meat party!


Who says pie has to be a lot of work?  I am having a lazy Saturday and using up some leftovers from the freezer to make a quick and easy pie lunch.  Frozen pastry and leftover filling from last week’s lasagne for the win!  The filling’s a little loose for a pie, but they taste great, and I didn’t have to chop anything.  WINNING.

They’re in party pie form partly to accommodate the sloppy filling and partly because this weekend is the inaugural weekend of the Australian Football League’s Women’s competition!  AFLW had their first season game last night, in front of a lockout crowd, and I’m still on a high over seeing women’s sports history being made.  Another go at the footy pie I made for the men’s Grand Final last year seemed appropriate.

This one’s got more veggies in it, though.  Extra vitamins for smashing the patriarchy :P

Cannibals raped woman in sauna before chopping her up and serving her to party guests

In 2014, two friends, Kirill Nemykin and Sergey Metlyayev, from Novokuznetsk in Siberia, Russia, reportedly invited thirty-one-year-old Nadezhda Avakumova to a sauna where they took turns raping her while she was black-out drunk. When she eventually regained consciousness and realized what was happening to her, she tried to fight off her attackers and threatened to go to the police with the matter. That’s when the two friends beat her to unconsciousness and kidnapped her. They then reportedly locked her in an underground storage cellar at the home of one of the men. 

The kitchen where the killers cooked the woman's meat and served it to the guests at the party

The young woman did not stay quiet for long and eventually, started banging and screaming for help. That’s when one of the men took a large knife and stabbed her in the throat, she died immediately. Next, they cut her up and cooked the meat where they then served the meat to party guests once they arrived. 

At one point, Metlyayev took her cut-off leg and started waving it around while laughing and offering it to guests. The guests apparently looked shocked but were too “drunk” to care… The party continued

Later on in the night, the two men packed the woman’s remains in plastic bags, dumped them in bins at the end of the street, and returned to the party. 

Both men - whose ages were not given in Russian reports - pleaded guilty to killing the woman and were sentenced to 12 years in prison

Philosophers by Personality Type

INFP - Kierkegaard

INFJ - Plato

ENFP - Derrida

ENFJ - Pythagoras (all hail the holy triangle!!!)

INTP - Kant

INTJ - Nietzsche

ENTP - Socrates

ENTJ - Aristotle

ISFP - Nero (I guess…?)

ISFJ - Marcus Aurelius

ESFP - Anton Szandor LaVey (the satanism guy/ubermacht)

ESFJ - Whitney Houston (her art resonates with the universe)

ISTP - Diogenes the Dog

ISTJ - Sigmund Freud (okay, actually Hobbes, but still!!!!)

ESTP - Epicurus

ESTJ - Amy Chua (Tiger Mom’s got the ESTJ philosophy down ;D)

God, philosophy is such a meat party!
I guess balls don’t automatically equal practicality…