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(Hope I'm not sending this to you twice) I want to be a cop, took me a while to make my choice. But the BLM community puts a road block in front of me because A) I'm black B) A black female. My dad is a rad BLM and he called me a traitor on my 18th birthday when I disagreed with him on some of his views. All of this stupid stuff discourages me greatly.

If you wanna be a cop, that’s your decision and shouldn’t be anyone else’s (and god knows we need more good policemen out there). Don’t let it get to you, pal. If you’re determined, I’m sure you’ll get to where you want to be, no matter what those people say. Get out there and show them what you can achieve :D

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Shit I'm GAY tell me about Steve pls I love him

He’s what I wish I looked like if I were a good-looking spicy meatball dad D:

Steve’s a self-insert pretty much! Except better! He’s an art director at a large videogame company, something of a metalhead, not a morning person at all and likes to chill with a beer in the evenings while binge-watching crime shows. 

He treads a fine line between ‘cool’ and ‘embarrassing’ dad, he has the power to humiliate his kid with his dad-ness or impress their little friends (depends on how hot the other parents are and if they’re present at the time). 

He wears thumb rings. Prone to sulk on occasion. 

Also a shitposter on social media and the amount of memes in his phone almost almost surpasses that of the pics he’s taken of his child.

I cant wait to be a rich white person with my family and have dinner partys and shit....laugh with our heads up and say stuff like Hahah linda!! U forgot to pick up barbara at her therapist!! I guess we know why she needs one!! Aaaaaa ahahah ok say grace before we dig in to this soaghetti and meatballs! My dads side of the family are just smart red necks...they came so theyr lawyers and moms side is irish going to harness my life. Need me a condo with a beach cruiser. Im going to harness The Ultimate White. Im a great white shark...if blockbuster was still around id buy my son Hunter some snowcaps and shoot some quail on thursday

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I was having dinner with my family that involved meatballs and my dad asked if I wanted any and all I could think was 'yes I'll take Chris Evans if that's alright' because now 'meatball' and Chris Evans are linked in my brain and it's all your fault

oh my god

  • Dad: I'm so stuffed.
  • Husbando: So you're not going to have any Swedish meatballs at the Ikea?
  • Dad: Huh?
  • Husbando: They have meatballs at the Ikea.
  • Dad: They have food at the Ikea?
  • Husbando: Yeah?
  • Dad: Do they have meatballs?
  • Husbando: ...Yes.
  • Dad: Are they Swedish?

Super stoked that the Seahawks won, but let’s get to the serious stuff. 

Food at my parents little get together was stellar. 

I made some 7 layer dip (ideas for the leftovers? I have a ton), dad made meatball sliders and 2 kinds of chicken “wings” (he makes them like wings, but with drumsticks for more meat). There was some great salad too, but no one comes to a football party for the salad.