meat meet

okay my last rant is stop fucking telling bts to unbutton their shirts. stop it. stop objectifying them. they are not a piece of meat, they are not your objects. stop sexualising them. jimin said during the bst era “i guess our fans dont like me as me. i guess i have to show some skin.” like do you see what you’re doing? it fucking hurts them you know? they are humans. they have feelings. they are not your property. i dont think enough people realise this.

Indie Game Devs: This hot new pixel-graphics platformer is SO BLISTERINGLY HARD that your EYES will SHIT and your FINGERS will DIE. Absolute precision is required in our game HELL OF SPIKE FUCK. I Wanna Be The Guy meets Super Meat Boy with FLOATY, IMPRECISE CONTROLS, SPIKES ON EVERY SURFACE EXCEPT FOR THE SINGLE PIXEL YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO LAND ON, and only ONE LIFE to get you through the FIVE THOUSAND LEVELS. Do you think you can make it through all 5000 floors? FUCK YOU. If you die in the game, YOUR CONSOLE LOCKS UP AND SPIKES EXPLODE FROM THE CONTROLLER, KILLING YOU INSTANTLY. Perfect for fans of classics like Megaman and Castlewolfenstein! 

Me, A Humble Gamer:


Given the sorts of horrors that the Winchesters encounter on a daily basis, I was a bit surprised that the not-very-gory meat factory in 12x18 was enough to put Sam off his food. But then I remembered this scene from Season 7 - a hallucinatory glimpse at Sam’s time in the Cage - and, yeah. Okay.

a messy HP cause i’ve been thinking about this lass constantly for the past week

These are wild clown den warning balloons.

They were installed all over the US in the late 90s after the popular movie IT lead to an increase in violence against clowns. Clowns were declared a protected species until late 2017 when the EPA determined that clown populations had risen significantly and were threatening to overtake protected habitats. However, there is speculation that this was driven by lobbying of the clown meat industry to help meet the increasing market demands after a resurgence in popularity of the unusual delicacy.

Under the Trump administration, EPA director Scott Pruitt revoked the Clown Protection And Preservation Act instituted by Obama in late 2012. There is currently an investigation into whether he accepted bribes from a clown slaughterhouse in his home state of Oklahoma.

Under the current administration, funding of research and tracking wild clown dens has been significantly cut and many municipalities have expressed concern for clown and human safety. It is still common advisement to avoid these marked clown dens due to the expected increase in clown hunting.

Environmentalists have petitioned the EPA for the last decade to outlaw clown meat under animal rights violations, but the clown meat industry has continually won out in court, and currently boasts an estimated market cap of over $5 billion USD in domestic consumption alone. The illegal clown export trade is also rumored to be around $1 billion USD in exchanged goods.

Sandwich hacks

We eat a lot of standard lunchmeat sandwiches around my house, and since it’s depressingly easy to get sick of them, I’ve found some tricks to making them more exciting.

-Heat the meat! It’s a good way to get something warm in your belly when you don’t have the spoons to do a proper grilled cheese. 30 seconds on each side in a hot skillet should suffice, enough to brown it a little. Put the cheese on top the second meat meets bread for bonus melty goodness.
-Get creative with the grain! You can trick yourself into thinking you’re not eating the exact same sandwich you had yesterday, and it helps when you’re out of bread. Leftover buns make a ham sandwich feel downright gourmet, especially with the above tip. And with tortillas, you can go quesadilla style or just do a roll-up.
-Invest in condiments! I know, it can be hard to justify spending money on non-essentials. But trust me, a nickel sized dollop of extra flavor can do wonders when you’ve had the same lunch for a week straight. And most condiments have a shelf life of several months, so please, spend the $2 on a store brand honey mustard or hot sauce and love yourself.