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power trip (m) | pkjm

fratboy!jimin smut
a sleazy fratboy thinks he could get any girl he wants, until he meets you
word count: 1851
genre: smut SMUT!! SMUT!! S MU T
warning: sleazy jimin, dom!jimin, sub!jimin??, explicit language, oral 

[a/n]: this is a continuation from dangerous waters !!! im honestly genuinely surprised at the amount of love dangerous waters got bc it was my first smut and i was scared it was going to be BAD but here’s a part two !!

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Maybe he lost interest in you. Maybe he’d forgotten about the blue balls you gave him nights before. You sat in the library, doodling on the corner of your notebook. Your mind had been filled with thoughts of Jimin. Bad thoughts. Thoughts that you kept to yourself because they were just that foul to tell another soul. 

Thinking about Jimin’s tongue made you squirm in your seat during lectures. It made you go insane, knowing that there was no way you’d cross paths. Jimin was in a completely different section of campus and your paths never intersected. 

So you weren’t surprised at his idleness. He didn’t care that much about seeing you again. Guys like him can get laid any night they wanted, with whomever they wanted. It was hard to hide your disappointment though. You had so much hope in him.

You peered up at the sound of gasps echoing throughout the silent library. It was late at night, but there was always a handful of girls from your dorm that occupied the library. 

Jimin came speed walking towards you, rather upset. Perking up, you tried to fix the falling strands from your messy ponytail. You looked like a complete mess. It was a study night for you and that usually meant a random t-shirt and sweats. Your hair was thrown into a loose, wild ponytail to get it out of your eyes.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been looking for you.” Jimin panted heavily as he slammed his hands onto your table. 

Your eyes widen at his statement, and you blinked at him confused. “What?”

“I spent the past two weeks trying to figure out where you went, or where you were. If you hadn’t notice, you never exactly left me a number.” A light pink grazed upon your soft cheeks as you realized how you foolishly over analyzed the situation. Jimin had been looking for you.

“I was beginning to think you didn’t—” 

“—well erase every negative thought about me not wanting you, because you’ve been all I’ve wanted recently.”  You gulped at his suggestive comment and watched as his eyes darted from your lips to refocus on your eyes.

Getting up, you gathered your things. You whispered, “help me pack my things, so we can move into one of the study rooms.” 

Jimin caught on and quickly helped you with your books. Everyone left in the library watched as Jimin The Sleaze pulled you towards the empty study rooms. He closed the door as softly as possible to avoid any suspicion from the librarian. 

“Someone’s in a hurry. Why don’t you stay a bit, Jimin?” You said seductively, no longer needing to whisper due to the sound proof walls. 

“Give me a reason to stay.” Jimin pulled out a chair and sat leisurely in it, legs spread wide open. He was wearing gray sweat pants and a long white shirt. His tasseled black hair peaked, exposing his forehead. He had silver rings that wrapped around his index and ring fingers. A sweet, sterling sliver bracelet dangling around his wrist. 

“I’ll give you more than a reason.” You whispered as you approached him, exaggerating your hips a bit. Bending down, you grazed softly against his lips.

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WE, vegans, know more about meat than most meat eaters do. A bit weird, huh? It’s not a competition though, because we are just trying to promote awareness about the meat industry. Funnily enough, you get some meat eaters that come out with the most ridiculous theories on what we eat…

All Of You~Park Jimin

Part one of BTS Plus Size series 

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That the only solution to any problem, but also the beginning of every single problem.

It isn’t that you are greatly obese,  or even obese. You’re thick, having large thighs, big tummy,  and streach marks. It made you, you. Sure people tell you to lose the extra weight, but that wasn’t you. You are happy, happy with your body, the way it jiggles and shakes when you dance at the club. You catch eyes of everyone in there most the time. Your confidence is what lures them in. Sure your scared, scared of being called names, but when it happened you had a herd of guys fighting over it. It made you feel great. You loved yourself, and most agreed when you called yourself beautiful.

But then he came into your life.

It wasn’t the fact he made you feel bad, but the looks people give you when you walk down the street.

He loves you, with every fiber in his being, and you felt yourself catch on fire when he touched you. Park Jimin, is the only man who stayed longer the a night. In reality he was only supposed to be a one night, forget the next day. But he couldn’t stop coming to club you partied at with your friends. His black eyes always catching you. Shorts, and a tight top. Hook up after hook up, you stopped trying with other guys. Your main goal was to get him out of his seat to watch you, to run his hands up and down your sides.

Soon the hook ups stopped being a random weekend nights to a late night phone calls and three simple words.

I miss you.

It made your heart melt. Leading to you laughing as you stumble into his bedroom. Sober, and happy. He didn’t just want a quick fuck, he wanted more that night.

Leading to you now slowly moving things in. Small things. Waking up to his arms wrapped around you, or his lips on yours as he begged you to wake up, wanting breakfast. It lead to the meeting of his friends, all slowly falling in love with your jokes and personality. Leading to Jimins jealous side come out for the first time. It was cute, fun and definitely worth it.

When the L word came rolling out his mouth one night proved how scared you really are. It wasn’t that you didn’t feel the same, because god did you. You just weren’t sure if it would last so you walked out to catch fresh air. You saw the look on his face as you walked out, defeated. He looked broken.

You didn’t plan on it, as you pace outside of the dorm building you and him were living in. As you did you felt a hand on your shoulder making you jump and turn to face one of his best friends,Yoongi.  He was older then you both, but held so many child like qualities. He was the first of Jimin’s friends you met, and he came around to your place to play video games or to watch you cook dinner. He became a good friend of yours.

“Why did Jimin call me panicking about you walking out after he told you he loved you?” His words weren't  harsh, he knew how scared you were to be hurt.You had expressed it to him one night after you and Jimin’s first offical fights. You were being insecure at a club you both went to when you saw a bunch of ‘skinny’ girls around him. “Y/N?” Yoongi’s voice cuts through as you felt your eyes burn.

“I-I don’t want to get hurt.” Was all you were able to say as you slid agains the buildings wall. “I’m being selfish I know that Yoongi, don’t need to give me that look.” You had you legs up as you wrap your arms around them, “I just…I just don’t get it. How does he love me? I can bearly bring my knees to my chest because of my belly, his shrit look normal on me, they don’t flow around my thighs like other girls would, the fit perfectly or sometime to tight. I’m so freaking big compared to hi-” you were cut off with Yoongi cover your mouth with a raised eyebrow, his brown eyes watch as he let go of your face and sat down in front off you.

“What happened to that confident girl we met months ago?”

“She fell in love with a boy, who is to good for her…a boy who is absolutely perfect.”

“Does Jimin think he’s perfect?”

“Well no, but he is in my eyes-”

“In your eyes? In his eyes you are perfect Y/N. Every flaw you have makes him love you more and more. So stop being selfish and scared and go and tell him you love him, and express your scared feelings.” He stood up and held a hand out for you to take, as he pulls you up he walked with you to the elvator and smiled. “Plus, you do know why he gets jealous right?” Rising and eyebrow at the boy he let out a laugh as he pushes you into the elvator. “You have a very big ass. Namjoom said he couldn’t get his eyes off it for the first week he knew you.” He said as the doors close making you let out a loud groan as you slolwy go up the floors.

As you reach your floor you step out to see your dorm open and small shuffling nosies coming out of there. As you walk in, you see Jimin had stared to clean, and mumble to himself. A habbit he picked up months ago when he had throw and glass dish at a wall when his anger had gotten the best of  him.

Letting out a breath you clear your throat and shut the door locking it when you felt yourself being pushed up against the door. His sent made your knees go weak as you turn around to face him,  he was looking at you with a small glare as he slams his hand against the door. “You don’t walk out like that again. Ever.” His voice was strained as he pushed his hips against yours. His eyes not looking at you as he let out a soft groan.

“I love you.” Your words were quiet, soft and light. It wasn’t like he hadn’t said them you not even two hours ago. He froze at the words and looked up at you. His lips were parted as he moved closer to you, if it was possible.

“Say it again.” His voice wasn’t soft, or gental. It sounded  possessive, demonic even. His hand roam you body as he pushes you harder into the door making you groan as his lips meat the exposed skin of your neck.

“I love you.“  Once the three words passed you lip again he bit into your skin making a choked moan leave you lips as you hips moved up to met his. The feeling of his grown bulge through his lose sweat pants made your core heat up.

A fire builds as his hands rush under your shtit letting it lift above your skin, onto the floor his lips trail down your neck, leaving shades of red and blue, as he reaches you bra he reaches behind you to unclip it, as if fall of you shoulders he lets out a growl at the sight of you. His heart was thumping against his chest as his eyes roam down you body, the red to white lines that crawled over you hips and the front of you stomach made his mouth water. The way you belly slightly over filled your tight pants. As his eyes met you breast he couldn’t help but latch his mouth into to the thin skin on top of one. The felsh became raw quickly as your hand ran through his hair making him groan as you tug at the dark locks of his hair. As he pulls away you slowly push him to the couch that was a couple step from the door. He flips it around making you fall on to the brown leather as he stand between you legs he let out a groan.

“I love you.” You whisper making him pull his shrit off as he goes back to trailing his lips back down your body. His hands pulling at the strings of your tight sweat pants. As he tugs them down with your underwear leaving you bare.  “Jimin…no.” you whimper when you feel his finger run up you dripping slit. His head snaps up as he let out a small wine as you tug him. Sitting up you were at the perfect hight to his lower belly. Falling onto your knees you trail rough kisses down his skin, leaving the blue marks that make him feel proud. As you untie his jogggers your met his his hard-on.

His dick was up in the air almost hitting his stomach his tip was a painful pink color, with pre-cum dripping from it. As you touch it with the tip of your fingers he legs shake, as he grips your hand around him. As you move, he let out a low moan, looking up at him his eyes were shut, head thrown to the side as his mouth slacks open. His hand was around your wrist controling the speed you were going at.

You tongue ran along his tip making him let out a scraggly cry, his hand wrapping into your hair as you let him slip into you mouth. The salty flavor of of pre-cum made you slightly gag as it hit the back of your throat. His hips jerk as he holds you head in place, you hands were now placed on his hips as you hollow out your cheeks. The small sucking motion made him let out a slur of curse words and your name. Moving up and down his hands still in you hair he let out groans that sounded broken up with you name and ‘I love you’s’, he finally pulls you off of him when he stared to twitch in your mouth. You had a string of silva falling out of your mouth as he stood you up, his hand on your shoulder as he leans his fourehead against yours.

“I love you. All of you.” He runs his thumb over your lip cleaning you up a bit as he looks to the couch then back to you. Reading his thoughts by the way his eyes look to you. Letting your body slolwy lay down on the couch, he climbs ontop of you as he moves his body between your legs, his hands running his tip up and down you dripping core.

“Jimin.” You wine making his eyes reach up as he smrik and pushed into you. It wasn’t as rough as he always was, it was gental, full of passion. His arms fall next your head as his mouth hangs open for a moment he waits for both him and you adjust to the feeling. One of his hand reach down to grip your love handles making you look away, hoping his eyes didn’t catch you look away. You always look away, but this time he did.

“Y/N.” He mumbled pulling back the moving back with int you. “Look at me.” His words made you look ip into his eyes as he free hand move to cups you cheeks. “All of you. I love all of you.” He the starts to move faster making you moan as your arms roam up and down his back. Mangled bodies filled to the brim of body heat, and passion. His lips leaving more and more mark over you skin, your lips doing the same. The pruple and blue marks calming the other persons body in away.

As he stared to go deeper you couldn’t help but scream out his name making a smile fall on his lips as your legs wrap around his waist. Soon your walls were tightening around him,making him let out a low but loud groan of you name. One last deep thrust and you were gone, you felt your vocal cords going blank, eyes rolling back of your head. He lets our a groan as he lets go at the sight of you. His body falling on top as he grinds into you. His seed filling you up as he let out a loud cry of your name.

A few mintes pass and he was still inside of you, his breath had claimed down as yours had. Your hand were running through his hair as he let out a humm of satisfaction. “I really do love you Jimin. It just scares me.” Your words made him pull back from you aa he finally slips out of you. The empty feeling making you wince as you close yout eyes, he rolls you onto your side as you feel him pull a shirt that was clearly his at the smell that surround you, over your shoulders. He climbs in next to you and runs his hands down you neck.

“I know Y/N…just..I wish you would walked to the room not out of the building. I didn’t chases after you because that last time I did thay I almost lost you. I..I just wish you would understand I love every piece of you. I love all of you.” You smile as he kisses your lips again.

“Now what is this that Suga told me about Namjoon looking at my ass?” A smile on your face as the question falls from you lips after a momments of silence.

“I’m going to kill Suga.”

*takes a long breath*

hhhhhhhhhhhere we go…

Thank you for not spoilering me, but there are just a few things wrong with that line of thought. Let me point them out.

(I’m not even going to get into the whole fallacy of the ‘well it needs to be like that because of their Quirks’ like Horikoshi couldn’t have tweaked the design so that wasn’t an issue. He’s the creator. This is a thing he could have done.)

One, the Dominatrix doesn’t have much of her skin exposed. From what I can tell, she’s wearing a body suit (that like in much shonen anime, fucking molds perfectly to her boobs because , and the only skin exposed is on her face. So, if she needs to have her skin exposed to use her Quirk for whatever reason (I’m assuming it’s something along the lines of Momo, maybe?), she’d have to tear at the jumpsuit. Which, well. That’s certainly necessary, and not just because Horikoshi wants to see a hot woman in torn clothing.

(Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure it is.)

And beyond even that, the woman is teaching in a highschool. And she’s dressed like a dominatrix. That was my main point on the previous post. I have fucking seen women like her in goddamn fetish clubs (and I mean, more power to them, but they had the fucking courtesy not to wear their costumes into the classroom. Around minors.) and that shit is not appropriate for a school environment!

I’m not the type to police what women should and shouldn’t wear (for fear of ‘titillating teh boys’, or whatever nonsense), but there is a huge difference between girls wearing off-the-shoulder shirts/tank-tops/things along that line and fucking dominatrix wear.

I don’t know if her Quirk - again, whatever it is - requires her to dress up in something someone heavily invested in the BDSM scene would wear, but if it’s that ‘naughty’ of a Quirk, she really should not be teaching at a highschool!

*drags hands down face*

I. Am not. Being hard. On Momo.

I love that girl. She has an awesome quirk. She’s intelligent. I like her a lot. she’s probably gay as fuck and I ship her with earphone girl.


(it is such a poor design! That’s what I’m mad about!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Norse mythology

Iceland has one of the biggest demographics of Norse pagan believers in the world. It possibly surprises no one, but Norse paganism has had a large impact on Icelandic culture every since settlement began in the late 800s. The people who settled in Iceland at that time came mostly from Norway and Ireland and the majority of them were pagan. In the year 1000 (or 999) Icelanders decided to take up Christianity to keep the peace and the nation as one. However, it was decided that they could still sacrifice („blóta“) in secret, eat horse meat and expose children to the weather (to die).

There are at least 39 gods and goddesses in the ásatrú or Norse paganism. The following are four of the most famous æsir. Later on you‘ll get to read about the four most famous ásynjur, or goddesses.

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