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Do you ever think that conner prayed to his dad like "i need to get to cali asap, to smooch a son of aphrodite, any help??" And then bam he gets to be at mitchell's side in like less than an hour

“I can’t believe you’re doing this.”

Connor clenched his jaw, focusing on the task before him. “You’ve done it.”

Travis leaned against the doorway, the screen door between the balcony and the inside of their apartment separating them. He raised an eyebrow as he stared down at his younger brother. “Katie was in the hospital for appendicitis. It was an emergency.”

Connor clicked his lighter once again - it was his favorite, a gold and black metal one he’d pickpocketed in Time Square - but it was running low. He’d need to acquire a new one soon.

Connor’s tongue poked out between his teeth as he concentrated. He shifted the black stones into a position to let them breathe better.

“This is an emergency.”

“Really,” Travis’s voice was colored with disbelief, “this is an emergency?”

Connor finally broke his focus, throwing his hands to the air. “It is, okay! It’s really important that I get there, and there’s no last minute flights out there. This is my only option, okay?”

Travis observed him for a long moment before sighing, sliding the screen door back. He rolled his sleeves up, closing the door behind him, and peered over Connor’s shoulder.

“What are you burning?”

Connor nearly fell with relief at his brother’s help. Prayer was stronger when it was together. “Some prime cut from the butcher’s shop, I know he likes it.”

“Did you get -”

“Some Reese’s Cups, yeah.”

Both boys nodded at each other, satisfied. It was a good offering.

Travis used a metal rod to poke at the charcoal, waving at his face to keep the smoke from it. The small grill they kept on their baloney was hardly used to something other than the best bits at the beginning of meals - it would hardly hold the expensive cut of meat Connor had picked up.

Travis tended to the fire as Connor began to peel the plastic back from the meat, the shiny wrappers from the chocolate. Their father, as the entire cabin knew by now, had a certain weakness for the peanut butter cups.

Travis gestured for him to toss in the offerings once the fire was decent, and Connor followed the instruction without question. He wiped his hands off, some of the chocolate already having melted to his fingertips, and grabbed Travis’s extended hand.

And they prayed.

They - Connor in particular - prayed hard, hand-in-hand, chocolate and meat blackening in front of them, filling the hopeful air with burning fragrance.  

“Really,” a new voice rang out, and Connor’s breath caught. “This is an emergency?”

Their father stood in front of them, their small balcony having hardly enough room to fit them all. His arms were crossed, his eyebrow raised, and was giving him the same judgement filled eyes his older brother had turning on him.

Connor threw his hands up, Travis’s own falling from his grip, but couldn’t deny the bubble of relief building inside of him. He gave Connor an amused smirk as the younger boy declared, “It is an emergency!”

“Son,” Hermes rolled his eyes, turning to walk in the apartment. The screen gave him no resistance as he passed through it. “You called me for this?”

Connor huffed out a breath, him and Travis both following him in, actually pulling back the screen door this time. Travis - the smart one of them - remembered to cover the fire, lest burning down their apartment building.


Hermes was surveying their living space as they came in, inspecting a mold spot with a slightly interested look.

“I think this might be a new species you’ve formed here.” He remarked.

“Nah, that’s just an old PBJ.”


“Where’re George and Martha?” Travis asked, perking up. He had a certain fondness for them.

Hermes turned towards their small kitchen, peering into their fridge, opening the cabins. Nosy.

Hermes waved his question off, “Taking a spa day - apparently the stress is getting to them.” His voice was amused as he explained this, reaching out a hand to poke at something in one of their cabinets. The old bag of bread probably. Connor was hoping to base his science fair project off of it.

Travis looked pleased. George and Martha deserved it, honestly.

Hermes finally looked to be finished looking through their apartment, only a single quick look thrown to their mother’s empty room. She would be in…Miami, right now. Or at least in the air above it.

Hermes turned back to him, “You prayed for my precise, what do you need?” Hermes asked, despite already knowing. He probably needed to them ask clearly - godly magic was tricky like that.

Connor let out a breath. “I need you to get me to California. San Francisco, to be precise. I can call an Uber once I’m there just - I need to get there.”

Hermes raised an eyebrow, “And this has to do with Aphrodite’s boy?”

Connor nodded, a bit desperately. “Mitchell. He won some kind of archery award and he was - he was just sad last time we talked that no one could make it to the ceremony for him because Sebastian’s parents are out of town, and Seb himself is sick and -” Connor cut himself off, staring at his hands. “I want to be there for him.”  

There was a beat of silence as Hermes stared at him.

“This isn’t an emergency.” Hermes told him, flipping out his phone, hundreds of notifications already flooding the screen.

Connor sighed, “It’s not in the most traditional sense,” he allowed his father, “but it’s really important. To me.”

There was a long moment of silence as Hermes was turned towards his phone. He gave Travis a desperate look, who shrugged.

Connor tried again, “Please, dad. I - I wouldn’t be asking if this was something I could do on my own.”

The silence fell over them again. Connor began to deflate.

“It’s done,” Hermes suddenly announced, attaching a black block to his phone - something like a square reader but bigger - in a quick, smooth movement. He waited a few moments before a long ticket began printing itself. He ripped the paper off, holding out to Connor.

Connor stumbled forward to take it, staring down at it. “What - what is it?”

“Your tickets,” Hermes focused back on his smartphone, sliding through a few apps. “Simply write your destination - be descriptive, we don’t need another Paris, Texas incident - on the front, black or blue pen, no pencil it confuses the magic - and light it on fire. Use one half to get there, the other half to get home.” Hermes gave him a stern look, “I expect you to be in school by Wednesday.”

“We have school on Monday and Tuesday.” Connor told him, a bit numb.

“I know,” Hermes shrugged, sliding his phone back into his pocket. “You’re young. You’re not going to miss anything life changing by missing a few days of school.”

Connor stumbled forward again, this time throwing his arms around the taller man’s shoulders. Hermes tensed, unsure for a moment, before relaxing, his hand coming up to pat his back.

Hermes had been trying, since the war. Since Luke.

It was ridiculous how grateful Connor could feel about that.

“Thanks, dad.” He muttered into his father’s suit, probably wrinkling the no doubt expensive fabric. Silk, maybe. Armani, definitely.

Hermes was nodding as Connor pulled away, his own eyes probably red. Hermes cleared his throat, still nodding, and pulled out his phone. Connor looked back, and Travis was grinning proudly.

“I have to be going,” Hermes told them, tapping out something on his phone. He gave them another look, “Don’t get into trouble you can’t get out of, you two. I can only manipulate so many police records before your mother gets suspicious.”

Travis finger-gunned at the older man, “No promises.”

“Thanks, dad.” Connor swallowed against the tightening of his throat.

He held up his hand in a quick gesture of goodbye, and that was it.

And, in moment to the next, he was gone. There was no theatrical display of smoke or light, just a slight shifting of air as mass that was previously occupied began empty, and the air adjusted accordingly so.

Travis clasped his hand over his shoulder, “Gonna surprise him?”

Connor was already nodding - they both had a probably worrying love for surprises. Travis accepted this, grinning, and headed towards the kitchen. Outside, the fire had burnt out the moment Hermes had disappeared.

“Oh, sweet.” Travis grinned, bending down to look closer inside their fridge. “Dad got us groceries.”

“Hot cheetos?” Connor asked hopefully, staring down at the ticket in his hands.

“Like, five bags. Oh, and my favorite pringles. Nice.”

“Nice,” He agreed, holding the ticket to his chest for another moment.

Looks like he had to pack.


Hermes does the exact thing my mother does when she visits my brother and I - meaning, opening every single cabinet, looking in the fridge, opening all the drawers. Idk mom. Idk. also i live with a gross adult boy. he’s disgusting and the moldy bag of bread is a nightmare i have weekly. 

Also I just really want Hermes to be a good dad ok. ok. let me have this. 

Mitchell cried when he saw his boyfriend in the front row, nearly taking the whole thing up with the filled chairs of gifts beside him. it was cute as hell. 

oisuga; 943 words; based on “You are 20 centimetres taller than me, and whenever someone asks about our relationship I say that it’s a long distance relationship” AU 

“Suga-san, I heard you’re dating someone!” Noya shouts just as the team exits Coach Ukai’s store, meat buns in hand. They’re walking home from practice, tired and drowsy after a long day. Noya’s voice is so loud that it startles the whole team, and causes some of the first and second years to stare wide-eyed at Suga. 

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Healthy crispy lasagna rolls 


  • 3 egg roll wrappers 
  • 4 oz lean ground beef or turkey 
  • ¼ cup tomato sauce 
  • ¼ cup light shredded cheese 
  • 1 egg 
  • 3 tbsp whole wheat breadcrumbs 
  • veggies of your choice (i used mushrooms and zucchini) 


  1. Cook meat until lightly browned (season to taste) 
  2. Add in veggies of choice and tomato sauce 
  3. Cook until veggies are tender and set aside to cool 
  4. Add bread crumbs to one bowl and egg to another
  5. Lay out egg roll wrapper and spoon in 1/3 of meat mixture into each wrapper. 
  6. Top the meat with your cheese in each one 
  7. Fold the ends and roll the wrapper and seal with a bit of egg wash 
  8. Dip whole roll into beaten egg and then into breadcrumbs- repeat for all rolls 
  9. Place the rolls on a baking dish and bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes 
  10. Enjoy! 

1 serving size of this is 3 rolls and has ~350 calories!


Ok folks, UPDATES!

I know I’ve been relatively quiet for MONTHS, but hopefully that changes now.

So, as most know I moved to Portland Oregon a little over a year ago from Asheville North Carolina.  Since then I have traveled to Thailand for surgery, been featured on a news blurb thing through barcroft media, and…. that’s about it.  I picked up a full-time job as a meat wrapper at Fred meyer immediately after returning from Thailand.  I did my best to stick it out, but to be perfectly honest my PTSD and depression got the best of me.  I ended up quitting during the Christmas rush because I couldn’t handle the number of people treating me badly every day.  I know that sounds silly, but I’ve also never worked in retail before, and working in the meat department of the busiest Kroger store in the country during the Independence day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas rush was not good for my mental health.

Since then I have managed to get enrolled in vocational rehabilitation through the VA and now that the snow is finally cleared I’m starting classes for an AAS degree in website development and design (because my Art degree hasn’t exactly been getting me work in my field).  I’m not entirely confident that this will do the trick either, but it will give me some breathing room to get my feet back under me and figure out my next steps as the VA will be paying my bills until the program completes.

In October, myself and my roommates/friends were forced to move from the house we were renting, so now instead of a basement in Sullivan’s Gulch, I’m in a subsidized apartment in Old Town.  It’s beautiful, but there are literally hundreds of homeless folks in my neighborhood and crime is high.  My car was stolen twice in a three day stretch from a lot that I had to pay 150 dollars a month for a spot in.  Of course my car died for good last week and had to be scrapped, so now I’m dependent on figuring out public transportation to get to classes on three different PCC campuses in the greater Portland area.  I still have my motorcycle, but it’s parked half an hour away in McMinnville because I don’t have anywhere safe to park it here, and it’s already had a gas cap stolen and a fender vandalized.

In spite of all this, I haven’t been completely useless.  I’ve been trying to do some organizing with local folks to resist the coming Trump presidency and the republican regime backing it.  Both @vortexsophia and I have been trying to teach self-defense classes to varying demographics (her to queer people and femmes, me to homeless women and sex workers) with varying levels of success.  We’re short on equipment and facilities, but we’re trying.  We’ve also been supplying folks that need it with pepper spray (we actually need to start reblogging the funding page again now that I think of it).

So.  TLDR:  It’s been an emotional, stressful, and hectic year.  I’ve had some amazing experiences and some miserable ones.  I just want to keep my followers updated (and perhaps offer some excuse for my long absences).  Soon I’m planning to set up a patreon and will get back into making original artwork.  I don’t currently have access to a forge, so I’m going to have to re-focus on two-dimensional art like drawings, paintings, watercolor, prints, etc. and maybe get into digital art.  I also will be getting back into working on my book.  I hope you’re all staying safe and warm and fed.  Keep your chins up and your eyes open in the difficult days ahead.  I’m rooting for you all and I’m going to try to be there for whoever I can, however I can.

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Being from the UK, American "pie" intrigues me. In Men in Black Will Smith is always, "You need pie." Not "some" pie or "a pie"? I eat Pukka Pies; they come in steak, chicken and mushroom and steak and kidney etc. But American pies seems to be a savoury tart as far as I can tell. With pumpkin, although I only see those around thanksgiving posts. And beans. And what in the heck is cream cheese FROSTING? Is it sweet? You have meat pies, yes? What do you eat with pie? Is pie eaten hot or cold? PIE.

LOL, Anon, I cannot present to you an entire survey of American pies, but I can take a swing at it I guess. 

We do have meat pies although they are far less common than sweet pies, and we do not really have the “pork pie” where it’s a solid chunk of meat in a pastry wrapper. Our meat pies are more of a stew in a crust, and by far the most common is chicken pot pie (chicken and vegetables in a gravy in a crust). Essentially we have:

  • Meal-type pies (meat pies and savory pies)
  • Dessert-type pies (fruit pies, custard pies) 

I suppose you could consider the mini pie (tart) as a distinct form of food but since mini pies are almost always sweet, they’re just smallish single-serve dessert pies. Also sometimes there are savory dessert pies, like apple-cheddar pie, but those are pretty rare. 

Dessert-type pies are far more common, and can be “some pie” or “pie” but “a” pie would, in the US, be considered an entire 9″-in-diameter pie, and you’d only need “a” pie for a meal you were sharing with friends. As an individual you’d get pie, some pie, or a slice of pie. :D In the same way you would have wine, some wine, or a glass of wine with dinner, they all refer to essentially the same thing. 

Most sweet pies can be eaten hot or cold, but pies that have a custard base or a “cream” layer, such as chocolate mousse, pumpkin, lemon meringue, or key lime pie, are usually eaten cold because heat would mess up the cream. Generally if you order a slice of pie in a restaurant, the default is cold but they’ll ask if you want it heated up. Meat pies are almost invariably eaten hot. 

You don’t generally eat a sweet pie with substantial other food; you might put whipped cream on it or get it “a la mode” which includes a scoop of ice cream. I suppose you might get a meat pie for a meal with a side of something, but usually they’re considered pretty self-contained – they already have meat, veg, and carb. 

Cream cheese frosting is sweet; it’s basically just regular frosting made with cream cheese as the dairy base instead of the more standard butter used in buttercream frosting. It has a stronger flavor and a hint of tang to it, and is generally used for more “savory” sweet desserts like carrot cake or pumpkin pie, desserts that use spices like nutmeg and clove which pair well with the tang of the cream cheese. (Actually it’s fairly rare to put frosting on a pie, usually you’d use a whipped and possibly flavored cream, but I quite like cream cheese frosting on pie.) 

I hope this has helped extend your understanding of pie, Anon!