These were literally a week apart

May 17, 2017:
Hips - 45in
Waist - 37in
Chest - 47in
Arms - 13.5in (L + R)

May 25, 2017:
Hips - 42.75in
Waist - 32.75in
Chest - 36.75in
Arms - 13.25in (L + R)


Dig Diary, March 16, 2017:

French archaeologist Maurice Pillet found and restored this Sakhmet statue in Temple A in the 1920s. Unfortunately, the restoration failed and the statue has been lying broken for decades (top). This season we decided at least to move it onto a platform to get its parts out of the dirt. Even half a Sakhmet is too heavy to be moved without help, so we brought in the siba (tripod and winch) to get the statue pieces up onto the platform.

Here it is after the move was completed. The base is lying on its side (left) and what’s left of the torso is on the right. We hope to restore the statue in a future season.

Jaap van Dijk left the dig on Monday, but before going he and I had a chance to examine the newly revealed left side of the statue. Unlike the right side, the text on the left is completely preserved. It is the standard formula of the king being beloved of a form of Sakhmet, (in this case “Sakhmet-Bastet, Mistress of her Fields”), but has never been noted or published before this.

Mary and I have spent most of this week working on the Sakhmet statues. We have been making careful measurements of each statue and noting relevant details of decoration, style, etc. The work, while very time-consuming (there are over 250 statues), is essential for us to be able to publish them properly.

The air was crystal clear at 6:30 on Thursday morning, giving us a fine view of this village across the river in the Theban hills. It is mornings like this that remind us how lucky we are to be able to work here even for a short season. Work finishes up on Monday, so this will probably be the last post this year.

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May Mayhem


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For those of us who let things slip over April and are ready to get back on form! 

All i ask is that you reblog this post and add info about your blog, your goals and your story! Post your updates with the tag #cinderellasmaymayhem - measurements, progress pictures, meals, workouts - All of it! I want to see what you’re up to!

Weight Loss, Update, and Measurements!

Hey peoples! Wickedly Healthy here, coming at you for an update on my weight loss journey. Hope you’re all having a great Sunday! Hope all is good in your world and that you’re taking it easy. My Sunday is going to be very lazy aside from going to the gym later on today. It’s most likely going to be a repeat of my yesterday. I’ll be sitting on my butt playing video games for most of the night. (Yes, I’m that kind of girl. Lazy as f-) 

I lost two pounds from last weigh in so now I am at 244! My original goal was to be at 242 around this time, but since it’s only a two pound difference I’m not letting it bother me. I know there were days where I could have worked harder and I could have eaten better, but I also gotta live life, plus I was sick for a good week. (excuses, excuses) 

I took my measurements today…. Here are my measurements from the beginning till now. 

From starting Date, Jan 15th., Feb 18th., to Today March 19th.

Measurements in inches

Jan 15th

  • Waist- 47″
  • L Thigh- 29″
  • R Thigh- 28″
  • Bust- 48″
  • Hips- 49″
  • Butt- 49″
  • R Arm- 14 1/2″
  • L Arm- 16″

Feb 18th

  • Waist- 42.5″           (-4 1/2″)
  • L Thigh- 28″           (-1″)
  • R Thigh- 28″          (-0″)
  • Bust- 45″                (-3″)
  • Hips- 47″                (-2″)
  • Butt- 47.5″             (-1 1/2″)
  • R Arm- 14.25″       (-1/4″)
  • L Arm- 14.75″       (-1 1/4″)

March 19th

  • Waist- 41.5″             (-1″)
  • L Thigh- 27.5″         (-1/2″)
  • R Thigh- 27.5″        (-1/2″)
  • Bust- 45″                 (-0″)
  • Hips- 46″                 (-1″)
  • Butt- 47″                  (-1/2″)
  • R Arm- 14″              (-1/4″)
  • L Arm- 14.25″         (-1/4″)      = -3 3/4″

Total Inches Lost!

= 17 ¼ inches!!

I am absolutely thrilled to have see these numbers today, I mean 17.25 inches!!?? Lost. That boggles my brain. I know I will be losing a lot more, but I look forward to being astonished each and every time I add it all up. Inches matter. 

Total pounds lost from Jan 15th to now = 14lbs.

FNaF Sister Location Blueprints

Hey guys,
We wanted to show you the Blueprints of the SL Animatronics. :) We also converted the measurements to european ones, in case you are not familiar with feet and lbs.
Let’s go~

Baby Blueprint:

Height: 7.2 ft / ~2,19m    Weight: 585 lbs / ~ 292,5 kg

Ballora Blueprint:

Height: 6.2 ft / ~1,88 m    Weight: 347 lbs / ~ 173,5 kg

Funtime Freddy Blueprint:

Height: 6 ft / ~1,82 m    Weight: 350 lbs / ~ 175 kg

Funtime Foxy Blueprint:

Height: 5.9 ft / ~1,79 m    Weight: 290 lbs / ~ 145 kg

There is a lot of speculation going on if you can see a child in Funtime Freddys Storage Tank or not. We are still investigating, but still find it kinda odd that they have features like “lurking” and “parental voice sync & replay”.
And Baby has an emergency stop, which is interesting in a way.
Anyway, take care~ :)

- Kuro


I think I’ve made it known that I sort of fell off the wagon. Between getting sick and not tracking my eating, I fell into some old habits again. Luckily, I figured out I was eating to maintain, which is better than gaining a lot of the weight back. I went from 206lbs at my lowest, up to 212, then hovered around the 209-212 mark all of September. Well, I’m glad to say that I’m at 209.6lbs. Only 3lbs away from my lowest. Less than 10lbs away from the 100s.

I am determined. I will do this. I’m not giving up. A small bump in the road is nothing I can’t overcome. So here’s my measurements for the beginning of October, and here’s to kicking my own ass to become the best me I can be 💪🏻


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progress 11/3

5′5″, 150.4 lbs 

neck / 12.5″
↓ bust / 36″
↓ underbust / 30.5″
↓  waist / 28.25″
↓ stomach / 32.75″
↓  hips / 37.5″
↓ butt / 41″
↓  thigh / 23″
calf / 15″
wrist / 6.2″
forearm / 9.4″
↓ upper arm / 10.4″

pretty much everything has gone down since I last posted a measurement check!! :)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I recently bought my first dress which is Innocent World’s Delft Lotta jsk which is 87.5cm in length. I was wondering whether that measurement is from the top of the straps or from the neckline? And if all dresses are measured from the straps/sleeves or the neckline? Thanks!

Usually dress measurements will be from the top of the strap/where it sits on the shoulder to the hem of the dress.