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What’s really funny is that it seems that the same people screaming that “humans are naturally herbivores!!” are the same ones screaming “dogs are actually omnivores!!”

That’s not how evolution works, you ass backward baboons.

Dogs have only been “dogs” for the past couple thousand years. Domestication of them is actually quite recent relative to geological history. Up until a few thousand years ago, dogs were still wolves. They are still pretty much very genetically identical to wolves in the same way humans are very close to chimpanzees.

It takes MILLIONS of years for a species to convert diets like that. Dogs didn’t instantly become “omnivores” the second they were domesticated. It took a our primate ancestors millions of years to adapt to omnivory before becoming hominids. This stuff does not happen overnight.

Dogs are descendent from the wolves who were able to survive off the food scraps the humans left behind, even the plant matter. Surviving is NOT thriving. They got minimal nutrition in order to stave off starvation. It’s not meant for long term diets. They lived longer than the wolves who could not get nutrients from the scraps and had more puppies, which led to more dogs being able to handle plant matter scraps. They didn’t suddenly become omnivores and started thriving off plant matter.

Modern dogs are OPPORTUNISTIC CARNIVORES. They are meat eaters who can eat plant matter and get SOME nutrition from it. It is a survival tactic. NOT a dietary need.

Dogs are not true omnivores. Dogs will “survive” on vegan diets but will NOT THRIVE. Anemia, pancreatic issues, digestive issues, severe peridontal disease from all that starch, and diabetes is what a “vegan” dog can expect.

Some spring rolls w/ tofu and sweet and sour sauce for my lunch today 🍴 while I also added blackberries and a cut up granola bar as a snack.
I will finally get to meet my new tutor today so I’m a little exited 😄. I won’t have much to talk to him about as I finished my math test today.

I know vegans who are not hard on others for not sharing their diet I also know vegans that share memes about meat eaters and it’s usually like a joke about how dumb they are. Like there’s no in-between either you’re a chill ass person just doing you or you’re an asshole who likes to talk shit. I’m sorry people are so annoying about your diet like truly I understand it’s not easy to explain to people who just eat whatever but just like having an allergy you wouldn’t force someone to eat peanuts if they were allergic so don’t force people or be annoying if they don’t want to eat meat or plant based.

So I’m trying to slowly become more vegan. I’m not going to go all out straight away in case I don’t keep up with it and I’ll feel like a failure but I’m definitely going to keep choosing more vegetarian/vegan options whenever possible so that hopefully one day I can actually be one with no turning back.

If anyone has any tips or anything on becoming vegan please let me know! Would love hearing from other vegans about how they transitioned etc and how to keep it going. I’ve watched a few documentaries and I fully support and respect veganism 😊🌿🌱🌎

i am in love with miyoko’s 💜💜💜 i’m obsessed with truffles and this vegan cheese is extremely truffle-y!!! had a lazy afternoon drinking wine & eating this with a baguette. me & my vegan siblings ate it all in one sitting 🍷🧀🍇

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You know, I respect meat-eaters and their beliefs and all that, but have you noticed just how toxic and pushy they can all be? I’ve met so many of them in my life and some of them just love to shove their beliefs down my throat, and are ableist as fuck. I mean, I tried eating bacon once, and I got so sick that I almost died. I ate nothing but bacon for two whole weeks and I had to give it up. I mean, if you eat bacon that’s cool and all, but don’t force people??? Please??? I just get so sick of the meat propaganda everywhere because you all seem so pretentious about your beliefs. You’re not saving any plant lives by eating meat, you know. For every carrot you don’t eat, I eat three. Their suffering adds to the flavour, wahaha. I mean I’d love to eat meat but plants just taste so good I could never give up beans. You meat eaters need to chill out and have a veggie burger. 

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What do you guys eat? Meat? (Because youre plants and if you eat Fruits or Veggetables thats Cannibalism.)

Erm, mushrooms drink coffee so I think that counts as cannibalism too lmao

Ejudhudhhejjes plant food I guess–


What do sirens look like?
>Are they just a type of mermaid?
>Are they bird-human hybrids?
>>Are they just humanoids with wings, or do they also have other bird-like parts (talons, beaks, etc)?
>Are there only females, or are there also male sirens?
>>If there are also males, do the males possess the same abilities as the females?

What can their voices do?
>Do they enchant people, making them try to get closer to the siren (regardless of any obstacles in the way)?
>Do they drive people to madness?
>Do they arouse people?
>Can they literally control people?

What do sirens eat?
>Do they eat meat, plants, or both?

Do sirens have any natural predators?

How do sirens reproduce?
>Are they created through magic?
>>Are they created as sirens, or are they changed into sirens from a different species?
>Do they lay eggs?
>>How are the eggs fertilized if there are only females?
>>How many eggs do they lay at a time?
>>How frequently do they lay eggs?
>Do they have live births?
>>How many offspring do they have at a time?
>>How long is their gestation period?

Are sirens intelligent?

Do sirens live in groups or individually?
>If they live in groups, how large are the groups?

How do sirens communicate?

How do sirens interact with other species?

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I think your blog may be my favorite blog on all of tumblr?? I'm frickin' floored at the effort you're putting into HS world building, honestly this kind of thing is so incredible to me!! this blog is perfect, please continue what you're doing and thank you for existing!!


Carapaces have two stomachs, a carnivorous one and an herbivorous one. Depending on their stomach dominance determined during their infancy, they lost their teeth as toddlers for their adult teeth to come in hat matches their stomach dominance. That is to say, all carapaces are born omnivores, but ones who eat more meat than plant grow to become carnivores while those who eat more plant than meat grow to become herbivores.

But can you love me in the deep? In the dark? In the thick of it?

Can you love me when I drink from the wrong bottle and slip through the crack in the floorboard?

Can you love me when I’m bigger than you, when my presence blazes like the sun does, when it hurts to look directly at me?

Can you love me then too?

Can you love me under the starry sky, shaved and smooth, my skin like liquid moonlight?

Can you love me when I am howling and furry, standing on my haunches, my lower lip stained with the blood of my last kill?

When I call down the lightning, when the sidewalks are singed by the soles of my feet, can you still love me then?

What happens when I freeze the land, and cause the dirt to harden over all the pomegranate seeds we’ve planted?

Will you trust that Spring will return?

Will you still believe me when I tell you I will become a raging river, and spill myself upon your dreams and call them to the surface of your life?

Can you trust me, even though you cannot tame me?

Can you love me, even though I am all that you fear and admire?
Will you fear my shifting shape?
Does it frighten you, when my eyes flash like your camera does?
Do you fear they will capture your soul?
Are you afraid to step into me?

The meat-eating plants and flowers armed with poisonous darts are not in my jungle to stop you from coming. Not you.

So do not worry. They belong to me, and I have invited you here.

Stay to the path revealed in the moonlight and arrive safely to the hut of Baba Yaga: the wild old wise one… she will not lead you astray if you are pure of heart.

You cannot be with the wild one if you fear the rumbling of the ground, the roar of a cascading river, the startling clap of thunder in the sky.

If you want to be safe, go back to your tiny room — the night sky is not for you.

If you want to be torn apart, come in. Be broken open and devoured. Be set ablaze in my fire.

I will not leave you as you have come: well dressed, in finely-threaded sweaters that keep out the cold.

I will leave you naked and biting. Leave you clawing at the sheets. Leave you surrounded by owls and hawks and flowers that only bloom when no one is watching.

So, come to me, and be healed in the unbearable lightness and darkness of all that you are.

There is nothing in you that can scare me. Nothing in you I will not use to make you great.

A wild woman is not a girlfriend. She is a relationship with nature. She is the source of all your primal desires, and she is the wild whipping wind that uproots the poisonous corn stalks on your neatly tilled farm.

She will plant pear trees in the wake of your disaster.
She will see to it that you shall rise again.
She is the lover who restores you to your own wild nature.


A Wild Woman is Not A Girlfriend by Alison Nappi on

One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read and I had to share.