measly weasley

Not a Prince

Requested: Harry x Reader

Hello from Sweden! Could I have an imagine where the reader is in love with Harry and he loves her back but she is dracos twin (even though she is nice but in slytherin) and then she gets tortured for info like hermione (in deathly hallows bc she too was hunting horcruxes) and gets “traitor” carved into her arm instead of mudblood? And mrs malfoy and draco are really sad but harry saves her and brings her to bill and fluers with FLUFF? Ilysm, thanks!

Her screams echoed through the manor like a a rock thrown into a cave. It seemed to continue on..and on…and on. Narcissa threw herself towards her crying daughter, but was held back by Lucius. Even Draco, who always acted tough, was sobbing. His twin sister, his other half, was being tortured to death by the very organization they were a part of.

“Y/n! Please, just take the stupid mark! If you don’t, mum and dad will kill you! Voldemort will kill you! Hell, he might even make me do it myself!” Y/n stared at the mark on her brother’s arm, grazing her fingers along the black. “Draco, I love you, but I’ve already pledged my allegiance to the Order.” Draco growled, shaking her shoulders. “WAKE UP, Y/N! YOUR GOLDEN BOY IS IN LOVE WITH THE WEASEL! IF YOU’RE DOING THIS FOR HIM, THEN-” “SHUT UP, DRACO!” A deathly silence drew through the common room. “We are your family.”

He buried his head into his mother’s shoulder, shaking. The cries continued as the word traitor burned against his sister’s skin. “You are a disgrace to the Malfoy name. Consider yourself a mudblood,” Bellatrix, her former aunt hissed in her ear. She screamed in pain and the witch gripped her arm, digging her nails into the fresh blood.

Draco paced around his room, trying to devise a plan to get his sister to safety. He knew the only person that could keep her alive was him. Draco waited until midnight to creep down the exceptionally loud stairs. He reached her new bedroom, the dungeons, and whispered alohamora through the leaky hall. “Y/n? You there?” He heard his name groaned through the dungeon, and followed the sound to a hunched figure. “Oh, Y/n, I’m so sorry, love!” He scooped her into his arms, apparating. He knew there would be one place to find the Golden Boy. 

A pop was heard as Draco appeared in the Room of Requirement. It seemed as if every Gryffindor that ever attended Hogwarts was surrounding him. “MALFOY! SOMEONE, QUICK! GRAB THEIR WANDS! HE HAS A HOSTAGE!” Draco shrieked, hugging his sister close to him. Just as everyone had their wands pointed at the two, a loud “WAIT!” was heard, towards the back. Longbottom staggered forward, in front of the duo. “Malfoy? What are you doing here? Have a death wish, do you?” He shook his head, gulping. “M-My sister is injured. I c-can’t keep her safe, any longer. I figured you all would have the decency to care for her.” Neville’s eyes widened as he examined the girl in his arms. “Y/n? She’s hurt? I thought she was on a mission with Hermione!” Draco’s once sympathetic eyes almost turned red. “WHAT?! YOU’RE TELLING ME THAT SHE GOT HURT IN REPLACEMENT FOR THAT MUDBLO-” “YOU WATCH YOUR TONGUE!” He began to shake his head, holding on to Y/n harder. “I won’t let you hurt her.” It seemed as if all rationality escaped Draco’s head as he backed into the wall, slumping to the floor. Neville frowned, actually sorry for the boy. “Draco,” his eyes shot up at the mention of his first name, “we won’t hurt your sister. Y/n will be cared for by the Order. We’ll get Harry, he’ll keep her safe.” Draco gulped, a tear falling on to his sister’s cheek. He nodded before passing her to Longbottom. He gripped her, though she was asleep, one last time, kissing her cheek. “I love you with all my heart. Do keep yourself alive.” With that, he disappeared, back into the darkness.

Neville picked her up, trying to wake her. “Y/n? Y/n? Please wake up, Harry will be here to get you in any minute.” Most of the students had gone back to sleep, except Neville.  Her eyes fluttered open at the mention of his name. Right on time, Potter popped in the room, rushing towards her disheveled self. “Y/n! I heard you were hurt! What’d they do to you? Are you okay? Hermione has been a mess since you got captured!” He fired worried questions, gripping her arms tightly, more for himself than her. She gasped, his fingers unknowingly boring into her injury. He looked down, gently lifting her shirt. A gasp hushed all sounds as his eyes began to water. He looked up, pulling her into him. “Who did this?” She choked, “A-Aunt B-B-Bella.” He shook his head, petting her hair. “I will never let anyone hurt you again. You have my word.” They broke apart, never leaving each other’s gaze. “Thank you, Neville. I’ll see you in a bit.” They appeared in a small house on the beach. Y/n looked around, slightly sneering. “Lovely.” Harry chuckled, leading her to a bedroom. “I know it isn’t exactly the manor, but it is quite homey, don’t you think? Everyone’s asleep, so they’ll know you’re here in the morning.” Y/n smiled, thanking Harry for his hospitality. “Harry, I am sorry, but where’s Draco? He brought me here, didn’t he?” Harry looked at her, frowning. “Draco went back to manor. I’m sorry.” She breathed in a few times, trying to contain herself. “I knew he would. He has to. I just thought, maybe, he’d be safe, is all.” He hugged her into his chest, warming her up. “Your brother is safe. Remember, he’s not a prisoner.” “But he is, Harry. He truly is.”

Y/n hadn’t slept better than that night. All year, she had only gotten power naps and restless nightmares. She woke up to the pleasant sound of waves crashing, and the seagulls playing. She had planned to stay in the slightly comfortable bed, dreaming the day away, until the sound of a door breaking open woke her. “Y/N! I’M SO SORRY! HOW CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME? GOSH, YOU MUST HAVE BEEN TORTURED? WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE IT UP TO YOU?” Y/n chuckled, grabbing Hermione’s hand. “First, stop yelling. Second, know that this wasn’t your fault,” she motioned her eyes towards the words, “and third, get me breakfast. I’m famished.” Hermione smiled, pulling her into a hug. 

After the girls laughed for the first time in the past year, sharing eggs and toast, they got up to the beach to socialize with the rest of the household. Harry spotted her walking towards him, smiling. “Y/n! Hope you got a good night’s rest!” She nodded, kicking the sand. “Yes, I did. I would just like to thank you again, Harry, for allowing me into your home.” He smirked, “It’s Bill and Fleur’s actually, but I hope to get something as nice.” She smiled, enjoying the scene of the sun rising on the beach, with the boy she had fancied for three years. It seemed as if she was granted one romantic moment, until a yell was heard near the house. “WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE?” A red headed girl stormed towards them, suddenly being recognized as the youngest Weasley. “Ginny, she was in danger-” “I DON’T CARE! SHE’S PROBABLY A DEATH EATER, JUST LIKE HER PARENTS AND HER PATHETIC BROTHER!” It was when she mentioned Draco that Y/n lost all control and became the snake she was raised to be. “HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT, YOU IGNORANT LITTLE GIRL? I KNOW YOU LIKE TO THINK YOU ARE AS GOOD AS THE REST OF US, BUT YOU ARE JUST A SAD, LITTLE, DIMWITTED REDHEAD WITH UNSHARED FEELINGS TOWARDS THE GOLDEN BOY!” She heard a sniffle come from Ginny, but couldn’t stop. “OOPS, DID I MAKE THE MEASLY WEASLEY CRY? WHY DON’T YOU THROW YOURSELF AT HARRY, ONCE AGAIN?” Ginny turned, storming back to the beach house, leaving a panting, Slytherin girl clenching her fists. Harry looked at her, astonished. “Y/n, what just happened? Why did you say that? I know you and Ginny have never gotten along, but how-” “She disrespected Draco. I know you wouldn’t understand, being you two are enemies, and all, but Draco is the one person I can always lean on. I love him, Harry, and to hear her call him pathetic made me so angry,” she began to shake. Harry put his hands on her shoulders, steadying her. “Y/n,” he looked towards the sea, as if debating on how to phrase his next sentence. “Why were you so angry that Ginny has feelings for me?” She breathed, but released it as a sigh. “Ginny is in love with you, Harry. There’s one thing we can relate to.” Harry’s eyes nearly fell out as his green orbs stared at her. He was surprised to find it wasn’t an accidental slip. She stared at the sun, knowing just what she had said, and seemed indifferent about it. However, he could still see that nervous look in her eye. He was so used to seeing it, nowadays. He moved his hands from her shoulders to her neck, leading her towards him. “I’ve waited five years for those words.” He danced his mouth against her’s, their lips waltzing in a most lovely fashion. Her arms wrapped around his neck, closing the distance from their bodies. In a moment of cheesy romance novels, she lifted her left leg, kicking it up like princess that was saved from a tower. Though their circumstance were different, Y/n Malfoy being the opposite of a princess, and Harry Potter not exactly suitable for the position of a prince, they had to admit, the scenery did fit the part quite well.