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You probably don't want to say yes, but would you say that you had enjoyed meat, dairy, furs/skins, other animal products before going vegan? Is there something you particularly miss (but you obviously can resist)?

I did enjoy eating meat and dairy due to their taste not due to what they really are. I never enjoyed any kind of fur, that has been something awful for me since I can remember. After almost 2 years of being vegan I really don’t miss anything, at the beginning was cheese, but now anymore. :)

Today Fucking Rocks

-Started yesterday, actually. I was in my PT session and really struggling to keep up. Every set seemed too heavy, every squat killed my thighs. Finally, Justin wanted me to do planks. Just try them. I got on my knees and literally started bawling. Tears and sniffling on my hands and knees in the middle of a moderately busy gym. I told him I can’t do a plank. I’m too big. He leaned in and said, “It’s just you and me. If you can’t do it, I won’t ask you to do it again. Don’t worry about anyone else. Just try.” I waddled. I tugged at my shirt. I grunted and wobbled. But I held a plank eight times in two sets for about five seconds. Every time I was bright red, incredibly embarrassed and couldn’t breathe. As I walked out of the gym a woman in her early forties with her daughter were sitting on the bench and she stopped me and said, “I saw you back there. You’re so inspirational. I can’t do that.” I said, “I didn’t think I could either.” And smiled at her. She patted me on the shoulder and said, “It’s my first day and now I feel really motivated.

-This morning I found MAWR bacon in the bargain bin at the grocery store ($1.99/pack of center cut bacon?!?!). I’m pretty sure I’m stocked on bacon for all of March at least. Also found five packs of organic grass fed beef patties for $3.99/lb (usually $11/lb) and a pack of wild caught salmon for $4.99 (about a lb). Seriously, why would I ever buy full price meat when I can go early and get this stuff??

-Tried Oregon Chai’s sugar free chai tea concentrate today. Zero calories and 1 g of carb per 1/2 cup mixed with 1/2 cup of water with a few tablespoons of heavy cream instead of milk. Heavenly. Just heavenly.

-I’m about three days away from a finishing my “Don’t Break the Chain” calendar for February. I am excited to get to March so at the end of next month I can have a FULL MONTH of bright red “X”s on the board. I’m also on day 5 in a row of going to the gym doing a mix or cardio and strength training. 

-While this is a good news, bad news situation I’m still adding it to the list. I may not be going to London in June because Jon’s mom is very sick (big C word sick). We’ve known since Thanksgiving, but it’s been a lot of waffling. If she gets a bone marrow transplant soon we will not be going. I’m A-Ok with that. Jon and I have decided if it doesn’t happen we will go on a trip to South Dakota and spend some time seeing the sites, staying near Deadwood, hiking, camping, etc. this spring. Either way, I’m perfectly happy to have a vacation.

-I found tons of men’s thermals in my size at Walmart for $3 each including a Captain America and Superman one and some plain and striped ones. I’m sure Jon will steal a few, but I love them for bumming around the house and working out in. 

-Weigh in tomorrow is probably going to be a small loss which doesn’t surprise me with all the working out and likely hitting PISS. I’m a lot more caught up in increasing my strength and endurance, measurements and making slow, permanent changes nowadays. I’ve found focusing on losing as much weight in a small amount of time isn’t sustainable as I lower my calories more and more. My calories are set to 1,800 now and are staying there. None of this 1,300-1,500 crap.