meat meet


They were the cutest little curious playful lambs. The were sucking my thumb, they all wanted to get pet. When I would scratch their chin they would all enjoy it and close their eyes and be cute and all. You know, they’re baby lambs.
I was petting them for over an hour to find out later they were probably going to be slaughtered for their lamb meat. It was so heartbreaking… I honestly felt so helpless… 😔I am already vegetarian. But I feel like if people were to meet their food, things would be different… I don’t believe people can be that indifferent… It didn’t feel good to leave them behind, but there was nothing I could do at that moment. I cried in the car back home.

(My mom took the picture, her horse is at the same farm)

I just really felt the need to share this because it made such an impact on me.

Alright! So I made a Meet the Artist thing when I have tons of other stuff to do! Anyway, it was hard deciding what to put in those boxes, but I guess that sums me up pretty great.

Fun Fact: I basically began to draw in 2014, when I got into art school. I still have a lot to improve and it irks me so much when I can’t draw something

Hey Mama @hajime-isayama-official do you like my OC?

She’s a member of the garrison and responsible for pretty much anything illegal getting past security.

The 104th training corps got wasted on some illegal whiskey? 100% Josie got it for them. The Survey Corps wasn’t permitted leave to explore outside the wall, wait how’d they get out? Probably Josie.

No ones quite sure how she gets her hands on everything, but considering her and Levi have a mutual respect for each other you can assume she has a less then respectable past.

Her and Sasha are great mates, due to their frequent meetings. Although meat is not the typical substance Josie smuggles in.

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At 80–

There is a sink,
a meet of meat,
flesh rubs on flesh
that it is never supposed
to touch.

At 70–

I suck my fingers
for the salt,
and I’d lick you
for the vanilla in
your perfume.

At 60–

The table is bread
and grapes fall
like the tears
that bounce over
cream-filled eyes.

At 50–

Shake shake shake
senora shake like
a polaroid the shakes
are not milk and I weep salt
I need. I need.

At 40–

You die. (I did not die.)
Oh, but I kissed
the lips of Jesus Christ
in the first slice of apple
after 40.

It tasted of salt.

– S. E. De Haven (SnuffyArt)

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sentimentalyellow  asked:

pls what's salami I just watched TLOK and followed a billion fanblogs and I see salami? What!!$/& help a poor gay ill give you a dog

DEAL I don’t know how far u are into korra yet, but if you meat salami I mean meet Asami motherfuckin Sato !!, u can notice that her name isn’t the most common/sounds like a lot of shit, resulting in names like Salami/Wasabi/Beautifulelegantrichgirl ya know!

“What are you looking at, human?”

💎 Caesium 💎