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lmfao I wonder if anyone is getting tired of me explaining that thailand isn’t a developed country and lacks a lot of developed privileges. 
Which directly affects the standard of animal welfare in a great big way. 


JANUARY: Crating your dog makes you white | if you buy a dog from a breeder you are actual trash* and spinoff meme Team Trash 2016 | referring to female dogs as bitches is demeaning to women (but misgendering people who do it is apparently okay)

*and white

FEBRUARY: Rumor drama from 2015 makes a thrilling comeback at Westminster | user is snubbed by borzoi breeder, sparks massive debate | if you get another dog you’re evil, neglectful, an animal abuser, etc.

MARCH: “He looks like he has hip dysplasia” | if you get attacked by a loose dog it’s your fault for not spaying yours | in an unexpected plot twist, the perennial “carpet mills are abusive” drama turns a sharp 90 degrees and becomes “your dog is debarked even though you say it isn’t :)” drama | the Cesar Millan pig incident | Crufts brings in a bountiful harvest of EVEN MORE GSD DRAMA | “supporting dog breeding is worse than supporting the holocaust” | the Concerned Dog Mothers Against Aversive Training debate makes a comeback | Cesar Millan makes a tumblr | Victoria fucking Stillwell | fucking ecollars | 

APRIL: Is YOUR wolfdog gonna kill a pomeranian by playing too hard? Dogblr discusses | lizard on dog drama | I don’t do anything to my dog that I wouldn’t do to a child drama | dogs are dying of horrible diseases and that makes you a terrible person for caring about drama drama | are rally and BH real titles? dogblr discusses in a reasonable and compassionate manner lmao sike it’s a bunch of fucking anon messages | nail shaming | the usual ear cropping drama, but more racist this time

MAY: Korean meat dog laws & Western privilege | remember that fucking time a bot or smth copy pasted that huge all caps animal rights rant on everyone’s posts well fucking be grateful I’m not copy pasting the entire thing into this spot because I was SO tempted | sighthounds are starving and abused unless obese and if you don’t agree then you’re forcing eating disorders on dogs 

JUNE: I spent late May and early June in a state of severe depression so deep not even the sweet siren call of internet arguments could rouse me, so its possible i missed some stuff here | Perhaps the last bastion of sanity in dogblr, athreegermansproduction, leaves after getting sick of the constant drama, possibly prompted by yet another argument over training methods. True to form, dogblr experiences the first three stages of grief immediately and simultaneously | the statement “a camera is different from a show lead” is met with controversy


AUGUST: “Google German Shepherds;” are-breeders-ruining-dogs drama returns | pit bull discourse 

SEPTEMBER: That person who reblogged any post with a prong collar/choke collar/chain martingale with the exact same copy pasted spiel about how they were abusive but people kept trying to argue with them regardless causing my soul to slowly depart my body | idk there was probably more but school started and i fell into a depression/anxiety hellspiral. i think somebody else dissed on rally or something at some point but i was too busy crying or whatever the fuck

OCTOBER: yeah i ran out of steam on this post but a bunch of “don’t use a prong collar on your dog” posts started circulating again causing, in a twist nobody who has ever interacted with a dog training enthusiast for 5 minutes of their life could have predicted, an upsurge in posts by both sides along the lines of either “all aversives are bad” or “not all aversives aren’t bad,” both introducing some truly Hot and Fresh new arguments, none of which had already been hashed out 6 million times on this hellsite. im so fucking tired. also montreal banned dogs or some shit idfk. | THE FUCKING DOMINANCE AND NEUTERING DRAMA why is 99% of dogblr drama just some uneducated rube outside dogblr saying some inflammatory adopt dont shop/snip your pets/positive reinforcement type shit, with absolutely no way of knowing that dozens of unbelievably articulate and loquacious strangers, all of whom have a deep-seated resentment for anyone who comments on the state of their dogs genitalia, are about to crawl six feet up their ass and that their life will know no peace until they officially rescind their opinion or delete their blog

NOVEMBER: wasnt really paying attention for this month if any of yall want to share any treasured memories™ of november drama feel free 

DECEMBER: i was gonna leave december blank too but there is drama going down AS WE SPEAK and if i don’t document it for future generations, who will? how will i look my reflection in the eyes after publishing the dogblr drama masterpost if i leave out the new years eve drama? who am i? those are questions im not ready to answer and so I give you the last dogblr drama of 2017. im not 100% on whats happening because i just woke up from a nap but so far it appears thus: a dogblr user gave a non-dogblr(?) user well-meaning but apparently unsolicited advice on working-breed puppies, and from there the situation rapidly devolved into a shitstorm of baiting, name-calling, personal attacks, blaming people for brexit(?), gatekeeping accusations, etc. how will it play out in the end? GUESS WE’LL FIND OUT IN 2017!!! happy new year, dogblr! stay golden

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Some people literally cannot afford to be vegan or can't because of health problem. It really is a privilege

There are always “some people” who can’t do something. There are people who can’t recycle their trash because there are no recycling bins near where they live. Why don’t you go bother the environmentalists and tell them how recycling is a privilege, so every time they encourage people to recycle, they should also spend 10 minutes explaining how some people aren’t able to. And campaigns against violence against women should always talk about how it’s okay to do it in self-defense. And hitting children is okay if the child is a trained assassin from Chechnya. Let me repeat myself for the hundredth time - meat is the food of the privileged. Meat is privilege. Feeding buckets and buckets of food to animals and then killing them for a piece of meat - that is not only privilege, it’s plain mockery. So stop using the extremely unprivileged people of the world as an excuse. 

My last appeal on Veganism

So like, every ten years we kill 1 trillion animals.


Mostly in first world nations. America being the top.

However, veganism is still somehow more a privilege or whatever. Even in third world nations, vegetables are consumed way more because meat is a privilege. If you compare how much people a bag of rice could feed at $3 to how much people any meat could at $3 dollars, you will find that you get more for your money with rice.They eat significantly fewer animals, and when they do it is more than likely out of necessity. In first world nations like America, people will legit eat meat with every meal of the day and convince you that you are the one who’s privileged. People will convince you that buying a bag of $1.49 beans is more privilege than spending 5 bucks on a pack of chicken.

Now don’t get me wrong, in some places in the States not all veggies are cheap. Not all are so easy to access. I don’t know where these places are but people tell me about them and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. However, people on here will try and convince you everyone is too sick and everyone is too poor and everyone lives in a food desert, and when you don’t buy that they will try and deflect by appropriating migrant workers (the literal only time they care about them.)

And really, the cheapest way to eat is to eat within season. The reason why X veggie may seem expensive is because that veggies harvesting season is over. 


It’s really why I don’t hardly blog about veganism anymore because there is literally nothing I could say, no amount of evidence, no amount of videos demonstrating animal abuse on factory farms, no amount of me discussing maimed slaughterhouse migrant workers, — nothing appeals to people. 

They will tell you that freeing animals from testing facilities and fur farms is terrorism because they bashed some computers. They put computers over freeing animals from anal electrocution and cruel tests. That’s the world we live in. Even though fur is unnecessary in most places (not to mention one fuck of a privilege in most places) and animal testing has proven time and time again to not be accurate, people will defend the first because of “choice” and the second under shoddy science.

Among all the fuck up shit in the world people try to fix, no one can fathom the thought of NOT shoving things in cows vaginas, can NOT fathom not stealing milk made for her baby, can NOT fathom male baby cows NOT living in tiny veal crates. People literally can not fathom the idea of NOT forcing pigs into gestation crates, or grinding/gassing male chicks alive, people can NOT fathom NOT destroying the oceans eco system.

I mean, no one literally cares that scientists predicted a crash of the oceans eco system (extinction) in like 35 years because of over fishing.

I mean, i would  be a bit more optimistic if people who funded these things at the very least were animal welfarist- but even thats too much to ask. Its too much to ask that if they are going to exploit them, at least write an email to the company requesting better treatment. They just can’t fathom a tiny bit of compassion toward non-human animals-

Unless of course, someone somewhere in the world is feeding their dog a vegan diet.

Then all of the sudden they become righteous and know whats best for animals. They care about dogs and cats, the very very few vegan ones out there. You get post reaching 50k notes about meat-eaters angry someone fed their dog vegan once.

And its cognitive dissonance because cows are being fed sawdust, corn, ruminants, hormones, beer- everything EXCEPT what cows are supposed to eat; grass.

But no, make a post on that and it gets 500 notes not from meat eaters because that doesn’t peak their interest, but from other vegans who know this. So I don’t blog about veganism anymore because it broke my heart.

It depresses me.

My heart literally is broken every single time I  make a post about veganism, because I am preaching to those who already get it, and the word doesn’t cycle to anyone else, and when it does, you get jokes, hypothetical situations that are unlikely, people appropriating other peoples illnesses and poverty, people appropriating migrant workers, people who try and tell you their choice to end trillions of lives should be respected.

And it ruined my heart. 

You would think that someones right to do something ends when it grossly infringes on the rights of others, but no, not in this world.

I mean, as soon I mention “vegan” people want to say “what about people? What about x, y, and z” and they assume because I care about animals I don’t care about anything else. 

If not that, they will bring up a passage from the Bible to justify animal abuse.

If not that, then I must be privileged. 

If not that, then I must be white.


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Meat isn't a privilege. Most people in India's religion prevents them from eating meat. Again. A privileged choice.

If you’re vegan by choice its a privilege if you eat a vegan diet because lack of money that’s called starvation and eating what you can get your hands on. Its not the same.

What are you talking about? I’m an Indian. I live in India and I know the situation here pretty well. You know who doesn’t eat meat in India because of religion? The Brahmins. The Brahmins are the upper-most caste and the most privileged of anyone in this country. And they don’t eat meat. They make up 5% of India’s population (bear in mind that India has a population of 1.5 billion). The other group that doesn’t eat meat because of religion are the Jains and they make up 0.4% of India’s population. That’s it. Everyone else can eat meat.
My city’s Chief Minister has set up small restaurants called ‘Amma Kitchens’ that provide good, healthy food at ridiculously cheap prices so everyone can afford them. Guess what? All of it is vegetarian. I would say all of it is vegan but the exception is one dish that contains milk. Because it’s the cheapest, healthiest food you can get.
I know what people eat in my own country so please don’t tell me.
You don’t even have to believe what I say though.  The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations sited the National Sample Survey which found that 42% of India was vegetarian.
Your second point doesn’t make sense because the original post said veganism is a privilege because it is expensive and I just proved that veganism isn’t expensive? If someone wanted to go vegan by choice it would be the least expensive decision they would have made. The people who eat only what they can afford are not plant-based by choice, true, I never said they were, but it still proves that a plant based diet isn’t one for rich, privileged people.

  • Tumblr: “Insulting or complimenting people based on their intelligence is naughty and problematic, and I’m here to rescue people with mental illnesses by calling you out for it #FightAbleism uwu”
  • Tumblr: [Sees video of a man having a shouting road-rage fit due to a combat-PTSD related disassociative episode]
  • Tumblr: Lmao stupid privileged meat head jock I’d kick his ass
  • ...
  • Tumblr: [Sees sensationalist coverage of Andreas Lubitz that portrays depressed people as dangerous loose cannons who can’t be trusted]
  • Tumblr: “UGH OF COURSE THEY’RE CODDLING HIM WITH THE DEPRESSION EXCUSE!! Look at this fucking privilege!!!”
  • ...
  • Tumblr: “Good thing I’m fighting ableism, where would people with mental illnesses be without my activism? uwu”

can’t believe people still wanna cling to the gross tired “available to men” rhetoric, like bi women are cuts of meat or something, cuts of meat who are somehow privileged by being cuts of meat

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White people suck. Everyone sucks. Boo hoo get over it. Humans are over evolved parasites that groom their egos while destroying every other eco system in the process. Bring on the plague and let's rock while we all burn off the face of this earth.

i would bet my life savings on you being a white male also this is the most pathetic world view ever and i’m sick to death of dudes i know using this weird existential nihilistic veneer to excuse away any problematic behaviour. 

“we’re all meat sacks just trying to get along” 

yeah okay well that would be fine except some meat sacks receive overwhelming privilege over other meat sacks based on skin colour not to mention a bunch of other stuff and there doesn’t seem to be any emphasis on getting along at all. 

“humans are parasites, we are terrible and we destroy everything and u need to get over it that’s just how it is”

sounds like a white dude who is sick of hearing people complain about racial injustice/gender inequality and has decided to sweep the whole thing under the rug by claiming some bullshit pessimistic radical enlightenment, instead of trying to accept any level of responsibility or affect change. it sounds like you use this excuse to get out of anything ranging from basic decency to doing the dishes.

I will NEVER judge people who eat meat if they can not afford the privilege not to. I know of people who went back to eating meat because their ED started back up, and some went back when it interfered with medications. I know there are a lot of people in food deserts or of people who are too oppressed to access proper foods. Like, there are rare health disorders and such. I am aware of people who can not go vegan for mental and physical health reasons. I support these people, I do not judge these people, these people will never be a target of my rants.

But able/privilege meat eaters, I will not afford the same. Stop tokenizing people who are not privileged like you just so you can excuse yourself of responsibility. That is all.

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I'd actually really like to see proof that veganism isn't expensive.

Do you know what the staples are in poorer countries? Veggies, beans, rice, wheat, potatoes and sometimes fish. If they do eat meat they’ve usually caught and prepared it themselves. The western diet is a privilege. Meat, dairy and eggs are expensive. Veggies, beans, wheat, rice and potatoes are not. Veganism is as expensive as you make it, some of the replacements are expensive, yes. But you don’t need them, and even so they’re not that far off from meat, like I’ve said before the veggie nuggets I get are the same price as tysons nuggets. It’s how you shop. Last time I was at the store I saw a sale for steaks..$5.85..really? I could buy pasta and sauce and eat that for two days and still save a buck or two. I hate the veganism is too expensive card, what I hear is i’m too lazy to actually cook for myself once in a while and would rather just go to McDonalds because it’s comfortable to me.


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thought you all might like the Gif I made for Team Right 

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>>That gif is lovely. It almost looks like the reporter is determined to keep her eyes up and not look. I’d look. Unreservedly.