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i remember being 11 and watching one of onision's videos on vegetarianism and it made me so guilty about eating meat that i cried and never ate it again. even though it's been 6 years since i watched that video, i still can't eat meat because he made it seem like all meat eaters are evil and i was sure that if i ate it again then someone would just know (paranoia) and think im awful and hurt me. i have a vitamin deficiency. i shouldn't be vegetarian. but i cant smell meat without feeling sick.

Ughhh. I’m so sorry. It’s really messed up that he permanently affected the way that you regard food with his “positive”, “healthy” videos. 

If I may give you some advice, I was a vegetarian for almost a decade, from the age of 14 to about 23 (I’m 26 now). I used to have the same reaction to meat as you do: even just the smell of somebody else cooking it in another part of the house would make me feel nauseous. Eventually I had to start eating it again because, like you, I was severely vitamin deficient - my blood iron level was only 11. To put that into perspective, a healthy ferretin level for an adult woman is between 70 and 90. I was exhausted, sick, pale, and worn out all the time. And although I started eating meat again, even to this day, almost three years later, I still struggle with feeling sick when I smell meat cooking. 

However! There are some ways to get around that, I’ve noticed. 

1. Try having your mom or dad (or whoever cooks in the house) buy organic meat from a butcher for dinner one day, and see if it smells the same. I noticed once while at my mom’s house that organic meat smells very different than regular grocery store meat does - in fact, it hardly has a smell at all. I’m not sure if this was a one-off or not, so I just thought I’d recommend it to see if you could tolerate the smell of that. 

2. If you choose to start eating meat again, then start with fish. The smell of cooking fish doesn’t make me sick at all, and it doesn’t taste like meat either. 

3. When/if you want to start eating beef, chicken, or pork again, start small. Don’t try to consume a steak in one sitting. Start with a few pieces of meat on your plate once or twice a week, and then keep increasing from there until you’re happy with the amount you’re eating. 

4. If you want to remain vegetarian, then take multivitamins, or at least iron supplements (ferrous glucanate is the best one). Try to include other sources of protein and iron in your diet too, like tofu, tempeh, peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs. (Try to avoid tofu, tempeh, and other soy products if you have PCOS or other hormonal problems, such as hypothyroidism.)

Hope this helps. I’m one of those people who cannot ever be vegan or vegetarian again for health reasons (I’m not allowed to eat dairy, soy, gluten, sugar, or nuts; there are also many vegetables and fruits I’m not allowed to eat), so according to Greg’s one-size-fits-all vegan diet recommendation, I’d basically only be able to eat brown rice, berries, and about four different types of vegetables. =/

One day, I just decided not to. I think that all life is sacred. I am just trying to keep preaching by not eating meat and things. I think my body is more pure, more clean, and more open to spiritual ideas. You know, the more red meat and blood we eat, the more bloodthirsty we get, the more violent we get. The more vegetarian food that we eat, the more peace is taken into us.
—  Ziggy Marley
Peridot-Zim similarities

>Both very smol

>Both yell a lot and are constantly angry

>Both scream ridiculous lines. Peridot: “FEEL MY UNBRIDLED  RAGE “, Zim:”LAUGH AND FROLICK IN YOUR MEATS OF EVIL”

>Both confuse mundane objects as powerful tools

>Both locked themselves  in a bathroom (in the IZ oni press comics,this happened)

>Both members of an alien race that wants to conquer the whole universe

>Both neglected by their superiors

>Both green

>Both kidnapped a child

>Both have undying loyalty to their superiors.

>Both constantly complain about how much earth sucks

>Both have alien technology that they dont know how to use

Peridot was Rebecca Sugar´s invader zim OC confirmed

its not going to improve me to expose this level of raw unchecked feeling on tumblr its like walking into a lion’s den covered in meat. theres evil all around and all i can do is give hugs to people i love lots and promise to at least maintain that in the face of it, that i love and will always do little things to show it. the entropy of it is hard to get past bc in the end that will accomplish nothing but trying to achieve a good attitude and express love over anything else will make a difference it is the least she deserves
so no more talking abt that sorry im gona play dog game until im too exhausted to have panic attacks and then sleep

Since going vegan I have met and spoken to so many cool people and have become part of a wonderfully kind online community that is always so helpful and positive! However, I do not believe that being vegan automatically makes you a good person. For every 10 comments full of compassion and love there is always 1 asshole who gives veganism a bad name. I do not agree with the following beliefs I’ve seen vegans express before:

  • That EVERYONE can and MUST go vegan: I’ve been surprised by how cheap and easy veganism has been for me, but not everyone is in the same position as I am and you can’t make assumptions about people by insisting it’s fully possible for them to go vegan. There are a number of reasons why some people don’t have that choice available, whether it be health, family or monetary reasons (veganism is cheap overall but not AS cheap as some processed meats) I’ve spoken to so many people who have found veganism so much cheaper and easier than they anticipated but it’s still not an option for everyone. 
  • That buying meat-based products for pets is not true veganism: Dogs are natural omnivores and cats are strict carnivores - this means that unlike humans they NEED meat to get all the nutrients needed to live a happy and healthy life. If you are a vegan that refuses to buy meat-based pet food for cats and dogs then you shouldn’t have pets in the first place. 
  • That fat-shaming non-vegans is acceptable: Eating too much meat and dairy is scientifically proven to be detrimental to health but that is not an excuse to launch a personal attack and bully someone just because they don’t agree with your lifestyle. (Also it’s possible to be overweight on a vegan diet so it’s kind of a moot point) Some extreme vegans think this kind of behaviour is okay and argue that it “serves them right” for eating animal products but in my eyes, and in the eyes of anyone with an ounce of compassion, it’s unacceptable. Just proves that even if you have a cruelty-free diet you can still be cruel. 
  • That fat-shaming fellow vegans is acceptable: Some people view veganism as a diet rather than a lifestyle and therefore expect all vegans to be shining examples of health and fitness. The philosophy of veganism makes it clear that the movement is about minimising cruelty to animals, not losing 10lbs and having glowing skill (although these are nice extras for some people) I’ve seen for myself how some vegans shame other vegans for raving about oreos and doritos - this isn’t weightwatchers for christ’s sake- vegan or not you are in no place to police other people’s biscuit intake!
  • That you can’t be feminist unless you’re a vegan: Female cows are forcefully impregnated by artificial insemination on what the industry fondly calls the “rape rack” so that they give birth and produce milk for humans to take. This is awful, of course, but you can still be a feminist if you drink milk. Feminism is a movement for the equal rights of humans regardless of gender, veganism is a movement that fights for animal rights - the fact that some vegans claim that being non-vegan means you can’t be a feminist seems illogical to me - they are entirely separate issues. Trying to exclude people from this separate movement is not only extreme but classist and disregards the reasons I mentioned earlier about why someone might not be able to go vegan.  
  • That demonizing all meat-eaters is acceptable: I disagree with the vegans that go around calling all meat-eaters monsters, evil, inherently selfish, etc. Spreading information and encouraging people to open their minds and find out about where their food comes from is fine, but I see so many name-calling, overly pushy, verbally aggressive vegans that sadly come to represent the movement in the eyes of many. Attacking an individual personally for eating meat is only going to make them feel upset and defensive, it comes across as childish and bullying and is generally unproductive and seen as extreme. It’s natural to feel passionate and angry about how animals are treated but taking it out on individuals in an aggressive manner rather than trying to educate them is so unproductive. To call a meat-eater evil is wrong. It is the industry that is evil, the huge factories, the massive meat corporations. Most meat-eaters aren’t even fully aware of where their burgers and sausages come from and automatically see meat is purely food, not an animal, so it is wrong to call them monsters. 

I just wish everyone in this movement was all about peace and positivity and spent as much time trying to spread information as they do calling people EVIL FLESH EATING MONSTERS. Extremists ruin absolutely any movement for everyone, and it’s sad when they come to represent those movements