meat bunny

Things My Friends Have Said Playing Don’t Starve - Starters

Oh…I’m on fire.

I’m just stopping by for a bit. I gotta eat.

Will we need a pitch fork underground?

It rains down there too.

Oh you’re leaving a trail of balloons with you.

Aren’t they cheery?

Just build a fire I’ll come back.

Here take my white sticky load.

And now we have a child!

OH SHIT! The bunnies are trying to kill me!


Did you murder bunnies while you were above ground?

I forgot you can’t walk by bunnies with meat in your hand.

You think the pigs will feed _____ while I’m away?

Spores are dumb.

I left some balloons around some tentacles.

I was hoping the balloons would help sanity, cuz they’re like cheerful?

This monkey is jacking my shit.