name: rebekka emilie

age: 17 (born 1999)

live: norway

i like: music, tv shows, kdrama, movies, youtube, filming, reading, writing, english breakfast tea, u.k, fanfiction, kpop, netflix, my flute, nostalgia, singing, taking pictures, travelling, musicals, chocolate, my nose piercing.

music: one direction, justin bieber, 5sos, bts, seventeen, got7, day6, shinee, bigbang, exo, twenty one pilots, ed sheeran, troye sivan, bring me the horizon, meat loaf, queen, fleetwood mac etc.

books/tv shows/movies: the fault in our stars, the fosters, doctor who, perks of being a wallflower, love rosie, the mortal instruments: city of bones, the breakfast club, looking for alaska, harry potter series, glee, awkward, kdrama. 

what I want in a penpal: I’m searching for a friend actually. A friend at the age of 15/16 to 20. A friend at the other side of the world, a friend who could learn me about their culture. A friend who can chat over kik, email, maybe Skype? A friend who is not: against lgbt+, a racist, rude etc.

pls write to me if you feel the same!

how to contact me:


kik: rebekkaoks

animationlunatic  asked:

Snatcher from Boxtrolls


(Also I apologize because most of these are from the backstory post I made on him and so you’re gonna get some repeats)

1. Herbert Trubshaw was his first love and also the first person he came out to. Herbert, of course, was straight, and ended up involved with Eggs’ mother; this made him incredibly bitter up until the point that he decided to absolutely stop caring. (He didn’t cause the death of Eggs’ mother, but he really wishes he had.)

2. His middle name comes from his mother’s favorite aunt, who died shortly before his birth. His mother insisted that the child would have “Penelope” SOMEWHERE in their name, so help her God. It would have been his first name if his father hadn’t bargained.

3. If he were introduced to the world of modern music, he would have a bit of an obsession with Queen and Meat Loaf.

4. As a child, he had a pet rat who he caught in his parents’ shop (they were the town tailors/dressmakers). They were going to kill it, but he begged to keep it. To this day, he actually does appreciate animals; he just doesn’t like to let it show. Leave him alone in a room with a kitten and he will start baby-talking it eventually. Catch him baby-talking to a kitten and he will shoot you.

5. He made his red coat and the Frou Frou dress himself, having picked up a ton of mad sewing skills from working in his parents’ shop.