Vegan Pasta Round Up

Panko-Crusted Rigatoni Crusted Casserole with Vegan Vodka Sauce & Basil

Tofu “Ricotta” Stuffed Shells with Spinach and Eggplant

Potato Alfredo Pasta

Creamy Cashew Butternut Pasta

Baked Spinach and Pasta with a Creamy Roasted Garlic Sauce

Spaghetti & No-Meatballs

“BLT” Baked Spaghetti

Easy Vegan Spinach Alfredo

Rockstar Pesto Pasta

Spicy Tomato, Peanut, and Kale Pasta


Broccoli Parmesan ‘Meatballs’…RECIPE


½ c. raw almonds

1 large head broccoli, cut into florets and steamed (about 2 cups)

½ c. shredded Parmesan cheese

2 cloves garlic, minced

Salt and pepper to taste

1 egg, lightly beaten

Olive oil mister or cooking spray


Vegan Pesto Round Up

Farfalle with Swiss Chard Pesto

Asparagus and Arugula Pizza with Basil, Garlic & Lemon Pesto

Vegan Spinach Balls with Garlic, Walnut & Basil Pesto

Crispy Carrot & Potato Gnocchi with Walnut Pesto

Green Tea Pesto Pasta

Potato Salad with Cilantro & Almond Pesto (GF)

Hazelnut Pesto with Vegan Chicken, Broccoli and Orecchiette Pasta

Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Twirls

Vegan Mac & Cheese with Arugula Pesto

Parsley & Garlic Punch Pesto with Hassleback Potatoes (GF)


Vegan August 2014 Entree Round Up

Cornmeal-Crusted Fried Green Tomato Sandwich (NF)

Spinach Mushroom Quesadillas

Vegan Beanball Sub with Sautéed Kale Marinara

Roasted Vegetable Kabobs

Vegan Caramelized Onion Mac & Cheese

The Best Vegan Burger

Vegan Puttanesca Pizza

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Vegan Tofu Lasagna (GF)

Vegan Tuna Salad (GF)