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Tonight’s sketches! I have a habit of initially filling in characters with a colour that feels like it fits them, before actually adding colours..!
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Okay but it is seriously a thing where anytime I watch Guardians of the Galaxy I just want to switch it to the original Outlaws team. Jason, Roy, Kory and maybe they dragged Dick and Tim along with them out to space on a crazy adventure. Or maybe it’s the original Outlaws with the new Outlaws team because if Bizarro isn’t a perfect stand in for Drax I don’t know who is.

The villain Anarky in Arkham Origins is perfect, look at this antifa douche.

In his profile Batman comments that he needs to be dealt with physically and locked up for the safety of Gotham. Meanwhile in reality people are tripping over themselves to excuse guys like these and they even make a meme out of Trump for daring to say there are bad people on all sides. 

I’ve never enjoyed beating the shit out of a comic villain more than this guy and his followers.

On vacation in Central, being held hostage. No one seems to be freaking out???

Crisis averted, 0 casualties. Am told this is normal. May move once the semester is over, can’t give up scholarships.

#OnlyinGotham is being kidnapped in another city considered a “fun, lighthearted” topic for a “what I did this summer” essay.

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Requested by anon <3
Prompt:  I love your blog, and your writing is brilliant. I was wondering if you could do an imagine were a 21 year old (and sane/shy) reader is in a relationship with both Joker and Harley? She’s the first to get captured by Batman. Thank you very much if you can!


You found yourself sitting in a dimly lit room with your wrists and ankles tied down by rough rope that dug into your skin. Your head pounded and cracking one tired eye open you jumped back into your senses with a jerk once you noticed the tall and dark figure staring down at you. Fear struck your chest – what had happened to you!? Wiggling you soon realized your efforts were in vein. The complete silence was starting to unnerve you and licking your dry lips you found the courage to bore directly into Batman’s eyes.

“They are going to find me.” You whispered, praying your voice wouldn’t crack, “And when they do…You’re going to pay, Bats.”

“…That’s what I’m hoping for, (Name). I hope they can find me so I could put them out for good.”


Meanwhile somewhere in downtown Gotham a car blazed past red lights leaving a trail of smoke behind. A downright pissed Joker steered the wheel as he mumbled curses and insults under his breath whilst the teary eyed Harley fired her gun at some policemen that were chasing their tail.

“You’re dead meat, Bats, ya hear me!?” She growled, pulling the trigger and taking out a tire. With a screech the car crashed into a streetlamp, “How DARE you take our girlfriend from me and puddin’!”

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If DC ever decided to put out a Gotham Rogues TV series, how would you like to see it all go down??

my obsessive ass has thought about this way too much, but basically i’ve come down to two principle ideas i would love to see for a gotham rogues tv show. first of all, i think it should be an after the watershed kind of show on hbo, netflix or amazon. i also think it should be v gay and sexy but that’s just a personal preference (and i mean gay beyond just gratuitous fan-service or harley and ivy or the sirens primarily for male viewers.) ofc it can still be violent too to satisfy all the fanboys out there. it kind of comes with the territory. 

my first idea is this: a straight up gangster show ala the sopranos or maybe sons of anarchy. it’s the power struggle between say: two-face, penguin and black mask. perhaps you could have a more heroic rogue like selina stepping in to try and cool things down. batman and batfam could also make appearances, but i wouldn’t want it to become their show. the show is shown from the different perspectives of harvey, oswald and sionis as they try to seize control of gotham. they could also go around town trying to recruit other rogues to join their gang. most of the rogues might jump at the chance of working with them if only for money, others might be drawn in by loyalty/friendship while some would want to completely stay out of the war. you could also have episodes focused on the other rogues like harley, ivy, riddler, scarecrow, mr freeze, killer croc, etc. and how the power struggle is affecting them personally or how they mean to exploit the whole thing to get the upper hand. as i mentioned earlier, you could also have more heroic (or at least less bad) rogues dealing w/ the consequences of a gang war on their neighborhoods or ppl they care about.

my second idea, though i hate hate HATE the whole concept of dick!bats, is that batman has died and this has completely changed gotham’s landscape. nightwing, oracle and batman’s allies are trying to keep their grip on the city but they’re busy grieving themselves and are struggling to fight new waves of crime/criminals. meanwhile, the gotham rogues are sort of dealing with their own grief bcos for many of them, their sense of purpose is gone. i could see this show dealing more with interpersonal relationships among the rogues gallery. the first idea was more about conflict and highlighting them as bad guys, i feel like this would be more about their friendships and them figuring out just where the hell they go from this point. i feel like it would lend itself more towards a split narrative between the gotham rogues and the batfam.

i also have a jokey idea where we have a arkham comedy series or gotham rogues sitcom but that’s never gunna happen so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

one thing i would hate to see is joker shoved at the forefront of it like everything goddamn else and that being all the hypothetical fandom would focus on. if he was in it - i feel like he should have a very minor role, possibly only as the background boogieman all the rogues avoid speaking of. he might only touch the story through harley’s connection to him. otherwise the only way i could see it working is the joker as an overreaching villain of both the batfam and rogues gallery in the final season. otherwise miss me with that shit

finally, i believe the rogues shouldn’t be demoted to anti-heroes. they should still be allowed to Do You A Crime. just because they have their own show, they shouldn’t be all sweet and innocent or misunderstood all of a sudden. likeable does not equal moral. 

anonymous asked: Hi Gotham ! What happens when Claire and Jamie leave the plane, and decides to move into his/Murtagh´s flat ? (Mod Glasgow AU) . Love all your fics !! x

Mod Gotham replies: Sure, anon! Here you go - keep in mind that this takes place *right after* they get off the plane - one day before they get engaged, and one month before they get married =)

Modern Glasgow AU

This was crazy. She was crazy, pouring her heart out to a stranger and soliciting his help to move her things from Frank’s flat. He’d convinced her to wait until the morning, when he and his godfather could both help. And she didn’t want him exerting himself too much, and give the burn enough time to heal.

Right. Keep telling yourself that, Beauchamp. Convince yourself he’s a patient, when he’s something else entirely.

She glanced at Jamie, beside her in the back seat of a cab. The dark, rain-slickened streets of Glasgow glided by. Her hand hadn’t left his since the airplane, not even in customs or immigration, when they’d gone through together. As a couple.

Jamie’s thumb gently traced the backs of her fingers. Her left hand felt naked, but free. Liberated. But at the same time she felt the invisible weight of another band – the one Jamie could give her. He was an amazing, selfless man – but still very boyish in some ways.

Idly Claire wondered just how old he really was. Not that it mattered – but she was curious. Frank was ten years older than her, and Jamie was clearly younger.

“It’s just a wee bit up the street,” the cab driver said over the roar of the rain.

“I feel terrible intruding on you and your godfather – you haven’t seen each other in ages,” she said softly.

Jamie squeezed her fingers. “Dinna fash yourself. He’ll be delighted to meet you.”

Claire wasn’t so sure. She’d taken such a big risk with Jamie – but he’d proven to her in their short acquaintance that he could hold her heart – and her feelings – with such gentleness and thoughtfulness. And respect.

The cab eased to a stop. “Here we are.”

Jamie reluctantly released Claire’s hand. “Here are your bags – wait for me just under that alcove.”

She opened the door and darted through the raindrops to a small covered entryway. Beside the glass door were six doorbells, glowing in the dark.

The door slammed, and Jamie hurried to the alcove, pressing tightly against her. Her heart surged.

He pressed one button and settled an arm around her shoulders as they waited.

“Come on…” he said under his breath.

“Aye?” A deep voice scratched over the intercom.

“It’s me,” Jamie yelled over the din of the rain. “Fer the love of God, man, let us up!”

The door buzzed, and Jamie turned the doorknob. Claire gathered their bags and followed him into the hallway and up a flight of stairs.

The door at the end of the landing was already open, a bearded man in a navy dressing gown waiting in the doorway. She hung back as Jamie rushed to greet his godfather.

They embraced, and the older man held Jamie for a long time. They spoke Gaelic in excited tones. Jamie’s voice saying those strange words…she wondered again just what exactly he had murmured to her on the airplane.

Murtagh looked up over Jamie’s shoulder and noticed Claire. “Jamie?” he asked, switching to English. “What’s this? Have ye something to tell me?”

Jamie turned and extended an arm to Claire. She stepped forward and gripped his hand tightly.

“This is Claire. She sat next to me on the plane ride home. She’s in need of a place to stay tonight.”

Murtagh looked her up and down in frank appraisal. “Ah. Weel. And here I thought – weel.” Belatedly Claire realized that Murtagh was a bit flustered.

Seeking to break the tension, Claire stepped forward, hand extended. “Claire Beauchamp,” she said softly. “Jamie told me quite a bit about you.”

Murtagh stared at her hand before gripping it and giving two hard pumps. “Mmphm,” he said warily. “She’s English, Jamie?”

“Aye. So?”

Murtagh shook his head. “Of course. Anyway. I suppose I’ll be making up the extra bed for ye, lad. No way this lass will sleep on the couch.”


“Really, I’m fine – I’m quite comfortable. Thank you.”

“Truly? I know it’s no’ much, but…” Jamie glanced around the small bedroom, lit only with the glow of a single bedside lamp. There had been no question that she’d get the bed and he would make do with the pull-out mattress of Murtagh’s battered living room couch. Though truth be told, he’d prefer to slide in next to her and just hold her through the night…He shook his head to clear it of those thoughts. Better save them for later – not with her standing right in front of him, so bonny in the dim light.

She gently rested a hand on his chest. Only now when they stood, face to face, did she realize just how bloody tall he was.

He closed his eyes. Dimly she realized that his heart was racing under her palm.

So he was as affected as she was.

“Thank you, Jamie. You’ve been so kind – offering me help, a place to stay.”

He swallowed. “It’s nothing. I hope you know I’d do anything for you, Claire.”

His voice was so eager – open, and honest. And the way he said her name – so gently, and with that burr – warmed her insides. Her breath quickened.

“I’ll take you to the pharmacy in the morning to get more of that aloe cream. You don’t want that burn worsening.”

He nodded, and opened his eyes. His blue gaze burned into hers.

Heady. Intense. What was this between them?

His hand gently rested on top of hers. He licked his lips and kissed her knuckles, so gently.

“Good night,” he said, voice husky. He stepped quietly toward the door.

She smiled widely. “Good night.”

He nodded and shut the door. She rested against it and let out a deep sigh.


I’m Batman

You’ve known Terry Mcginnis pretty much your entire life, of late he hasn’t been himself, something has changed. You are pretty sure it is more than the death of his father, it’s something else. He has become distant, always looks exhausted at school and on top of that he is failing almost every class. 

Any time you try and ask him what is going on he will use the same excuses over and over: ‘Oh I can’t hang out tonight, got work to do with Mister Wayne.’ ‘I’m tired because Mister Wayne has me working late, he needs me, y/n.’ ‘You know how it is, I need to provide for my family now that my dad’s gone.’ Which you understand, of course you do but the fact you hardly ever see him anymore is upsetting. These days you only ever get to see him in school! You thought you meant more to him than that. 

You and Terry aren’t anything official, everyone knows the two of you are a thing, the two of you just don’t want to put a label on it, not yet anyway. However, you are not sure anymore if you and Terry will ever be a thing. How can you be when he hardly talks to you anymore, never hangs out with you and is hiding something? You know it’s not just a little thing either, whatever it may be, it is big. What sort of relationship would it be you don’t even trust one another? Sure you’ve had your fun together, you even lost your virginity with him. Your friendship blossomed over the years into something more but has hit a snag, unable to progress any further. Perhaps it is time to face the facts and call it a day, it’s probably best for you both. No more broken promises, no more disappointments and no more waiting around. There’s only so much of this you can take. 

It took you a while to think things over but you are now ready to give Terry a call and tell him how you feel, about how you should break things off with each other. You have no idea how he will react, he might be relieved and agrees that whatever this is should end or he will be heartbroken and unable to understand. If it is the latter, you hope to god he will try and fight for you, give you a reason to rethink your decision. 

You hit the call button and patiently wait for him to answer. So far it is just ringing out, causing you to sigh heavily. Of course, he won’t pick up, he never does, why would this time be any different?

Hey, it’s Terry. I can’t take your call just now so leave a message and I’ll get back to you asap! Stay Schway!” The familiar sound of his voicemail fills your right ear. At this rate, you have heard it at least over one hundred times. So much so that you can recite it off by heart now. 

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Meanwhile, over on Gotham, national treasure Paul “Pee Wee Herman” Reubens (who also appeared in Batman Returns, Mystery Men and Batman: The Brave and the Bold) is Penguin’s dad, just about making up for the loss of national treasure Carol Kane as his mom.

It’s just, like, a really good time to like comics and watch TV.

(read some Penguin stories)

Battle for the cowl non powered/au

Hi this is me brainstorming an au… 

 Millionaire Bruce Wayne’s plane goes missing during a bussiness travel, no boddies recovered. 

 Meanwhile in Gotham the Wayne heirs dispute the place as WE Ceo, Dick has been groomed since he was a child and has half the board on his pocket, Jason the prodigal son has finished detox and wants to prove he’s ready to take more responsability and is a rutless negotiator, Tim is happy as the research and development section of WE. Damian wanted to meet his father and now that he’s lost him is feeling adrift, will his hated brothers manage to crack his spiky exterior? 

 Now imagine all the political drama with a hint of jaydick that gets even more dirty with a hint of under the table negotiations, a cold war of market stock and backhanded compliments and grudging admiration.

 Also Conner Kent barreling at WE asking for answer on his father wereabouts…because yeah reporter Clark Kent was in that plane. Now it’s time for Timkon to unmask a kidnapping gone awry and the ghost in the computer sending an S.O.S.

Haven’t drawn Cobblepot in a while. There is something about his look that works so well in black and white. (And I didn’t realize it before but I have a tendency to draw people left handed. Even when they are not. Comes from being left handed myself. However, in this case Robin Lord Taylor is actually left handed. So, it all works out.)

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Gotham is the most beautiful show I have ever seen. (Though Hannibal holds a special place in my heart.) But I watch each episode a couple of times because I always miss things the first time around. I am too busy gawking at the sets, the props and the clothing. (The latest episode? I want Barbara’s red coat. That was gorgeous.) 

  • Ed: I have an amazing girlfriend and my best friend is so supportive of us. I couldn't be happier
  • [Meanwhile]
  • Oswald: I am gonna grab that bitch by the hair and drag her across the floor
  • Isabella: I am gonna stay with Ed and I dont give a shit if the mayor loves him too. I am not jealous because I know he doesn't have a chance.
  • [Meanwhile]
  • Ed: Best friends ever
I knew now what had struck me about that writing. It had not been written with a quill. Quill writing, even the best, was uneven in color, dark where the quill was freshly dipped, fading slowly through a line of writing. Every word of this was the same—written in a thin, hard line of black ink that slightly dented the fibers of the page. Quills never did that.

“Ball point,” I said. “He wrote it with a ball-point pen. My God.”


The Fiery Cross

…meanwhile, Gotham eagerly anticipates the return of Master Raymond to the main Outlander novels…

3.04 Mad City: New Day Rising

Penguin gains power as he narrows in on the nomination for Mayor of Gotham. Meanwhile, Gordon turns Alice (guest star Naian Gonzalez Norvind) into the GCPD for the bounty. Also, Bruce and Alfred race to find Bruce’s doppleganger after learning he’s assumed Bruce’s identity.

3.05 Mad City: Anything For You

Crime in Gotham is at an all-time high, as Penguin struggles to uphold his promises to the city. Meanwhile, Butch goes down a dark path with the infamous Red Hood Gang and Bruce begins to investigate Ivy’s whereabouts.

3.06 Mad City: Follow The White Rabbit

Mad Hatter sets his eyes on his next victims, forcing Jim Gordon to make some tough decisions. Meanwhile, Penguin and Nygma’s relationship evolves, and a familiar face comes back into Nygma’s life.

3.07 Mad City: Red Queen

After coming in contact with a substance by the hand of Mad Hatter (Benedict Samuel), Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) gets led on a psychedelic trip and must confront his past, present and future. Meanwhile, Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) struggles with Nygma’s (Cory Michael Smith) new relationship.