The only thing that sounds worse than Adrien’s mom being a villain is Kagami’s mom being a villain. Marinette is too far removed from the actual plot of the story as it is and her personal stakes in the fight are basically non existent. She needs more involvement and importance in this plot (beyond her connections to Adrien) before a new secondary character does.

It still bums me out that we’re 6 episodes in and so far like… I still have no idea what Marinette’s journey is suppose to be beyond the bare minimum, that is being the hero. That in itself would be fine if I knew what steps she was taking to get to that point but so far, as as much as I love the moments we’ve had, her character has been firmly centered around Adrien the past few episodes. There were small moments of her affirming her desire to continue to be the best hero she can be, but they’re small character beats and inconsequential compared to the major plot happening. She’s just so weirdly removed from all the important bits except in the most basic sense. We had two scenes of her with Fuu where she just learns some information, but the information we learned all has to do with Adrien’s family and how they’re effecting the story and their own characters, while Marinette is just on the outside looking in. As if we’re seeing a story about the Agrestes through her eyes, rather than this story really being about her. It just bugs me, and it’s going to continue to do so until Marinette’s character arc is actually given attention outside of romance. Involving all these other people and heightening their importance before the main lead would be pretty stupid to do at this point. 

do carnists realise that slaughterhouses always kill animals using violence? that farm animals are killed using blunt force and sharp objects? do they realise their food doesn’t die by being “put to sleep”? they are literally bludgeoned and sliced to death? that slaughter isn’t humane, no not even when the farmer pinky-swears it?

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Honestly, I would love to see James in a drama again -- he gets to trim down, grow his hair out & cry with those pretty blue eyes /sigh

I concur lol. I much prefer him WITH his lovely locks on top of his beautiful head, ideally with that fabulous white streak he’s been sporting yummm. However, I will settle for any look that is not the current one, where he is bald AND in my personal opinion, a touch TOO bulky lol. 

THIS here - this is definitely a favorite:

Things I can’t fucking wait for:

• Christmas Break from college so I can devote my entire being and soul into this rp account

• Getting a new computer so I can download PS and make better icons

Christmas break again so I can also put more effort and work into developing my OC Samuel