Adoption: not a second choice, a fallback option or because you can’t have ‘your own’, but wholly believing you are seeking to bring home the very child God created with you and your home in mind, fully equipping you to be the very parent He created you to be.
—  unknown
Your Gut Feeling

My mom has told me to follow my gut feeling. Especially when that feeling is there for more than 24 hours.


Well, in my gut, heart, and head I know that he is not happy with her. I know that he is using her as a rebound, or he is with her because what he’s feeling now is all he’s ever known. Miserable.

I know in my gut, heart, and head that we are not over. No one has such a connection on that kind of level with someone who lives in a completely different state. No one meets someone as random as I met him and clicks like we did. There is a different plan set for us then we had. Everything happens for a reason right? Sometimes things, or people have to fall apart to realize how much they have to be together.

People in my life may think I am crazy for believing in him, us and our relationship still but I do. I truly believe he is my soul mate.

Usually my gut is right.. and I hope it is this time because learning to live without him is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

When you know, you know.

I know. He knows. Everyone who knew “us” knows.


*sigh* I miss him.

Please don’t fuck me over gut.. I’m counting on you.