the same place, here. 

I guess I could move to LJ, if I really had to. I know some people there. I’m comfortable with the interface. I’ve moved internet house before.


Requested by Anon

“Why do you love me? How could you love me?” you sobbed. Wade was looking at you in disbelief. 

“Y/N…what the hell are you taking about?” he asked getting more worried.

“Have you seen me? How could you love a girl that’s different? A girl that’s meatier than others, shorter than others, less toned than others. I’m hideous. I’m not the girl for you. I–I just can’t.” you cried out. All your life, you had been self conscious of how you looked on the outside. You were always different, and all you wanted in life was to look like the pretty girls you see every single day. Having Wade as your boyfriend was great and all, but you couldn’t help to think that he deserved a girl who was better than you, prettier than you. After calming down, you got up and made your way out the door, but Wade grabbed your hand before you could escape.

“Do you honestly think that I don’t really love you because of your appearance?” he said. “Y/N. You don’t get do you? I love you because you’re different. I love every single thing about you . You have something special within you that no girl in this world could ever compete with. You’re strong, witty, and beautiful. If I lost you…I just wouldn’t know what to do with myself.” he said looking straight into your eyes. He handed you a diamond ring. ”I was gonna save it for a special occasion, but it couldn’t wait especially after this talk.” He got down on one knee and took a deep breath before saying “Y/N…you make me the happiest man in the world. Will you please do the honor of marrying me?” he asked. And the rest was history.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed it! Have an Imaginable Day!

Do merpeople exist in your setting?

What do merpeople look like?
>What type of sea creatures do their non-human halves mimic?
>Do they have hair?
>Is the species sexually dimorphic? Meaning, are there sperm-producing and egg-producing types, and are they visibly different from one another?
>Are they meatier/bulkier or are they more streamlined?
>>Does this depend on their sea creature type?
>>On their sex?
>>On their ancestry?
>>On the climate they live in?
>How large are they compared to other species on land and in the sea?
>What color is their blood?

What do they eat?
>Sea creatures?
>Is their prey generally larger or smaller than themselves?
>>Do they hunt alone, or in groups?

How fast can they swim?

Where on the food chain are merpeople located?
>This will affect where they nest and their likeliness to attack unprovoked as well.

Are they warm-blooded or cold blooded?

Do they breath using gills or lungs? Remember, if they use gills only, they are fully aquatic. If they breath using lungs, how long can they stay underwater before they need to resurface?

What kind of environment do they live in?
>What water temperature range do they survive best in?
>>Does this depend on their non-human half?
>What range of depths do they stay in?
>>Near the surface?
>>The deep sea? It is highly unlikely that merpeople that aren’t fully aquatic would be able to get to, or survive at, these depths.

Do they attack people?
>Do they do so in self defense?
>Do they see people as food?
>Are they angry with humans?

How do they communicate?
>Are they capable of mimicking human speech?
>>If they are full aquatic, the answer should be, “no,” in case you’re unsure.

What do they do all day?

How was the first one made?
>If your answer is “evolution”, you’ll need to think very hard on the “how” and the “why” these traits would have been selected for, considering it goes with traits that help the creatures survive and reproduce.

Where do they nest?
>If they breath with lungs, they will need a place out of water where they can safely go without threat of being hunted or drowning, as they won’t move well on land.
>If they breath with gills, they will need a safe place to cozy up without having to worry about being beached, eaten, or pulled away by the tides and currents.

Are there any illnesses that merpeople can get?
Are there any illnesses merpeople can catch from humans?
Are there any illnesses that merpeople can pass to other species?

How do merpeople reproduce?
>Is it done with direct contact, like humans, or without direct contact, like fish?

Do merpeople have a leader?
Can merpeople be considered citizens of land countries?
Would eating one count as seafood or cannibalism?

What are some myths and misconceptions the non-merpeople population has about the merpeople population?
What are some myths and misconceptions the merpeople have about non-merpeople?

Are merpeople parts used in any folk medicines (regardless of their effectiveness)?
>Is there a poaching problem because of this?
>Do non-merpeople count the killing of merpeople as poaching/hunting or as murder?

I was searching Google images for a picture of the Supernatural Cast, came across this by KittenNamedElle on Deviant Art.  Such an interesting thought, what these two could have done with it.  


Two celebrity/actor OCs of mine - Elliot Kennedy and Sterling Frost.

Elliot is a Leprechaun who stars as Angelo, a smuggler on the mafia show The D’Amato’s and is basically a tinier, meatier version of Chris Evans.  He’s currently dating my boyfriend’s OC, Lanny, who is one of Sterling’s co-stars.

Sterling is a yeti who plays Adam aka The Sapphire Ranger on Animal Rangers.  On the show he stars along his twin sister, Cecelia who plays Adam’s twin Evelyn aka The Topaz Ranger (who belongs to beesinsunlight ).  He’s also a health nut.

maebyrutherford said: I’m thinking they’ll give you a choice. Sacrifice the Inquisitor for some greater good, or they can live but maybe something really bad happens as a result. That seems very Bioware-y.

That’s honestly why I don’t expect it to happen.  It would be an exact re-hash of the end of DA:O. 

The end of the trailer talks about the Inquisitor’s legacy.  So I think the Inquisitor’s life or death will be set in stone, and the future form of the Inquisition is what you will get a choice about. 

silentstephi said: I cannot be the only one that thinks that this is too meaty for just a DLC… if this isn’t an expac, I’ll eat my laptop.

At the least, it will be meatier than the other DLCs!  Apparently Maryden’s singing VA recorded five more songs.