meat is evil

hii!! this is just a friendly reminder to not shame people for eating meat and other animal products, even if you think it’s the most deplorable thing in the world.

there are tons of people with dietary issues, sensory issues, and even finiancial issues that can all contribute to a need for meat. veganism is not possible for everyone, even if you think it’s the absolute best option.

please stop throwing poor and disabled people under the bus just so you can say that meat-eaters are evil.

sincerely, an autistic person with arfid,

One day, I just decided not to. I think that all life is sacred. I am just trying to keep preaching by not eating meat and things. I think my body is more pure, more clean, and more open to spiritual ideas. You know, the more red meat and blood we eat, the more bloodthirsty we get, the more violent we get. The more vegetarian food that we eat, the more peace is taken into us.
—  Ziggy Marley
Peridot-Zim similarities

>Both very smol

>Both yell a lot and are constantly angry

>Both scream ridiculous lines. Peridot: “FEEL MY UNBRIDLED  RAGE “, Zim:”LAUGH AND FROLICK IN YOUR MEATS OF EVIL”

>Both confuse mundane objects as powerful tools

>Both locked themselves  in a bathroom (in the IZ oni press comics,this happened)

>Both members of an alien race that wants to conquer the whole universe

>Both neglected by their superiors

>Both green

>Both kidnapped a child

>Both have undying loyalty to their superiors.

>Both constantly complain about how much earth sucks

>Both have alien technology that they dont know how to use

Peridot was Rebecca Sugar´s invader zim OC confirmed

"Owl Bear." Meat

Playing an evil campaign. 1 Drow/Orc Dark Paladin, 1 Mutant Witcher (homebrew class), 1 Duergar Cleric, 1 Goblin Alchemist, 1 Tiefling Wizard.

DMs NPC Character a mysterious stranger has tasked us with the raiding of a caravan convoy. Of three wagons. An object on one of the Carts that he covets. About 45 men guarding it, And after the Issuing ambush and conflict we have two wagons left. And 5 horses. The object also in hand.

Me: (ooc) “so about the survival and nature skills.”

DM: “yes? What about it?”

Me: (ooc) “do either cover the skinning of animals to gather meat as food?”

DM: *after looking through the book.* yes survival definitely should.

Me: (back in character) Drak, Zod. (Orc and Duergar.) help me with their clothes. “Draws knife* I have a plan.

DM: “wait what?!”

Me:(ooc) “I am skinning the men that are not completely destroyed and taking their meat. And two of the horses. We can carry all the meat in the carts”

(Group in shock.)

DM: “Wh- fine. Roll survival.”

Me: rolls 18+7*

DM: *laughs* you have 2 tons of meat.

Me:(IC) “we return to the town. And we shall meet with the butcher. And strike a deal. Food is life gentlemen. And I intend to capitalize on that pack yourselves some horse meat. We sell the rest.”

(Group laughs and cheers.)

We get to the butcher.

Butcher: “How may I help you. *looking at out bunch he becomes a little nervous.* gentlemen? I’m afraid food is in short supply in our Town due to the famine. But the Inn may have some bread rations left if you’re looking for food and rest.”

Me:“Butcher. we have travelled far and have been successful in out hunt of a maddened pack of owlbears. They’ve been terrorizing the trading paths for months. We were victorious in out hunt. The monsters fell two of our horses. But we have ample supply of meat! And are willing to share for a payment”

DM: roll bluff.

Me: rolls 18+5*

DM: rolls 3* “damn.”

Group cheers*

The butcher jumped at the opportunity calling us heroes. cheering.
called his sons to unload the carts. Even sold some to the town larder. The mayor even thanked us hat in hand for feeding his starving people.
And as we left. our bags filled with 550gp a piece. The butcher had put up a sign. That said: -now serving exotic owlbear meat Thanks to our heroes-

Carnists love to stir the pot and antagonize people who love all animals and refuse to dine on their bodies. And it is murder. And unimaginable cruelty and torture. These people pretend to give a shit by claiming they love animals, rescue cats, volunteer at shelters and humane societies. Oh, and they’re always concerned about the environment. It’s a load of bullshit.

It’s really quite simple: Watch. Learn. Remove yourself from the vicious, relentless cycle known as animal agriculture. It is rapidly destroying everything we hold dear. Every fucking thing. Don’t be fooled by all the lies and the myths, and euphemistic terms like “humane farming,” “humane slaughter,” “cage free,” “free range.” They’re nothing more than oxymoronic terms that people who claim to love animals but also eat them can embrace in an effort to assuage their feelings of guilt. It’s nothing more than smoke and mirrors propagated by the evil meat/dairy/egg industries, the nihilistic propaganda of the proponents of animal agriculture.