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another fuckin lance vid boys
song: clear - pusher
programs: adobe premier elements 13 + after effects
thumbnail cred: marchingspace

Peter Maximof x reader

74. “Did you black out?” “I feel like I’m going to puke.“ @fragcc Sorry it took so long, I meant to post it last night before I went to bed but it didn’t upload. I also kept this one short and sweet so if you’d lie something longer just tell me.

You lie on the tiled floor trying to get your bearings, your ring tone can be heard over the ringing in your ears. As you wonder what happened a certain silver haired mutant appears before you as if by magic. If magic was a genetic mutation that caused him to be able to run faster than Usain Bolt. 

“Babe, what happened?” He asks as he helps you to your feet. “Did you black out?” Dizzy, you grab onto his arm as if its a lifeline. Peter explains that you didn’t answer on the first ring so he ran to make sure nothing was wrong. “I’m going to throw up.” You state before your lunch finds its way to your boyfriend’s shirt. Embarrassed you mutter a few sorrys before moving to clean up the mess. Suddenly your laying on the couch with a cold cloth on your forehead and your doting boyfriend sitting beside you in a clean shirt. When he isn’t using his abilities to mess with people they are really convenient. The two of you spend the rest of the day cuddling and watching movies. Maybe I should get sick more often you think to yourself. 

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(My iPad must hate tumblr. I uploaded this last night and it never did anything. This is the 2nd time it’s happened)

So Autodesk SketchBook, the app I use to draw, did a major update changing the brushes, UI and other features, so I wanted to test it out and get used to thing, and there’s no better way than drawing my favourite little demon.

I used the photo of @therealjacksepticeye from his Instagram back in October as inspiration (as the picture was meant to be an Anti teaser leading up to his take over) so I decided to draw how I draw Anti in this same pose

Sorry for the lack of posts today.

I meant to fill the queue last night but after seeing The Creatures upload, I wanted to take some time to look back on all of the good times.

I just wanted to say that if you’re sad about this, nostalgic, disappointed, heartbroken, etc. that it’s okay. Regardless of how long you watched them for. They were the start, you know? The start of so much, and so many great careers sprang from them. I think people forget that it wasn’t all bad. There were so many good moments, ones that still make me laugh when I think back on them. It was nice while it lasted.

Anyway, posts will resume tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone.

– Jules

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22 “Delete it. Now.” with Barba please!!!

Gladly! Enjoy! 

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22. “Delete it. Now.” | Rafael Barba

He was a man on a mission when he stormed into the precinct on his lunch break that afternoon. Not that he was ever aimless when he walked into the bullpen, but today he was especially driven.

You were sitting at your desk, as was Mike across from you. Rollins and Fin were leaning on theirs, talking idly to one another. Carisi was trotting in from the hallway near the bathroom, happily dotting on to some uni about something that he found entertaining. 

Everyone was content, going about their business quietly.

That is, until you heard Barba storm in. In fact, everyone’s heads shot up as they directed their attention to the brazen entrance.

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What Last Week Felt Like

[ Heeeey, I’m uploading directly to Tumblr for a change! ;D ]

The lab got SLAMMED with samples last week. I may be a lowly front desk hack, but GOOD GOD it seemed like everyone AND THEIR MOM wanted to test for asbestos on Tuesday: not including larger jobs sent to another lab, we had 156 samples. On Thursday, I skipped Comics Night after making some poor rush-hour driving choices that ultimately meant taking two hours to get home. Thank goodness I work relatively near Tryon Creek State Park because nothing takes my mind off the stresses of work like a good hike; that’s how I spent a couple hours after work on Friday.

I am far more anxious now than I used to be; I have retail to thank for that. I mean, I’ve always overthought things and my relationships with people and all kinds of crap I shouldn’t worry about, but Friday was one of those days in which the negative shit took over for a while. “I’ll never be a real artist” is a massively annoying thought, you know? I felt better by the end of the day. <3

Just a silly Sunday comic. There are probably like two people who will find this amusing. XD

Give Up For The Night

“Right. Yup. Thanks.” Joe huffs into the phone, ending the phone call a moment later.

I glance up from my computer as he lets out a frustrated groan.

“Bad phone call?”

“Yes.” He runs a tired hand across his face before walking over to the couch where he falls onto it on his back. “I thought Sugg Life was supposed to be fun, and exciting.”

“It is.”

“Not really.”

“No luck with the stock problem then?” I ask, looking back down at my computer as I continue to edit.

“Not at all. I hate this. I feel like we’re letting everyone down because there was a glitch!”

“It’ll work out, Joe. Don’t worry.” I reassure him. “Give it some time. The team is working on it.”

“Yeah, I know.” He sighs, and the room falls into a comfortable silence, only broken by the occasional clicking from me dragging clips over.

I had been working on this video for the better part of an hour, and was getting worried because it was meant to be uploaded pretty quick, and time was running out.

My plan was to have it edited last night, but then other work had popped up and it was nearing one in the morning by time that was all done. I knew it would be too much to edit it last night, so I had put it off for today. Except then Joe and I had gone into the office to deal with both Sugg Life merchandise and for an impromptu meeting for myself.

Since we got home, Joe had been on and off the phone, while I had been doing my best to finish editing.

I was getting close, I just had to finish another section. And that was when the program I was using froze.

I wait a minute, hoping the spinning wheel of death will disappear and I’ll be able to continue, glancing up at the time quickly as I waited.

Then I blink, and everything is gone.

“No.” I breathe, my eyes growing wide.

“Hm?” Joe tilts his head back, looking at me.

“No. No. No.” I mutter, ignoring him as I click on a few keys. The program is running, but my video, the one that I was almost done editing for my channel is gone.

“Y/N?” Joe ask again, and I finally glanced over at him.

“It’s gone.”

“What’s gone?”

“My video. It’s just…gone.” My gaze lands back on the computer screen, and I can feel the tears fill my eyes.

“Shit.” I can hear him push himself up into a sitting position, taking the computer from me gently. “Let me see if I can get it.”

“I can’t believe it. I was so close. And now I’m going to be late uploading, that’s if my clips aren’t corrupted. Or gone. And I have to redo everything. Oh gods. I don’t have time to do that. I was supposed to be answering emails, and calling back that lady to make a meeting. And I have yet to plan another video.”

“Hey, hey.” Suddenly Joe’s arms are around me, and I lean into his embrace, my body still tense. “Relax, love. It’ll work out. Right?”

“What am I going to do?” I mumble, burying my face into his shoulder as he pulls my legs over his lap, his fingers running up and down my arm.

“I think,” Joe replies, settling back against the couch. “That we just give up for the night. No more Sugg Life stuff. No more editing. No phone calls. Emails. Nothing. Just the two of us. And some good.”

“And wine?”

“And wine.” He laughs softly.

“But my video…” I glance over at my computer, which is sitting on the couch beside us.

“I’m sure I can retrieve it, Y/N. But just let your viewers know you won’t be getting it up tonight. We both need to just take a step back and breathe.”

“Yeah. I think you’re right.” I sigh, relaxing into him.

“I do have those moments one in a while.” He jokes, and I can’t help but giggle.

Within minutes, we are both breathless from laughter, all the tension and stress leaving us until we slumped into the couch and each other.

“There,” Joe says, kissing the top of my head. “Much better.”

“Much better.” I echo in agreement.


okay, here we go @quichehound!

this is what i meant to upload last night (@blueboyluca @herebelife) before tumblr decided it was porn, apparently

this is our cooling mat and quichehound was wondering about the texture and how it’d hold up to scratchin and stuff and this is the best i can do to assist


THIS WAS REQUESTED my masterlist is ready to go here. If you want something written you can request it right here!

Request:Can you do an imagine where reader is stiles sister and Scott bites her and you end it

You lay in the hospital bed, listening to the rhythmic beeping of the heart monitor next to you. While Stiles’ dementia turned out to be projected by the nogitsune, yours wasn’t. And while you were meant to be enjoying you senior year, cruising wither 4.0 GPA and an almost guaranteed spot at Stanford, you were spending your days in the hospital bed, wondering if you would make it to the end of the week. You had no future, your brain was eating itself from the inside out. The door opened for the countless time today, revealing a tall Latino boy in casual clothes. Did you know him? Recently people had been coming and talking to you, but you didn’t know who they were until they reminded you. “Hello.” You said to the boy as he sat next to you.

“Hey Y/N.” He said, rubbing a hand down his face as he looked at your form in the bed. There was a silence in the room as you raked your decaying brain, trying to remember the boy sitting beside you. “I’m sorry.” You whispered. “I can’t remember you.” The boy sighed, as if he was afraid this would happen.

“Y/N, it’s Scott McCall.” At those words you broke down, sobs shaking your body.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Scott.” You cried. You couldn’t even remember your childhood best friend, the next person you could forget might be your brother. And that would break his heart. “Y/N, I can save you.” Scott said, leaning forward towards you. “I can heal you, give you your memories back, stop the dementia.”

You paused, trying to process what Scott said. “It will keep you alive, it will save your brother.” Scott said, inching closer towards your bed. That did it for you, you needed to stay alive, for Stiles. “Whatever it is, do it.” You said to Scott. A second later, he sunk his teeth into your forearm.

You awoke the next morning, and for the first time in months, you remembered clearly what happened last night. Scott had given you the bite, and you accepted it. “Hey.” You looked over to see Stiles, your brother.

“Stiles.” You spoke, your voice clear. Instantly you were wrapped in a massive hug.

“Scott told me what happened last night.” Stiles said into your shoulder.

“I’m sorry that you’re the only human now.” You try to joke, still feeling a bit confused about what this meant for you know.

“I don’t care if you’re an alien, as long as you’re alive and healthy, I couldn’t care less.”

“Thank you Stiles.“

A/N: I’m going out for lunch, so I will upload more this afternoon/tonight. Have a nice day/night xx