Some men will make you believe that it is a sin if your wings are too strong and too wide. And you have to understand that it is not your fault that the wings you were born with are not meant to be confined inside cold metal bars. You are meant to soar high—to aviate the air and make the world see your golden feathers. You are meant to go with the winds—to be fearless and strong. You are meant to reach skyscrapers—whistling with all your might and screeching through every walls to let them know you’ve come. So I tell you this, love, never close your wings just because some man will not be able to catch up if you fly.
—  an excerpt from theraserrano ’s upcoming book, “Cher Ami”

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Hello, I want to write a short story, set in 1911, Paris. I have no clue how life was then and can't find any useful information. I really want to take my reader there, make it authentic. So they can imagine a walk down the Paris streets. I hope this wasn't too confusing and I would appriciate all the help you can get me 😀

Hello! Sorry for taking so long, getting my (second) bachelors degree, this time in film studies, is busy work!

Unfortunately for us both, I don’t live in Paris, which does make this a bit more difficult to answer. Fear not, though! One of my fantastic consultants has helped us out by finding videos for you and mentioning the 1910 Great Flood of Paris, which I researched for you!

One of the best ways to make up for not actually having been to a place is to view film and look at photographs (if it’s from a time period when these things were available, of course). Luckily for you, France was one of the places where film was established early (Lumière brothers, anyone?). This means that there is lots of film from this time-period. Unfortunately, you cannot use fiction film because those were often staged at this point in time. What you can use is things like these:

(Here you also have a video of the railways in Paris)

The year you want to write about is the year after a great flood. In 1910 Paris was flooded (called “Crue de la Seine de 1910″). The river Seine did not overflow, not at first, but due to very heavy rainfall it seeped into tunnels, sewers and drains and thus flooded the city from below. This happened on January 21th. It continued for seven more days, until Seine was at 8.62 meters (or 28.28 feet) above it´s usual level. It took 35 days for the water to be gone completely. 

The reason I am mentioning this flood is because it’s very likely that it was talked about even the following year (and probably for a great many years to come) and it’s very likely that things would still be damaged, even if around  400 million francs were used for the repairs. (Here is some more information and some photos). It also took until April to get back to a pre-flood rutin, with the Métro opening again. It’s thus safe to assume that all the people who had to abandon their homes had a difficult time going back there. It’s difficult to find exact information but one guesses it would take some time before private property had been restored to it’s pre-flooding state.

Luckily the death toll was low, however, as stated by Jeremy Harding in his Review of Paris Under Water: How the City of Light Survived the Great Flood of 1910:

There was no cholera or typhus, though fears ran high, and casualties were miraculously low. The Annuaire statistique de la ville de Paris for 1910 counted six deaths by drowning in January; another seven were recorded in February, even as the river eased off. [1]

The deaths indirectly caused by the flood was not counted, though, if you want to work something like loss of a loved one or friend into your story.

What you would probably also want to know is more about the life in the Belle Époque, as it would become know later on. It lasted from 1871 until the beginning of World War I in 1914. It was a time of innovation within both the field of science and the field of culture. The people living in that time would not necessarily have agreed with the romanticised view that was cultivated during WWI but a lot of things did happen that might be good to know for you story. Since I want this information to be accessible, I’m actually going to link to Wikipedia on this one.

Now, knowing all that about what happened before the year you want to write about and with some information about the Belle Époque I’m sure you can write an excellent piece where your character think back on last year and, depending on their socioeconomic status, what kind of hardship they face the subsequent year. You’ll also be able to mention which building might be new, or relatively new, and give something for your character/s to do in their spare time!

Good luck with your writing!

Signed, Captain.

[1] Jeremy Harding, “Pavements Like Jelly”, feb 23 2017,


    “But don’t you want something else as well?  Something just for you, that you can call your own?”
    “That sounds a bit like selfishness and possessiveness.  Two very un-Jedi-like qualities, are they not?”
    “That’s not what I meant.”
    “Look, I know you seek more in your life.  Something bigger and well… different.  I used to see it as a stumbling block to your truly becoming a great Jedi.  But now I’m not so certain.  When this war is finally over, Anakin, whatever path you wish to follow, I will try to support you as best I can.  You have my promise, my old friend.”

This is one of my favorite issues of any Star Wars comics, because Anakin is tromping through the woods and tentatively floating the idea that he wants more from life, things that a Jedi shouldn’t maybe want, and hinting that possibly he’s going to leave the Jedi after the War.

Obi-Wan doesn’t directly confirm that he understands that Anakin is thinking of leaving the Jedi, but he’s not stupid and it’s pretty clear that he does know what Anakin’s thinking here and… it’s not necessarily what he’d choose, he himself is a Jedi through and through, but when Anakin is serious about this, Obi-Wan’s response?

If this is truly what Anakin wants/is good for him, then Obi-Wan will do his best to support him, whatever those choices happen to be.

Do I think Obi-Wan would have made sure it wasn’t a whim if they had survived the war and Anakin said he was leaving the Jedi?  Of course, that’s what Obi-Wan does, he makes sure Anakin is on the best possible path.  But would he have supported Anakin leaving, if that’s what he really wanted to do?


He falls in love with a girl and find out she has a kid (EXO)

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

Y/S/N: your son’s name

Xiumin: -your son didn’t know what to think about Minseok. Since he was so young he and hadn’t had many males in his life. Minseok would want to meet him right away after you told him because you meant so much to him and he wanted your son to know he was going to be in his life- “I want to meet him Y/N. He needs a guy in his life I am willing to be that guy”

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Suho: -he would be interested in your son once you told him. He wouldn’t want to meet him right that second but after you told him many stories he would be brave enough to get to know him in person- “I hope this goes well”

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Lay: -when he would find out he would make it his goal to impress your little girl. He loves you which means he would grow to love your daughter as well- “I brought these for you, Y/D/N”

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Baekhyun: -to know that you had a child would shock him but he fell for you and would be willing to come and meet your daughter once you thought the two of them are ready- “so you think her and I will be able to become friends now?”

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Chen: -he would want to meet your son but he wouldn’t view him as your son right away. After he found out that you and your son had things in common he would slowly come into his views again as your child and he would know he would be able to take care of you both- “do you want to do out and do something fun with your mother, Y/S/N?”

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Chanyeol: -he would practically beg to meet her the day you told him. He was madly in love with you and just wanted her and him to meet and get along.- “can we go visit her now? I want to meet her”

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D.O: -the two of them wouldn’t know how to take it. As two men wanting to please you, your son and Kyungsoo would awkwardly sit beside each other. Sending each other occasional glance and wouldn’t say anything unless you were talking to them - *gif*

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Kai: -your son liked being the only man in your life. He didn’t want Jongin being anywhere near you because no one could treat you the same as he did. But over time the two of them would come to an understanding and be able to get along- “so do you think you and I can get along and make your mother happy together?”

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Sehun: -he would get to know you more and make sure his love for you was completely real then after that he would be willing to meet your daughter. He would end up getting extremely nervous when the day would come and you would tease him- “please don’t laugh meeting her is a big deal”

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  • Liv: I got your text.
  • Robert: Sorry, I meant to ring you straight after. I've been going through all this legal stuff.
  • Liv: Robert, it's ages.
  • Robert: We'll get him out sooner.
  • Liv: Can you do that?
  • Robert: I'm working on it.
  • Liv: Where are they taking him?
  • Robert: I don't know yet. It might be a while before we find out which prison. Fingers crossed it's in the North at least.
  • Liv: You mean he could be anywhere?
  • Robert: Yeah.
  • Liv: Are you... are you gonna tell my mum?
  • Robert: Erm... I don't really speak to her. Erm... but I suppose yeah, I should.
  • Liv: No, I mean... if it's that long, then you'll probably want me to go to Dublin.
  • Robert: No, course not. Unless you want to go? It's okay if you do.
  • Liv: No. I wanna stay with you. Are you sure? About Dublin?
  • Robert: Yeah, I'm sure. (hug) No one else is going anywhere.
  • Liv: I'm gonna miss him so much.
  • Robert: Yeah. Me. too.

“People are allowed to like this character” Holyyy shi…t….Thank you for the permission…Bless…

Heathers: the Musical — Meant to Be Yours  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Still, I will if I must!”
  • “I am all that you need!”
  • “I can’t make this alone!”
  • “You left me and I fell apart.”
  • “I punched the wall and cried.”
  • “Please, can we not fight anymore?”
  • “They’re keeping you away from me!”
  • “Sure, you’re scared, I’ve been there.”
  • “You’re my date to the pep rally tonight!”
  • “Bring marshmallows, we’ll make s’mores!”
  • “All is forgiven, baby! Come on, get dressed.”
  • “I’m gonna count to three: One. Two… Fuck it!”
  • “We can smile and cuddle while the fire roars!”
  • “I was meant to be yours! We were meant to be one!”
  • “Don’t give up on me, now! Finish what we’ve begun!”
  • “Please, don’t leave me alone. You were all I could trust!”
  • “You carved open my heart! Can’t just leave me to bleed!”
  • “You chucked me out like I was trash. For that, you should be dead.”
  • “They made you blind, messed up your mind… But I can set you free!”
  • “In the rubble of their tomb, we’ll plant this note explaining why they died!”
  • “Then, I found you changed my heart and set loose all that truthful shit inside!”
I Need You Here

Words: 1,090

Prompt: Reid and Reader broke up for and they used to live together. One night reader is upset about something as she heads home and accidentally drives to Reid’s place instead of her own new place.

“Ugh,” Y/N grunted as she got in her car. It was supposed to be a girl’s night out, not Penelope and Emily’s third attempt of setting you up on another hopeless blind date. They didn’t understand that when you said you didn’t need anyone one right now you really meant that you didn’t need anyone.

Driving down the highway on your way home you call the only person that you can think of to lift your spirits, Morgan. “Hey pretty girl how was your date?” he said snickering. “You were in on it too? Morgan you of all people should know that with everything that has been happening the past couple of months that it is really only making me more stressed.” you said sighing.

Two months ago your mother had passed away from cancer. Being so close to her your entire life, as she raised you by herself when your father left you both early on, you really were struggling with the loss. It started to effect everything in your life. Hotch had ordered that you take a few weeks off to clear your mind. In the process Spencer and you had also broken up. You guys had been dating for two years but at the same time your mom died his mom was denied and then later admitted into research programs. You both were fragile and were taking your frustrations out on each other. The best solution was to just end things to save the professional relationship that you still needed to have. Amongst all of the chaos you were being set up with men who thought that you were too petite to be doing anything as dangerous as working for the FBI.

“Hey L/N I’m sorry pretty girl, for real. You just need some sleep, you looked a little rough this morning,” his sincerity going to sarcasm in all of ten seconds. “Morgan I called you for help and this isn’t helping,” laughing as you pulled into your apartment complex.

Morgan was your best friend you went to him for everything, he was like the brother that you never had in your life. He had really been keeping you going especially the past few sleepless weeks.

“And you know damn well why I haven’t been sleeping so don’t even go there, not tonight.” your happiness leaving you. “Come on L/N just go and talk to him and maybe you both can get a good nights sleep for once.”

Truth be told you both missed each other. You found yourself picking up your phone multiple times after work contemplating trying to make a mends and move past whatever had happened to your once budding relationship full of walks in the park and cuddles after hard cases. Most of all you missed his scent. It was starting to vanish from your pillow and the CalTech sweatshirt that you had slipped into your bag while packing your things up from your shared apartment.

“You know that I can’t do that. We have hardly talked together in the past six weeks and that includes at work and on cases. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do anymore. I still love him so much. The only time I ever get any sleep is when I’m sleeping in his sweatshirt because it smells like him, but it’s starting to wear off,” you said tearing up and unlocking the door to your apartment only to be greeted by the man you had been talking about moments before pointing a gun at you.

“Y/N?” Spencer said lowering his gun. “Morgan I have to go,” you said setting down your phone.

“What are you doing here?” he questioned.

“Oh sorry I just had a rough night and was talking to Morgan and must’ve driven here by accident…I..I should go. I’m sorry for causing you trouble.” You scurried back to the front door, mentally cursing yourself for never giving Spencer back the key to your shared apartment, only to be cut off by Spencer’s long arms reach out for you first.

“Y/N you can stay you know that right? Just because we aren’t together doesn’t mean we can’t talk.” he said sincerely worried about you and your mental state.

“Ha! Really?” you laughing, Spencer looking very confused at your hostile tone. “Come on Spencer you can’t even look or talk to me when we are at work and now all of a sudden you are pleading for me to stay?” you say dumbfounded looking at Spencer who you notice also looks like he hasn’t slept for days.

“Sorry for asking you’re the one that drove here in the first place. I’m just trying to be nice but go ahead and leave,” He said turning around to go to your old shared bedroom to put away his gun.

“Spence wait,” you plead. Thankfully he turns around with his puppy dog eyes finding your teary, tired ones. “I miss you. Dammit I’m surprised that I can function at work. I miss you so bad I can’t sleep, I can hardly eat. I miss when you would take up the entire couch and I would come and sit on you. I miss you saying that you would help me with dinner only for you to give me a lesson about the origins of our dinner. I miss waking up to you. I miss you Spence,” you say catching Spencer off guard as you run straight into his arms. His hesitates but he wraps his long arms around you.

He missed you too more than he can even express right now. For now he just presses his lips against your head taking in your scent. The scent that even an eidetic memory couldn’t memorize in all of its coconut scented glory. “I missed you too,” it’s all he can choke out as he starts to cry too, but it is just enough.

“Y/N?” he pulls away just enough so you both can get a good look at each other.

“Yeah Spence?”

“Can you stay the night. I haven’t slept in weeks,” his puppy dog eyes making their second appearance of the night.

“Under one condition,” you smirk looking up to the light of your life. “You let me sleep in one of your shirt.”

“We can make that happen,” he smiles pulling you back to him, knowing that you both need to talk more in the morning but for now it can wait, for now you just need to hold each other.

veganmorigirl replied to your post “Hi there, I have a question for you! I was discussing this with my…”

I love that you used Shakespeare as another example here. One of my professors, a Shakespearean, said he wouldn’t talk about Jane Austen because she was such an “overblown romantic novelist”, and because she didn’t write about the things happening outside her own immediate surroundings (which is, as far as I’ve understood it, done on purpose) she was basically just a “silly female author”. (He didn’t use those words, but it seemed pretty clear that that was what he meant.)

Your professor is a hack who appears to have no sense of irony or true understanding of either Austen or Shakespeare if he thinks no comparisons may be drawn or are worth exploring between two of the greatest writers in English literature. Shakespeare’s entire body of work is deeply infused with references drawn from his own life experience, particular even to the countryside of Warwickshire in which he grew up, even where it might be anachronistic or weird on a technical level to pair that kind of imagery or language with settings like ANCIENT ROME or a FAIRY KINGDOM. (One could argue on a basic level that Shakespeare is therefore more ‘fanciful’ whereas Austen’s work is deeply-rooted realism, for fuck’s sake.) Shakespeare and Austen both gloried in their own kinds of silliness, for silliness is a part of life, as much as seriousness.

Tell him he can come to my house and try saying his bullshit to my fucking face.

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I was meant to be yours, we were meant to be one. Don't give up on me now, finish what we've begun.

(This is a heathers reference right??!)

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can you explain what your ed project is again?

ok so me and some fellow creatives from here are starting it out with a blog-type website where we’ll post writing submissions, visual art, photography, and articles (q&a, recipes, advice, stories, etc.) relating to and inspired by the ed experience and healing! it’s all meant to be created with a positive mindset, and using your energy and experiences to create artistic content. so this can be like funny Relatable stuff or literally anything else!!! send submissions to my email ❗️ ❗️i think i’m calling it “sweet talk” but we’ll see

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Do you support using the trans asterisk (trans*) to include nb people? If not, how do you suggest nb people who don't id as trans should be included if they also dislike "queer"?

I don’t support the usage of the asterisk after trans at all. [Some more info for why here.] And I still always react to seeing it used as a massive red flag - I take it as a sign that people don’t see nonbinary trans people as “real” trans people. Because, in my experience with people who have been using the asterisk, that is exactly what they have meant.

Anyhow, a very important counter question to your question: included in what? What is the connection with the word “queer” here? I feel like I’m missing a lot of vital information here.

(And tbh, if I may go on a tangent here, it’s also worth noting that not every space has to include everyone - if something is a space for, for example, queer trans people, then that should be allowed to remain a space for queer trans people. There shouldn’t need to be debate about how to include people who don’t ID as trans or queer in a space specifically made for queer trans people. It’s totally fine for there to be specific spaces that don’t include every lgbtqiaapnb+ person, because we can be very different from each other, and sometimes we just want to be with people who are similar to us. Autistic queer specific spaces, Swedish trans specific spaces, biromantic ace specific spaces, etc. are all things that exist and should be allowed to continue to exist.)

If you mean trans spaces though, and it is spaces that are meant to and wants to include nonbinary people who don’t ID as trans as well, it could easily be changed to “trans and nonbinary spaces”. Although that could still come off as “I don’t think nonbinary people have the right to ID as trans” in some cases, it does not have anywhere near the same massive history of invalidating usage as the asterisk does.

All that said, I also want to quickly mention that I can see why some people take comfort in the asterisk. I can see why people might want to take it back, so to speak, and turn it into something positive, something inclusive. But it’s not something that I, personally, am ever going to be comfortable with.