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Worlds Away: Jimin Imagine

Request:  Can I get a bts imagine where I’m a performer like Jimin and our busy and hectic schedules cause us to get into a heated argument due to the stress but we make up at the end?

A/N: Thank you so much for the request anon, I love the idea so I hope this is what you wanted! xx

Genre: Angst/Fluff

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It had been a long week to say the least. Your schedule as part of a popular girl group meant you were constantly being rushed off your feet, late nights and early mornings all meant you barely had time to eat or sleep, let alone spend time with those around you. Least of all, with your boyfriend Jimin who’s schedule made yours look like a walk in the park. Being part of one of the biggest boy groups in Korea meant not only was he busy but he was constantly away from home, leaving you with only texts and the occasional Facetime constantly disrupted by the boys to remind you he was your boyfriend at all.

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XD that's not what I meant. Like, how do you think you contribute to the fandom? What's your role in it?

I know what you meant but with the sudden food discourse I couldn’t pass that up

Could you imagine a ml fandom dinner? Half y'all would show up in your onesies and the other half would start some sort of chaos over the food choices

My role is to bring the tamales. I’m just letting you know

I don’t really play a part in this though
I just reblog things ~ sometimes I post a slutty squiggle or two. Emojis 💕

It’s what I do

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i know, damn americans and your words for things, like complete offence flip flop is the worst name for a shoe ever it sounds fake. like something you’d call it when you couldn’t remember what it’s actually called 

and sandals are different to thongs! 

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Fl*re is that popular artist that makes you question your work, cause they're work is usually either boring or plain terrible yet they have a huge fan base. And your over here with 6 notes on an image you spend hours on and tagged multiple times.

sfmskl when u said “your” i thought you meant ME and not just a struggling artist in general

but honestly true. i can understand the love for za//mii’s and ele//ntori’s art but flore’s is soooo sooooooooooo bland


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“Can you write a oneshot where Calfreezy dates a tattooed chick??” -Anonymous 

Woww it’s been a while since i wrote a oneshot.. But nonetheless thank you Anon for requesting! It means a lot you were my first to request. I hope you enjoy it! REQUESTS ARE OPEN!


Some say it’s cool, Some say it’s weird.

Some say it’s hot, and some say its reckless. 

But you say it’s a story. Each drawing placed perfectly on your canvased skin to mark a significant time in your life that meant something to you. They were tributes to the world. Though the world did not seem to want the tributes. The world only wanted to exclude, which that is exactly what the world did. Apparently tattoos are okay as long as you don’t cover yourself in them, which is exactly what you did. And with having tattoos everywhere only caused the normal rejection lifestyle. Being the only person working alone on everything at school because your fellow peers acted as though they didn’t hear you when you asked to join, Mothers giving the smile of disgust to you as they pull their child away when they were asking you what was on your body. No one seemed to understand the symbols on your body, well only one person did. 


Callum did.

He adored them. Right from the start when he saw you sitting alone at the diner with your tank top on showing off your sleeves he knew he had to know you. He knew. And Every night he lays down beside you in bed leaning over your body and whispers, “Tell me a story.” And You’ll close your eyes and relax while he traced his fingers along each tattoo, small or big, kissing it afterwards. After he’d finish one area he’ll always kiss you softly on the lips, letting his lips linger for a moment, then going back to work on your body. 

“You’re my favorite story Y/N.” Cal would whisper every night.

Every morning he’d sit next to you at the table not waiting to be far from you at all, and always leaving small kisses on your shoulder tattoos. As you’d both finish up eating he’d lace his fingers into yours; listening to you talk and taking in every word that you spoke like his life depended on it. And every now and then while you’d talk he’d bring your hands up to his lips and kiss ever finger, one at a time, and when he’d finish he’d give your hand a light squeeze. 

Cal would always encourage you to show off your tattoos and to never be ashamed of the masterpiece you created. To be honest, with Cal you never felt ashamed of your tattoos. 

Because you believed your tattoos symboled your life, and Cal believed they were pure art. 

Alright so it is a little bit short, but i hope you like it. If not anon please feel free to ask me to redo it! 

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YOUR PROPOSAL STORY OH MY GOD. Is it okay to reblog the cuteness, or more of a personal thing meant to stay on your blog? Either way, I hope you're having an absolutely wonderful day, and thanks for brightening my evening! <3

Oh gosh, thank you, I’m glad it made you smile. And hahahah, ah that’s funny and really sweet that you ask because I have like zero personal boundaries left on this site. Reblog away <3 <3

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Imagine Harry doing the missus' makeup or the missus putting makeup on Harry , that would be so cute


I can just picture his concentrated face, his bottom lip between his teeth and his eyebrows furrowed as he looks at the mascara brush in his hands, confused as to what he was meant to be doing. Bringing the brush to your face and carefully coating your lashes with the mascara, his mouth gaping open as he got to the most difficult areas, being careful not to poke you in the eye. Oh my god.

And maybe he’d sit there with you, with a few of your lipsticks and foundation bottles around him, and he’d be all “you don’t need this stuff, because, you’re gorgeous without it” but he’d apply the slightest amount after you’d give him a pouted look; and he couldn’t ever turn down your pouted face because it broke him.

And you’d be really pleased with the outcome, and you’d beg him to do it again because he has such a gentle hand when it comes to perfecting your look. xx


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hi! I'm the anon who had an emotional rollercoaster with the latest chappie 14. Read your tags when you published what I wrote *blushes* I LOVE LOONNNG chapters *hint hint*...I just meant...timewise? like was it three weeks before you updated with chapter 14??? that's what I meant...with stories as f*king awesome as yours...I always worry that updates will take forever coz of the author's life taking over, which I understand, and then the fanfic gets abandoned or discontinued.

ahhh i see! You have nothing to worry about friend, i wrote the entire story months ago,,, life is crazy w college rn, but its all gucci ✨ i dont want to update too frequently, and overload my readers w so much information. Its kind of a journey, in a sense

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I'm so so so sorry for what happened with your gifs and that ugly user trying to attack you and bring you down over something out of your control.I hope you're alright. also i may have sent the message which was meant for that user to you as your names were similar so i sincerely apologise for that- please forgive me it was not aimed for you.

i know, which is why i didn’t respond to it c:

and thank you


Legacy Play - Generation 4 - Kim Family

That evening Lukas hadn’t long got home from work when he was paid a visit by Dae’s older brother Cho.

Cho: I’m sorry I couldn’t make dinner with the family the other night. My mother told me that she was most impressed with your promises to look after our Dae though. 

Lukas: I meant every word. I truly love and adore your sister Cho. 

Cho: I know you do therefore I’ll spare you the whole “if you hurt her I’ll kill you” speech.

Lukas: Probably wise seeing as how I could take that as a threat and lock you up. I’m joking of course. 

Cho: I’m glad we understand each other. I hope you have a blessed wedding day. I wish you and my sister much happiness. 

Things I’ve learnt recently/I’m still learning
  • You are allowed to feel what you feel. Your feelings are valid. 
  • You are allowed to take as much time to heal or to deal with whatever you’re going through. There is no time limit and it doesn’t matter how quickly/slowly other people get through similar things. 
  • People who are meant to be in your life will always come back no matter how far they wander. 
  • If you feel like crying, just do it; you don’t need to apologise for crying to anyone. 
  • It is okay to feel a lot and to love a lot. It doesn’t mean that you’re weak. 

I can’t fully express how important it is to celebrate platonic love. Don’t just normalize friendship as a legitimate relationship, celebrate it.

Because very few movies and not nearly enough novels tell you the first person you ever grow with, change with, become vulnerable to, is a friend. They don’t tell you that when you’re deeply hurt or afraid, the person you’ll want is your best friend. They don’t tell you it’s okay for this person to stay a friend.

That not everyone you meet who touches your life is meant to be a candidate for marriage.

That when friends leave, grow apart, or change, they leave holes behind which may be filled but will never be the same. They don’t tell you that watching people change, changes you.

Do not force yourself to feel something you don’t. Do not compartmentalize your feelings, or god forbid suppress them, because you think it will give the wrong impression.

Talk about being intimate with loved ones, without worrying about what it looks like to other people who never understood you anyway.

It wasn’t a lover who taught me to love myself.

It wasn’t a significant other who taught me to see myself.

I found my worth in best friends who listened to me without reservation or condition, who supported me and shared my interests with enthusiasm and compassion. Who understood me, deeply and instinctively, who didn’t hesitate to wrap me up in comforting words when I was down on myself. Who may have stumbled through the advice but felt what I was going through so potently they didn’t have to say anything at all.

So many people feel broken and unlovable because we’ve put the pinnacle of human worth at an altar. Please understand there’s nothing wrong with you if you’re not dating, if you’re not having sex, if you don’t want to find someone to spend the rest of your life with the way society says you should.

Destroy the notion that the only way to strip you is to undress you, to be inside you is to sleep with you, to have all of you is to take you physically.

Disown the idea that love without sex is not enough.

The people who showed you your own heart will always be there.