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If your still doing the 5 headcanons, au where the gaang is aged swaped (ie. Oldest is youngest and vice versa)

Twelve-year-old Zuko!  Twelve-year-old Sokka!  Sixteen-year-old Aang and Toph!  Fourteen-year-old Suki, and fifteen-year-old Katara, well I guess for the two of them that is not that big a change.

1. So the important thing is Katara is now the older sister.  This means she bosses twelve-year-old Sokka around something fierce, mostly because he is always doing the kinds of terrifyingly reckless stupid things that give Katara heart palpitations.  It also means that his casual sexism is even more grating on Katara, because she has had three whole more years to become more competent at things than he’s had, and it shows.  Also he still has some baby fat.

2. When Sokka meets Suki, he has one of those hopeless twelve-year-old crushes on her in all her gorgeous, amazing, graceful warrior glory.  She’s not quite as harsh as she is with the sixteen-year-old version, since he’s cuter, and also it would feel like bullying.  She still ties his foot to his hand though.

3. Okay the other important thing is that this means Ozai scarred and banished Zuko as a nine-year-old, because Zuko’s canon childhood wasn’t fucked up enough. Aside from this meaning that Azula is older than he is,it also means that when he finds the Avatar, Aang is sixteen and about a foot taller than little Zuko.  Zuko still manages to be utterly let down by the fact that his opponent is “only a child like [him].”

Aang of course is like, “Excuse you, I’m a teenager.”

4. At some point, Aang puts his hand on Zuko’s head while he punches at him furiously, and Aang takes to calling him the ankle biter.

5. Toph is sixteen, old enough to marry, and not above turning the floor into sharp things with earthbending when people annoy her or potential suitors show up.

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How would zuko end up joining the gaang in the age swap verse? If he does. Would 16 year old aang learn firebending from 12 year old zuko?

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Here’s the thing, Aang thinks twelve year old Zuko is adorable, and even though he makes their life very very difficult, it’s really hard to look at a kid Sokka’s age and not feel incredibly sorry for him.  So when the little ankle biter, as Aang calls them, shows up in “The Chase” to fight his sister, and his uncle gets injured, Aang and Katara just decide to kidnap him and sit on him.  He tries to tell Katara to go away, and leave him alone, but she’s fifteen and he’s twelve, and she does not listen to him.  When he joins his sister in Ba Sing Se, it’s after traveling with the Avatar for almost a month.

Part One: I'm Not Feeling Like Myself Today. (Swap Meat S05E12)

Episode Summary: A teenage nerd conjures and body switching spell and changes bodies with Sam. But it’s more than just a bad version of “Freaky Friday” for you and the boys when you find out the purpose behind all of it.  
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 5,981.

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Age swap au Toph? Other then the original we've berely seen her

This AU has gotten large and unwieldy enough that it now has its own tag: #Gaang age swap AU.

1. Toph has come a long way from the tiny twelve year old who first joined the underground competitive earthbending circle,or so Xin Fu tells her.  She has her own fanbase now, and draws her own crowds.  But she could make those crowds bigger, he tells her.  Toph cottons on pretty quick.  “By ‘Toph, you’ve come a long way,’ you mean I’ve grown boobs.  Not happening, dude.”  He tries to intimidate her, and she wipes the floor with him.  He gives in less than gracefully and pines for the lost revenue.

2. Sixteen year old Toph once she joins the gaang is a lot like twelve year old Toph, but now she’s the oldest, along with Aang, and she has AUTHORITY!  Or so she claims.  Katara is extremely fond of telling her that in the Southern Water Tribe, authority is derived from the agreement of the tribe as a whole.  Also, she adds cuttingly, it’s usually bestowed on people of great wisdom.  Yeah okay Sugarqueen.

3. Xin Fu has not learned his lesson by the way, he and Master Yu still team up to kidnap Toph on behalf of her parents.  This goes mostly the same way as it does in canon, except Toph finds herself sincerely afraid for the first time of the possibility of other risks, shall we say.  The reward is nice, but if they can force her to marry one of them, they could claim her entire inheritance.

4. Toph has already had her first few crushes, and does not go for twelve year olds (ewww!) so she does not get a crush on Sokka or Zuko.  They on the other hand have a serious one on her.  They trail around her like love-struck poodle-monkeys for a while.  Toph is kind of outraged whenever she gets stuck babysitting them.

5. Despite being a year older than Katara, Katara still tries to mother Toph.  This drives Toph CRAZY, understandably.