meant to upload these last night


another fuckin lance vid boys
song: clear - pusher
programs: adobe premier elements 13 + after effects
thumbnail cred: marchingspace


[Pax Day 3 Afternoon]

First pic is the entrance before Pax, other pics are of more various exhibit areasヽ(・∀・)ノ 

Third pic has Fangamer near the middle & there was a lot of Undertale stuff there ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Last two are looking out from my hotel widow at night (。・ω・。)ノ

Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading home & actively working to finish a particular Undertronic original with Sans & Papyrus. It’s a special track to me, and I think you’ll enjoy it (「・ω・)「

Also, I’m looking at VidCon for my next convention, which is a few months away. Gonna look into it when I get back home & settle in o3o

anonymous asked:

I think you should post them all in an imgur file!! :o what days did you take pics? Im so excited to see them aaaaa

Omg I am so sorry I took so long to get these uploaded!!! I meant to have them up last night but I queued the post wrong and it also only uploaded half the pictures??? But anyways they are all up now, and the imgur album can be found here:

The only day I took pictures was saturday sunday!!! I hope you enjoy that album :D I’m pretty sure half of it is like blurry zoomed in pictures of my face/my friend’s faces, but at least it’s all very high quality.

External image

this photo of my son is a fucking gem

So, Julie Andem (the creator of SKAM) just uploaded this screen shot to her Instagram. You probably remember it from when Isak goes home with Even, he comments on his funny drawings.

I’ve thought about that note pictured there, before. Because as I see it, it’s meant to be understood in two ways:

Alt er love.

It could mean ‘Alt er lov’ ( literally: everything’s allowed)

or it could mean 'Alt er kjærlighet’ (everything’s love/love is everything)

I think she knows how devastatingly difficult last night’s clip was for everyone. I hope by posting this she means that love conquers all - that everything will be alright in the end?

I’ve said it so many times before, and I’ll say it so many times more:

All you need is love


This was completed late last night and meant for yesterday’s post but I failed to upload. Minor setback but I’m still pushing forward. I’ll use this opportunity to revive an old series of mine titled “My Favorite Things” which is inspired by my favorite John Coltrane song with the same name. If you scroll back far enough on this Tumblr blog you’ll find my earlier doodles in the series.

My revival of this series is not only to challenge my skills further but to explore and show appreciation for the mundane moments in life that surprisingly bring happiness. For the first illustration in this series, one of my favorite things is feeling the warmth of a hot cup of coffee while out on a cold day.