meant to be horse's

horse friend “evolutions”

Newly hatched - A normal horse. Poops a lot.

After 999 days (if you have petted it at least once) - Your horse gets a nice medal for being so good at not dying.

After 999 days (if you have not petted it at all) - Your horse becomes a Zombie and cannot evolve further.

After obtaining a medal AND being petted 10,000 times - Your horse becomes a Unicorn!

After obtaining a medal AND being petted at least once but no more than 10 times per in-game day, for 50 in-game days straight - Your horse becomes a Pegasus!

After meeting the conditions for both Unicorn and Pegasus evolutions - Your horse becomes an Alicorn! Not known to evolve any further.

After obtaining a medal and then reaching 1,999 days without evolving to a Pegasus, Unicorn or Alicorn - Your horse becomes Sleipnir! Not known to evolve any further.

official ranking of every horse emoji on emojipedia

as requested by @milkdrinker5000

powerful. noble. elegant. almost too flawless 9/10

loses half a point as apparently the horse emoji is meant to be a racehorse and i have reservations about this little fella’s top speed. however, he is adorable. 9.5/10

this is neither the time nor the place for psuedo-cubism. 5/10

if i wanted a cartoon horse i’d just do a google image search for a cartoon horse. vaguely endearing but not what i want from an emoji 6/10

the apple horse emoji gazed into his own reflection at night for too long and this potentially evil mirror counterpart emerged to take his place. 4/10

this is a cave painting of a horse!! again not a very good racing horse but i strongly admire the originality 7.5/10

the morally ambiguous triplet of apple and LG. oddly well defined muscles and an extremely disappointing tail. 4/10

this horse is a naive and occasionally foolish but very good-natured sidekick. could do with more tail 7.5/10

“jim we’re nearing the deadline i need that horse emoji stat” “but sir, he doesn’t even have a face yet” “who cares jim, horses don’t need faces. just save the damn file” 3/10

very simple yet effective. a good effort 8/10

he’s VERY cute but he’s also definitely a donkey. 3/10 as a horse emoji but 9/10 as a donkey emoji

ah, the twitter horse’s uncanny valley cousin. 1/10


On My Way Home

Title: On My Way Home. The Promise. Part 2

Summary: Dean deals with the aftermath of the letter that changed his life.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester (very briefly, also mentioned), Jo Harvelle (very briefly), Benny Lafitte, Leslie (OFC, only mentioned), John Winchester and Marry Winchester (only mentioned), Bobby Singer (very briefly mentioned), Lexie (OFC), Lisa Braeden (mentioned)

Word count: 6065

Warnings: Fluff. Angst. Another letter (way shorter though, I promise). Mentions of an almost-fatal car accident and death of a parent. There are a few more warnings but I don’t want to ruin the story for anyone so look at the tags in the end if you want. :)

Author’s Notes: Wow. So here it is. The second part to “The Promise”. I’m sorry this took me so long, guys, but I fell in love with the first part and I wanted to do this story justice (also, life has been kind of crazy lately). Anyway, I’d really like to thank all of you for the love and support you’ve shown for this fic. It means the world to me and I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed working on it.

(Flashback is in italics). Read part one here. 

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“Where are we going?” Y/N breathed out, her hand in Dean’s, a bright smile gracing her beautiful features as they ran together, twigs and branches scratching their skin, trying to slow them down.

The corners of his lips quirked up in a cheeky smirk.

It was hard to believe, really, but life had been good to him lately. They were almost ready to graduate, Y/N had gotten accepted into Columbia and, with his dad and Bobby’s help he’d be able to follow her to New York and start working as a mechanic like he’d always wanted.

And, thank God, she was doing better. The days she’d spent laying on a hospital bed, wounded and bruised, were long gone and she was happy and lively once more, had that spark in her eyes that made him fall in love with her all over again.

“You’ll see.” He winked, giving her hand a squeeze for good measure.

“But the other guys, they’re going to-”

“Don’t worry ‘bout them. They’re too busy to notice we’re gone.”

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Louis and Harry at playground.
  • Louis: 'hey Harry, do you wanna have a ride?'
  • Harry: 'on your dick? sure.'
  • Louis: 'I meant a horse ride...but okay, when do we begin?'

anonymous asked:

I know what animal dicks look like because I lived on and around farms, primarily animal breeding farms. Horses dicks remind me of sausages so I always felt weird eating them.


I ALMOST SCREAMED BUT THEN I WAS LIKE ‘they prolly mean the sausage’ 

But what if Auguste knew about the Regent and that’s why he was so protective of Laurent. Everyone else turned a blind eye and didn’t think he’d dare do anything to the prince, but Auguste was not taking any chances. So he rode a lot with Laurent because it got him out of the castle and away from the Regent, and encouraged his interest in horses because it meant that even if Auguste wasn’t there, he’d be in the stables or outside and surrounded by people.

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Are all peppermint born without tails?

Mod: Hey, hi, good evening! Welcome to– “Let’s learn about peppermint horses” with, Von Cena. I’ll be your host, Von Cena!

So I hear you are interested in learning more about my peppermint horses? Well you’ve come down to the right place. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about peppermint horses.

Q:  “Are all peppermint born without tails?”

Well, my curious little follower, my peppermint horses are in fact born with bald tails– or as I like to call them, tail nubs. 

Infants are always born with bald tails. But it is not just the baby age that they remain with a hairless tail. Peppermint horses between the ages of 0 - 11 will have bald tails.

Q: “At what age do their tails start to grow hair?”

Young peppermint horses do not start to get hair on their tails until they hit the adolescent age.

Think of their bald tails as a bud. Just like flowers, they start off as a bud. No petals or anything. At the right age/time, that’s when they start to bloom. Nemo is between the age 11 and 15 here. Their tails will start to develop as they start to mature.

Q: “When do their tails finally bloom?”

Their tails will have bloomed completely once they hit the adult age. But, that does not mean their tails have stopped growing. Their tails will continue to grow as they get older. It just takes a very long time for them to grow out completely.

Q: “Is the multiple tail floof (sectioned tail?) a peppermint horse trait, or does the family just like to style their tails that way?”

Yes, their tails do grow out into sections of big poofy curls. It is a common trait in all my peppermint horses. Their tails can be curled upward, downward, sideways. Even in different directions. The sectioned curls are the “petals.”

Q: “Why does Nemo always looks like he was spanked?”

Peppermint horses all have a sort of faint blush that’s noticeable on the tips of the ears, muzzle, and especially the flank. It’s meant to make my peppermint horses appear more unique.

Q: “Do all the peppermint horses look alike?”

Yes and no. Although all my peppermint horses share the same color palette, each one is still made unique from the other. That is because of the splash of pattern or color that I add to them. Preferably white. But they will not all have the same pattern.

Some peppermint horses will be born with some sort of white patch, pattern, or freckle anywhere on their bodies. It can be a white sock like pattern on the leg, freckles along the back or face, or a white muzzle for example. But a common trait they all have are long white eyelashes, fetlocks, and of course the signature blushy effect on their flanks.

Q: “Do all your peppermint horses have white hair?”

No, not every single peppermint horse is born with white hair. Some can have a faint pinkish tone in their hair or streaks. Sometimes both. But they all have curled hair.

Their hair can literally be any length but still contain curls. Aside from their hair, they all share fetlocks in common as well. But just like their hair, their fetlocks can also be any length. Long, short, medium. They can also have any style. Fluffy, smooth, and even feathered.

Q: “Are all the male peppermint horses feminine.”

Yes, most males do appear very feminine in the face and often times get confused for the females. But only peppermint horses can tell the gender apart. 

Q: “Do they smell or taste like peppermint at all?”

Actually, yes, they do. All my peppermint horses smell like peppermint. But not all the scents are the same. It is very easy to tell them a part. For example, if Frizz were to somehow lose Nemo in the herd of peppermint horses, although they all smell like peppermint, Frizz would still be able to sniff him out and get to him. Some peppermint scents differ. They can be sweeter, stronger, or faint. And yes, they do taste like peppermint. THAT DOESN’T FRIGGIN MEAN TO COME TO MY INBOX AND STRAIGHT UP LICK NEMO! I WILL DELETE THAT ASK AS SOON AS I SEE IT.

Q: “Are all the peppermint horses related?”

Yes, all my peppermint horses are related. When they go off to find a partner that is not a peppermint horse and mate, there is a 50/50 chance they could produce another peppermint horse that’ll be a new addition to the family. And it continues from there. This is why there are so many of them.

Q: “Can we make peppermint horses too?”

Well, I’m not saying you can’t have a peppermint horse at all. You initially can. I’m just saying you can’t make one that looks like any of mine. Like, yeah you can make an OC with a relation to peppermint or peppermint themed OC.  But, you MAY NOT create one based on any of the information I have just given to you. The reason is because this is my very own species that I put a lot of effort into. I created them for Nemo specifically. They are all his own family. And I would very much appreciate not to have any long lost cousins that belong to Nemo. In other words, don’t make Nemo copy cats. :/

MY peppermint horses are a CLOSED SPECIES.

Implexium Vitae PT 6

A/N; Short chapter, but next one will have some more reveal!

It is said that some people have old souls, reborn every couple centuries to find their loved ones again and continue on their never ending journey. But what happens to these intersecting lives when one is immortal and the other is ripped from them?

Vampire AU.

Pairing: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Words: 2034

Rating: M

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Lucy blinked, trying to clear her mind. It was obvious she had spent too long on the train and had gone stir crazy. Who knew a week and a half of constant travel could be enough to break a mind.

“C’mon Luce! I haven’t see Jally since he was a colt!”

“And I have never ridden a horse!” Lucy defended. She eyed the large stallion warily, hair and mane black as the night sky above them.

“You broke his great great great whatever grandma,” Natsu explained, happily petting the side of Jally’s neck.

“Well Sun Star was kind and gentle and not three feet my superior.” She sniffed. Really, as though Natsu would compare her mare to his beast. Lucy cocked her head when she noticed Natsu’s stare, a wistful joy shining in his emerald gaze. “Natsu?” Lucy questioned, stepping towards him and placing one hand on his chest. Lucy blinked when Natsu took her hand, lifting it to his mouth where he ran his lips over the backs of her fingers.

“Knew you’d remember her.” he said, voice low with emotion. Lucy took in a sharp intake of breath, becoming aware of the importance of her memory.  

“I have ridden a horse,” she mumbled, head spinning at the onslaught of memories she was able to pull from.

“Bunch’a ‘em.” Natsu whispered back. Lucy squealed loudly when she was suddenly lifted, deposited on the horse and covering blanket as if she were a child by Natsu’s strong arms. “Now we gotta go! I can’t wait to show you the castle again, Luce.” Natsu said easily, deftly lifting himself onto the horse in front of Lucy, his hands fisted in the horse’s mane.

“Natsu!” Lucy hissed, struggling to lift her leg and dress to put it in it’s proper place beside her other one. “I can not ride like this! It’s, it’s improper!” She face felt as vibrant as his hair, and her eyes grew large as she saw an excuse to not be caught in such a compromising manner. “My luggage! We cannot just leave it here.”

Lucy all but pouted at Natsu’s bawdy laugh, his hand resting comfortingly on her knee. One of her spread knees. Shame crept along her spine at the lewd position, to be a lady and have your legs spread this wide… “Don’t worry Luce, it’ll be taken care of. And stop fidgeting, you’re freaking out Jally.”

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Imagine joining forces on set with Alex

In honor of the Friday Prompts my fellow Army girls.
Oh my god you are awesome thank you! Well I was wanting one Alex x reader where they work together at Vikings of course and they are really into each other but haven’t admitted it until they can’t help it anymore and end up secretly fucking on set and confessing their feelings for each other, what do you think?
Note: I think that writting this was so much fun! I hope you like it to. ;-) Let me know if so. Other way of writing but so damn fun to do!
Words: 2338

The weather was terrible, you walked with a winterjacket and a scarf only to resist the sharp cold wind. It wasn’t freezing, in fact the sun shined but the wind maked it almost unbearable to walk around without those two things. As a horsetrainer you came everywhere around the world and if you had to choose you loved a little warmth over some freezing cold. But it was part of the job and for now you needed to ready the horses for the filmday at hand. What meant you needed to warm them up, clean them and maked the propper arrangements to their gear. You took a rope and walked to one of the paddocks that were build aside the set, to give the horses a change to strecht their legs. Arian was watching you from in the farest corner, his ears pointed foward, his intelligent eyes following your every move.
‘I know what you are thinking.’ You said to him. He wasn’t the easiest, but he did his job excellent. From the moment you walked closer the wind caught him and he started to gallop around, shaking his white head like he was amused by the thought that you were going to catch him. ‘Arian.’ With the wind all the horses were a little hotheated. Knowing Arian would be on set today meant that you would need some extra time to calm him done before he joked around when he actually needed to be focust. But that horse got you good, standing still on a distant and cantering again when you came closer.
‘She is trying to catch my horse.’ You turned around to the voice. Alex stood against the fense, back towards you while he was filming himself and you on the background trying to catch Arian.
‘If you put that on instagram I’ll do you something.’ You shouted. He turned around, curious.
‘What will you do to me?’
‘You don’t want to find out.’
‘To late.’ He reacted on that. You shook your head, smiling and looked back to Arian.
‘You better help me.’ You said to him. He leaned over the fense, arms crossed over it while he looked amused towards Arian walking away from you.
‘Why should I do that? I have the time of my life seeing you struggle.’ He laughed. It was what the both of you did, joking around with each other. The second best thing about your job in training horses for series and films was that you had to privileged to work with some pretty amazing actors. Alex Hogh Andersen was one of them, his role as Ivar was the other thing that caused you to fall for him. But how dangerous and manipulative that character could be,Alex was the oppisit.
‘Because you need him today. The less time I can prep him the more difficult it will be for you to handle him.’ You answered his question.
‘The more I need you, with other words, isn’t a bad thing.’ He joked, jumping over the fence into the paddock. Arian looked at the both of you before he walked over to Alex, he started laughing, petting Arian over the head.
‘What did you gave him?’ You asked. The horses were on a strict diet, Arian being so willing for Alex meant that he gave that horse something.
‘My unconditional love.’ He answered, smiling aside to you. You walked closer to him and took Arian from him over.
‘I don’t believe thing from what you say.’ You reacted. He looked at you, your face half hidden in your scarf and started laughing again. ‘What? Never seem somebody have cold before.’
‘It’s cute!’ He squeezed your cheeks and you kicked his hands away. ‘Do you need me to warm you up.’
‘Not funny Alex.’
‘I wouldn’t dare to laugh.’ He reacted, with a more tender smile. He was serious? He helped you and Arian out of the paddock until he looked on his watch. ‘Need to go, see you on set. Don’t get me killed.’ He pointed to Arian while running off.
‘I wouldn’t dare to loose my favorit person around here.’ You shouted after him. So saw him trow you a smile before he left you with that kind of feeling again, and it wasn’t the first time you felt that way.

‘Is he ready? They need you and him on set.’ The setcoordinator said to you. You jumped on the chariot and took the reins.
‘Let’s go Arian.’ You loosened the reins a little and he walked of, pulling the chariot behind him. For a second you felt quite the viking yourself, all proud and tough while you leaded that horse to set on some of the most epic attributed they had, Ivar his chariot. The wind laid down a little, making Arian more focust and eager to work. When you arrived on the set a large viking force stood ready to film the epic scene where the Heathen Army for the first time got showed of to Aella. ‘Boys.’ You greeted, Alexander, Jordan, David and Marco. Alex jumped on the chariot and took his place on the seat. ‘You know the drill, if he gets axcious just play a little with the reins, give him something to focus on.’ You advised him.
‘I would love to see that horse to take off with you.’ Marco joked, leaning on the egde of the chariot. They started talking their own language and you looked between the two in.
‘That’s my cue to leave.’ You jumped from the chariot, Alexander laughed, giving you a shoulderpet while you walked over to Arian. ‘Be good.’ You warned him.
‘You come safe me right?’ Alex asked. You turned around and looked up to him.
‘I didn’t thought Ivar the Boneless needed saving.’ You joked, he tilted his head and you walked smiling away. Arian was never alone, one of the stablehands was dressed as a viking and would be around on all times. ‘Good luck.’ You said to them before you left set. You waited with the crew behind the scenes. You loved to how a simple play turned out to be a whole series. You were part of it, not in it but aside it. Arian behaved, Alex was extrodionary in his role as Ivar. He had a thousand fangirls behind him only for that role and you had the change to work with him, to be his friend. You didn’t only respect him, you admirered him, were draw to him, who wouldn’t.

It was dark when you trained the last horse for tomorrow. The setgrounds were silent, everybody was doing his own thing. Most turned back to the nearby village, others stayed in the trailers on set. Rowen walked under you to the stables, you petted him on his neck from out of the saddle. ‘What are you still doing here?’ You asked Alex when you saw him standing before the stall of Arian, giving him a treat. You lashed him carefull with the wip while passing. ‘Don’t.’
‘He deserves some treat for his good work today.’ Alex turned towards you, his messy hair up in a little knot on the back of his head, hands hidden in his pockets.
‘They would better give me a treat for my good work.’ You laughed, jumping from Rowen before you started to untack him. Alex didn’t react on that and your turned around to him, he just leaned against Rowen his stable and looked at you. ‘What?’ You asked while leading Rowen in his stable, closing the door while you kept your eyes on Alex.
‘You seriously want a treat?’ He asked.
 ‘Why not. It’s a job like another, you get all the fangirls and I just see an amount of money on my account.’
‘You have the privilege to work with those awesome and handsome actors.’
‘Are you talking about yourself because yes,’ You didn’t got the change to finish that sentence, Alex pulled you towards him, placing his lips on yours. You pulled back in an instant and looked at him, confussed. ‘What are we doing?’
‘Giving you a treat.’ He reacted, looking down to your lips in that way again. You felt a whole lot of Ivar in that look and to be honest, you hardly could resist. ‘Maybe I like you more than I let out.’ He followed. Okay, easy decision. You placed your lips back on his, wrapping an arm around his neck while he pulled you closer by your waist. The cold rushed out with this kind of a kiss. His hand rested on the small of your back, you felt his fingertips on your naked skin underneath your jacket. Offcourse, Rowen took it as his business to put his nose against your hair. You started laughing, duking away from him.
‘Go to sleep Rowen!’ You lectured the horse. Alex pulled you around the corner where the hay was stocked and you felt his devilish plan coming from miles away. ‘We are not,’
‘A horsegirl like you, don’t say you never thought about it.’ He smiled his boyish smile. You bited your lip, closing your eyes when he kissed you again. You had to admit, this kind of luxery didn’t had his fangirls, they could only dream about it. He zipped open your jacket, you felt his cold hands through you shirt, letting you shiver. But it didn’t take him long to warm you up. You pulled your jacket out while he unwrapped your scarf from around your neck, in all that time you never lost touth of each other. He kissed you neck, you stroke your hands over his chest. Alex wasn’t the rough kind, not like his character in this series was. He laid you down on a hay bale and hovered over you. Making out in the stables, you could scrap that from your bucketlist, just like the fact you were doing it with Alex Hogh Andersen, scrape that to. You pulled his sweater and shirt over his head laid your hands against his bare chest while he pulled out your shirt, leaving you in only your bra and pants. The rest went on his own, ending with the fact that you had to hold your moans for yourself not wanting to have someone looking around in the stables. Feeling him inside you, you clenshed your teeth with every movement you maked.
‘Alex.’ You moaned out in a final breath, getting to your higest point and explode in all kind of wonderfull things. And he did just the same.
‘Stay.’ He panted against your neck, the both of you laying half naked on the hay bale.
‘Give me a warmer location and I consider it.’ You reacted heavily out of breath.

Your alarm sounded like a killer in your head. You groaned angry, turning your head in the bed and looking to Alex. That little morning temper you sometimes had vanished like snow before the sun. You did … you had sex with him in the stables and came here afterwards, making out … again and falling asleep on his bed. It never felt better, your career never got this kind of turn before.
‘Put it out Y/n.’ He murmured. You noticed you still didn’t turned of your alarm and whent looking for your mobile in the pile of clothes.
‘Come on, where are you.’ You whispered still half asleep. It took you a minute but you got it out, throwing yourself back aside him. He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you closer, you murmered something and he chuckled about it. ‘Am I dreaming?’ You asked after laying still against his chest for a while. ‘If so it was a verry vivid dream.’ You continued. He stroke his fingers through you hair and you looked up to him.
‘Not dreaming.’ He promised you. You stayed still, looking to his calm face expressions.
‘What we did, I think,’
‘I like you Y/n, seriously.’ He announched. You opened your mouth to react on that but there wasn’t any protest left in your body.
‘Same.’ You only said with a soft smile. He pulled you closer, kissing you tender and you felt like the most happy girl in the world. ’I can never stay on your side, you know that right?’
‘Because you work with horses around the world and I’m an actor?’
‘Yes.’ You reacted a little unsure, resting your head slowly back on his chest.
‘Give it a change, I like you, even better, I want to be with you. Besiced, when you are on others sets I can come visit and meet those famous actors all around the world.’ He joked. You slapped him on his bare chest and he chuckled.
‘I’m worked on the set of Game of Thrones, maybe you will be lucky enough next year to visit me there.’
‘Did you fuck Jamie Lannister there to?’
‘No, Jon Snow.’ You answered neutral. His eyes grew a little bigger before he noticed that you were joking about it. You laughed, hiding your head against his body.
‘What I’m saying is that you are here for season five to so we have each others company for a long time.’ He went further, all serious again. You looked up to him, studying his face.
‘You really like me? A horsegirl?’ You asked a little in disbelief. There was nothing special about you, you where very good with horses, social a little less with persons but when they started to know you, you grew fast into a friendship.
‘You would be surpriced how amazing you are.’
‘Maybe.’ You murmured.
‘I know your weaknesses to.’ He began.
‘Oh really?’ You smiled. His smile grew a little darker, his eyes stronger and in just that couple of seconds it was like you looked at the fearless Ivar the Boneless. ‘You win.’ You reacted in a small voice.
 ‘Good, now let me kiss you.’ He demanded all viking alike, not giving you a choose …. Not that you where in protest about it to begin with.

Angel in Blue Jeans

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Summary: Dean falls in love with a cowgirl

Pairing: Dean x Cowgirl!Reader

Word Count: 1,700

Warnings: language

A/N: a little horse-y drabble I wrote recently. It’s sorta based on me (cringing as I wrote that) (I sort of hate myself for this) (gonna go hide) and my favorite horse. That’s why there are specifics like hair and eye color. Sorry. More parts, maybe? I have some ideas for it.

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New Series Preview: K A I




extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.

synonyms: delicate, exquisite, dainty, elegant, graceful; More

antonyms: substantial, earthly

(Juls is back and nothing has changed ;) get ready for a rollarcoaster)

Originally posted by chokaivlicious

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Tumblr Arabian Horse Directory

Hey folks, I posted about this earlier, but here’s the ~official~ post on it. ‘It’ being a list of tumblr blogs/bloggers that own Arabians, have owned Arabians, plan to own Arabians, or are otherwise enthusiasts of the breed. I’ll break down the list of guidelines for this directory, below, but the biggest thing is that the curating of this list will be on my blog in a static page, and that any addition to this list will be done only be the consent of the blogs/bloggers themselves. 

The Guidelines.

01. People that can be on this list:

  • People who own Arabians
  • People who have owned Arabians
  • People who plan to own Arabians
  • People who ride Arabians
  • People who have ridden Arabians
  • People who like Arabians
  • Anyone who has a connection to Arabians
  • Everyone on this list needs to have a tumblr, however, as it is a tumblr directory.

02. Why is consent necessary?

Because lists can be weird. And creepy. And sometimes people aren’t comfortable being on such lists. Anyone can come onto my blog and look that the list. People have a right to protect their privacy and avoid being on such a list if they choose. Plus, consent is, like, super duper important? It’s a douchey thing to take away people’s agency of choice. I don’t wanna be that guy. You don’t wanna be that guy. Let’s not be that guy.

03. Can we reblog this?

  • Heck yeah, you can!
  • You can tag people in this, too.
  • You can link this post to people.
  • You can share it on other websites if you wish.
  • Go wild, my dudes.

04. What is the point of this?

We have a community of tumblr equestrians (colloquially known as Horseblr) already in place. There are a lot of neat little subsets of Horseblr, but what seems to be lacking is a little sub-community of bloggers who affiliate themselves in some way with Arabians. I’d like to make it easier to bring the community together, since I know we all come from diverse walks of life, disciplines, ages, experiences, nationalities, etc. I would love to see more connection! I’ve met more Arabian enthusiasts since beginning this blog, and I’m really glad I did!

05. What is NOT the point of this?

I’ll preface this with, obviously, I have my own opinions, and I own preferences. I’ve been fairly vocal about them in the past, and while I still feel similarly, I’m trying to be more tactful in how I approach certain subjects. With that said, this is not meant to:

  • Single anyone out based on discipline
  • Provide a place to critique people’s horses or riding
  • Attack people for a type of Arabian they own, ride, like, etc
  • Gang up on anyone for having certain opinions
  • Otherwise serve as a vehicle to attack others

Just as I am responsible for what I do with my blog, you are responsible for what you do with your blog. My only word on that is, own your actions and own your words.

Alright, then! Ready, set, go! Tag away! Reblog away! PM me! Reply to this. The world is your oyster!

Léttfeti vom Kronshof

Mag7 Observations: #1

“Take care of Jack, Teddy.” Vasquez knows the horse’s name. We only heard it once in the beginning, so like there had to have been a scene where Faraday mentions it. Faraday mentions it, and Vasquez remembers it. And knows how much that horse meant to Faraday.