meanwhile in my dashboard


I’ve been getting a lot of hate lately. You all need to stop, I have done nothing wrong for you to hate me like this. Who ever you are, stop. For past couple of days, it’s been nonstop and it’s making me really upset. I didn’t tell anyone thinking it would stop after I addressed it before. 

I don’t write like a child. 

I’m not a child

It’s bad enough I struggle through a few things at home, I don’t need negativity from here. I thought tumblr should be my safe place, where I make friend and make people smile with my writing.

But’s the opposite. I don’t need this, it hurts to see y'all hate on me. 

Meanwhile my dashboard is filled with people getting these nice messages, while I just get hate.

Why do you hate me? Why me?

I can’t do this anymore.. I give up on it. 

Maybe I should delete my tumblr. 

~ Sparrow..