meat bus

A “finished” composited scene, minus color correction and such.  Now I just need to do, like, 500 more of these.


I guess I’m live blogging this, since it’s happening right now. Three weeks of getting it across the US, four days of tow truck nightmares trying to get it down my hill, and it’s currently sitting in the middle of the driveway facing the wrong way. So close, yet so far from useful.

Can we turn it around? Will I be able to find a headlight? So many questions!

If you never hear from me again, it’s because I’m trapped in my driveway by a half ton of rusting metal.

In addition to shooting some of Heck and Dead Meat’s battle bus last week, I shot some stuff with the Conglomerate “Buzzard” seen here.  This was the last picture I took before chopping off the rotors with a pair of kitchen shears.  In order to get the rotors to spin for as long as I need them to, I had to remove them physically and add them back in digitally.  


I’m not sure how to feel. The first hurdle (actually getting it here) is done. Not sure how I’m going to perform the feat of engineering required to turn a wheel-locked hunk of junk 180 degrees, but I’ll get around to it. Bud Man makes me feel better, though. He was a nice surprise.

Next steps: Turning it 180, then matching this to the miniature or the miniature to this until they are one.