meat on stick

Tbh, I have no patience for men who are horrified by periods and refuse to even go with their girl down the tampon aisle.

Like? Not only does your meat stick squirt out mucus-y baby filled toothpaste when you get too excited, but you expect girls to SWALLOW that shit. You have absolutely no room to be disgusted in anyone else’s genitals. Please take several seats.

The magic meat stick. No, not that kind of meat stick.

While being tasked by an ancient goddess to go to the Ancient Temple to destroy a cursed spellbook, we have to take an oath and bow before her. Which we won’t do. We’re no one’s bitch.

Druid : “But why do you need us to go ? Can’t we just give you the book and you do it ?”

Ancient Goddess : “No. I can’t. Go, or I’ll curse you and you’ll all die in two weeks !”

Archivist me : “Fine. Then we’re dead and the book’s still here. Or we can go to your arch-enemy sister which we’ve encountered earlier and give HER the book so she’ll save us and give us great stuff and you’re screwed.”

Ancient Goddess : “…”

Archivist me : “While if you bless us with your godly powers, we have better chances of getting the mission done. And we get better. It’s a win-win situation.”

Ancient Goddess : “OK. Do the mission and then I’ll bless you.”

Druid : “How moronic is that ?”

Archivist me : “Yeah, just give us stuff dude. You surely have some magic baubles to help us right ? And a few gold coins to pay for the journey ?”

Ancient Goddess : “… OK” *gives us ice weapons and magic bows and staffs of fascination and all*

Druid : “Can you also enchant my staff so it’ll shoot beer ? And sausages maybe ?”

                                                                            2 Days Later

DM : “You now arrive in the city port. But you don’t have any local currency, and the townspeople here don’t take gold coins.”

Druid and Archivist : “HEY WAIT A MINUTE”

And so, we managed to break the town’s economy by creating a new sausage-based economy.

A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 112

- When a meat head loses his shit you just got to wack him with a meat stick

- Saiko has enough hands to make an orgy happy

- You ain’t a true fan of anime unless you name your power ups after them

- Life lesson be a lil lazy so you don’t end up like Saiko’s drawings

- Saiko takes after he Maman

- How to save a man according to Saiko shove your boobs in their face


-V cards are terrified of the remnants of a member who lost his card

-Next time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: Saiko, Urie, and Shao go have a nap 

i think the best answer i thought as to why the list of craftable food is do boring and mainly steak and soup, is its easy. easy for the player character to craft when all you need is one or 2 ingredients, easier for the devs to not have to make recipes and new models for different foods.

even so they really skip out on something vitally important to world building. theres a ton of dishes you can make using the ingredients in fnv and fo4! but they arent there!! even with a 200 year difference, i dont think it would be so much as everyone just went back to eating meat on a stick again, itd be more like people find innovative ways to flavor meats considering a lot of it probably tastes horrible.

its trivial and its extra work that the average gamer wouldnt care about, but food is a really important tie into people’s lives so if you want to make a setting where people feel like they are living and thriving, they’d have more recipes past meat on a stick and meat in a broth.

Fun new words!

Choir: Trendy throat cult
Soccer: Toe ball run fun
Tennis: Netting the whites w/o fish
Orchestra: Rub dem string
Band: Too much brass to handle
Science: Do you even vape @erth
History: DED
Math: More like meth amirite
Football: fat man suit collide: voyage
Basketball: Swoooooosh
Theater: Lick a bum hole it for art
Lion: Orange loud fur
Marmite: Salt shit spread
Hippo: Fat water horse
Jokes: Giggle triggers
Halibut: Big ass swimmy swim
Justice: The Government Tries™
Baking: Lightly burned wheat substance
People: The cause of every problem
Legs: Supportive meat sticks
Bacon: Hot butt strips
Koi fish:Angry aesthetic swimmy swim
Oprah winefry: Loud bread enthusiast
Beyoncé knowles: Creative child namer
Chris Pratt: Funniest fried rodent ever™
Aubrey plaza: Pretends to be angsty
Jimmy Fallon: Small funny man
Ellen degeneres: Gay humorer
Jennifer Lopez: Not Jennifer Lawrence
Tyra banks: Tear a bat into pieces
Fork: 3 large ones all attached
Lamp: Hot and nice on a stick
Printer: Cumin out but I wanted it
Bread: Yeast on a journey
Corn: Smol yellow nuggets
Tree: Peekin out from dat erth
Florida: Gators in my ass
Billboard: Paper but not smol
Cup: Bebe bowl
Soup: Hot thick juice in a fat cup!!
Gucci: Gastroenteritis
Kate spade: Catty Spice
Louis vitton: Loose Vitamin
Ferrari: Ferris Oil
Anne kleini: Ankle Lime
Marc Jacobs: Microphone Jacket