meat and beans

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: All symphonies, whether they be harmonious or discordant, will end.

Taurus: Even the prettiest roses have thorns, some things are worth the nicks and scratches aren’t they?

Gemini: You best is all anyone can ask for, but that doesn’t seem to stop them does it? Nod, smile, agree, then do whateverthefuck you were gonna do anyway.

Cancer: Rome wasn’t built in a day and a lot of the people building it had second thoughts over whether it was going to be a nice place to hang out or not. Give yourself time, you have plenty.

Leo: Bravery is a rare thing, but it can often be substituted for a combination of stupidity, stubbornness, and sheer blind luck. 

Virgo: Just because there is enough dead skin in your mattress to build a second you doesn’t mean you should. That would be fucking weird.

Libra: The stars think you’re a pretty cool cat. Print out this horoscope as an official certificate of coolness.

Scorpio: A rolling stone gathers no moss, and with modern technology you can buy moss by the pound for like 39.99 a bag. 

Ophiuchus: Everything you know is probably wrong, but that won’t really change anything about the world so there’s no reason to worry.

Sagittarius: The stars know you’re having a hard time. Just know that the world can only hit you one day at a time. Try not to let thoughts of tomorrow ruin today. It’ll be here when it gets here.

Capricorn: Today I gave myself a second degree burn by spilling throat coat tea on my hand. What may soothe one problem may cause redness, blisters, and rashes for another.

Aquarius: Tonight is the perfect night to take tasteful nudes under cover of the starlight and never show them to anyone but yourself. The stars shine for nobody, but they are still beautiful.

Pisces: The problem with setting yourself on fire to keep others warm isn’t that it hurts. Its that eventually, you burn out.



I come from a Hungarian family, and we put this stuff (paprika paste) in everything. Soups, salad dressings, meatloaf, beans, meat seasoning/rub type things, and sandwiches.

I never really cared about it, but since becoming a vegetarian, I’ve realized its P O T E N T I A L


It comes in regular and spicy!! The spicy tube has a flame on it, or it will say ’csipos’ to tell you it’s spicy! There’s also another tube that looks really similar but is orange and instead of just having paprika in it, it also has red peppers and spices and is the base for Hungarian goulash, which I have slowly started vegetarianizing for my personal enjoyment.

THE BEST PART? THE TUBES ARE ONLY LIKE $3!! I live in Canada, and I find them in Polish/Italian/other ethnicity specialty stores. They last FOREVER because you only need tiny amounts! AND (at least the red one) is both vegetarian and vegan!! Really, we’re covering all our bases!! You need to refrigerate it after you open it, but it lasts forever.


Some interesting points of Kyungsoo’s vapp broadcast:

  • Chanyeol watching the broadcast and Kyungsoo laughing and asking him, “Where are you and what are you doing now?”
  • Suho is the only person who has watched his movie as the others are busy with their schedules.
  • He hasn’t been able to celebrate Christmas for the past years as he had been busy with work. If he manage to get time off on Christmas, he said that he wants to have dinner with his family.
  • Kyungsoo shares tips on cooking. He says to put a lot of meat into the bean paste soup and also it depends on the brand of the bean paste. He also says he has difficulty in making a Chinese dish but managed to cook it by playing around with the fire, ie, put it to slow fire first and gradually turn it up.
  • He talks a lot about food (he loves food and will basically eats anything except coriander lol)
  • Jo Jungsuk answered a few questions on Kyungsoo (in a previous interview) and one of them was that he envied Kyungsoo’s popularity. Kyungsoo couldn’t think of anything in which Jungsuk would envy him for, so he randomly guessed that it was his youth, bringing a lot of laughter from the staff and viewers.
  • He commented he didn’t know the lipstick was quite dark when he saw the photo (below).
  • One of the questions he received was, “It must be nice hearing people say you’re handsome”. Kyungsoo rang the xylophone to indicate he agrees with that statement (the way he blushed afterwards asdfghjkl).
  • MC voted that he’s a natural in playing comedies but Kyungsoo said he has a lot to learn and when he was filming “Be Positive”, he asked Jungsuk for guidance.
  • He wants to sneak into a movie screening just to see the audiences reaction but haven’t had the time to do so.

Chances are you or somebody you know has recently become the owner of an Instant Pot, the multifunction electric pressure cooker that can produce fork-tender pot roasts in less than an hour, as well as brown meat, cook beans without soaking, and even do the job of a rice cooker or crockpot. The Instant Pot­­ isn’t advertised on TV or in the newspapers, and yet it’s become a viral marketing success story, with owners often describing themselves as “addicts” or “cult members.” That’s the kind of word-of-mouth publicity Instant Pot founders dreamed of when they first began designing the countertop appliances.

The Instant Pot electric pressure cooker has been around since 2010, but really became the buzz during the last six months of 2016. While the company’s electric pressure cookers are sold at Wal-Mart, Target and Kohl’s, the bulk of its sales come from Amazon, driven by social media. Deep discounts on Amazon Prime Day and again on Black Friday, along with the viral online sharing of these sales, turned Instant Pot into a household name. With 215,000 units sold on Prime Day alone, the Instant Pot Duo is Amazon’s top-selling item in the U.S. market. Not bad for a company that does no TV or print advertising and only recently began the process of hiring a marketing agency.

Not Just A Crock: The Viral Word-Of-Mouth Success Of Instant Pot

Photo: Grace Hwang Lynch

[Drawing of a stick-figure girl napping on a couch, drooling and holding a turkey leg. Above her is the word, “THANKSGIVING,” and below her, “The one day of the year spoonies can blame their need for a nap on turkey.”]

Happy Thanksgiving, my (American) POTSie peeps! I hope the holiday hasn’t been too rough on you, and I wish you many spoons for the upcoming season! 🦃

unpopular opinion……………………………salads are hekcening Great

What your food cravings may mean and healthy ways to satisfy them: 

Chocolate - Magnesium deficiency. Dark chocolate is high in magnesium and is actually good for you! Other healthy sources are nuts, seeds, oats, leafy greens or bananas.   

Candy - Low blood sugar. For a short term fix, eat a piece of fruit. To stabilize your blood sugar level in the long run, add more whole grains to your diet. 

Chips - Stress. Try a breathing exercise, a warm bath or some other act of self-care that relaxes you. Or chew on nuts as chewing can relieve anxiety and stress. 

Cheese - Fatty acid deficiency (Omega 3, 6 or 9). Eat walnuts or flax seeds! 

Meat - Iron deficiency. Eat beans or dried fruit. Remember that Vitamin C helps with iron absorption! Sources of Vitamin C are citrus, tomatoes or berries. 

No matter which food you crave, it’s always a good idea to drink a large glass of water - Many people are so used to being dehydrated that they confuse their body’s signals of thirst with food cravings! 

Another important note: It’s more than okay to enjoy “unhealthy” food sometimes! So if you really really want those chips and nuts just don’t provide the same comfort - grab the chips and don’t feel guilty. Indulging in a favorite food lifts your mood and (despite how some people make it sound) it will not kill you.  


Valentine is normally the first to roam around, usually before sunrise. After exiting rest mode, he runs some diagnostics, helps himself a cup of coffee and dives into his archives. Around mid morning, when someone makes him notice, he prepares himself a bit of solid breakfast: usually a couple of toasts with sliced ham of dubious origin.

Codsworth hovers inside the kitchen as soon as he hears someone else getting up. He brews some coffee and arranges a fine bouquet of flowers on the table, and gets ready to greet everyone with his best “smile”. 

Danse diligently wakes up with the sunrise. He washes his face with cold water, workouts in the patio for an hour, showers and puts on a clean suit, and then prepares himself a breakfast that consists of a mirelurk egg omelette, some meat and canned beans, and a slice of melon. And a couple of Fancy Lad Snake Cakes.

Dogmeat usually wakes up when the first persons start to walk into the patio. He gets up all happiness and fluffiness, wagging his tail and trying to get as many morning flatteries as possible. 

MacCready wakes up at a normal hour – early enough to do something of profit, but neither too early to be considered insane. He drags his feet to the kitchen complaining of a bad migraine, picks the newspaper, job ads section, and munches on a mutfruit until he’s fully awake.

Piper jumps out of the bed shortly after MacCready and repeats her “I’m late, I’m late, I’m late” mantra during the few minutes it takes for her to dress up, brush her hair and pour herself some coffee, before storming out. She won’t eat anything solid until noon.

Cait used to wake up fairly late, almost always with a huge hungover she tried to get rid of by chugging a couple of beers – she found it funny to defend beer could count as cereals. After her rehabilitation, she has tried to wake up at the same time as Danse and join him in his morning training, but she still misses the call most days.

Hancock is usually the last one to wake up, and he still loafs around and complains for another full hour before getting up. He puts on his best “Don’t you dare bother me, and specially don’t you dare point out I am probably showing off the mayoral -lack of- treasure” face and floats into the kitchen, lights or pops his morning choice, and grabs whatever somewhat edible is at hand (if it’s one of Danse’s special shakes chaos will ensue).

Deacon is a special case. He can show up in the kitchen at any given hour. Sometimes he’s already perfectly clad and greets everyone with a pearly white smile and a box of just baked tarts he got from who knows where, and sometimes he appears past noon still in his boxers and looking awfully sleepy and unable to coordinate even the simplest movements.