measuremyfootsteps replied to your post: Walking really hurts, moving my toes hurt…

Ahdbhsauhjsndhsujasxd what happened? ;A;

I slipped while going into the shower, and almost feel so my foot hit the side of the bathtub. It stung, I thought I just had a cracked toenail, but no that wouldn’t cause me THAT much pain walking. it doesn’t hurt much when I’m sitting - just when I have pressure applied to that foot in the toe area

God, okay.

How do I start this.

Well, let’s just go this way.

I really hate to see my friends upset. I don’t like it, it upsets me greatly.

Seeing someone this upset is infuriating. Completely and totally rage-inducing. My fists are red and sore from hitting shit right now I’m so goddamned mad.

Because my friends are perfect and beautiful and should never be cut down for anything.

Especially one I love so so so so much and just yesterday told was one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met.

I say things like “I’ll steal you away” or “I’ll kidnap you to live with me.” But no, I honest to god mean it especially now because it’s not okay to make my friends upset.

It’s just not. Ever.

Especially when they didn’t even fucking do anything.

Honey, you’re fucking perfect okay.

So fucking perfect.