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every westallen scene ever (124/?)


based on that one post 

@undercovermcdfan and @crybabytime  ‘s conversations fk me up in ways yall dont even know like its one heck of a ride

also who tf allows these two to be alone together like i rlly need to know

  • QROW: T-Tai...
  • RUBY: He's mumbling...
  • REN: He must be hallucinating. Remembering other times in the past.
  • NORA: Happy times, hopefully...
  • REN: I hope so. There's no way to tell...
  • --Meanwhile, in Qrow's mind--
  • TAIYANG: There's a snag on my slacks!
  • QROW: Tai-
  • QROW: She's not coming-
  • --Taiyang ignores him, dashing out the door to buy new pants--
  • QROW: TAI!

You know how when you’re trying to sleep but fanfiction ideas won’t let you sleep?

Well mine was my brain trying to create an accidental alien pregnancy. Lena showing Kara some of Lex’s old projects. Then Kara getting too close to a strange plant that sprays a mist into her face. Lena’s not worried because it only effects Kryptonians, meanwhile Kara is sweating uncontrollably.

Yeah my mind went to some sex pollen thing. I just want them to make gay babies! I mean just imagine Pregnant Lena and Overprotective Puppy Kara.

Shiro:Hey you must be Keith Kogane,nice to meet you I’m Takashi Shirogane but you can call me Shiro everyone around here calls me that.

Keith:Nice to meet you too,I have heard so many things about you.

(Meanwhile inside the minds of Keith and Shiro.)

Shiro:Oh my god he’s cute.


Tweaker pet peeves

Just a few things that drive me crazy…

▪️ cooling the piece with spit - It grosses me out, I don’t understand the rush to pass it quicker. Honestly it’s not gonna kill you to wait a bit longer for it to cool.
▪️ my man gives me the piece back empty everytime and doesn’t say anything. This is so I’ll load it usually (not a social one but still)
▪️ smoking coaches you know the ones who insist you are burning it, the I know the sweet spot for the flame, etc. etc. These fuckers who brag about being pro at smoking. What happens the dope is burnt to shit after they hit it.
▪️ holding the piece while telling this epic story i have to hear. Meanwhile I’m nodding my head excessively because in my mind the story will finish faster this way. Would it kill you to pause hit the piece and then continue in with your story that most likely I was there for but you are too spun to realize.
▪️ don’t we all know that one friend who is missing half the time you need them, but for some reason is at your place on payday like clockwork. They start to get sneaky and crafty when you start to notice, showing up the next day or later in the day. “your holding? Wow I didn’t think you would have any. Figured I’d come over see if we could put our heads together to maybe find a way to pick up” yeah ok mother fucker I wasn’t born yesterday, I’m the one with the job.

Anyways I realize it was more bitching than anything but how many of you were shaking your head while reading. Haha.


The part of you that always existed yet never were you willing to allow into the light of day.


“It’s a little ugly, but…”


((How I feel Paps should find out if he ever does))


Jeans Freak Sanji! Look at him! Look at his hands!!

When I first heard How Big How Blue How Beautiful, I jokingly suggested that it was about The Doctor and the TARDIS. But when I heard the more vocal demo version, the lyrics opened my mind to a ground breaking realization.

“And meanwhile a man was falling from space…” This literally happened with Amy Pond.

The Doctor fell from space in her yard.

“and every day I wore your face…” But after The Doctor left, she kept her belief in him alive by making toys and drawings of him, so she figuratively wore his face.

“And meanwhile a man was falling from space, as he hit the earth I left this place…” Rose Tyler also left immediately after The Doctor returned to take her aboard the TARDIS.

“Let the atmosphere surround me, satelites beside me.” How does the TARDIS allow one to breathe with the open door? With a surrounding atmosphere!

“What are we gonna do? We’ve opened the door and it’s all coming through.” This sounds exactly like what everyone says after going in for the first time.

“Tell me you see it too. We’ve opened our eyes and it’s changing the view.” This sounds exactly like when Donna Noble told the Doctor

‘You’ve opened my eyes Doctor!’

“And every city was a gift!”

“And every skyline was like a kiss upon the lips!”

“So much time on the other side, waiting for you to wake up.”

Remember how Rose Tyler was gone for a whole year and she had no idea?

Or how The Doctor went away from Amy Pond meaning to be gone for a few minutes but left for all those years?

And again for two more years?

There was so much time on the other side and they kept on waiting!

“Maybe I’ll see you in another life…”

“…if this one wasn’t enough.”

And of course,

How Big.

How Blue.

How Beautiful.

The whole song is all about Doctor Who, and that is pretty super gosh-darn exciting.

fattyatomicmutant  asked:

My favorite vore scenario has a feeling similar to an old fairy tale. A monster locks me up somewhere and fattens me up. Gleefully breaks me down mentally so that I look forward to the day he eats me. Meanwhile he cuts bits off me for supper.

In my mind I’d be the one with people in cages 😳
Giving them treats and watching them chow down…