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50 Cute This or That Questions
  1. cacti or succulents
  2. butterflies or honeybees
  3. typewritten or handwritten letters
  4. flower crowns or oversized sun hats 
  5. polaroids or film
  6. road tripping in a VW bus down the coast or camping in the woods on summer nights
  7. cozy beanbags or breezy hammocks 
  8. oversized jumpers or fluffy bathrobes
  9. banana bread or pumpkin spiced loaf
  10. the smell of old books or the smell of petrichor
  11. chapstick or matte lipstick
  12. macarons or eclairs 
  13. a candlelit bath or a naturally lit reading room
  14. a matinee at a musical or a evening at the art gallery
  15. creamy hot cocoa with marshmallows or dippable hot chocolate with churros 
  16. poetry or prose
  17. vinyl or cassettes
  18. antique shops or second hand stores
  19. a heavy, rich chocolate cake with ganache and caramel or a light, summer sponge cake with cream and fruit
  20. purikuras or photo booths
  21. cozy scarfs or warm beanies
  22. rose gold or copper
  23. watching the sky at sunset from the beach or watching the city below from an airplane at night
  24. mason jars or coffee mugs
  25. puffy clouds and blue skies or thunder and lighting on rainy days
  26. a cup of hot tea or a bowl of warm soup
  27. picnic on a grassy hill or tea in a flower garden
  28. silk or lace
  29. sketching in a museum or journaling in a café
  30. converse high tops or beaded summer sandals
  31. sweet crêpes or fluffy pancakes
  32. galaxies or nebulae
  33. cuff-chain earrings or full finger rings
  34. knee socks or leggings
  35. in bed or out in the rain
  36. the muted colors of winter or the vibrant colors of summer
  37. autumn leaves or spring flowers
  38. summer fruits: peaches, berries, cherries, and apricots or tropical fruits: pineapples, mangos, papaya, and grapefruit.
  39. malt shakes or ice cream floats
  40. smooth jazz or lo-fi
  41. waves lapping at the shore or wind rolling over wheat fields
  42. sunflowers or lavender
  43. enamel pins or embroidered patches
  44. fresh cheeses and cured meats or fresh bread and homemade jams
  45. fireworks or sparklers
  46. bath bombs or scented candles 
  47. library borrower cards or vintage postcards
  48. singing and playing the ukulele while walking or singing in the car with the windows down
  49. filling your passport with stamps from each place you travel to or collecting souvenirs from every place you’ve traveled to
  50. _____ or _____

Dancing Goths: The Smiths edition

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why go with ‘the mages rebellion let all the dangerous people out in the streets and even though they were just defending themselves from templars attacking, their fire got 13 people killed all of them orphaned children’ when you can

  • an old enchanter who has not seen their younger siblings for decades and finally returning home and to his family and finding out that he has grand nephews and cousins
  • a mage who stops by to heal a wounded farmer who has taken a fall and for the first time in their lives feeling like their magic is not a curse 
  • a young apprentice who, for the first time in their lives, has felt grass and wet soil beneath their bare feet instead of stone floors of their tower, the rainfall and the sea breeze
  • a teenage mage who hasn’t had a good night’s sleep ever since they started worrying about the Harrowing and Tranquility, finally getting a night of dreamless sleep without the fear of being taken away in the night (not again)
  • a quiet mage who has always had to watch her words and her mouth in fear that someone would pick it apart, brand her maleficar, use it against her, finally being able to say what she wants, and actually being the loudest of all her friends with a mouth foul enough to shame sailors
  • young mage children who are afraid to go out of the little cottage they’ve been taken in, being enticed to hide and seek by the local non-mage children, exploring new places and woods, so much bigger than the world they were used to, the enchanter being in charge of them taking in the local friends because what is another child who she can teach letters to?
  • a recently harrowed mage who is fascinated by all different kind of foods, espcially roasts and cured meats, so much flavor, how do you guys cook without fire magic?

Food Preservation Skills: Learning to Cure and Smoke Bacon

We’ve started a new rule. In an effort to gradually reduce our meat intake, the Hubs and I are also trying to learn more about preparing certain meat products at home. If we can’t make it, then we don’t buy it, and so we don’t eat it at home. For months now we’ve been grinding our own meat to make sausages, chillis, hamburgers, etc. It’s a lot of work, but removing that convenience and instant gratification made us more aware of our meat consumption.

Bacon…is something that’s been difficult to give up, but if we can make our own, we’re committed to stop purchasing the industrialized version of this product. This is our first time making bacon and our first time smoking meat, which is a food preservation skill we’ve been wanting to learn. Without a smokehouse or a lot of outdoor space, we used our grill to simulate the smoking effect. Not saying we did everything perfectly - we need a lot more practice - but this homemade hickory smoked bacon may be the first time I’ve had real smoked bacon, as opposed to the liquid smoke that’s poured over the commercial products. Homemade bacon is also hammier…it doesn’t crisp up the way store-brought does. I’m also delighted that I can better control the flavoring and amount of salt to use when curing the meat.

How do my other homesteaders do smoking? We’d love to hear your experiences! Anyway, 10/10, would try to make our own bacon again!
Have This

Sometimes, the heart demands feel-good smut with feelings (Probably the sweetest stuff I’ve written in a while). I just need for them to have some tender moments, okay? ;). Takes place post-4x05 

Also on AO3 [Part 3 of the Appropriation Series with @bellohmyblake

Clarke isn’t sure the dust will ever settle for life on the ground. The piercing scent of burning rubble hangs thick in the air as the orange glow finally begins to fade, swallowed up by the blackness of night.

After hours of treating inhalation injuries and burns, the stream of patients has finally trickled down to a halt. The makeshift med-bay is completely full of recovering patients, but by some miracle, none of them are in critical condition.

Harper gives Clarke a tired smile as she makes her way over. “I think we’ve got this covered, Clarke, if you need to go take care of other things.”

Clarke squeezes her shoulder with a grateful nod, “Thank you, Harper.”

She takes one more glance around and spots Bellamy on the far side of the room, speaking in hushed tones with Miller. As if he can sense her gaze on him, he meets her eyes with a barely perceptible nod. She fights the urge to squirm under a stare so intense it feels like it’s physically holding her in place.

With one look, she’s transported back to the quarry. She swallows back a bolt of nausea at the vivid memory of the wind being knocked out of her as the bag was pulled off Bellamy’s head. She reminds herself that he’s safe. He’s here. He’s still with her. He wraps up his conversation with Miller and makes his way back to her with slow, steady strides that contrast the erratic rhythm of her heart, not once taking his eyes off her.

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He woke up with a start, mildly disoriented as he tried to place what had woken him. But he couldn’t figure it out. He was just about to go back to sleep when he heard the sound again.

That and the fact that the spot beside him on the bed was empty was enough to let him know exactly who he was looking for even before he slid out of the bed and slipped into his slippers. He pulled on the black silk robe on the chair beside the bed, belted it and walked out of the bedroom, eyes used to the darkness as he went searching for his errant boyfriend.

He found him in the pantry, a look of intense concentration on his face as he studied the pantry, full lower lip caught in between his teeth as he deliberated on whatever he was thinking so hard about.

He was so focused on studying the contents of the pantry that he startled when Magnus slipped his arms behind him and rested his face against his neck

But then he relaxed and yielded and Magnus hummed. “Alexander, I know you’re obsessed with everything in the pantry having its ‘proper place’, but I like it the way it is, I know where everything is. And most importantly, two o'clock in the morning is not the right time to go on a redecorating spree.”

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Lloyd Hall

Meet the man responsible for helping to make the modern preservation of food and other products a reality for billions of people across the world today. While his research helped to combat spoilage and rancidity in food, he earned 59 U.S. patents too. Oh, and also improved the bacon-curing process (you’re welcome for that one). So, what else did he do?

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Dalish Food Preservation: Jerky, Pemmican, and Hot-Pot

For most cultures throughout Thedas, preserved foods are a necessity. For the peoples of the Anderfels, and the Elves of the Dalish Clans, this is especially true. The Anders have to deal with the volatile climate of the Anderfels, and the Dalish must deal with their nomadic lifestyle which leaves little room for fresh food storage of any meaningful value.

One thing many cultures have in common throughout Thedas, and even our own real world, is that each cultures has some variation of dried meats. In Thedas, two kinds of dried meats are very ubiquitous throughout most cultures that still make liberal use of preservation: Jerky, and Pemmican.


Jerky is meat that has been sliced or pounded very thin, and then dried with the aid of liberal amounts of salt and seasonings. In the modern era, we usually use nitrates of some kind to aid in the curing of meats like Jerky. In Thedas, and our own middle ages, however, they would have used only salt.

The Dalish typically make their jerky using salt, ironbark syrup (which is similar in flavor to mollasses), fermented rashvine sap and various herbs and spices that are native to the area in which they are staying. For example, Dalish clans in Ferelden and the Free Marches typically use a lot of borage, bay leaf, mint, juniper berries and parsley in their jerky.


Pemmican is essentially a loaf of dried/cured meat, mixed with fat and sometimes other ingredients. Some cultures add fruits and grains, whereas others use only meat, fat and seasoning.

In our own world, it is unknown who truly invented pemmican, but the word comes from the language of the Cree, one of the many indigenous peoples of North America.

Likewise, in Thedas, it is unknown who invented Pemmican. But almost every culture has, or used to have, a variant of it. The Dalish variation is known as ghial’bradh and incorporates a lot of dried berries and wild grains.


Hot-pot, hochepot, or hodgepodge is a stew made of a mixture of various ingredients, usually whatever the cook has on hand at the time. In many cultures throughout thedas, hot-pot is made with pemmican or some other cured or preserved food as its base.

Most cultures througout thedas have a variant of Hot-Pot. In Fereldan and the Free Marches, it is known as either hodgepodge, or rubaboo. In Orlais it is known as hochepot. In Antiva it is known as either mezcolanza or misto. In Nevarra it is known as miktí, and in Tevinter it is known as farrago

Among the Dalish, it is known as grid’iathe. It is typically made with Dalish ghial’bradh along with whatever fresh vegetables, grains and herbs that Dalish clan is able to forage.


Dalish jerky is usually made from wild ram, bear, sheep or boar meat. However, some clans will trade with human settlements for mutton, pork and beef.

yield: about 1.5 lbs of jerky

  • ¾ cup hickory salt (about 6 oz by weight) (pickling salt will work fine)
  • ¼ c ironbark syrup (Maple syrup, molasses, or honey will work fine)
  • 1 large amrita vein bulb or 4 arbor blessing bulbs, crushed (4 spring onions or 4 cloves of garlic will work fine)
  • 2 large spoonfuls purified and fermented rashvine sap (2 tbs Worcestershire sauce plus 2 tbs black pepper will work fine)
  • 5 pounds fresh meat
  • spices of choice (vary by clan, so just use your favorites, or none at all)


  1. Rub the meat with the salt, making sure to cover every inch of meat in a thin layer of slay. If you need to use more than ¾ cup, do so. However, do not use less than ½ cup. 
  2. Lay the meat on a rack in a large container and allow to rest in a cold place for at least 12 hours (the Dalish usually use tightly packed snow or ice, but i’m pretty sure a fridge will work fine). Do not allow the meat to rest for more than 48 hours.
  3. Check the meat every day to check to see if any liquid needs to drained from the container. Make sure that any liquid that is drawn from the meat does not touch the meat. While there is enough salt on the meat to prevent bacterial formations, the same cannot be said for any liquid that is leeched out by the salt. Make sure to remove liquid when necessary. 
  4. After 12 hours, remove the meat and wash thoroughly, making sure to remove all salt. Then vigorously pat dry until the surface of the meat is completely dry.
  5. Once dry, slice meat into long, thin strips no larger than ¼ inch thick. Make sure to slice the meat with the grain, otherwise your jerky will fall apart once dried.
  6. Combine syrup, crushed bulbs, rashvine sap and any other spices of choice in a bowl until you form a smooth paste.
  7. Dip each piece of meat into your seasoning paste, making sure that each piece is thoroughly coated in a very thin layer of seasoning.
  8. Dry your meat using a wire rack over a low burning fire for at least 24 hours, or until fully dried.
  9. In the real world: use a food dehydrator, making sure the temperature stays between 130 and 140 degrees at all times. Dry your jerky until it is firm and stiff but not ready to fall apart.
  10. Alternatively, you can dry your jerky in the oven, making sure to use your oven’s lowest setting and leaving the oven door slightly open.


Similar to Dalish jerky, Pemmican or ghial’bradh is typically made with ram, bear, sheep or boar meat. Unlike jerky, however, it is not as salty, and usually incorporates dried fruit and grains. What results is a thick, dry meat ‘bread’ that is usually stored and then sliced to be heated and eaten later. 

Many Dalish clans will store ghial’bradh is bags made of animal hide. These bags can be made to be air-tight and oftentimes clans will bury bags of excess ghial’bradh and leave specific markers so that other Dalish clans can make use of their good fortune later.


yield: about 3 lbs of pemmican

  • 5 lbs of fresh meat
  • 1.5 lbs of suet (animal kidney fat, specifically of beef, venison and pork)
  • 2 oz (by weight) dried fruit
  • 1 oz (by weight) cup cooked, drained and dried wild rice, or wild wheat berries


  1. Slice meat very thin against the grain.
  2. Dry meat on a wire rack over a very low smokey fire for about 24 hours until completely dry. (alternatively, dry on your oven’s lowest setting with the door slightly open for about 10-12 hours. If you use a dehydrator, bake your meat strips in the oven for 30 minutes at 200, and then use your dehydrator normally). Meat should be completely dry and brittle once done.
  3. Using a mortar and pestle, ground your dried meat into a coarse powder (alternatively, you can use a food processor in the modern world).
  4. Make sure the amount of dried meat is equal (in weight) to the amount of rendered fat you have. Adjust if needed.
  5. Melt your rendered fat completely, but do not allow it to become too hot.
  6. In a large bowl, combine the cooked grain, dried fruit and meat powder.
  7. Add your rendered fat and stir until combined into a smooth paste.
  8. Pour your paste into molds of your choice (the dalish use clay bread pans) and pat down to get rid of any air bubbles. Store in a cool place until set and firm.
  9. Remove pemmican from your mold and wrap in cloth (or use plastic wrap if you live in the real world). 

Your pemmican will keep for longer if you choose to omit the fruit and grain. Many Dalish clans would choose to leave out the fruit and grain until it was time to eat, and then they would mix the pemmican with the fruit and grain in a large bowl before eating.

Do remember that pemmican is very high in calories. 1 pound of pemmican typically contains 3000 calories, so it is very much not a food that you want to snack on. This is, however, the perfect food to take when you go backpacking or camping (or if you’re a constantly travelling nomadic Dalish clan).

Additionally, I recommend buying pre-rendered suet if you can get it, but if you’re interested in being a bit more traditional, check out this instructional video on how to render your own suet.

DALISH HOT-POT (Grid’iathe)


yield: about 8 portions

  • 1 pound Dalish pemmican (ghial’bradh)
  • 1 large bowl rashvine nettles, boiled, drained and washed (feel free to using stinging nettles or fiddleheads instead. Learn how to prepare stinging nettles here, and how to prepare fiddleheads here. Warning: Never EVER eat fiddleheads or nettles raw.)
  • 1 large bowl fresh elfroot, washed and drained (you can use spinach or kale instead)
  • 1 pound potatoes, peeled and diced
  • 6 large Amrita Vein bulbs, roughly chopped (or 2 large onions)
  • Any other fresh vegetables and herbs you can forage (or buy at ye olde grocery store)
  • ½ pound fresh wild rice or wild wheat berries (you can use farro or rye berries if you like)
  • 1 spoonful of lard or butter (you can use vegetable oil as well)
  • Salt to taste


  1. Roughly chop your pemmican
  2. Heat the butter or lard in a large pot. Once the butter has started to brown, add your onions. Cook until translucent, and then add all of your other vegetables.
  3. Put in another water to cover all of the vegetables by at least 2 inches.
  4. Add in your chopped pemmican and wild rice. Cook until stew has reduced to a thick consistency and pemmican and rice are fully cooked.
  5. Add your rashvine nettles, elfroot, and any other fresh greens and herbs that you wish. Cook just long enough for them to wilt and release their flavor.
  6. Season to taste and serve immediately with a large mug of fresh Dalish ale.

Your stew should have the consistency of thin chowder. If you wish for a thicker soup, simply use more grains.

Bon Appétit, or as they say among the Dalish: Son’ava!

The Years.

A one shot set around book nine. Just a little fluff in the run up to the premiere of season three tonight. Happy days!!! :) xxx

  I could smell the change on the breeze; it was the scent of wood-smoke, roasting corn harvested in huge batches that left the landscape looking paler and more open. It was the salty tang of curing meat and the sweet aroma of liquid honey. The wind stirred the chime that hung from the porch, a birthday present from Jem and Mandy made with pretty pebbles and pieces of driftwood found by the lake. The pieces clacked together and gently rapped at the shutters Jamie had installed so painstakingly at my request to protect my potted seedlings from the harsh mid-day glare of North Carolina sun.

Autumn was coming and with it the chill that would turn into a bone aching cold come winter and the first snows. I glanced upward at the trees and smiled at the softly yellowing tones of the leaves, not yet ready to give up their summer greenery completely. Much like myself I supposed looking down at my hands, no longer the hands of a young woman – actually they appeared to me to be far older than seemed possible. Then again, with the approach of Autumn came the approach of my birthday and I reasoned that once each birthday feels a little like a triumph, one is allowed a little time to dwell on the advance of old age.

Jamie would turn seventy in May. Seventy. Somehow that startled me more than my own impending birthday and I clutched my scarf to my chest as the wind lifted my hair, closing my eyes and letting the memories the movement stirred wash over me.

I was so lost down memory lane that for a moment I thought the hands on my waist were all in my head. It was only when lips kissed my jaw and the fingers tightened that I realised he was actually behind me.

“Away wi’ the faeries are ye, Sassenach?”

“I was.”

“A good place?”

I hummed agreement low in my throat and leant back against the solid planes of his chest.

“Should I leave ye be?”


I shook my head and turned in his arms, cupping is face between my hands and tiptoeing to press my lips lightly to his own. His kiss was soft and warm and I tasted chestnuts on his breath. I smoothed my thumbs over his cheekbones and traced the shell of his ears, suddenly aware of the hot lump of coal which seemed to have taken residence in my throat, making it hard to speak as my eyes misted over.

“Ach, lass. What’s amiss?”

“You’re getting old.”

I sniffed and Jamie’s lip quirked upwards, quickly spreading into a wide smile

“I’m already auld, Sassenach! Ye are no spring chicken yeself, ken?”

I snorted and then buried my face in his shoulder, utterly overcome.

“Och! Claire, mo chridhe, I didna mean to insult ye!”

Jamie’s voice was heavy with guilt and I hastily shook my head, pulling back to look up at him and wiping my eyes impatiently.

“No, I just … oh bloody hell! I’m a doddering old fool!”

Jamie clucked his tongue against his teeth and carefully mopped my face with his handkerchief, relinquishing it into my hands so I could sufficiently blow my nose.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Tis Autumn, ye always get a little … sensitive.”

“Do I?”

Genuinely startled I stuffed his hankie into my own pocket and allowed his hands on my shoulders to turn me carefully back around to face the woods beyond our home.

“Aye, ye see the yellowing trees and the smell of smoke and harvest and ye begin to … ah … feel our years a little more, ken? Am I right?”

I nodded, amazed as always by his intuition.

“Aye, so,”

Jamie moved to stand beside me, his arm around my waist and gestured beyond the oak and chestnut trees, toward the pines and firs higher up on the ridge, their forest of green rising out of the yellowing trees.

“The reason I dinna feel so myself is that I ken ye are an evergreen soul, mo graidhe. Ye will never wilt, nor fade and I will stand in your shadow, awed by your resilience and beauty until I am a hundred years old and if I may, a hundred years more than that.”

He kissed the crown of my head and cocked his head to the side

“I told ye once that it has always been forever for me Sassenach, and I meant it.”

I smiled shakily and nodded

“Forever just seems to be catching up with us a little bit too quickly though.”


Jamie gave me a lopsided smile and shook his head

“Those are just the years, lass. Forever is Brianna and the bairns and their families yet to come. It is this plot of land, tilled and cultivated and lived on. It is our vows made before God, and his knowledge of our love. Those are the forever things.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too. Always.”

I nodded and threaded my fingers through his, the warmth radiating from his palm into mine a reassuring promise. The years would have their way but not yet, not just yet.


Zhenya is sure he’s in purgatory. Forced to stare at his personal heaven but never allowed to have it. Well, that’s kind of dramatic. But so is Sid’s ass.

Zhenya thought he would be the one surprising Sid tonight, but fuuuuck- the suit he’s wearing has left Zhenya breathless and gagging for it.

He’d finally managed to convince Sid to let him take him out for dinner, and had proceeded to use his name left and right to make sure everything was perfect. He’d managed to snag some hard to come by reservations for a popular upscale farm-to-table restaurant, which offered organic and locally sourced ingredients prepared by some up and coming chef. It seemed like a good enough compromise between Zhenya and Sid’s tastes- Zhenya would still get to enjoy himself without making Sid feel like he was cheating on his food plan. The reservations were costing him a decent amount (and he’d promised the owner a signed jersey), but why be a multi-millionaire hockey player if you couldn’t flaunt your wealth occasionally?

The afternoon was crisp, the sun deceptive of the chill, and Zhenya had painstakingly paid attention to detail by taking his most flamboyant car to be cleaned, picking up what Sasha always called his ‘russian james bond’ suit from the dry cleaners, and even stopping for some flowers on his way home.

He’d parked his car in a visitor spot(and made the ‘i’m watching you’ gesture at two kids hanging out on the low wall in front of the neat apartment block), popped a breath mint, grabbed the bouquet and purposefully strode to Sid’s front door. Only to be awestruck by the sight of Sid wrapped in the most beautifully tailored pair of pants he’d ever seen the man wear.

“Hey, G. just a second.” Sid smiled distractedly, hands at his throat as he finished tying his tie (navy to match the navy blue wool of the jacket hanging beside the door). He was stood profile to Zhenya, and Zhenya felt his eyes sweep down the beautiful line of his back, to where Sid’s pants showcased the most perfectly round swell of ass Zhenya had ever seen.

This was not what he had expected. Sid didn’t dress like this. Sid owned suits that seemed to swallow him in fabric, two sizes too big, and much too long in the jacket. Sid wore baggy as fuck track suits, that everyone assumed hid a softer body, or bit of pudge around the middle. But this-. This was a masterpiece of tailoring. An ode to Sid’s ass.

“Are those for me?” Zhenya’s eyes snapped up to Sid’s face, taking in a shy smile causing a sweet little dimple to appear beside his mouth. Zhenya wanted to kiss it. He cleared his throat, mouth suddenly dry.

“Yes. for you” He holds them out, glad he went for some that looked both romantic but not too over the top. Long stemmed blue tulips. “Know is cliche, but think you deserve.” The dimple deepens and Zhenya finds Sid in his space, leaning up to press a dry kiss to cheek as he takes the flowers from him. His eyes close in surprise and Sid’s cologne fills his space.

“Why are you so sweet? I didn’t think you’d be so sweet.” Zhenya must zone out a little bit there, because when he opens his eyes, Sid’s warmth is gone, and so are the flowers. Sid himself is pulling on the jacket, and Zhenya can’t help himself to step forward and run his hands across defined shoulders and down the sweet slope of his back under the guise of helping to smooth out the fabric settles against Sid’s body.

“Just for you, Sid.” Zhenya grins at him, putting gentle pressure at the base of Sid’s spine to encourage him out the door “You need more sweet things in your life. Don’t have enough dessert.”

Sid lets out a adorable honk of laughter- in no way pretty or sexy, just very earnestly Sid- and pushes at Zhenya’s shoulder.

“Shut up! I do eat dessert, I just keep it for cheat days.” He locks and shuts his front door and allows Zhenya to lead him to where the car is parked

“Mmhmm” Zhenya opens the passenger door for Sid and wiggles his eyebrows

“Some one’s going all out. If I didn’t know any better, i’d think you were trying to impress me.”

Zhenya grins and says nothing


Dinner is fantastic. 12 courses of farm fresh vegetables and in-house smoked and cured meats prepared by someone who clearly loved food and wanted to share the best qualities of each ingredient. Zhenya is warm with a full belly and maybe just a little wine, and he can’t stop smiling across the table at the way Sid’s cheeks are flushed pink.

Their legs are tangled under the table, Zhenya’s calf warm where it’s held between Sid’s, and he hasn’t been able to stop himself from stroking at Sid’s fingers where they rest on the stark white tablecloth between every course- not that Sid seems to mind. It didn’t feel like their first proper date (because the sponsor event didn’t count as a real date). It felt comfortable and easy in a way Zhenya’s relationships have never been. But there is still that thread of first date anticipation in the air between them that Zhenya remembers, that makes every second of their night seem more electric.

Zhenya thinks he’s falling in love. Sid is funny and kind and sincere. He loves hockey. He loves kids (he’d had multiple albums on his phone to show Zhenya of his college friends children, and had gushed sweetly about them through two course while Zhenya smiled fondly at him). And best of all, Sid makes the most delicious noises as he eats.

He hadn’t been lying when he had told Zhenya that he did enjoy food, he was just very selective about what he ate. And sitting across from him, Zhenya finds himself turned on to the point of distraction by the way Sid savours and enjoys every bite offered. The way he bites at his lip with slightly too big teeth to hold in moans and groans. The way his eyes flutter closed after a particularly good mouthful.

Sid was beautiful, and ticked every single one of Zhenya’s boxes (including his newly discovered ones), and now he really wanted to see what he looked like spread out on his bedsheets, begging for Zhenya to let him come. Squirming and flushed and sex sweaty and all Zhenya’s to enjoy.

And now dinner was over, the bill payed and owner given his (bribe) jersey and the chef showered in compliments by Sid as Zhenya smiled on fondly. The ride back to Sid’s was spent in comfortable silence, and after a few minutes, stopped at a red light, Sid hesitantly reached across the gearshift to hold Zhenya’s hand where it rested on his thigh. When Zhenya looked across the cabin at him, Sid was staring at the street outside the passenger window, a hint of a smile at the corner of his lip visible. Zhenya squeezed gently and tangled their fingers together.

“Do you want to come in?” Sid bit his lip as he glanced up at Zhenya under his lashes, fishing his keys from his jacket pocket.

“You want me to come in?” Zhenya really wanted to follow him inside and press him against the nearest flat surface, but this was Sid, and he didn’t want to rush him in case it ended badly.

“Yes. Yeah.” Sid cleared his throat, and fiddled with his keys and the lock. “I really, really want you to come in, Geno.”

“Zhenya, call me Zhenya.” Zhenya’s heart felt like it was beating in his throat.

Sid smile back at him widely, pushing the door open and stepping aside.

“Okay, Zhenya. I want you to come inside with me.”

anonymous asked:

Deviled egg and avocado sounds very slimy, Sam. Maybe some kind of cured meat or crispy bread product or something crunchy would be more texturally appealing.

I dunno, deviled eggs are usually not slimy and avocado’s quite firm…it’s just so many cured meats are kinda gross when they’re cold and I’m not sure I want my deviled eggs to crunch. Maybe some bacon, though….

2001 Il Poggione Brunello di Montalcino DOCG

Yeah, I have a 16-year-old Brunello on paw. That’s how I roll, friends! Blackberries, black plums, black cherries, balsamic, canned San Marzano tomatoes, and cedar on the nose. Black raspberries, cherries, and plums on the palate with cedar, vanilla, a hint of tomatoes and cured meat with a licorice finish. 

4/5 bones



14% abv

Brunello di Montalcino (Tuscany), ITALY