meat bunny


you: did you just say you’re a leprechaun
me: * rolling my big, beautiful, green eyes *


Wonho: *Puts arm on Changkyun’s shoulder to eat corn*

Wonho: *Puts arm on Changkyun’s shoulder just to put his arm on Changkyun’s shoulder*

BTS series; Are you bulletproof?

PART FOURTEEN<<                                                >>PART SIXTEEN 


Word count: 4.3k

Where you left off:

“Y/N let’s go, now.” He demanded, pulling your arm once more.

This time you followed the silver-haired man. Letting your legs take the lead, even though your eyes were still locked upon the ‘couple’. After a minute of walking, you felt the urge to vomit again. The thought of those two buying each other rings, it felt like you got punched in the stomach. Small black dots started covering your eyes and Jimin noticed you started walking slower. You didn’t feel well and the dots covering your eyes were a sign of you to lay down.

“Jimin.. I-I think I’m gonna pas-“ You managed to mutter.



Eyes closed, in a ‘deep’ slumber. You wouldn’t call it ‘sleeping’, because you could hear someone talk. Your body was numb, it was like you were paralyzed. Trying to move a simple muscle was a battle and it started to scare you. The people you heard talking, was Jungkook and Jimin. You didn’t know if it was a dream, or a nightmare. Fighting to move your body, you felt something on your face. It was soft, but firm. It was warm and it gave the senses in your body back. Instinctively, you wrapped your arms around the firm figure. It made you feel like home and soon enough, light shined on your eye lids. Finally opening your eyes in force, you were met with Jimin. His face was shocked and eyes bigger than teacups. Looking to your side, you saw the maknae with an expressionless face. Everyone turned into statues, it was as if you stepped into a museum.

“Why… am I here?” You questioned, scanning the boys.

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Nemo's Fancast #2: Johnny The Homicidal Maniac

Director: Henry Selick (see Monkeybone)

Johnny C: Elijah Wood (to understand this choice see Sin City, Wilfred, and Maniac)

Squee: Sam Lavagnino

Devi: Natalie Portman

Mr. Eff: (Voiced by) Benedict Cumberbatch

Psychodoughboy: (Voiced by) Seth Rogen

Nail Bunny: (Voiced by) Yeardley Smith

Reverend Meat: (Voiced by) Kevin Michael Richarson

God: (Voiced by) John Goodman

Satan: (Voiced by) James Woods

Happy Noodle Boy: (Voiced by) Bobcat Goldthwait