Beef and Scallion Noodles

“Fifteen minutes is all you need to make these luscious beef and scallion noodles with moist, tender slices of beef and verdant scallions that are still just a bit crisp. The savory sauce enrobes the bed of al-dente noodles below, which are perfumed with the heady aroma of toasted sesame oil and spicy ginger.“


Got up early this morning to photograph the aftermath of the Sand Canyon fire. That probably makes me an ambulance/fire truck chaser.

I’m super glad that all of my friends made t through with their lives and homes intact. No picture can really do justice to what it looks like up there. It’s almost like an alien landscape.

Oh, and I was both thrilled and not-so-thrilled to find an ancient box of blasting caps next to a still-smoking tree. If I were any braver/dumber I would’ve opened it.