Stanford McGucket (1/?)

Stanford messed up his brother’s chances of getting a scholarship and is now living out of the local library. Surviving with little to no plan Until a kind Southern couple offer him a chance to start over.

(an au od @thelastspeecher‘s Stanely McGucket au)


It had been a month, and yet still Stanford remembered the night as though it had just happened. The duffle bag flung at his chest, the forceful slam of the front door to his childhood home, his brother’s protests being silenced by their father’s angry screams. Through heavy tears, he could see their silhouettes in some sort of violent puppet show in the bedroom window. He spent that night in the boat that he and Stanley had spent many a summer’s day working on.

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ok ok fuck. by popular demand here is a summary of my adventure zone homestuck au. god fucking hell

so 12 trolls play a game:

-rust: barrie, thief of heart, rust for redrobe

-bronze: magnus, heir of time (heirs rush in), earthy brown, low lifespan, latinx hc??

-gold: davpot, maid of blood (for bonds), gold bc pilot

-olive: ahvee, prince of doom, olive bc friendly and useful

-jade: mearle, page of life (power he doesnt know how to harness), jade bc plants and nuturing + religion

-teal: carrey, rogue of breath, teal bc dragons

-cerulean: lucrea, sylph of mind, cerulean bc psychic powers

-indigo: kilian, knight of rage (rage doesnt suit her but nothing else quite did either), indigo bc Strong

-purple: taakko ataaco (mage of void bc hes resourceful, a hands-on improviser) n chalup ataaco (witch of light bc shes active n direct + void n light r opposites), purple bc magic

-violet: johann, bard of hope, violet bc fish

-fuchsia: ayngus, seer of space (self explanatory), fuchsia bc he deserves the world

the universe is a jellyfish, whoever that is smiling inside the hunger is caliborn/lord english, edward and lydia are doc scratch

so theyve played through their session and theyre all standing on the lily platform ready to claim the ultimate prize, and magnus has just opened the door when the platform gets slashed. him, taako, and merle make it through before the break; lup was halfway through when the door was destroyed and enters the new universe already dead.

their reward in their session was to be reincarnated as humans in the new universe, with no memory of their previous life - they grow up as mags, taako, and merl. (note that theyre all 13 when the story takes place. merle just talks like an old guy)

mags lives in the suburbs with his pet goldfish, steven. steven glows white and shoots green lightning and can bend the laws of spacetime, but mags doesnt question this much. his stepdad who he named the fish after is dead, but he did leave the house full of chairs. fucker sure liked carpentry to an unreasonable degree, huh

taak lives in nyc (new york, but also an apartment in a city) and he fucking loves wizards. his house is just full of shitty wizards and experimental cookbooks. his older brother sazed, however, seems to love circuitously mocking his passions by leaving all these fuckin cakes around the house. the stairs are clogged with cake. its a deeply-layered mind game cooking war

merls been living on an island for as long as he can remember. his grandpa pan is a well known botanist, environmentalist, and explorer, and hes not home very often, so a lot of the time merl is just alone with his gardens. pan is super into pumpkins specifcally for some reason, and also filled the house with statues of goats n kenny chesney memorabilia

meanwhile, all the other trolls are stuck in the veil. similarly to what karkat thought of john when they first discovered the humans, like half the remaining group started to freak out about being apparently trapped on a meteor for the rest of their lives and the ensuing panic turned into resentment towards the thb for escaping. p much everybody but lucretia, barry, and angus started to lose their cool real bad

so to prevent everybody from making rash decisions and fucking over the thbs lives lucretia took the Executive Decision to wipe everyones memories with her psychic abilities. this broke davenport (as he was a psion she had to be more thorough with him to be sure the wipe worked, but she went too far and destroyed his mind, mituna style). barry, another powerful psychic, thought her measures were excessive at best and tried to stop her (make her pay but like. not fatal), retreating deep into the meteor when he proved unsuccessful. lucretia blamed a ton of stuff on him to make sure nobody would listen to him and ruin everything

from there, she took it upon herself to guide the thb into playing sburb, since that was the trolls only chance of getting out any more. the others on the meteor joined in one by one, without actually remembering anything about their old friends. there wasnt much lucretia could do to stop barry from contacting them from his own husktop, however; she could sometimes interfere with his signal, but that was it. so while his messages were sometimes garbled, he acted as an occasional guide in the same way he does in taz

so the boys play the game. lup is a jar of ashes on taakos shelf, his first sprite prototyping was an umbrella and the second was her. lupsprite. she only remembers fragments of their old life but they know theyre twins. magnus prototyped steven and a wooden duck. merle prototyped his grandpas book, the xtreme teen survival guide, and an onion

since they dont have a time or space player, their session is null. only by bringing in the trolls and their planets from the previous session will they be able to complete the game: this way their main quest leads directly to their friends being rescued, which works to lucretias advantage as she doesnt have to invent a reason why they should rescue the trolls.

everthing, of course, goes wrong. taak puts a bathtub in mags’ hallway.

aahhh??? Pearl had long hair apparently?? And I am weeping because…it’s beautiful???

Edit: Apparently this ‘Mearl’; Connie was telling Pearl a story so she was imagining herself as the main character. Thanks to the people who informed me! Still kind of ‘Pearl with long hair’, so I’m still happy.

Quick, sloppy sketch of Skyrim NPCs who play huge roles in my dragonborn’s (Mearle) life. Oh, and one original character because wah, nerdom. 

Mjoll: World’s nicest borderline psychopath. She just wants to fight and kill all the things. She is Mearle’s BFF. They are very similar in their love of justice and their inexplicable ability to be adorable. 

Marcurio: Mearle’s sarcastic, arrogant though utterly loving husband. Huzzah for the Nord’s progressive marriage policy! I feel like the text by Marcurio is something he wants to say to Mearle all the time.

Creepy Lydia: Seriously though. Sitting in Mearle’s room, watching him sleep, whispering horrific nothings in his ear. Not ok Lydia. 

The Kids: Lucia and Runa. Adopted. Lucia is tough, active, though can be sensitive. Runa is brilliant and a tad manipulative, but a good kid overall. 

Dremora: Doesn’t have a really personal connection to Mearle, but damn, Mearle would not have gotten through the black books without this (these?) guy(s).

Neloth: I just wanted to draw Neloth because I love him. 

Adris: Not an NPC. He’s from Mearle’s past. Plotting a comic and I want to keep him a secret for now. Let’s just say “evil” is not a strong enough term for him.


YES. Set 2 of 4 done. Elder Scrolls OC’s.

So, my OCs exist in the resurgence of the Great War, soon after the events of TES V. So we’ve got the Aldmeri Dominion (check dem babies out), the neutral parties (who are illustrated above), and the yet to be drawn Bosmeri Resistance and Imperial Legions. This is all going down in Valenwood by the way. The Dominion is getting pushed off the mainland.


Laelia: Orphan Breton, rescued by Ragna, Mearle and their recently departed friend Myrgjol while adventuring in Skyrim. Ragna’s a young, cocky conjurer. Rather stuck up.

Ragna: Laelia’s Nord sister who was also scooped up by Mearle+Myrgjol. When she was found running around Riften at 11, she was already taller and stronger than Mearle. Since then, she has transformed from an abused, violent dock rat into a disciplined, stoic protector.

Mearle:  He’s this silly, compassionate adventurer, worshiper of Mara, defender of the innocent whether they be human, Altmer or otherwise.

Gallus: Breton wizard, Destruction magic specialist, kicked out of the Arcane University for forging his enrollment documents, clever, arrogant, hilarious. Working with the next four guys down to commit unlawful acts of thievery. He gets separated from that crew and lost with Mearle in Eldengrove. The couple adorably hook up after weeks of bickering.

Dar'Hijhiim: Khajiit swindler. Leader of a band of thieves looking to take advantage of the chaos of the Second Great War.

Tlzem: In Dar'Hijhiim’s troupe along with Gallus and the Orc twins. He’s the least immoral of the bunch. He was a jeweler who fled Black Marsh to evade punishment for skipping a monthly tribute payment, so really, he’s not cut out for crime.

Burlog and Burleg: Orsimer twins, loyal to Dar'Hijhiim. They are rarely given cause to fight. Dar'Hijhiim uses them for intimidation.

Glenien: (HORNS. HORNS. WHY SO HARD WHY) An ancient Bosmeri Shaman of the the Triclove Sect who was transformed into a beast ages ago in a Wild Hunt. He stumbled into Eldengrove where he slowly began to regain his…. humanity? Merity? Personhood? Do you get what I’m saying? Mearle and Gallus accidentally wake him up and he becomes their giant, confused, adorable guide.