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Guess Who’s Back!(Warning Spoilers)

Let’s Talk: The 5th and 6th Steven Bombs.

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So you’ve already heard what I had to say about Lars and his actions, also thank you all for sharing and liking that post, it’s the most I have ever scene rounding over at a nice 1,000 as I type this. So now on to the meat of the 5th bomb, the revelations and just how much trouble Steven is actually in, but first,

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This beautiful little cherub said the three letter sentence that every Ship fiend on this planet lives and breaths to here, and yes while it was aimed at all of his friends and the Gems, his family. He said this sentence directly after Connie called out to him, and boy howdy am I gonna tell you I screamed, punched the air about nine times and giggled like a school-girl. Sugar, you give and take away at such a frantic pace!

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Aquamarine and Topaz, or as I like to call them Brat and Brick, are deeply intriguing characters. Now not much can be understood about Topaz do to her being utterly mute for the entire bomb, but Aqua oh goodie gumdrops Aqua, I give the writers credit where credit is do I don’t think I have both fallen in love and hate with a character this fast in my entire twenty years of life.

She’s bratty, commanding, rude, snobbish, incredibly powerful and amazingly conniving. She was the complete opposite of my expectations and I couldn’t have been more pleased by that.

I think I also understand the purpose of an Aquamarine, they are the perfect spies, after all when you are confronted with a being that looks and seemingly acts like a child, you tend to fall into a false sense of security.

Meanwhile Topaz is all muscle, silent, direct in their actions and utterly obedient…or are they. The recent image “leaks” of Stuck Together seem to hint at something much deeper going on there, and while previously I thought that episode was going to be the reveal of “Stars” I think I now understand it better, Topaz unlike Garnet does not like being fused, they wish to be taken for individuals not just as the end result.

Aquamarine in the “leak” also sasses the hell out of Steven, asking him if his pleading is what brought Gems to Rose’s side. Of course she’s wrong, and the true reason is Steven’s greatest weapon, his ability to empathize with almost anyone, which could lead to all sorts of shenanigans in the very near future.

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Steven’s heading to Homeworld, or at least somewhere in the Diamonds direct control, he has literally thrown himself into the belly of the beast. This entails all manner of unfortunate events taking place, him getting hurt, the Diamonds revealing all manner of “truths” about Rose Quartz, which won’t make the poor kids guilt complex any better, or hell just going straight to trying to kill him for what his mother did. Though I can see a schism arising between Yellow and Blue over what exactly they plan to do with him, and of course White is still and utter wild card at this point.

The Gems can’t reach him, and his only back up is Lars, poor bastard is way out of his depth here. Steven needs allies, and luckily they’re closer at hand then you might think,

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I just had to unfollow a bunch of vegan blogs and it makes me sad how harsh people are about this stuff.

Like I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but with eating so much Punjabi food I don’t eat nearly as much meat as I used to, I definitely do go crazy for milk and dahi and paneer though. And Punjabi vegetarians are never rude about the fact that I eat meat, they just take it as it is.

But at the end of the day I still eat and enjoy meat, especially wild meats like goose, Turkey, moose, elk and buffalo. I don’t like many store bought meats because I don’t like giant farms and how they treat animals but at the end of the day I am a product of my ancestors, and it is traditional to eat meat. My ancestors were not farming people, we harvested from the land and I enjoy carrying on that tradition. I was raised harvesting maple sap to make syrup, collecting berries and I learned to harvest wild rice when I was 20. I try to continue to eat the foods of my ancestors when I can. Punjabi food is great; dhals and paneer and so much vegetarian goodness. But after one or two months my body gets weak and I crave for wild meat..

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Do you like to cook/bake much? If so, which foods?

I don’t like cooking or baking at all, but I’m pretty good at it. I make some bomb ass meat sauce (gravy for all the Sicilians out there) and parmesan breaded tilapia. Also make some awesome cloud cookies.


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