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Konglish (Pt. 1)

Like many languages, Korean has several English “loan words”, that are essentially English words that have become “Koreanized” in order to fit daily use in Korean language and culture. Today let’s take the time to learn some!~

섹시 - sexy
캔 - can (the item)
택시 - taxi
치킨 - chicken (the meat)
버스 - bus
메뉴 - menu
아이디 - ID
팀 - team
팝송 - pop song
퓨전 - fusion (like fusion cuisine)

Hope this helps and happy studying!~

Ep 3-5-8 escalation

E3 first bus meating with the squad
E5 jonas is no show to dinner with mom
E8 girlfight in the school yard and everybody hates eva-week

E3 noorhelm slumberparty
E5 noorhelm kiss
E8 noora at nicos party

E3 this is sonja…
E5 and there she is again + bro"fight"
E8 midnight snack at mcdonalds

E3 bus meating and atheisttext

Im not looking forward to ep 5 and 8 this season!
Who am I kidding - Im sooo looking forward to ep 5 and 8 this season!

anonymous asked:

I still get bus boners sometimes and I'm 25, it's worse when I'm sleepy

what if we’re 80 years old still poppin mad thick meat on the bus to and from the nursing home