meat wrapper

Ok folks, UPDATES!

I know I’ve been relatively quiet for MONTHS, but hopefully that changes now.

So, as most know I moved to Portland Oregon a little over a year ago from Asheville North Carolina.  Since then I have traveled to Thailand for surgery, been featured on a news blurb thing through barcroft media, and…. that’s about it.  I picked up a full-time job as a meat wrapper at Fred meyer immediately after returning from Thailand.  I did my best to stick it out, but to be perfectly honest my PTSD and depression got the best of me.  I ended up quitting during the Christmas rush because I couldn’t handle the number of people treating me badly every day.  I know that sounds silly, but I’ve also never worked in retail before, and working in the meat department of the busiest Kroger store in the country during the Independence day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas rush was not good for my mental health.

Since then I have managed to get enrolled in vocational rehabilitation through the VA and now that the snow is finally cleared I’m starting classes for an AAS degree in website development and design (because my Art degree hasn’t exactly been getting me work in my field).  I’m not entirely confident that this will do the trick either, but it will give me some breathing room to get my feet back under me and figure out my next steps as the VA will be paying my bills until the program completes.

In October, myself and my roommates/friends were forced to move from the house we were renting, so now instead of a basement in Sullivan’s Gulch, I’m in a subsidized apartment in Old Town.  It’s beautiful, but there are literally hundreds of homeless folks in my neighborhood and crime is high.  My car was stolen twice in a three day stretch from a lot that I had to pay 150 dollars a month for a spot in.  Of course my car died for good last week and had to be scrapped, so now I’m dependent on figuring out public transportation to get to classes on three different PCC campuses in the greater Portland area.  I still have my motorcycle, but it’s parked half an hour away in McMinnville because I don’t have anywhere safe to park it here, and it’s already had a gas cap stolen and a fender vandalized.

In spite of all this, I haven’t been completely useless.  I’ve been trying to do some organizing with local folks to resist the coming Trump presidency and the republican regime backing it.  Both @vortexsophia and I have been trying to teach self-defense classes to varying demographics (her to queer people and femmes, me to homeless women and sex workers) with varying levels of success.  We’re short on equipment and facilities, but we’re trying.  We’ve also been supplying folks that need it with pepper spray (we actually need to start reblogging the funding page again now that I think of it).

So.  TLDR:  It’s been an emotional, stressful, and hectic year.  I’ve had some amazing experiences and some miserable ones.  I just want to keep my followers updated (and perhaps offer some excuse for my long absences).  Soon I’m planning to set up a patreon and will get back into making original artwork.  I don’t currently have access to a forge, so I’m going to have to re-focus on two-dimensional art like drawings, paintings, watercolor, prints, etc. and maybe get into digital art.  I also will be getting back into working on my book.  I hope you’re all staying safe and warm and fed.  Keep your chins up and your eyes open in the difficult days ahead.  I’m rooting for you all and I’m going to try to be there for whoever I can, however I can.

awolfsserenitymoon-main  asked:

Hi! Love your blog! If you still want some recipes one of my favs is taco cups! You take ground beef and fry it with taco seasoning, mix it with rotel (diced tomatoes and chilis). Use a muffin pan with wonton wrapper layer: wonton wrapper, meat/tomato mixture, cheese, wonton wrapper, meat/tomato, and cheese. Bake until wonton wrappers brown a little and cheese is melty. Top with sour cream, hot sauce, whatever you like! :)

Again, I am here for the taco things!