meat bunny

Sooooooo I’ve been kinda mulling over the idea of a mostly pred-centered restaurant named Chompers, in lieu of the Hooters branch of restaurants to cater to the preds *or particularly hungry prey* in much of the same way~! Have a nice meal, see some lovely dressed-up prey waiters and waitresses, and for a little extra on the bill, you can add that tasty server to the night’s menu~! (Thanks a bunch to @alex-cydragon for the uniform idea!)

On that note then, it seems like Rubunny’s found some full-time employment~! He loves his job thankfully, and the large tip he gets each time he hops back out of the “regen” room from a satisfied customer’s meal is definitely a lovely bonus to boot! There’s no set uniform per-se, each staff member may dress accordingly, but it’s heavily suggested it be within the restaurant’s color palate and contain a special logo to differentiate themselves from the customers~!

If you’ve got the stomach for it, be sure to order the “Stuffed Bunny” as your entree next time you’re in town~!

Not all angora are created equal! Even within the same breed, some may require daily grooming while others may be fine with monthly maintenance. Some may not need it at all! You wouldn’t think, huh?

This video shows a kit prone to matting with a littermate that is not. They’re part of a pen of 13 French Angora kits and that mat-prone kit is by far the worst. Both parents require little to no grooming.

I just had an epiphany!

Psychidets will know that recently there were a lot of vore jokes surrounding coach Oleander, from what I could figure out it was most likely because you went in to a lot of fake mouths in his mind. I was thinking of how the coach’s mind foreshadowed his backstory shown at the end of the game, for example The Rolling Tunnel is a nod to a meat grinder, and then I remember that, yes, you did go in to a lot of fake mouths. I figured that it would have a meaning as this is his mind and this happened multiple times and then it hit me. Oleander is an animal empath, mainly bunnies, and what was his father selling the bunny meat for? To eat. That’s why you go into fake mouths so often in his mind because his beloved bunnies got eaten. Hell to make it even worse if the bunnies left some sort of psychic imprint on the meat so Oleander could have had a slight mental connection with the meat he consumed, rubbing salt in the wound.