The nuclear family of prehistoric Denmark

You will not find the archaeological site of Trollesgave on the World Heritage Site list. In its own small way, however, its significance to understanding prehistoric life more than 12,000 years ago in what is today Denmark belies its outward appearance. Scientists who recently examined the site’s artifacts can tell you why. 

Located on a sandy plateau near a lake in Denmark, Trollesgave represents evidence of human occupation identified with the Bromme Culture, a Late Paleolithic hunter-gatherer culture that extended across present-day Denmark, southern Sweden, northern Germany, possibly parts of England and Poland, and likely in once-dry areas now covered by the Baltic and North Seas. The Bromme’s typical stone tool markers consist of flint flakes, blades, burins and scrapers that were used for cutting meat, working bones, and working hides, among other uses. They hunted reindeer, moose, wolverine and beaver.

And they lived as families. Read more.


~ Sgian-Dubh ~

It is a small, single-edged Gaelic knife, originally used for eating, preparing fruit, meat, and cutting bread and cheese – as well as protection. Used by the Scots of the 17th and 18th centuries, this knife was carried hidden in the upper sleeve, lining of the body of the jacket or into the kilt hose (socks): as a matter of fact, although the primary meaning of dubh is “black”, the secondary meaning of “hidden” is at the root of sgian-dubh (literally “black knife”).

Courtesy and etiquette would demand that when entering the home of a friend or host, any concealed weapons would be revealed. It follows that the sgian-dubh would be made visible from its hiding place and displayed in the stocking top held securely by the garters.

It is now worn as part of traditional Scottish dress tucked into the top of the kilt hose with only the upper portion of the hilt visible. The sgian-dubh is normally worn on the right leg, but can also be worn on the left, depending on whether the wearer is right or left-handed.

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I workout 3 times a week,eat good,i've also cut ot all sugary,snacks,fizzy drinks,coffee,meat,basically just cut out crap food but i'm not losing any weight! i have muscles already as i worked out alot when i was younger,jsut had a break for acouple of years due to some issues, but the fat is covering it. i dont know what im doing wrong!

Well this is a very complex question there could be various reasons underlying why you are struggling to lose weight.

My theory is that instead of burning fat as fuel your body is scavenging your muscles and this is probably due to your overly restrictive [die]t, which seems to be lacking in proteins (a BIG NO NO when trying to lose weight/fat). Unless you are an overly obese individual or vegetarian I don’t see the need to cut off meat out of your diet since protein are vital elements when trying to lose weight/fat.

First and foremost, as I always say to people when getting these types of questions you have to understand the difference between fat loss and weight loss. Do you want to lose weight OR fat?

People often say they want to lose weight. This is sort of a moronic statement, because “weight” can be a few different things. For example, water, glycogen, muscle or fat. Hell, you can cut off a leg and you’ll lose “weight” just fine. In reality however, what most of us want to lose is fat, NOT muscle.

  • What’s the difference between weight loss & fat loss? People seem to use both terms interchangeably. After reading hopefully you’ll understand the difference between weight loss & fat loss, but also which one you should aim for and how. Let’s start by defining weight loss & fat loss so you know what I mean here. If you want to lose weight, it’s most likely because you carry too much fat. There are people who must lose weight, like athletes before a competition, but most want fat loss. So stop weighting yourself. 

Sure, you might want your body to just burn body fat and not muscle, but your body doesn’t really give a crap about what you want. It just knows that in order for it to survive and function under the current conditions, it will need to pull stored energy from somewhere. And that can mean fat, muscle or a combination of both. 

Now, despite some of the crazy things you may have heard before about how to lose fat, the truth is that there is just one major requirement… a caloric deficit; a caloric deficit is what happens when you consume less calories than your body needs to burn for energy performing all of the tasks it needs to perform over the course of the day (move, breathe, pump blood, digest food, etc.). When that caloric deficit is present, your body is forced to find some alternative source of energy on your body to burn instead. Ideally, this would ONLY be your ugly stored body fat. However, it can also be your pretty lean muscle tissue. Hence, see the importance of having proteins as a part of your diet.


Now, you’re probably wondering how to lose body fat without losing valuable muscle. Here are a few tips:

  1. Eat Enough Protein
    I can’t stress this enough! Protein and BCAAs are life! Fat is emergency storage for your body, so when you get on low calorie diets your body will burn muscle first. The first and best way of preventing this is by getting a sufficient daily protein intake; the single most important dietary requirement for maintaining muscle. It’s not meal timing, or supplements, or the exact size of your caloric deficit, or the quality of the foods you eat (more on that nonsense later), or anything else

    Nutritionally speaking, losing fat without losing muscle is all about eating enough protein every day. Even in the absence of a proper weight training routine, more of the weight you lose will be body fat rather than muscle mass just as a result of an increased protein intake. So, the first step of any muscle-preserving diet is always getting your ideal amount of protein for the day. What is “ideal?” Well, the good old “1-gram of protein per pound of body weight” recommendation still remains a perfectly fine starting point for most people with this goal in mind. Since your focus is on fat loss I would recommend consuming foods that are low in calories and high in protein such as egg whites, Greek yogurt, lean meats such as chicken breast, tuna, etc.

  2. Get Pre & Post Workout Nutrition Right…
    Losing weight is more than just exercising regularly or practically starving yourself. It’s important to note what you are eating before, during, and after your workout in order to get the maximum benefit from your efforts. The entire concept of pre and post workout nutrition is practically built around improving every aspect of training and recovery. For your body to be able to train properly, it needs to be fuel properly. As I always say your body is like a car it you fuel it with junk it will perform like junk. If your body doesn’t receive the appropriate nutrients it might not recover from your workouts.

  3. Don’t Reduce Calories By TOO Much and Avoid Overly restrictive [die]ts 

 As you hopefully understand by now, in order to lose any amount of body fat, you need to create a caloric deficit. And that means you’re going to need to reduce your calorie intake below maintenance level so stored body fat can be burned for energy instead. However, you should NEVER starve yourself or skip meal, never. I will not go beyond all the science behind the why since it would be too long, below I inserted an extract of a post from my blog I wrote about 2 yrs. go which sums up and explains very well why.

Personally, I disagree with the whole counting, cutting, reducing your calories intake (by TOO much) concept, so I always suggest to people to eat BETTER instead of less. Food is fuel - You won’t starve your car of fuel and expect it to run efficiently, would you? Successful weight/fat loss is not about starving, it’s about fuelling your body with the healthy, low calorie food it needs to help you lose weight

Not eating at all or eating too little actually slows down the metabolism, slow metabolism = NO weight loss! The body thinks it’s starving, so it will go on the “survival” mode which means it will literally slow down its calorie-burning capacity in order to “survive”.  In other words, by not eating at all or drastically reducing your calories intake the body will senses that it is in “trouble”, it will try to conserve the few amount of energy it has left as much as possible, which will result in a slower metabolism! 

Remember fat is emergency storage for your body. Your body will burn muscle first if you get on low calorie diets, so the body is going to use muscles as fuel.

Moral of the story, you don’t have to eat less - you just have to eat BETTER!! In the above picture you can clearly see the sticking difference between 1575 calories of “junk” foods and healthy foods.

That being said, as mentioned in my previous reply I advocate for delicious food. Eating food for wellness should never sacrifice flavour-EVERI do not believe in [die]ting, but in lifestyle changes. In other words,I do not believe in food restriction; instead of restricting the foods you love from your nutrition you should maybe think about replacing them with healthy alternatives.  Eating more natural, whole, unprocessed raw vegan food is a gentle way of living in alignment with Mother Earth. Raw food is full of life, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, sun energy and love :) and we could all use more of those!! Raw food goes beyond boring salads! You can make garden tahini rolls, raw avocado soups, amazing raw pastas, and yummy cacao coconut desserts!

Having the willpower to stick to a structured nutritional plan is generally a plus, but pushing it too far can do you more harm than good. Psychologically, the fact that certain foods are prohibited from your diet can make you crave them even more! This is a big reason for “cheating” on a diet, and eventually giving up. Following an overly restrictive diet isn’t only difficult, but it’s often an unsuccessful approach to improving one’s health. What’s worse – you end up negatively affecting your overall quality of life by ignoring the health benefits of pleasure, relaxation, and social interaction. No bueno! You will do far better on a less restrictive, flexible approach that is tailored to your individual needs.

In short, let’s recapitulate these two main points here:

  • Eat More, Not Less
    Include some of your favorite nutrient-rich foods such as succulent grapes, fresh kiwi, or vitamin-packed bananas throughout the day for a healthy snack. They will provide the energy you need, and also keep you full until your next meal.

  • Switch To Lighter Version Of Your Favorite Foods
    Denying yourself your favorite foods repeatedly can be psychologically harmful to your overall outlook of achieving optimal health. No one wants to go without their favorite food. So why not swap your favorite foods to a low-cal version of the ones you crave the most? Try to incorporate low-fat ice cream for dessert or frozen yogurt, reduced-fat cheese on your homemade pizza. This may not sound like much, but over time, it will make a difference.

    Increase your fiber intake while cutting back on fat calories. You can easily add fiber to your pizza pie by mixing-in some green and red bell peppers to your toppings. Not only is this a healthy choice, it will allow you to feel fuller longer. 

Now that being said, as well you shouldn’t solely rely on the weight scale I always recommend taking pictures when following your fat loss progress. The weight scale can be misleading, pictures tend to be a bit more accurate.  The number on the scale could mean different things; your weight is constantly fluctuating during the day. This is a very interesting article that I would recommend you to read: What the Number on the Scale Really Means: A Primer on Weight Fluctuations.

In regards to proteins, if you do not want to incorporate meat into your diet there are several other sources where you can get your protein:

Finally, this post is based on what I am assuming I could be wrong, but if you’ve cut out proteins completely out of your diet it is possibly the reason why you are struggling to see results. Finishing on an encouraging note ENJOY life!! Live, your fitness journey is not meant to be miserable. While you’re on your fitness journey, don’t forget to check you’re still really living! Never fear to eat, what you consume should NEVER become an obsession—yes taking care of yourself and being cautious of the quality of the food you eat is important, but it should never become an obsession. Food is our friend, and when we enjoy how food is meant to be enjoyed—whole, pure and unadulterated—food is our best friend!

Hopefully this was helpful! BTW as I mentioned previously in one of my post I apologize for the late reply — I’ve been extremely busy during the past few week because of school.

Take care xoxo
Stephiie. M 😘


The Ron Weasley Prompt: One muse sticking by the other when no one else will. From this list of prompts. Requested by diva-gonzo

Her upbringing shows in fleeting moments. The way she walks, as if gliding, her hips swaying subtly. Her cravings, though infrequent, for expensive cuts of meat, always paired with fine wines. Her calligraphic handwriting, her proud spine. Despite what she grew to be, her roots are, after all, Black.

Today is her nineteenth birthday. She gives me that graceful smile as I watch her open my gift. I feel bashful as I stare at the simple quill and necklace I gave to her. They seem to stare at me from their place on the table; two solitary gifts on a large wooden table reminding me of how little I can give her.

Once, she told me about the ball her parents held in honor of her seventeeth birthday. She hadn’t meant to brag, but I couldn’t look her in the eye for a day. I had been courting her then, with polite study dates in the library and short chats in the halls on the way to class. My mates teased me incessantly about it. “You oughtta aim a bit lower, Tonks,” they had said. And part of me believed them. But part of me held out hope, with every shy smile she flashed as she walked to the Slytherin dorms, with the way her fingers would brush against mine when passing me an ingredient in Potions. I loved her before I had even realized it, and I knew I’d love her even if she was married off to some pureblood. I felt like a fool. A common muggleborn fool. 

But then, one morning, she grabbed my hand in the Great Hall and walked me in front of her sisters, her face like stone, her eyes determined. And then she kissed me for the first time. We were married less than a year later.

I remind myself that she is my wife now, as I fidget with my hands under the table, bare with its absence of gifts. “I know it’s not much, but I thought you’d look pretty with it–” I start.

She doesn’t let me finish, because she is suddenly kissing my face, her kisses dancing across my eyes, my nose, my forehead, my lips, and I am reminded of ballet dancers and the way they spin across the floor. I make a mental note to remember this moment, the images, the feel of her soft lips memorizing my face, how it feels to have her in my arms.

“You are more than I could ever have hoped for, Ted Tonks,” she whispers, her eyes fierce as they were the day we first kissed.

We are poor, living  on my starting salary in exile from all that she knew. We take care of her heirlooms, because one day, perhaps we’ll need to sell them. We rent a studio flat, and we decorate it with things I find on the sidewalks. We eat canned smoked oysters and drink cheap wine now, but we pretend we are on picnic in some manicured garden, and we are so happy most days that we fall to bed exhausted, the hint of smiles still on our faces.

Butcher's cuts anatomical tee

Penfold sez, “A useful t-shirt depicting the cuts of meat one might use to butcher a human. Ever wondered where your tenderloin is? This shirt is a great ice-breaker when meeting cannibals. It would also be handy for coping with a desert island/mountainous plane crash survival (Your friends’ survival, obviously, not yours. Now that’s altruism) situation.”

My physiotherapist has a funny habit of pointing to bits of my back and going, “Right, I’d like you to think about flexing this part right here under your left sirloin.” Funnily enough, this turns out to be a pretty good way to align my conscious will with my prioperception.

Read the rest…

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What do you think Matt and Foggy would say if they got stopped and interviewed for humans of new york?

THIS IS AMAZING…. they would stop both of them because both of them seem like they have good stories. 

If it was both of them together they’d say:

“We’ve been best friends since we met in law school.  My mom wanted me to be a butcher.  I could have cut meat, had a respectable little shop. But instead this guy made me some small-time lawyer in a law firm no one has heard of with debt up to my ears.  But If I could go back in time I wouldn’t change a damn thing.”

If it was just Matt I think he’d say:

“I’ve been blind since I was ten.  Yeah, it might be dangerous to walk around New York alone but people usually move out of the way and thieves don’t scare me. My dad was a boxer.  He was the bravest man I ever knew.  He wanted me to be everything he wasn’t, smart, independent, financially stable you know?  I’m still working on financially stable but I think he’d be proud of me.”

as I have quite a few followers now and I interact with quite a few of you now I think it’s time I did a proper introduction.

I’ve started changing my diet a few months back, mainly because I was fed up of feeling so unmotivated and lazy, throughout college I had no real commitment or enthusiasm.
I started eating a lot more greens and meats and cut out any sort of processed foods like pasta and bread.
with the new diet I started forcing myself to exercise which was hard because I really didn’t enjoy it at first and I was extremely lazy. This has caused me to lose quite a bit of weight which I get told a lot is too much or I’ve gone too far, but everything’s done healthy and to benefit myself and my energy.

I don’t claim to have the best knowledge or an ideal body but if I can motivate someone then I’m happy to help, mainly really what I’m trying to get across is its what’s inside that changes the most, your work attitude and your commitment are much more admirable that sometimes I even stop and think how amazing it is how much I’ve changed in just a year.

so sorry for the long post but do feel free to ask me anything and talk anytime!

i was looking at the deli cut meats at the store and the containers for all of the various types of ham, turkey, pastrami, etc,  were clear plastic so you could see the meat slices inside. that’s standard practice, so you can make sure they look like the picture and are fresh and stuff.
but the containers for roast beef, and only the roast beef, from the exact same brand and packaging style were opaque black.

what are you trying to hide from me sara lee

She is the woman in white, the headstone, the ghost in the foreground.  She is an Artemis-in-furs, a knife in the back, a knife in the gut.  She begs the question – who exactly here is bought-and-sold?

Boardwalk Empire is a show obsessed with generations.  A story of the old guard and the young lions scrapping over a cut of meat.  Legacy.  Lineage.  The rise and fall.  Successors sought and kept at bay and cut down.  Father figures elevated and venerated and eventually, when the time is right, left bleeding in the alleys.

We’ve talked about this before – “Farewell Daddy Blues,” remember?  Disappointment after disappointment.  Hell, they might as well have called the penultimate episode “Fatherless Child.”  But then what of the mothers?

All you need to see is how the Commodore runs through his son with a poker while his mother goads him to vengeance.  Yes, Boardwalk Empire – the show where fratricide is something to be achieved.  Fatherhood is destructive; motherhood is sacrificial.  Fatherhood is reactive; motherhood is ambitious.  How else to explain Jimmy punting shipments while Angela pleads for life on the bedroom floor?  “I have a child.”  That is her bargaining chip. Because the fathers of Boardwalk are always on the lookout for the challenger in the weeds, while its mothers are always desperate to carve a future out of the aftermath.  Again and again, we see the punks of gangsterdom run headlong into the wishes of their found-fathers.  Perhaps by death, perhaps by manipulation, but always resistant to the idea of moving up and moving out.  For good or ill, however, it is the matriarchy of Boardwalk that will do what they will to get ahead in the end.

Look at Lucy, who uses her child as an actual bargaining chip, who will not let herself be dismissed as a memory of sin, who moves from calling one man ‘daddy’ to forcing the mantle of fatherhood on another.  Look at Gillian, breathing as Lady Macbeth behind the scenes.  Look at Margaret coolly walking the line of complicity to bring herself out of the hole.

Turn to Season 5 if you must (and you must) because it is only there that the pattern is at last overturned and the potential at last realized.  Here you have the downfall of Masseria and Maranzano by the grasping hands of their second-in-commands.  Here you have Daughter emerging from the ashes while Chalky throws himself onto the pyre to rescue her daughter.  And here, of course, you have the culmination of five years whisper and rumination with the last rites of Nucky Thompson.  Because the death of Mabel Thompson signifies one turn of the screw while the betrayal of young Gillian signifies another.  Because this is the future in despair – and ultimately, the future triumphant.

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Hello! I'm thinking of going vegan, but unsure on how to approach it. Should I try being a vegetarian first and see how it works or should I just go full on vegan? How did you do it? Love your positive attitude btw xx

I think it’s best to try what Matthew does!! He cooks one vegan meal a day and I think that’s best when trying to transition into it because then when you cut out meats and dairy you’ll know how to cook for yourself. One of the hardest things about going cold fake turkey is that you don’t know what to cook vegan or vegetarian and you end up only eating sides. I try my best to make everything I did before but with substitutes. There are a lot of natural vegan substitutes that don’t cost much at all. Everyone says being vegan is so pricey and I do not agree. I don’t buy anything I didn’t used to. I still buy milk but it’s either coconut milk or almond. Too much soy is bad for your body so I try to only eat it when I have tofu or substitutes. Also, make sure to get your protein!! This is important. I try to eat any kinds of beans or nuts as much as possible. Good luck and I wish you the best on your loving journey towards veganism if you so chose to take it.

so i had my first black bean burger, and it tasted pretty good! i dont know if ill ever be vegetarian, but i would like to cut meat down in my diet in an effort to get healthier. the irony in that is i bought three 12 packs of baja blast and reeses flavored oreos. I GET TO INDULGE A LITTLE OK :)


You Know You Are Different When

You are reading the manual for the new dehydrator that you bought and the dehydrator hasn’t even been delivered yet.

I found it online a few minutes ago and started my brush up course on dehydrating. I learned a few good things: cut the meat while still partially frozen, it’s easier that way; I’m going to need a Food Saver now; you should pat dry it with paper towels a few times while dehydrating.

The outdoor freezer here has an abundance of grassfed homegrown extra lean beef. So, we are going to have jerky coming out of our ears!


Weekend Diversion: Raw Ingredients, Cubed

“[C]onsider what it would look like if you took the most natural, raw ingredients of all your favorite meals — fruits, vegetables and meats — and simply cut them up into 2.5 cm (1 inch) cubes.

Seems like a crazy project, doesn’t it? Well, despite what your initial thoughts might be, the result, as showcased by artists Lernert & Sanders, is nothing short of beautiful.”

If you only eat your food in cube-form, this post is for you. If you don’t, this post may get you to consider it!

Vegan Bodybuilding

Thinking about cutting meat cold turkey (pun intended). I know I can put on lean muscles from a strict vegan diet. I’m not against eating meat. I fucking love that stuff, but I have no respect for the food market and GMO’s that are poisoning our bodies and organic meat is expensive. Plus, cows are freaking adorable and I hate killing them :)

All seriousness my protein will have to come from different products such as beans, peanut butter, almonds, bread products, ect.

Like to get some thoughts.

I had a really nice lunch today with one of the new grads at work whom I’ve never really spoken with. It’s nice to have free-flowing conversation with someone. Excitable and open people make me happy. It had a bit of a date vibe though, haha.

I’m on Day 2 trialling a vegetarian diet. I visited a farm for work on Monday and seeing cute cows really forced me to think about where my meat comes from. Nothing against anybody who feels differently but I really want to try and cut meat out. It was just the final defining moment that made me want to give it a go properly.

 I’ve become obsessed with watching documentaries about food health, food security and climate change and I just want to feel like I’m living more sustainably. I’m hoping it will make me healthier too. 

I always thought I couldn’t have any kind of diet that imposes restriction of a certain type of food but I’ve never been a huge meat eater. The kinds of meat I’ll miss are all fast food too (cheeseburgers, Nando’s). 

Will report back to see how I go. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself in case I fail but at the same time I feel very strongly about it and I don’t want to give up too easily. 

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Are you vegan? if not why not? don't you love animals?

I do love animals a lot, in fact if I was told to kill a person for food or an animal I would eat the human, I mean damn people are corrupt but animals are pure and innocent.
My diet needs protein, no not “humans need animal meat” I need it. Doctors have told me before because of my medical condition. I won’t go into it.
Also I enjoy Salami, cheap sausages (do not like prime cut meat I prefer cheap shit) and I am Hungarian/Italian and have been brought up on seasoned meats and meat dishes and I can be food dependant too sometimes and food makes me feel better if I am down sometimes. Cutting out meat would devastate me as much as it would to my dog. Pork in breadcrumbs with potato and cucumber salad (hungarian version) is my ultimate fave food as is Spag bol and if I don’t eat meat then who will share some (lol half) of their meat with Neo?

Also I need eggs in my diet and love milkshake with all my heart and milk chocolate and butter on toast and crumpets and cakes etc…
I love animals but like most humans I am selfish and guilty of being a human. Also this species is indeed omnivores.

Do I agree with how animals are treated in those factories they call farms? No.
I hate hate hate animal cruelty. I crashed my brother’s car into a cliff face to avoid hitting a small furry animal darting across the road and was in hospital for it. Everyone said I should have hit the creature…
But I do eat animal products but mostly from my local supplier and I live in the Welsh farmlands or “valleys” so I know where my produce comes from. However I will never eats any meat other than, pork/pig.. Beef/cow, Chicken, turkey… Oh and the occasional kebab. I refuse venison, veal, lamb (other than kebab) rabbit and other animals (I hate the taste of seafood or fish)
I am incredibly passionate about animals. I donate to many charities which sometimes leaves me penniless (as long as I feed my babies)

So don’t come here telling me I don’t care about animals because I do not share your dietry views. I respect vegans and their choices but I will not be forced into it. My life revolves around food.

What I can’t stand is supermarkets tossing out, out of date meat as it seems like the animals died for nothing. I believe in cutting down the amount of animals used in the meat production. If there was a food that tastes and feels and costs and has the same benefits as animal produce then I will get that instead but however animals will still be sent to the slaughter house for carnivorous pet foods. I won’t make my carnivores eat a meat substitute god no, they will eat what is natural to them. I already had the talk with Neo about 3rd world dogs without food, when he refuses his food. 

I can’t change my eating habits when there is so much tradition in my meals (again my European side) But hey, I eat pasta and potato too as a dish but I have a yogurt after.

Sorry but while I respect your lifestyle I must ask you to do the same.