it’s time to face facts: charles xavier’s liberalism does nothing for the mutant cause.

if you didn’t know about their powers, charles xavier and erik lehnsherr would look like a pair of distinguished elder gentlemen. the difference between the two is that for as long as he’s been in the public eye, erik lehnsherr has always explicitly identified himself as the mutant magneto, while for years, professor xavier put on the facade of being a “normal” flatscan scientist.

but it doesn’t end there: as leader of the brotherhood, magneto never required his allies to wear masks or hide who they were. meanwhile, professor x almost always appears in public with only the most attractive (by conventional flatscan standards) of his students. he even goes as far as providing holographic image inducers for his less “palatable” students.

what all this tells us is that charles xavier only cares about you if your powers and appearance wouldn’t cause a stir at the country club, while magneto fights for the rights of all mutants

[ARTICLE] MONSTA X Confirmed To Make Comeback In November

MONSTA X will be returning to the music scene!

On September 28, Starship Entertainment stated, “MONSTA X is getting ready to make a comeback in early November. They’re recording their new album right now, but we haven’t decided on a specific release date yet.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X recently won the Bonsang award at the 1st Soribada Best K-Music Awards, and member Jooheon celebrated their fan club MONBEBEs’ second “anniversary” with a special happy birthday song.

What kind of concept would you like to see them try for their upcoming comeback?

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Another sneeze, nose running so you had to reach for more tissues, stuffy head, Lord you were barely gonna last the afternoon if this kept up. Why’d you even come into work anyways? Not like things couldn’t have been taken care of in the comfort of your own apartment. But then it’d remind you of the reason you came in today in the first place. Loneliness, granted you weren’t totally alone. Nat, Clint and Sam stayed home from this last mission so company wasn’t the issues. No it’s who you want there more than anything else. To keep you warm, hold you close, kiss your forehead and tell you everything’s going to be okay.

Course the honeymoon stage should’ve worn off by now as Tony has said more than a few times over the past several months; given the fact you and Bucky have been together for going on three years. Though you can’t help it and only hoped Bucky felt the same. Thoughts are interrupted by another coughing fit that rattles your lungs and has you gasping for breath and the desk in front of you.

“Damn sweetheart you don’t sound so good,” Sam’s deep voice reaches your ears right as you blow your sore nose for what felt like the thousandth time today.

Glaring, before tossing the tissues out, “Thanks for the boost in confidence birdman, I’ll be sure to fix my makeup later.”

“That’s not what I meant Y/N,” rolling expressive chocolate eyes, Sam perches a hip on the end of your desk, arms crossed, while giving you the once over. “You look sick.”

“And he takes another shot,” groaning when two more sneezes land in the hastily grabbed tissues. “Insults gonna stop anytime soon Wilson?”

“Woman,” he all but growls, then chuckles seeing the half smirk on your lips, which turns into a frown at the next couching fit. “Seriously Y/N, you need to get home, meds, soup and sleep,” worry seeping into his tone.

“I’ll be fine Sam, promise,” soft groan leaving your lips as you sit up, sore muscle being pulled from coughing so much.

Shaking his head, “Not taking no for an answer sweetness. I won’t have that walking icicle you call a boyfriend rip me a new one for not taking care of you.”

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[ARTICLE] MONSTA X’s Japanese Debut Single Shows Outstanding Performance On Music Charts

MONSTA X’s Japanese debut single “Hero” is doing extremely well on Japan’s music charts!

“Hero” was released on May 17 and has taken No. 2 on Oricon’s weekly single chart. On Tower Records and Billboard Japan’s weekly charts from May 15 to May 21, the single rose to No. 1 and No. 2 respectively.

“Hero” is the only album from a foreign artist who debuted this year to make it into the top three of Oricon’s weekly charts. It contains the Japanese versions of “Hero” and “Stuck.”

MONSTA X joined with a new sub-label of Universal Music Japan titled Mercury Tokyo to produce their debut single. Mercury Tokyo was specially founded for MONSTA X’s Japanese debut and takes its name from the famous American label Mercury Records.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will promote in Japan until late-May and begin their world tour in June, starting in Seoul. They will hold a fan meet event in Japan in August.

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Waiting all day [Peter Maximoff x Reader]

Request: I LOVE YOUR WRITING, FAM. I was wondering (if you’re not busy) Could write a Peter Maximoff imagine about him biting/tugging at the readers bottom lip while kissing? I think that’d be sexy af. Regardless, keep up ya work!

Warnings: Heated make out at the end, otherwise it’s just fluff

Word count: 914

A/N: It’s a bit short but I hope that you enjoy it! @carlquesarito

Originally posted by lokiyoulittle

The sunrise woke you up. Groggily, you rubbed your eyes, sitting up, careful not to wake your silver-haired boyfriend up, even though almost nothing could awaken him. You looked around his bedroom, remembering the movie night you and Peter had had. You had watched the complete Star Wars saga. You had fallen asleep during episode II but you knew that Peter had watched the whole thing.

You were staring at his bare back and smiled. In your heart, you knew that Peter Maximoff was the one for you. You decided that you would stay in bed a little longer, grabbing a book and snuggling against your boyfriend. Immediately, he turned around and spooned you, he was still asleep but, somehow, he had sensed that it was you. You smiled softly and inhaled his sweet scent before opening your book and reading.

About an hour later, a voice brought you out of your trance, “How lucky am I to wake up next to the girl that I love?” You turned to face him, he softly placed his lips on your forehead, “Morning beautiful.” He smiled.

“Morning love. Sleep well?” you asked.

“With you next to me?” he grinned, “Better than ever.”

You both stayed like this, cuddling, for a few minutes until you got up to get dressed. Instantaneously, Peter started whining about Professor Xavier ruining your couple time by educating you and other ridiculous stuff. Despite his complaining, you took out a pair of black jean shorts and a rosewood red tank top.

You started undressing and, suddenly, Peter stopped talking. You slipped on your top when a gust of wind hit you and Peter’s hands were on your waist.

“You look hot.” He whispered in your ear, his breath fanning on your neck.

“Peter.” You scolded him, “Now is not the time, I have History and I can’t be late.” You slipped your shorts on and placed a chaste kiss on his lips, “I love you.”

You only had the time to hear him repeat what you had said before rushing out of your boyfriend’s dorm, leaving him standing in his room, speechless about the effect you had on him. You guys always said ‘I love you’ to each other but every time these words came out of your mouth, his heart skipped a beat. Everybody could see that he was head over heels for you and that you felt the same towards him. Every couple wanted to be like you and every single person find a someone that would love them as much as you loved each other.

During the day, Peter’s words rung in your ears. The classes you had today were boring so, the idea of a boyfriend waiting a whole day to be able to kiss you got you through the day. Meanwhile, Peter was in X-men training, distracted. He too, could not get the idea of his lips against you out of his mind. “Only an hour.” He thought, looking at the clock, desperate for time to go faster.

Finally, you walked out of your class and sped to Peter’s room. As you expected, he was sitting on his bed, wearing his signature jacket with a bow of Twinkies in his hands. One of his favorite tunes was playing in the background. He looked up at the sound of you opening the door and beamed. He placed the box on the bed and got up, walking towards you.

“I missed you.” He said, grabbing onto the hoops of your shorts and pulling you towards him.

“Me too.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I was left thinking about you all day. I don’t really like how we left off on our last encounter.” He slipped his hands around your waist.

“Me neither. How about we pick up from where we left off?” you grinned and mirrored your actions.

“I’m fine with that babe.” He brought his face closer to yours, your lips nearly touching each other.

“I don’t remember where we were at.” Every time your lips moved, they brushed Peter’s.

“Let me remind you.” He grinned even more before smashing his lips against yours.

You immediately replied by pushing your lips onto his with an equal force. Your lips molded together like pieces of a puzzle, perfectly. Softly, he bit down on your bottom lips eliciting a gasp from you. He continued to tug on it lightly, making you moan. He used this to his advantage and slipped his tongue in your mouth which started a battle for dominance in your mouth. He won and his tongue didn’t hesitate to wander around your mouth. You unwrapped your arms from his neck, not detaching your lips from his, and tugged his jacket off and discarded it on the floor. He pulled away to take off your top and laid you down softly on his bed. He slipped out of his own black t-shirt and you spent a few seconds staring at his chiseled chest before he crawled over you, leaving a trail of kisses down your neck. He brought his lips back to yours and started nipping at your bottom lip again. Your hands trailed down his abs and reached his pants. After unbuckling his belt, you took off his pants, leaving him in his black underwear. Peter had started creating hickeys on your collarbone and you moaned into his shoulder. At that moment, both of you knew that you were in for a thrilling night.

Destiel in 13x04

first of all, CAS IS BACK (yeah) and he meets…well himself


A very British version of himself who basically just wants to sleep (like me)


BUT he gets straight to the point

(Yeah we know who he loves, his name is DEAN)


But our Cas is simply too annoying and “Britstiel” sends him back


-meanwhile Dean-

he FINALLY approves of something Jack did




Just a few more cuties….

Great to see The Doctor here!! #ScienceMarchLdn (x)

I just met Peter Capaldi at the #MarchforScience in #London!! #science #marchforsciencelondon #PeterCapaldi #DoctorWho #12thDoctor #SomebodyHoldMe  (x)

We saw the amazing Peter Capaldi at the #ScienceMarch in London! Love how he’s going to all of the marches and such a nice guy! #DoctorWho #PeterCapaldi #ScienceMarchLDN #ScienceMuseum #distracteddoctor (x)

Dr me and dr who! #marchforscience #ScienceMarchLdn  (x)

Meanwhile, here’s Peter Capaldi with some #marchforscience peeps & a brilliant Rick & Morty placard. Squee! (x)

.@funsizesuze  spots The Doctor and remains totally calm #ScienceMarchLdn (x)