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Some asks from today + a sketchy WIP.

Away From The Promos ~Bill Skarsgard Imagine~


Summary: You are married to Bill Skarsgard and you both have a young son. You try your best to keep him away from the promotions for IT. However, it’s nearly impossible since it’s everywhere. When he sees a commercial, you now have a tough time explaining to him that it’s not real. 

Author’s Note: So my best friend requested this to me when we were volunteering for Key Club and I told her to text me this so we wouldn’t forget. This is her first time requesting an imagine and I’m so lucky to be writing this.

Y/S/N: Your Son’s Name 

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You and Bill had been married for almost 5 years. You both ended up having a four year old boy which you both love with all your hearts. When Bill landed the role of Pennywise, you both agreed not to let your son see anything involving the movie. 

There was one time he almost saw the trailer. You were lucky you caught it in time. Your son, Y/S/N, was in the living room watching the Avengers on TV.

“Mommy! It’s grandpa!” He said, pointing to the TV.

“I see,” You tell him as you continued to clean a little. 

That’s when you looked up to see the TV for a bit. Expecting to see Chris Evans, you instead saw the beginning of IT. You quickly changed the channel making your son look over at you. 

“Mommy!” He whined. 

“Let’s wait for a bit before going back to the movie. Okay?” You said. 


Now, Bill was doing some for his movie while you were watching over your son. You practically had to ban him from certain channels on the TV now. You felt bad but it was for his own good. 

“Mommy, when is daddy coming back?” Your son, Y/S/N, asked. 

“Soon. He’s just doing some stuff for his next premiere,” You tell him.

“Oh okay. Can I watch YouTube?” He asked. 

“Sure,” you nodded. 

You gave him his tablet which he ran over to the couch. You were finishing cleaning up the house and you were tired. You spent the whole day cleaning, playing with your son, doing errands, you needed a break after this. As you were almost done, you heard a scream. You ran over to Y/S/N to see him throw his tablet on the other side of the couch. 

“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” You asked. 

“I…I…I… saw… a… scary…. clown,” He hiccuped between words. 

“Oh my god,” You sighed. You were so tired, you forgot that YouTube played trailers sometimes.

“I want daddy!” Your son said, starting to cry hard. You picked him up and rubbed his back. 

“Shh. It’s okay. You’re okay. I won’t let the clown hurt you,” You tell him. 

When Bill came home, he came in with a single red balloon. To him, it was suppose to be a joke between you and him. But now, it was no longer a joke you both could share now. 

“Honey, I’m home,” Bill said, making his famous Pennywise laugh. He only meant to make you laugh but your son did not take it so well. Your son screamed before running up to his room.

“Y/S/N!” You said, getting up from the couch. Bill ran in to you with confusion. 

“What happened?” Bill asks you. 

“He saw a trailer for IT,” You tell him.

“Oh shee-it,” Bill said. 

“Come on. Now we have to tell him,” You tell him. 

You both went up to Y/S/N’s room where he was in the corner with his plastic baseball bat. 

“Sweetie, it’s okay,” You said walking over. Your son dropped his bat before hugging you. You picked him up and put him on the bed. 

“Did daddy scare you?” You ask him. Your son nodded. 

“I’m sorry, Y/S/N. Daddy only meant to make mommy scared,” Bill said, kneeling in front of your son. 

“That was mean,” Your son said. You nodded in agreement before kissing your son’s head. 

“You know sweetie, it’s not real. The clown isn’t going to eat you. It’s just from a book,” You tell him. 

“I don’t like clowns anymore,” Your son tells you.

“Me neither,” You mumble. 

“Is daddy the clown from the video?” Your son asked. 

“Uh,” You said.

“No. Daddy is just good at imitating laughs,” Bill answered. 

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” Your son asked. 

“Yeah. Why don’t we have a sleep over?” You asked him.

“But daddy can’t be with us,” Your son said. You held in a laugh as Bill was in shock.

“Daddy should sleep on the couch?” you repeated. Your son nodded making you smile again.

“Okay,” You said. Bill looked up at you with a grin still on his face. 

Your son was now in your room, watching a Disney movie. Bill was in the living room, sitting on the couch. You walked over to Bill and gave him a kiss. 

“You know you can just sneak in when he’s asleep,” you told him.

“I planned on doing that anyway,” Bill said. You smiled as he gave you another kiss. 

“I hope the trailers end as soon as possible,” you tell him. 

“Me too. But in the mean time,” Bill said, standing up to kiss you again.

“Mommy! Where are you?” You hear your son yell. You pulled away and smiled up at Bill. 

“I’ll see you upstairs in a bit,” You said, giving him another quick kiss. 

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Winklepickers. Akira's shoes in his Thief outfit are literally called WINKLEPICKERS.

I used to have a pair of those.

Justin wasn’t purposely rebellious. He was a rascal in an unassuming, almost charming way. He sometimes got into trouble for things he didn’t even realize were wrong. Like the time he was suspended from catholic school.
Justin loved movies and would often repeat lines from them. When he was around seven years old, he watched a movie called ’‘Good burger’’ which was based on one of the sketches on a nickelodeon network show. In one of the films scenes, a customer at a burger joint is complaining to Ed, a simpleton who works at the restaurant, about the hamburger he ordered. After his rant, the irate customer storms out of the place and yells over his shoulder to Ed, “See you in hell!” Ed responds good-naturedly, “Okay, see you there!” The scene was cute and funny, meant to make you laugh.
One afternoon when Justin rode the bus home from school, the catholic bus driver wished him a good day as she let him off. Justin smiled, waved, and told her, “See you in hell, Bev!” He was suspended the next day. Justin wasn’t trying to be mean, just funny. Unfortunately, the bus driver didn’t appreciate my sons humor.
—  Pattie Mallette, Nowhere But Up.
BTS Reaction to you having menstrual pains

request: BTS reacts to their s/o having menstrual pains? (thought it would be cute) also, thank you in advance

[requests are closed]

❋ Kim Seokjin ❋

Jin would be the type of person would begin fussing over you even if you told him you were fine. He would want to skip practice just so that he could be there to take care of and probably spoil you. Just imagine Jin running to the store just to get your favorite candies and a movie for you to watch.

“No, I’m skipping practice. You need me!”

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❋ Kim Namjoon❋

Namjoon probably wouldn’t do much about it, unless it was extremely bad. He knew that menstrual pains came with having blood flow out of you, so there wasn’t much he could actually do. If it was really bad, Namjoon would probably get you some medicine or give you a small massage.

“Is it hurting really badly?”

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❋ Min Yoongi ❋

This boy would cuddle you like there was no tomorrow. Even if he didn’t want to admit it out loud, Yoongi loved holding you close when the pain of mother nature hit every month. He would have you in his arm, holding you close as his fingers gently pressed into your abdomen in attempt to ease some of the pain. Yoongi would also be willing to get whatever you asked for.

“Come princess, let me hold you.”

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❋ Jung Hoseok ❋

Hoseok would want you to be as comfortable as possible, despite being in pain. Expect him to make constant trips to the store and coming home with a bunch of stuff for you. Pads? Check. Pain killers? Got them. Movies and chocolate? Got those as well. Hoseok would be the person who’s trying to make you laugh so that you always had a smile on your face.

“Do you need anything else? Do I need to go back to the store?”

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❋ Park Jimin ❋

Jimin wouldn’t know what to do and would probably be scared to try anything. He’d probably go to the other boys for some help (in which they were no help at all because they’re just as clueless as he was).  Jimin would end up using google for answers just so that he could help you and prepare for next time.

“Umm, what should I do to help?”

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❋ Kim Taehyung ❋

Taehyung would probably call his mom for some advice on how to help ease the pain you had. He’d carefully follow whatever advice he had gotten, while also making sure that you were comfortable and supplied with not only food but with movies as well. Taehyung didn’t want you to move around much, so he would be pretty strict about you staying in bed.

“Yahh! Don’t move so much! I’ll go get you a heating pad.”

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❋ Jeon Jungkook ❋

Google. That’s Jungkook’s answer for everything. But he wouldn’t just search up things like “how to handle period pains”, instead he would be searching up funny videos to help you get you mind off the pain. He hated seeing you in this state and would do anything to make you laugh or smile, even if it meant turning into memekook.

“Oh watch this!”

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What I learned from the Voltron fandom

Note, that I have never watched Voltron and/or engaged with any fan of the show in a conversation about this show. The following things are solely based on my oservations of what posts the voltron-fans, I follow, put on my dash every day. I hope I can amuse you all with this:

  • There’s a boy named Keith(?)
  • Keith is kinda angsty
  • there’s also a boy named Lance
  • Lance and Keith are pining for each other
  • there’s a hunk named Hunk
  • There’s a person named Pitch
  • Some posts imply Pitch is female
  • some make me think Pitch is nonbinary
  • there’s a princess name Allura(????)
  • Allura looks like your average teenage queen
  • apparently she is a teenage princess
  • some people thought she was an adult
  • there’s lions for some reason
  • also loads of pointy or fluffy ears
  • there a thing called Sheith
  • whether that’s a ship, a person, a weapon or just a bad pun, I could not yet determine
  • there’s a prince named Lotor and nobody likes him
  • there’s another angst-boy with Jason Todd hair
  • I think, his name has something to do with the Sheith-thing
  • There’s a dashing guy with mustache, who looks, like he finds everything ‘shmashing’
  • I have yet to find out his name
BTS Reaction to you being jealous


He would notice pretty quickly and begin making fun of how childish you were.

“Yahhhh how could you distrust your boyfriend like this, have these years of me making you meals and kissing you meant nothing -” (insert windshield laughing)

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He honestly wouldn’t notice, until you told him how upset you were. He would know how to address the issue, but found it flattering that you’re jealous.

“Are you really jealous?”


“How about we all go out to lunch so i can introduce you as my very understanding girlfriend?”

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He wouldn’t know how to act, but he’ll be flustered at the thought of you being upset about it.

“I’m not even that handsome so -“

“Don’t start with that! You know you’re handsome“

“Why are you like this? Want to go out today?“

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Rap Monster

He would catch on pretty quickly, but wouldn’t say anything until he saw how it affected you. He’d address it soon enough by assuring you that you’re the only person for him.

“I love you a lot you know that right?“

“Yeah“ you’d look over at him, eyebrow raised at his sudden outburst.

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He would notice you were upset but wouldn’t know what he did to get you upset.

“I said I was sorry for eating the last ice cream, y/n. I’ll buy you a dozen more”

“I’m not mad that you ate it I’m mad you shared it with ___”

His eyes widen and he starts giggling, "alright, does someone need to be reminded that I only share my love with you? Ice cream is another thing”

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Constant teasing and reassuring

“Aigoo, is my little baby jealous?” He’d tease


“You’re a horrible liar. Don’t walk away from me, let me express my love y/n!”

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He’d enjoy it for a while teasing you.

If you’d get too pouty he’ll tilt his head to the side and start laughing awkwardly.

“You know I love only you, y/n. Come here” he’s extend his arms and smile at you.

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It’s Vintage (Ezio Auditore x Reader)

#28/Ezio “How drunk was I?” requested by ShadowsButNotDark on deviantart

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The morning light hit Ezio’s eyes and he groaned. He squeezed his eyes shut and rolled away from the sun. It took him a minute to realize he wasn’t in his bed….or in his room. He sat up confused and found you sitting in an arm chair, leisurely sharpening your blades and humming. He was on the first floor of his Uncle’s house, lying on the floor in the sitting room.

“Good morning, ubriaco (drunk),” you smirked.

“Agh, my head,” Ezio groaned. “How did I get here?”

“You don’t remember? Well makes sense,” you shrugged. “If I had drank an entire cask of wine I probably wouldn’t remember much either.”

“What are you talking about I had one drink!” Ezio exclaimed.

“Oh please,” you laughed. “You’ve never had a single drink in your life.”

“Will you just tell me what happened?”

“It was your standard drunken display of idiocy,” you said.


“Fine fine,” you began. “It all started with Mario finding that cask of wine…”

“Nipote come look at what I found!” Mario yelled. Ezio turned in his spot in the training ring to see his uncle approaching with two men carrying a large barrel.

“What it is uncle, more wine? Don’t you drink enough as it is?” Ezio teased.

“For the stressful life I live I don’t drink enough!” he exclaimed with a hearty laugh. “But this is special. I was not even aware I had it! It was made by my great-great-grandfather, the year is exceptional. You have to try some.”

Ezio walked over and Mario grabbed a glass from one of the accompanying men. He opened the barrel and the fruity aroma of the wine filled the air. He handed the dark violet liquid to Ezio and smiled.

“Go on drink!” he urged.

“Fine. But just a taste.” Ezio took a sip from the glass and was met with the greatest wine he ever tasted. His uncle laughed at the surprised expression on his face.

“It is good, no? I want everyone to have some, we will make a celebration of it!”

Within the hour everyone that lived or worked at the villa was in the courtyard. A table of food had been brought out along with more than enough glasses for everyone. Another barrel of the vintage wine was found and brought out, ensuring that no one went thirsty. The wine had proven to be much stronger than originally thought and all around people were already being heavily affected by it.  

“Does wine always have effects like this?” Claudia asked you shyly.

“Not usually as fast as this,” you replied. You had elected to remain abstinent for the night, not wanting to deal with the consequences in the morning. Claudia had refrained from drinking at Ezio’s request and was watching the crowd with you. At the center of the courtyard was Ezio, making a spectacle as he often tended to do.

“I can guarantee, GUARENTEE, that there is not one man here that can best me in that ring,” he said pointing to the training area and spilling most of his drink in the process. “Go ahead,” he slurred. “Somebody challenge me!”

One of the boys that worked in the garden stumbled forward. “I challenge you!” Ezio laughed and gulped down the rest of his wine before smashing the cup on the ground.

“After you,” he said gesturing to the ring. The two entered the arena and began fighting, as well as two drunken men could. It was mostly stumbling, with slow hits and delayed reactions. Eventually Ezio managed to kick the boy down to claim his victory. After that more challengers stepped up and he managed to beat them all. He laughed loudly and raised his hands.

“I am victorious! None can stand in my way!” he bellowed. Claudia rolled her eyes.

“My brother is ridiculous, how do you put up with him?” You laughed and returned to watching Ezio who was now doing victory laps around the arena. Satisfied he was the champion of fighters he started boasting about what a good climber he was. He attempted to climb the front of the villa but made it two feet before falling on his back. He gave up after three more attempts and drank more wine.

For the rest of the night he was challenging everyone to anything he could think of, horseback riding, sword fighting, foot races. Somewhere along the way he exited the stage of exhilarated drunk, to depressed drunk. He began talking about his family and successfully made everyone around him weep with emotion. Five minutes later everyone forgot their crying because Ezio went into the angry stage and started yelling about revenge. His speeches didn’t even make any sense. At one point he talked about getting revenge on all ants that had ever dared to steal a crumb from his dinner? Everyone around him bought into it though and an extermination of all the ants in Italy was to take place the following week.

The night ended with a dance off and eventually drew to a close when Ezio finally managed to climb a few windows but missed the haystack on the way down. You thought it best to officially end the night now that Ezio couldn’t even stand. Claudia managed to get the rest of the men to wander home while you shouldered Ezio up the stairs and indoors.

“I don’t know what I would do without you, cara mia,” he told you as you dragged him up the stairs toward the front door.

“Sleep outside probably,” you said, making him laugh.

“I meant it you are so…so.. amazing! What would my life be without you?”

“A lot shorter.”

“A lot sadder,” he said. His eyes suddenly lit up and he looked at you excitedly. “(y/n) I know what we should do! We should get married!”

“Sounds great, Ezio,” you said with a strained voice, nearly collapsing under his weight. Were you ever going to make it to the front door?”

“Is that a yes, bella?!”

“Sure,” you responded, finally managing to drag him through the door. “Just give me the date.” He smiled enthusiastically and went to hug you but he was unable to keep his balance. He grabbed onto you for support but he was too heavy and you both fell to the floor. Somehow ,in between falling and landing, Ezio passed out and you were forced to wiggle your way out from under him. Not having the strength to move him anymore you grabbed a nearby pillow and tucked in under his head before making your way upstairs to your own bed.

“That explains all the bruises,” Ezio said as he examined his arms and legs.

“Next, time I call dibs on being drunk and you having to drag me up a flight of stairs,” you said. Ezio smirked at you and leaned back on his hands.

“So, you want to marry me huh?”

“Excuse me?”

“You said sure that it sounds great.” You shook your head.

“I would have told you whatever you wanted as long as you got in the house, “ you explained. “Besides you wanted to marry me.”

“And what if I do?” he asked. You feigned shock and gasped.

“But Ezio how can you fit a wedding and an ant extermination all in the same week?”

“(y/n)…” he sighed. You laughed and walked towards the door. “Where are you going?”

“I have errands to run in Firenze,” you said.

“But you didn’t answer my question.”

“You don’t want to get married, Auditore. You just like to cause me trouble,” you smirked. You walked outside and Ezio watched from the doorway.

“But what if I do!” he called out to you.

“Then convince me!” you called over your shoulder. You disappeared down the stairs and into the sounds of the village.

Convince you? Ezio thought. He could do that……maybe. With some help.


Jared Leto x Reader - Just Friends

AUTHOR’S NOTE; I didn’t know how much fluff you wanted or if you wanted them to be a couple or friends? I also didn’t know if you wanted smut or not so I just added a little bit because it fit into the story that was going on in my head. I didn’t want to add a lot and you be like “umm I didn’t ask for that.” I hope this was to your liking and I hope it’s ok. 


“Bottoms up, Bottoms up, UP! Hey what’s in ya cup. Got a couple bottles! but a couple ain’t enough.” You sang loudly over the stereo while pouring your next glass of alcohol into one of your favorite cups. You’d be lying to yourself if you said you weren’t already slightly tipsy, but you hadn’t drank enough to drown out the misery just yet. 

2 years you had been in a relationship with the same man, 2 years you had been faithful to him and 2 years you had sacrificed for him only to have him cheat on you in the end. 

The trivial task of tidying up your apartment was the only barrier you had against your looming emotions of grief, but ever so slowly you began to notice that even cleaning wasn’t going to block out the pain much longer. So you decided to introduce a little anarchy to the mix by adding alcohol which seemed to do the trick just fine, but being tipsy wasn’t enough. You needed more. 

Distant feelings of unease plagued your chest and you could feel the tears stringing at the brim of your eyelids, but you refused to fall apart. Your now ex-boyfriend was not worth the tears or the heart ache, but you couldn’t figure out what you hated worse; the break up or the fact that you felt like your time wasted. For 2 years you were the dutiful girlfriend only to have him cheat on you with someone who wasn’t even half of what you were. Son of a bitch. 

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Helping Hand (Kenny Omega Imagine)

Kenny Omega x Reader
Warning: Smuuut
A/N:  I can’t seem to write anything but an adorable, but also totally amazing at sex, Kenny. I know, I’m the worst.
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~1600 words

Kenny has been playing Street Fighter all day and you’re going to fix that.

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I love Kobayashi-san-Chi-no-Maid-Dragon.

It’s ironic that an anime about dragon ‘maids’ would feel like a more accurate representation of non-heternormative relationships than Yuri on Ice.

But…as a gay/ace person, it does to me?

It normalizes and address everything in a really realistic way. Cohabitation, raising children, sharing interests, scheduling life and time together around work, dealing with all the little day-to-day life problems that come your way - which can be amplified when it’s not just you facing ‘life’ head on. ( And then some )

It even normalizes relationships that aren’t sexual or necessarily ‘romantic’ between people that genuinely treasure and respect and care about one another. To be honest as an aro-spec ace I think this anime really represents this.

It obliterates the idea that caring about someone, loving them as a person and wanting them in your life –must– be romantic/sexual. Which is….fucking amazing if you’re like me and want to see happy, healthy, supportive aro/ace representation in relationships.

It’s never really about sexual chemistry to begin with, despite the fan-service likely aimed at straight men to gain their audience.

( The closest thing to that is with Kanna and her friend. Which was…odd and not my thing because of their age, but the rest of the series is worth over-looking it. )

Yes there’s tons of fanservice that’s blatantly meant to make you laugh ( or reel you in if you’re a straight man ) but it’s….actually a really heartfelt and genuinely good anime with a message that’s got a heart of gold.

So, yes. If you want to see cute girlfriends and maybe-boyfriends just being happy together, like we’ve always wanted out of every anime series ( that have instead given us tragic deaths, star-crossed lovers, enforced the toxic trope of ‘hyper-sexualized gays’, or straight up queer-baiting ), you should watch it.

I’m so happy I did.

Harry Styles - Makes Youtube Video - Imagine

[This came out different than I had originally intended but I still really like it so I hope that you also enjooooy!]

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You Are In Love

Summary: It’s Y/N and Peter’s one year anniversary of dating, and Y/N remembers how she felt leading up to the moment she realized the was in love.

Warnings: None, It’s just really sappy 

Word Count: 753

A/N: Here’s a short little fic that I tried to make cute. I wrote it when I was bored earlier and it came out like this! (It’s based off of Taylor Swift’s song, and again not a big fan of her I just love like 4 of her songs) I hope it’s kinda cute I don’t really know I’ve never been in love myself (WHOOPS)… But enjoy!

It was Peter and your’s first anniversary, with it being a year of you two making it official. You were snuggled up with Peter on his couch, watching Star Wars, of course. He originally wanted to make the night really special with a candlelight dinner at an expensive restaurant, or send you two dozen roses. However, you had turned down any expensive ideas, in favor of a classic movie night. Movie nights with Peter were your favorite thing. They were your go-to date with Peter, because they always made both of you happy. Who wouldn’t love cuddling with the love of your life and eating candy?

Revenge of the Sith was on, and it was at the part where Anakin and Obi-Wan were fighting on Mustafar. You’d been watching the prequels all day. You weren’t really watching it right now, though.  You looked up at Peter, who was intently watching the battle (it was one of his favorite scenes), and smiled. You loved him.

Your relationship was perfect. He knew you like the back of his hand, and you knew him that way, too. He had a picture of you in his wallet, and you had him as your lockscreen. Before him, you never understood why people would do crazy things for love. Now, you don’t only understand it, but you would do crazy things for love. For Peter. He was not only your boyfriend, but your best friend. Only you could calm each other on the worst of days, and somehow turn a bad day good.

It wasn’t all perfect, though. You two had your arguments, mostly about the whole Spider-Man thing. You couldn’t stand the thought of him getting hurt, so whenever he came to your window in the dead of the night with a new bruise or scratch, you couldn’t hold back. You’d keep his shirt, and he’d keep his word on always coming back to you. The only time you could let go of your fears was when you were with him. Peter made you feel safe. He knew why you’d get so upset; he knew the fear of losing someone. It’s how he felt towards you.

The beginning of your relationship was rough, too. You were more popular, and he… Well, he had Ned. You didn’t pay much attention to him until he became your lab partner. You thought he’d be annoying and awkward… You were right about the awkward part, but he wasn’t in the slightest bit annoying. His dorky science puns would make you laugh, and he made you feel a way you never felt. You felt it when you made him smile, or when he complimented you. You felt it when your shoulders would brush. After that, you remember him looking at you with a blush on his face; it was your first touch. No more science jokes were made the night, and neither of you really talked. You could feel it in the silence.

One of your best dates was roller skating. He was so bad at it, but you didn’t mind. It just meant more hand-holding for you. He’d fallen a few times, making you laugh so hard you cried. Later that night, you two had shared not only an ice cream, but also your first kiss. Peter drove you home that night (he just got his license), and the light shone on his face. You kissed his cheek, causing him to give a toothy grin. You could feel it on the way home.

The movie was over now, but you still both sat there. Maybe he was just as lost in thought as you were… There was a long silence. He turned the T.V. off, and you both sat in the darkness for a moment. You laced his fingers together with yours, and squeezed his hand. The darkness masked the loving smiles that rested on both of your faces. You could feel it with the lights out.

Peter opened his mouth, but then paused and had a strange look on his face. He paused and softly murmured. “Y/N… you’re my best friend.”

You knew what it was. He was in love. Just as much in love with you as you were with him… You are in love...“Peter…” You sighed, trying to put it into words. “You can hear it in the silence… You can see it with the lights out… You can feel it everywhere. We’re in love…” You looked up at him, and smiled.

He kissed your forehead. “True love.

Night Guard

Zuko x Reader

(y/n) your name

word 619

You sat on a log watching the team sleeping. You were on Zuko night guard duty as you looked down at the brown haired boy who was scarred and felt sorrow for everything he’d gone through to end up here now helping the enemy of his nation.

“Stop staring” Zuko mumbled making you jump embarrassed

“I’m to watch over you” You said blushing which made you angry for the feelings you were slowly starting to develop for the golden eyed boy

“I don’t think they mean by staring at me all night” He said smirking as he watched you with his eyes shimmering in the slowly dying fire

“Yes well I do need to make sure you don’t do anything” You said stammering unsure why you still had to watch over him after all this time

“You look cold” He said as his gaze ran up and down your body making you shiver but it definitely wasn’t due to the cold

“I’m fine” You insisted as he got out his sleeping bag and pulled it closer to the fire. He fireblasted the fire till it was roaring warm and nice.

“Get in my sleeping bag” He said scowling

“No, because then I’d fall asleep” You said laughing

“That’s the point, you need sleep” Zuko said as he pulled you up from the log and dragged you over to his bed

“I’m fine” (y/n) said smiling at him but it did look warm and knowing it was his made it look even more inviting

“Get in” He growled at you getting angry at your stubbornness

“Fine” You said giving up as you climbed “Where will you sleep?”

“I’ll keep the fire going for a bit, don’t worry about me Water girl” He said smiling, it wasn’t a smile you trusted but as soon as your eyes were closed you were off dreaming about the beautifully tortured Zuko.

You groaned angrily as you heard Toph giggling which had woken you up. You weren’t really a morning person that was for sure, you slowly opened your eyes to see the dead fire when you felt a weight on your side. (y/n) slowly slid her hand down and felt it was an arm, you carefully turned round to see who was lying beside you. Your eyes were met with a pair of sleepy golden eyes.

“Good morning water girl” Zuko mumbled out yawning

“What are you doing in here?” You screeched as you pushed yourself away from Zuko as much you could but that wasn’t far stuck in a sleeping bag, you felt so embarrassed but also happy to be this situation with Zuko

“Well it is my bed” He said laughing as you hit his arm

“That’s not what I meant” You said laughing

“I like you” Zuko said sincerely making you freeze up shocked

Zuko slowly leaned in as his lips touched yours, your body drifted back towards Zuko as your legs became entwined together. You hand slowly drifted up his warm bare chest feeling each muscle as your hand snaked up to play with his soft brown hair, Zuko’s hands wandered down the side of your body his thumb drifting over your breast before landing on your ass and pulling you closer to feel his erection press against your stomach.

“Ew guys, come on” You hear Sokka shout make you push Zuko away and glare at them all watching from a little farther down

“Stop watching you creeps” You said embarrassed of what you both had just been doing so far from all your friends

Everyone walked away laughing as Zuko pulled you in for a hug whispering in your ear “Later sweetheart then we’ll have our fun in private”

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Dating Joe Sugg May Include:


Warnings: Sexual References, also I got a little carried away so it’s a little long

Requested: Yes (Ahh my first request thank you so much ≧◡≦ )

Dating Joe may include:

  • Him always cooking for you
  • You trying to cook for him, but in the end, you just watch.
  • “I can’t believe you can’t make scrambled eggs”
  • “Shut up!”
  • Ice cream dates
  • Combing through each other’s hair
  • Giving him massages all the time

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“Hey please don’t leave the place a mess after your videos. My parents are coming up this weekend.” Y/N said as she poked her head through the door that was Joe’s filming room.

“Will do.” Joe said, his cheeks turning a shade of pink as his girlfriend flashed him a smile and a quick wave before turning to make her way out of the flat.

“Will do my loveee. Anything for you my loooove.” A high pitched mocking voice came from the other side of the room followed by laughter.

“I didn’t say that.”Joe spat, “And I don’t sound like that.”

“Sounded pretty accurate to me.” Josh said as he adjusted the lights, chuckling to himself.

“Yeah mate I thought I was pretty spot on.”Jack said taking a seat next to Joe on the bed.

“Shut up. Let’s just film theses stupid videos.” Joe said as he moved over on the bed so Josh could sit in the middle of them.


“Joe, you coming with us tonight?” Caspar asked standing up from the table we was sat around at the Gleam office.

He, Jack, Joe and Josh had all decided to head to the Gleam offices that morning to get some work do and talk about future videos together. 

“Not tonight boys. I promised Y/N I’d help clean the rest of the flat for her parents tomorrow.” Joe replied.

“Awe c’mon on man, we hardly see you anymore.” Jack said from the opposite side of the table.

“What do you mean? We filmed 3 videos last night, and I was with all you guys the night before.” Joe questioned, looking at his mates.

“Not properly, you bailed after Y/N cracked her whip.” Jack said before mimicking the sound and action of a whip. 

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did mate. You’ve done it quite a lot actually.” Caspar said leading the group to the elevators. 

“Yeah like last night. Not only did you yell at us to pick up the mess from the video but you practically pushed out of the your flat afterwards.” Josh said as they stepped into the elevator. 

“I only did that-”

“Because Y/N asked you to not make a mess and you wanted to start on dinner, we know.” Josh said cutting Joe off.

“Then whats the problem?” Joe said slightly annoyed that he was now confined in an elevator where there was no avoiding the conversation. 

“No problem really, its just funny how you can’t see that Y/N totally has you whipped.” Caspar said followed closely by Jack’s mimicking actions again. 

“Guys I’m not-” 

“Yes mate, you are. Just as badly as Caspar was with Maddie, maybe even more if thats possible.” Josh looked over at his friend as he cut him off, “Sorry Caspar.” 

“No worries, at least I knew I was and didn’t try to deny it.”

“I think what’s even worse is that you really are mate. This isn’t even a new relationship so you are well and truly whipped.” Jack said with a laugh. 

“You’re in way too deep mate.” Josh laughed as the lift stopped moving and the doors opened slowly.

Joe rolled his eyes as the four of them got off the elevator and made their way to the car that was waiting to pick them up.

“Didn’t mean to make you mad mate, it was meant to be a laugh.” Caspar said noticing how his silent friend had been.

“I’m not mad.” Joe said simply as he gave him a flat smile before turning to look out the window.

Joe had realized himself lately that he had been more attentive to what Y/N had asked of him but he didn’t see it as being ‘whipped’. He and Y/N had been together for a little over 2 years and only now, after she had moved in with him 5 months ago, he was feeling something deeper for her.

Sure he loved her before they decided to move it but not like he loved her now. Josh was right, he was in too deep but he saw nothing wrong with that. Things with Y/N were absolute perfect at the moment and Joe was happy so why not act like it?

“You sure you’re not mad?” Josh said from the front seat of the car that had now come to a stop in front of Joe’s building. 

“Yeah mate, I’m fine. Sorry I haven’t seen you guys in a while. After Y/N’s parents are gone, we’ll all go out, I promise.” Joe said before thanking the driver  and getting out of the car. 

“Don’t promise mate, won’t want you to have to break a promise when Y/N asks you to do something on the night were suppose to go out.” Jack laughs causing the others too as well.

“Ha ha.” Joe said before shutting the door and walking up to his flat.

“Hey love.” Y/N said, glancing up at Joe from her spot in the kitchen, “Get much work done?”

“We brainstormed a few ideas for future videos but that was about it. The boys were pretty distracted the whole day.” Joe said making his way over to her, wrapping his arms around her body as he left sweet kisses on her neck.

“Distracted by what?” She asked not taking her focus away from the food she was making in front of her.

“They kept going on about the idea that you’ve got me whipped and how I don’t hang out with them enough.”

Y/N halted her movements and let out a small chuckle.

“What?” Joe asked stepping back from her. 

“You know they’re right, right?” She said turning around to face him. 

“What?” Joe asked again, as he watched his girlfriend’s face shift into a fit of laughter.

“Well for starters, I do have you whipped. I have for 2 years now and lately, you haven’t really hung out with them much.”

Joe stood speechless for a few seconds, “Well thats because I’ve been with you.” He said, choosing to comment on the second part of her sentence. 

“You don’t have to, you’re allowed to go out and have fun with your mates. You’ve stopped doing that lately and I really don’t know why.” Y/N said turning back to the food. 

“Yeah but thats because….” Joe started but couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Y/N turned back around, a sheepish grin on her face, “Because what?”

“Because I love you.”

“I love you too Joe but you need to hang out with your friends. Okay?” She asked after wrapping her arms around him and kissing his softly.

“Fine I’ll hang out with other people.” Joe said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes. 

“Thats all I ask.” Y/N laughed before kissing him again and turning back to the food. 

“Wait, so you think I’m whipped too?” He asked as he moved back to the other side of the counter and took a seat

“I don’t think, I know.” She said looking up at him through her eyelashes, “I’m pretty sure I had you whipped on out first date.”

“No you didn’t.”

“Wanna bet?”

“Not really.” Joe’s cheeks turning a shade of pink once again. 

“Thats what I thought.” Y/N smiled before turning around to grab so plates.

“Oh I got them.” Joe said jumping out of his seat and meeting her at the cabinet where the plate were held. 

Y/N smirked and raised an eyebrow as she backed away from the cabinet, letting Joe grab the plates. 

“It’s called being a gentleman love.” 

“Mhmm.” Y/N said simply before mimicking the actions of a whip just like Jack had earlier that day.

Wednesday, 3 am - Charlie McAvoy

boyfriends make good study buddies

requested: yes | no

word count: 1332

warnings: mentions of v terrible and famous injuries

a/n: i struggled with this one a bit too, hope it’s alright! once again it’s unedited, but i’ve been super busy over the past few days! and i’d be lying if i said this wasn’t named after a simon and garfunkel album

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you pushed your hair behind your ear and made a noise of frustration. you’d tied it up hours ago, but various strands had been escaping as you sat in the spare room of the apartment you shared with your boyfriend, cramming for your exam that took place tomorrow.

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Request: Jongin fluff asking a foreigner for help in a big city and ending up going out for coffee?

Note: So I turned this into a drabble. It’s crap. But read it if you want, it really is not long at all. I’m sorry anon :(. 

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The Demons Within

Please read the warnings before the fic.

Words: 3k

Summary: Your inner demons speak louder and louder to you until you can’t take it any longer.

Warnings: Extreme angst! Major possible triggers. Attempted suicide (not overly descriptive, but still may cause distress), blood, intense self-hate and negative thoughts (told in 2nd person), spoiler- but it ends in fluff.

A/N: Please, if you find any of the warnings too triggering to you, Do Not Read! This is, by far, the darkest thing I’ve ever written and I don’t want to cause anyone real distress.

Please proceed with caution.


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