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What are your thoughts on the newest episode of Steven Universe, "Mindful Education"? How did you like the song? And did you like the message of the episode?

I loved the episode and I’m still obsessed with that song.

I just love how much more we learned about the characters

Ruby gets so emotional when faced with a problem…she runs away from Sapphire not looking for help..she thinks she has to deal with it by herself

Sapphire lets her problems build up until it becomes too much and swallows her

Connie takes her problems to heart…she becomes so ashamed and closed off

Steven has no butterflies around him because he doesn’t face his problems. He pretends he’s okay.

but he’s not

I related a lot to the characters in this episode. It was pretty emotional for me.

Seeing something like this in the show really meant something to me

you’re okay, just take a deep breath, talk to someone

I’m here

you smiled at me and i fell into galaxies,
lightyears of deep space and abyss.
i scowled at you and you sank into oceans,
tides shifting to leagues below where the sun can’t touch.
there were nebulas in the night’s prisms. you found reefs wreathed in crystal color.

we were hidden because we didn’t know how to be found.

you didn’t see me coming
i didn’t see you coughing.
you can’t withstand the waves any more than i can inhale the stars.
are we survival or destruction? separation or reflection.
i don’t make it easy for you. yet
even when i’m gasping for air i was never meant to breathe and
your words should be knives at my throat, you hesitate.
you can’t cut me loose.

it could be seismic. it could be sentiment. but you move me like the moon and follow from a distance.

i wish you would come closer.

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I'm in such a mood for a clingy Dazai scenario. Just him trying to get his s/o's attention.

Y’know, I could go for some clingy Dazai too rn… Here you go, anon! I hope you like it ❤

-Tap, tap, tap…-


The monotonous sound of your keyboard clicking over and over again as you tap away at it for the third uninterrupted hour rings in your ears like a sort of comforting white noise. It meant you were being productive; it meant work was getting done. You had been sent home from work with a ton of documents to take care of overnight, so if that meant having a very dull late-night work session seated in your dimly lit kitchen with the tones of very soft smooth jazz playing through the old radio in the background, so be it.


Okay, “uninterrupted” had been a strong word to use.

‘Drag this file over here… Fill in these blank tags… Fix the misnumbered entries…’


There it was again.

‘Come to think of it, just when exactly did he come in? …Ah, well. The faster I get this work done, the faster I’ll be able to go to bed. Hm? What was this again? Oh, yes: entry 37, entry 38, entry 3-’


You feel a pair of arms fling themselves around your neck from behind, the sudden contact taking you completely by surprise and causing your fingers to hit a few accidental keys. The assailant rests his head on your shoulder, his warm breath tickling the hairs on your neck and causing you to shiver slightly. Sighing, you decide to finally give in and admit defeat, your counting now completely thrown off. You crane your neck around to meet your distraction face to face, and you’re met with a wide grin.

“Ah! My darling has finally noticed me! So I am still alive! For a little while there, I was almost convinced I had died and become an ethereal being, incapable of showering you with my affection!~”

A small giggle escapes your lips at his dramatic inflection, and you roll your eyes as you lean in to give him a chaste peck on the lips before turning back to your laptop screen.

“I’m sorry for neglecting you, my friendly little ghost, but as you can see here, my boss gave me a lot of important, time-sensitive files that I have to sort out before tomorrow afternoon, and it’s turning out to be quite a slow process.”

Dazai frowns at this, letting out a small, dejected grumble as his eyes meet your computer screen. He shoots it a narrow, begrudging glance, as though he were jealous of your work and cursing it silently for taking your time with him away. However, his disgruntled expression is soon lifted into a devious smirk, the gears in his mischievous little head beginning to turn. If it was your attention he wanted… Oh, he would get it.

Your fingers return to tapping out the entries on your current document, flying over the keyboard effortlessly even with a lingering head still weighing down your left shoulder. You almost involuntarily begin counting the numbers out loud again, the words absentmindedly leaving your lips in quiet puffs of breath.

“39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45-”

“Oh, (Y/N)!~~”

Dazai’s voice comes out as a whisper this time, the way he raises the octave of his voice as your name escapes his lips makes you stop counting out loud for some reason. Your lips slowly cease to move, your fingers continuing to tap along at the keys in a quite even rhythm. That is, until…

‘God, why now?’

His soft, warm lips are suddenly pressed up against the skin of your neck, trailing long, deep kisses up and down from your shoulders, to your collarbone, to your jawline…

Your eyes widen slightly, and you swallow audibly, your fingers beginning to slow their pace much to your dismay. He’s done it. He’s really done it now. You know, at this point in time, that continuing to try to work with him around like this was only going to amount to a few mistypes in your document titles and off-count results. It was almost enough to convince you. Almost.

“Come on, Dazai, I’ve got to-”

He puts a finger to your chin, tilting your head slowly to face his. His lips are on yours in an instant, demanding your unconditional surrender. When you part, his eyes are boring into yours with a bright light of mischief burning bright behind them, distracting you from his actions as he uses one arm to reach over and close the lid of your laptop. His other hand runs over the sleeve of your sweater lightly, tracing an outline of your shoulder and arm. The delicate contact gives you goosebumps. Knowing you’ve played right into the palm of his hand, Dazai stands up straight from behind your chair, pulling the chair out slightly from the table and moving around it to offer his hand out to you. Still slightly dazed, you accept it, letting him pull you up and out of your seat only to be pulled into his embrace.

“Oh, alright. I guess I can work on the files later, if you’re that adamant about needing my attention right now.”

He laughs quietly, kissing the top of your head softly.

“I knew you’d change your mind.~”

“So… What now?” You ask quietly, thinking you probably knew the answer.

“Hm, well… I was thinking we could go out for ice cream? There’s this little place up the street that I’ve really been wanting to try out with you.” He looks down at you and smiles, sending a quick wink your way before grabbing your hand and leading you towards the door to retrieve your coats.

‘Or, maybe not…’

The man is still a mystery.

Reasons on why I love the Hatty is the narrator headcanon

Because it means that

•Hatty has made a dick joke before

•Likes Strawberry icecream

•has told the player that he might kiss them in a slightly creepy way but probably meant to be nice

•Sang Buckle Your Pants

•Will believe in you as much as possible

•Honestly is starting to get confused on what’s good or bad

•for a few seconds had a crisis on if the cats were crazy or if the player was

•likes puppets a lot

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So I have dry skin after I take a shower but a few hours after I put some moisturizers, my face becomes oily so I don't know what kind of foundation to use :// even when my face is oily, I still have some dry patches help

Hi babe,

I wouldn’t worry so much about what foundation to use but how to fix your current problem with skincare!

A lot of moisturizers are more on the greasy side or act more like a barrier that keeps moisture from leaving the skin but don’t add a whole bunch of hydration. Moisturizer is sort of meant to be the last step in your skincare routine that shields the rest of your skincare. Your toner, serum, essence, whatever you choose to layer under your moisturizer is whats working to add vitamins, antioxidants, etc to the skin to help keep it plump and healthy. So if your moisturizer is only protecting the skin but not actually adding any moisturizing ingredients, your skin will always feel dry and dehydrated. 

I’d highly suggest you look into using hydrating serums. Most moisturizers are a tiny bit serum and a lot of emollients which make moisturizers so creamy. Emollients keep your skin from losing water/hydration. The serum part of any product is the most concentrated of all the ingredients, it contains the good stuff like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, lactic acid, etc that penetrate the skin to help repair it. 

You can even use moisturizing toners and essences under your serum and moisturizer for even more layers of goodness. I even use two serums in one night depending on what my skin needs that day. I focus more on skincare with good ingredients and keep my moisture simple. 

So to fix your problem i’d suggest

  • Switching to a lightweight moisturizer or gel moistruizer in the day time and saving the one that makes you feel oily for a night cream.
  • Including an ultra hydrating serum into your skin care routine.
  • Include exfoliating products into your routine to combat those dry spots/dry skin. Exfoliating will also helop your serums and moisturizer penetrate the skin better because there is no dry and dead skin clogging pores. 

Try serums like

Dr Jart Ceramidin Liquid $39. Ceramide is an ingredient that helps repairs the skin’s barrier to keep it from losing moisture. This can even be used a light weight moisturizer.

Paula’s Choice Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum with Vitamin C $36 (link is $10 off link). I’ve been using this serum for a few months now and this is my go to when my skin is looking more dull. This serum makes the texture of my skin more soft and hydrated as well as the look and dew of more hydrated skin. A little goes a long way though! If you apply too much it can feel heavy. 

Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum $95. This serum has moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and antioxidants like green tea making it great for dehydrated skin. 

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You know how you are counting down to Mark's birthday (my bias). Well, My birthday is on the same day.

aww it’s so cute haha like he was meant to be your bias ♡♡

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I am so sorry!! I accidentally clicked your blog when I meant the one below it in my feed!! Please ignore that!! I didn't mean to say you were rude!!😓😓😓

I was so confused as to what I did lmao. Don’t worry about it though, it’s okay! :)

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You don't need to be a dumb shit to promote black lives. No one thinks your post is funny bro. You can seriously come up with better white people jokes. White people think pepper is spicy. White people cant dance for shit. White people and their damn casseroles. White people continue to ruin America. Those are mostly true and humorous. Your post was a try hard bro. And you keep going on like you're a comedy genius. 👀 that's the only humorous part about your posts.

1) It wasn’t meant to be funny, number two, I’m far from dumb. The post was SUPPOSED to come off just as ignorant and racist as the many white comments on black people universally. I wasn’t trying to be funny at all, I was trying to prove a point and I did. When hurtful things are said about white people, the world runs into defense mode, but when the tables turn, we only have black people (and very few at that) supporting and uplifting us. 

People had a problem with the skin cancer reference. I’M aware its untrue, but nobody says anything when white people spread misinformation about black skin. 

They had a problem with the lice comment…don’t get me started on ALL the many misinformed and wrong things said about black hair. 

I wasn’t coming for white people, I don’t hate white people, I don’t hate anyone, but I don’t like flip flop ass people either. I was called racist, stupid and ignorant after posting it, but people will stand next to their white friends jokingly saying things about blacks and either laugh along or remain silent. 

Cancer is not unimportant, but this post was not about cancer. This post was not about hair, skin or health. It was about blatant racism coming from the other side and how people react to it. That was displayed here today.

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When you were talking about fries I??? Honestly thought you meant French fries and your undying love for them and just kinda accepted that long past as a monument to your love of French fries

considering the rest of my personality i dont blame you at all

#chicken rambles #food m /

text message ✉: lyanna ⚠
  • Kevin:Not sure if this is even still your number, but anyways...
  • Kevin:I thought I should answer to some questions that are bound to pop up in your head.
  • Kevin:No, you didn't sleep with anyone - as far as I'm concerned anyways.
  • Kevin:Yes, that'll be one wedding video meant to be upload on Youtube.
  • Kevin:And say bye, bye to your high heels. Considering you decided to throw them out of the cab's window.
  • Kevin:And... yeah. It was me who took you home.