meat bus

Soccer Mom [Steve Harrington x Reader]

Word Count: 1303

Warnings: A few curse words

Summary: Steve invites [Y/N] to come demo-dog hunting with him and Dustin.

A/N: It’s my first Steve Harrington x Reader so have mercy 🤗

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This was the last thing I expected to happen on my Friday night in. My crush, Steve Harrington, had just showed up at my door holding a baseball bat full of nails with a middle schooler bouncing around behind him.

“We need your help,” Steve said as soon as I opened the door. 

“Hello to you to, Steve. What exactly do you need my help with?” I asked, furrowing my eyebrows and crossing my arms.

“Monster hunting!” Dustin jumped in from behind Steve, a smiled plastered on his face.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I asked Dustin and Steve.

“It’s happening again,” Steve said. My eyes widened. Last year when the Upside Down was a threat to Hawkins, Steve, Jonathan, Nancy, and I had teamed up to kill the demogorgon in the Byer’s house.

“You were pretty bad-ass last time,” Steve pointed out, recalling when I beat the shit out of the demogorgon with my own nail bat. “We could use that again.” I smirked.

“One second,” I said, turning around and racing into the other room. I came back a few seconds later in a leather jacket, holding my nail bat. “Let’s go.” I walked out of the house feeling Steve’s eyes follow me.

Dustin led Steve and I through the woods until we ended up in an abandoned junkyard full of run down cars and spare parts.

“Oh yeah, this’ll do,” Steve said, heading towards the big bus in the middle.

“Hey guys!” We turned to see Max and Lucas on top of a hill, waving at us and parking their bike. The two kids ran over to the group.

“Ok, we need a plan to catch Dart,” Lucas said.

“Wait, who’s Dart?” I asked.

“My ex-pet that went crazy and the demogorgon dog that we’re trying to catch. Keep up,” Dustin quickly explained.

“Well if it’s a dog, it should like meat, right? We can lure it with meat,” I suggested.

“Where the hell are we supposed to get meat?” Dustin asked.

“The market, dipshit,” Steve snapped.

“Oh right,” Dustin got quieter, while I snickered. Steve winked at me, and I felt my cheeks heat up.

Later that night us five were hiding in the bus, the meat we had bought sitting outside. Dustin had begun to freak out, his nerves taking over.

“What if something goes wrong? What if-”

“Dude, get a grip!” Steve yelled, grabbing Dustin by the shoulders. “Nothing’s gonna happen, just get ready.” Steve handed him a lighter to defend himself, which Dustin stuffed in his pocket.

A faint Rrrrrrr could be heard from outside.

“It’s here,” Max said, her eyes filled with fear.
“It’s gonna be okay,” I told her.

“Stay here,” Steve said, grabbing his bat, heading outside.

“Steve!” I whispered, causing him to whip around. “You’re not going out there alone.” I grabbed my baseball bat from the corner and walked towards him. “Together, okay?”

“Okay.” A quiet “get a room” could be heard from Dustin in the back of the bus. I just rolled my  eyes and stepped out of the bus, right behind Steve. Both of us started to whistle, trying to draw the demo-dogs out.

“Come on, buddy,” Steve said.

“Dinnertime,” I whispered. “I taste better than that cat, I promise.”

“I can second that,” Steve flirted.

“Not the time, Harrington.”


We were walking towards the growls coming from inside the fog. The fog lightened up revealing a fully-grown Dart.

“Shit,” I whispered, stepping closer to it.

“STEVE, [Y/N]! WATCH OUT!” They heard Lucas scream from his hiding spot.

“Little busy here!” Steve replied, inching closer to Dart.  

“3 0’CLOCK!” Lucas screamed. Hearing that, my head whipped over to my right where I saw another demo-dog stalking towards us.

“Double shit,” I whispered.

“GUYS, ABORT! ABORT!” Dustin yelled. Steve turned around to look at Dustin for one second, but turned back around just in time to push him and I out of the way of Dart who pounced at us. As soon as we regained our balance, we were attacked left and right. Me and Steve kept swinging our nail bats, barely looking at where we were swinging.

“Hurry!” Max hollered. Steve and I made worried eye contact for a split second before sprinting back to the bus, the dogs right behind us.

“Come on!” The kids screamed, but Steve went down as one of the dogs grabbed one of his legs.

“Go!” He told me, but of course I would never leave him. I swung my bat as hard as I could, sending the demo-dog flying across the yard. The kids ran out and grabbed Steve and his bat, pulling him back into the bus, with me behind them to make sure they got in safe. As soon as everyone was in the bus, I slammed the doors shut, breathing heavily from fear.

“You ok?” I quickly asked Steve who looked a bit shaken. He nodded quickly. The dogs were ramming themselves against the locked doors, trying to get in. The bus was getting shaken from the dogs hitting it, resulting in screams of terror from the kids.

“They can’t get in!” I reminded them, hoping to calm them down, but a few of the dogs heads were sticking in through the door. Steve grabbed his bat and started hitting them. Dustin ran to his bag where he grabbed his walkie-talkie and started pleading for help.

“Is anybody there?” He asked. “Mike? Will? God?! Anyone?!” One large blow to the bus made everyone scream. “We’re at the old junk yard, and we are going to die!”

The roof of the bus was getting hit hard, and we could all see the dents caused by the blows. But what we didn’t realize was that one of the emergency exits at the top of the roof was open. One of the demo-dogs was on top of it, peering down at a frightened Max. As soon as she screamed, Steve and I rushed over screaming “out of the way,” pushing the kids behind us. We took out our bats and started swinging at the dog.

“You want some?!” Steve hollered. But the dog suddenly snapped its head in the opposite direction. It retreated and all the other growls and blows to the bus stopped. Nobody dared to make a sound as Steve and I stepped outside the bus to make sure it was clear.

“What happened?” Lucas asked firmly, stepping outside along with Dustin and Max.

“I don’t know,” Max replied.

“Do you think we scared them off?” Dustin asked.

“No,” I said, turning to the kids. “They’re going somewhere.”

“Head inside and gather the stuff, we’ll be right in there,” Steve told the kids. They all ran inside to gather the hunting supplies.

“Bad-ass once again,” Steve said to me flashing his charming smile.

“You really like those kids, don’t you?” I replied.

“They’re good kids,” Steve said.

“Yeah,” I replied, smiling. You know, you’re kinda like a soccer mom. All protective and stuff” Me and Steve both broke out into hysterical laughter.

“Nah, more like a crazy latina mother,” Steve added. The laughter died down, and we knew we had to talk about what was gonna come next.

“Do you think everything will turn out okay?” I asked, fear in their eyes.

“I hope so,” Steve said, cautiously reaching out for my hand. I took charge and gripped his tightly. We both turned to look at each other.

“I won’t let anything hurt you,” he said.

“I know. And if any dog tries to hurt you I’ll swing at it with my bad-ass bat until it’s dead three times over.” Steve snickered.

“Alright,” he said. “Let’s check on those kids.” Hand in hand we began to walk back towards the bus.

“Lead the way, soccer mom.”

Konglish (Pt. 1)

Like many languages, Korean has several English “loan words”, that are essentially English words that have become “Koreanized” in order to fit daily use in Korean language and culture. Today let’s take the time to learn some!~

섹시 - sexy
캔 - can (the item)
택시 - taxi
치킨 - chicken (the meat)
버스 - bus
메뉴 - menu
아이디 - ID
팀 - team
팝송 - pop song
퓨전 - fusion (like fusion cuisine)

Hope this helps and happy studying!~

Ep 3-5-8 escalation

E3 first bus meating with the squad
E5 jonas is no show to dinner with mom
E8 girlfight in the school yard and everybody hates eva-week

E3 noorhelm slumberparty
E5 noorhelm kiss
E8 noora at nicos party

E3 this is sonja…
E5 and there she is again + bro"fight"
E8 midnight snack at mcdonalds

E3 bus meating and atheisttext

Im not looking forward to ep 5 and 8 this season!
Who am I kidding - Im sooo looking forward to ep 5 and 8 this season!



Plane touches down as the sun hits its peak
Bags spin around, I smell coffee and meat
Bus towards town, through wide, busy streets
Bags on the ground, my arms have grown weak

New rooms and sounds keep me out of the sheets
Roach on a towel, tiles cold below my feet
View can’t be found, 404-ed so to speak
Too tired to howl, I need something to eat

Aircon kind of dicey, fills the room with muggy air
Suffocation likely says the mess below my hair
Leave for something tasty, market should be over there
Must be choosing wisely, enzymes usually not prepared

Back inside the grime pit, feast on trash, fully aware
Need to calm my psyche or this might get hard to bear
Neighbors more than feisty, party hard with future heirs
Manners not invited, treat the hall like it is theirs


Choose headphones over restlessness, keyboards over social chess
Turn louder as to not digress, stories over selfishness
Herd words to move without duress, titles over walls of text
Sounds provide a tougher quest, feelings over pointless tests

Ears retreat to sweet caress, confessional, but not confessed
Notes on napkins off my chest, feel welcome here, but not a guest
Verses soar, I don’t protest, embrace the ache, much too impressed
Flying high, my mind’s a mess, should go to bed and get some rest

Songs remain, feel quite addressed, would care to float out to the west
Heart accepts it’s been possessed, could either melt or try arrest
Tales of grace relieve all stress, could not repay such joyful zest
Vow to wear this as my crest, would not yet use the word obsessed

Hours march in pairs abreast, thoughts could not yet be expressed
Blockage as one might suggest, though overload may name it best
Far enough the night progressed, as luminaries will attest
Morning comes, should leave the nest, embrace the dawn, time to get dressed


Brain and body make a deal, quiet day for healthy meals
Headphones grabbed, an orange peeled, outside world seems too surreal
Not sure yet on how to feel, Security seems not ideal
Every day the same ordeal, out the door with nerves concealed

Up the street and down to heal, riot shields behind the wheel
Past passatge mercantil, nit és freda a l’abril
Swiftly on to more appeal, muses drive to ardent zeal
Still time to the big reveal, harbor greets with iron seal

Reach my goal, rambla de mar, boats from harbors near and far
Drink it in beside a bar, heart and mind are left ajar
Flowing synth and clear guitar, jumped and fell too, superstar
Head in clouds and hand in barre, cor comença a bategar

Life has left its share of scars, give an inch, it takes a yard
relationships seem quite bizarre, to the burned out and the charred,
Home is where the wild dreams are, even watching from afar
Hands stuck in the cookie jar, got too close but no cigar


Stones below and stars above, view here might not be enough
Leave for beach while thinking of, timid talks and mushy fluff
Take a chance, release the dove, watch it scale the mighty bluff
Warm sands to the ones who love, misty mornings, sappy stuff

Empty streets for thoughts of cold, ghosts recount the tales untold
Under lights both new and old, feel compassion from the fold
Follow tiles to sands foretold, seaside sights my eyes behold
To this charm, my blood is sold, to this path my bones enrolled

Many hearts have been paroled, where the endless waves unfold
Gentle breeze cannot withhold, all the tales the sea has told
Sol will drown this town in gold, every open eye on hold
Solace writes your name in bold, leaves my longing soul consoled

Youthful tales my head has spun, full of laughter, joy, and fun
Scores of fears from which I run, worries call, I answer none
I’ll surrender when it’s done, feel the skin absorb the sun
Night is over, day has won, I’m not me but you’re the one


Seven strikes on distant bell, drifting ships in soft pastel
Blanket warms my frigid shell, held on by some sort of spell
On the inside, barre chords dwell, and you, as far as I can tell
Smile as all my doubts dispel, this love is gauged in decibel

Hear the waves exhale your name, see the sunrise paint a frame
Feel my insides set aflame, taste a hunger to proclaim
all my feelings that became, all of me inside this game
Nothing but my fears to tame, no one but myself to blame

Took a leap before I fell, tried to make the signs foretell
Times in which my nerves excel, courage pinned to my lapel
When you told me, all was well, I smashed the locks, escaped my cell
Bid the morning breeze farewell, back to the halls of my hotel

Busy streets, I hear no sound, there is quiet all around
All that’s not you has been drowned, on this morning you’ve been crowned
Floating gently over ground, to this home to which I’m bound
In for a penny, in for a pound, fall asleep with purpose found

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I still get bus boners sometimes and I'm 25, it's worse when I'm sleepy

what if we’re 80 years old still poppin mad thick meat on the bus to and from the nursing home