83 Rabbits Rescued!

These rabbits, victims of a rabbit-breeding operation in California, were being raised for fur, meat, and reptile food. 

The rabbits were suffering from medical issues, including tumors, overgrown claws, sores on their skin, hair loss, and respiratory problems. Some of the rabbits’ teeth were so severely overgrown that they had begun to curl back into their mouths, and according to officials, some rabbits were missing ears and toes.

The San Diego Humane Society and SPCA provided the animals with much-needed veterinary care. For probably the first time ever, the bunnies will be able to hop around on soft surfaces, NOT wire cage bottoms, and experience love and kindness. Once the rescued rabbits have fully recovered, they will be available for adoption into homes where they can finally be seen as family members, not food or fur.

Please remember: animals are not ours to use. <3