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Ok but can we talk about how emo, as a genre, defied gender roles in a big way? Like, everything about the culture, from the guys wearing makeup and womens’ skinny jeans, to the way they got unabashedly emotional in spite of the “men aren’t supposed to cry” narrative they’d obviously been socialized with, was just this complete “fuck you” to the idea that there’s a certain way to be a “man”. 

And a lot of their detractors called them “girly” or “gay”. And they didn’t give a fuck! Fall Out Boy has a whole song entitled “Gay Is Not A Synonym for Shitty”, which referenced a famous Pete Wentz quote, where he basically said that if you thought his band sucked, to just say it sucked, and not be a “homophobic asshole” about it. 

And, then, geez, My Chemical Romance took it a step further, and Gerard Way outright kissed one of his bandmates at concerts purely to infuriate homophobes who were at his shows.

 A lot of these bands were openly for LGBT rights, for womens’ rights. I remember one instance where some band MCR was touring with asked women to flash their tits in exchange for backstage passes. And Gerard was so horrified by this, and told his female fans to “spit in the faces” of misogynists in the rock scene. 

Like, god, these bands were so progressive. And they still are. Right after the Pulse tragedy, Brendon Urie literally danced around in a pride flag and told his queer fans what they meant to him. Pete Wentz said that “Uma Thurman” was meant to show his female fans that they could be “badass”, too. And Gerard pretty much admitted in an interview to somewhat identifying with the label “nonbinary”. 

That’s the most lasting impact that emo is going to have. Showing fans of all genders that there’s nothing wrong with being whoever the fuck you are, that there’s no specific way to be a man or woman. And, god, I just fucking love that. 

A few months ago, I said on this blog that in my head PJO is an anime with a badass opening credits. I meant it quite literally, like I can actually picture this OP in my head, with all the shonen tropes like Percy walking around pretty backgrounds, cool fighting scenes with lots of camera movements and huge statues of the Gods standing ominously in the background, Nico standing in the rain till Reyna and Hazel and Jason come for him and a ray of sunshine breaks throught the clouds and light hits his hopeful face, GIMME ALL THE TROPES hahaha. Doing the whole opening would be impossible for a single person but I really wanted to try one big “shonen” group shot, so here you are !!! This actually took me AGES, I’m not kidding, the folder for this on my computer is named “batshit crazy ” for a reason, it may not look like it if you don’t know animation but a really huge amount of work went into this. I think it’s actually the biggest thing I ever did for a fandom. I can’t say how many hours I spent on it since I didn’t count, but let’s say I started this in September and spent a lot of week ends and most of my Christmas holidays on it, and I just finished it this week. I had a lot of fun though !!! And I learned a lot too, this was my first time trying to animate japanimation style, with not many in-betweens and ultra dynamic poses. So yeah, I hope you guys will like it !

I want to thank fimyuan and bisexualjason for keeping me motivated with their lovely comments through the project, even when I was complaining about my own decisions to animate friggin’ skeletons, hahaha. Another big thank you to my friend Wekake who went through the animation frame by frame and spotted all the little compositing mistakes that remained ;p

A few words on the process : I animated and colored everything in TV Paint, drew the background in Photoshop, and composited everything in After Effects. The song is an extract of the Yowapeda opening “Reclimb” by Rookiez is Punk’d because I wanted something very distinctively shonen but no lyrics, and I like that song ^^ I animated directly without any model sheet references which is definitely not how you should do it, hahaha, hence the design inconsistencies, but honestly even my madness had its limit and I didn’t want to spend more than a year on this thing ;p

What I love about Seungbae is how he’s written, and he’s written in a way which seems to suggest that he’s archetype for the gritty, underdog detective who will stop at nothing to bring down the serial killer. He could so easily be the brilliant detective who’s passed over by all of the morons he works with, only to then solve the case by himself and achieve his own victorious ending to the narrative arc. 

And parts of the archetype are true, and that’s certainly how the fandom saw him until a few chapters ago. There’s just one issue. 

Seungbae is a really bad detective. He has a great instinct but that’s really all he has going for him.

His great plan for bringing the serial killer he’s been obsessing over for months to justice was too…just bring him to the station. Without any evidence. Without a warrant. Without the authority to even be on the case. All Seungbae has to offer when he arrested Sangwoo was his gut instinct and a non-professional, naked-eye assessment about the damage to Jieun and Bum’s bones.   

And his theatrical declaration that Sangwoo is guilty was brought down in seconds by Sangwoo just thinking on his feet.     

Seungbae seems like the detective everyone was expecting, but he’s just not and I love the subversion Koogi’s written here. He’s meant to be the badass underdog, and he is, but nothing else follows through because that’s not how reality works. And to get a bit meta, I’m fairly sure that Seungbae sees himself as the underdog detective action hero protagonist, but he’s not. He’s just a shitty cop with good intuition. And I personally love that.   

the problem with MCU Tony Stark characterisation in fanfic

okay so I love smol, soft, vulnerable Tony Stark as much as the next person, but sometimes I think we forget some super important things when writing him:

  • literally within an hour of IM1 we see Tony hammering metal with basic tools in a cave which is very physically taxing for someone not used to it
  • we see Tony Stark miniaturise the arc reactor, something his own dad never figured out, in the space of three months whilst probably battling chest infections, the threat of death and low cognitive function (the fluctuating temperate, irregular meals, sleep cycle and high risk of infection from open heart surgery drastically affects your thought process, genius or not) - with fuck all available
  • there is the suggestion that Tony + Running isn’t so much of a novel idea in IM1′s ‘Dogfight’ as Rhodey doesn’t bite back and say ‘you don’t jog’ in response to Tony’s flighty responses - that would be the first thing a best friend would point out to their fellow bullshitter
  • he and Happy practise MMA against one another (IM2) and Happy isn’t someone to go gentle - Tony isn’t one to want Happy to pull his punches so Tony is proficient in some form of close combat when fully cognisant - we see Happy’s skills when he finally (!) punches one trained fighter as Tash knocks off everyone else. if Happy can do that, Tony certainly can - and even better now he’s a full Avenger (we ignore Civil War, okay)
  • he literally takes a sledgehammer to his own home and re-discovers and element once again previously hidden to his own dad - a man heralded and lauded as The Genius - so he’s very proactive and willing to move shit around to figure something out
  • we also see the strength needed in the synthesising of this element - his arms are literally b u l g i n g  with muscle mass, so this gives us the nod that Tony does work out to keep himself fit
  • in IM3 he literally has nothing? he makes his OWN weapons again from store-avaliable items and takes down literally a whole compound under his own steam (reminiscent of IM1 building of the suit with a box of scraps) so he isn’t exactly ‘useless’ when given the correct tools
  • despite that bullshit scene where he suddenly ‘forgets’ that magazines aren’t universal for all, we know Tony handles guns - he does it when he’s escaped the bed in the basement, when facing the Mandarin etc and he’s confident enough to use them correctly (deliberately missing Trevor but close enough to make him shit himself) so this crap about him suddenly being unable to shoot a light from that distance is again, bullshit
  • he literally drags the iron man suit through the snow - whilst it’s (MK42) is about 240 pounds on, it’s gonna be a lot heavier with all the hydraulics and electrics powered down. it takes core strength to make it and drag it, guys, so he’s pretty well built for a civvie
  • in avengers he spends just as much time moving - you need insane core strength to maintain a flying position, metal suit or not, and you need to be physically fit to fly it too if you think of how often it would have glitched and malfunctioned with hits before it rebooted. just because he’s in a metal suit it doesn’t mean it’s effortless and JARVIS does it for him - it’s like riding a horse. the movements are subtle but you’re using so many fucking muscles and so much energy
  • in AOU he literally fucking JUMPS FROM THE BALCONY ONTO A BOT floating in mid air like, that’s super gutsy for a civvie who has no official ‘spy’/army training or no backup Green Machine but by this point nothing surprises us about this fuckwit tbh (it gets me every time when I see him do that)
  • he gets thrown into walls so often with enough force to knock out a normal person like, i’m surprised he, Rhodey and Bruce don’t have constant concussion tbh - in IM3 with a missile blast/ in AOU against the wall after Ultron and down to the floor from a great height
  • he’s super fucking gutsy and takes massive risks for someone with no healing factor or special skills - in IM3 when he faces off against the Mandarin with nothing/jumps off a balcony on the rig and slides down the bending metal before jumping into fucking mid-air relying only on his suits to save him/facing off against Loki and then being thrown out of a window despite not knowing what would happen at all and knowing that his suit wasn’t quite ready/relying only on his mobile gauntlet to save his whole fucking face when Bucky (poor soul) tries to shoot him (unintentionally it isn’t Bucky okay) in the middle of his freak-out (and these are all without the whole suit, only bits and pieces, so don't say he’s a little wallflower he has as many balls as the rest of them in combat)
  • have you seen him in a three piece suit??? his figure is fine af from all this shit 
  • he literally survived a blast to the fucking chest with a bomb, survived palladium poisoning, thought his way out of countless shit, is a certified genius, a massive polyglot, has several doctorates and isn’t the soft, smol, vulnerable little chicken so much fanfiction makes him out to be

I love reading those smol, cutesy fics from time to time too - because lbr MCU!Tony IS small in stature because Robert is, bless his platform shoes - but please remember Tony is actually meant to be a badass physically fit (wiry or lithe, depending on comics or movieverse) superhero - he may not be great at hand-to-hand combat like Cap or twenty feet tall like Thor but he can certainly hold his own fgs.  

Endless List of Favorite Characters: Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

I came here to parley. But do not mistake a desire to avoid violence for the inability to deal it”

Daddy Negan {Part 3}

Word count: 3.8k
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!**
Notes: I AM SORRY for such a long wait! Enjoy <3
Gifs are not mine.
Summary: You break a rule and you do it on purpose.
{Part One} {Part Two}

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Lately Negan has been very busy running things at the Sanctuary, and being the wife of a big badass leader meant there would be night’s where he would not have time for any of the wives or you. This was one of those weeks but the very first time you were experiencing his long absence since joining the group. Negan did not know if he would be back in a day or two, or a week. Not knowing was the worst. “He’s fine, just busy making sure we’re all okay.” Sherry reassured you and you nodded, grabbing the glass of wine she offered you to relax. But no matter how many glasses you were about to drink, nothing would drown out how deeply you missed Daddy.

“I’m going to bed.” You said out loud, lifting from the group of couches where the rest of the wives sat. You had heard them all whisper amongst one another when you started to leave, you knew none of them felt as strongly for Negan as you did. They were all just a little too happy that he was gone. You didn’t like it. 

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i can’t stop thinking of Rogue One as, like, an RPG campaign with a bad GM

Baze and Chirrut’s players put a lot of effort and thought into their shared backstory and the GM was just like “kay” and mostly ignored it, mentally relegating them to combat roles

K2SO’s player had to miss a few seshes so the GM had him “stay on the ship” but he got back early and the GM clumsily put him into the city fight (where he rolls a 20 for that grenade catch+toss and everyone loses their shit) then gets called into work last-minute and has to be absent from the NEXT session 

Bodhi is played by a newbie who joins them halfway through and has v. little experience but lots of enthusiasm

Cassian and Jyn’s players have been gaming with the GM forever and were the original players w/ K2SO’s. He keeps going out of his way to throw their backstory into the campaign and it’s abundantly clear that Krennic is meant to be his Badass Coolly Intelligent Arch-Antagonist Self-Insert who, through a combination of bad rolls and player savviness, ends up looking like a total chump

Six Years

Request: Can you do something like Truth or Dare? (Y/N) and Shawn both like each other and everybody knows, so they dare them to kiss.

A/N: Writing this took me around two days, and I changed some things, but I hope you guys enjoy it!

The sun was shining, and you could hear people laughing as they enjoyed the first nice day since the long brittle winter. You would give anything to be out there too, eating ice cream and being outside. But of course, you had a paper to finish.

A year ago, you thought high school was enough, but college was a whole different level. All of your weekends were filled with late nights working on essays and, if you weren’t doing that, there were still exams to study for. It was frustrating.

You had just finished when your phone’s ringer interrupted the silence, making you jump a little. The caller ID brightly said your best friend’s name, Marina. “Hey,” you greeted.

“Are you doing anything tonight?” she asked immediately. In the background, you heard casual music and what sounded like people shopping. She was probably at the mall. The girl couldn’t go a week without buying something new.

You were surprised at the sudden question. There was a hint of desperation in her voice, worrying you. “I was planning to edit my essay.” You walked into the kitchen of your apartment to grab a glass of water. The last few hours of your time were spent sitting at your desk. That damn essay was all you could think about, which made you forget to even eat or drink anything.

“Well, not anymore,” Marina simply announced. Upon hearing those words, you choked a little on your water. “There’s a bonfire at Beachfront Park tonight, and everyone is going.”

You circled your finger around the rim of the glass. “What do you mean by everyone?” She had a habit of leaving out details.

“You know…the inner circle. Brian and all of them.”

“Marina, you know I can’t. I have a lot to get done,” you yawned. Sleep didn’t come that easily to you nowadays either.

“You’ve been stuck in your apartment drowning in assignments. And when you’re not there, you’re at school. Relax a little, just for one night.” You couldn’t deny her.

“You’re not giving me a choice, are you?”

You already knew what she was going to say. “Nope. Get ready, I’ll pick you up at seven.” Before you could reply, she had already hung up. One night of freedom wouldn’t hurt, right?

After smoothing out your outfit in the mirror, you looked outside your window to see Marina’s car parked outside. You checked yourself out in the mirror one last time, and walked out the front door.

The refreshing air had hit you like a wave. It seemed like all the colors outside seemed brighter, and your senses had dialed up. God, college was taking over your life.

“Wow, you’re actually alive,” Marina dramatically gasped when you hopped into the passenger’s seat. You rolled your eyes and lightly punched her arm. “You can’t blame me. I haven’t heard from you in five days until now, (Y/N).”

Your heart sunk to your stomach. Guilt was starting to creep up on you. It never clicked to you how distant you’ve been to everyone you knew. The only thing that’s been on your mind was school. How could you disappear from your best friend?

“I’m sorry,” you muttered, fumbling with the seat belt.

Marina sighed and turned the music down. “No, it’s okay. I know how important this is to you.”

“Marina, I literally cut you off for almost a week.” Turning your body towards her, you leaned your head on the window.

She took a quick glance at you. “(Y/N), don’t beat yourself over it. We’re hanging out again. That’s all that should matter,” she countered back.

You gave her a small smile. “You’re probably right.”

“Aren’t I always?” Marina grinned and flipped her hair over her shoulder. Playfully rolling your eyes, you leaned forward to turn the music back up.

The car had came to a halt, and ahead of you, you saw a huge fire already blazing. All around it was your whole group of friends. A smile appeared on your face, but then you saw Shawn.

He was wearing a dress shirt with the first few buttons popped open. It practically showed off half of his chest. You swallowed the lump in your throat before looking at Marina, but she already had her gaze on you. She smirked as your eyes widened.



“You didn’t tell me Shawn was coming!” you freaked out. Her eyes told you she was enjoying your reaction.

“I told you everyone in the inner circle,” she sang out. “And Shawn is in it, of course.”

“I thought he was on tour!”

“He has some time off, so he flew back home to visit.” You ran your fingers through your hair, looking at her like she was crazy. “(Y/N), come on. Everyone already knows you like each other. We’ve all been waiting for the two of you to get on with it already.”

Heat rushed to your cheeks, making you hide your face in your hands. “He doesn’t like me.” Your words were muffled, but Marina already knew what you were going to say.

“Have you seen the way he looks at you?” You shook your head, climbing out of the car. “I’m being serious. Ian and Brian can tell too.”

You and Marina had grown up with Shawn, Ian, and everyone else. Throughout middle and high school, all of you guys were best friends. But when eleventh grade came along, you found yourself falling for Shawn, but you pushed it aside. Three years later, nothing changed. There were plenty of girls all around the world who flung themselves out at him. Why would he be interested in you?

You were too caught up in your thoughts to even realize that Brian was hugging you. “There she is!” he yelled out, squeezing you tighter.

“Good to see you too,” you laughed.

After reuniting with everyone, there was only one person left, who you missed the most. Shawn was a few feet away, and you didn’t care about how hard your heart was thumping or how numb your legs felt. You ran towards him, the sand making you stumble a bit, and almost tackled him. Your arms were tightly around his waist, but his were hugging you tighter.

“Hey,” you mumbled into his chest. “Long time no see.”

His body moved up and down as he lightly laughed. “God, I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” A warm fuzzy feeling came over your body, making you slightly light headed. Neither one of you guys knew how long you stood there.

“C’mon lovebirds, we want to play a game!” Matt yelled. Both you and Shawn were flustered as ever when you sat down on the various blankets around the fire.

“We should play Truth or Dare!” Marina suggested, causing everyone to groan.

“Marina, we’re not in middle school anymore,” Ian pointed out, reaching towards the cooler to grab a beer. “And what’s the point, we’ve all grown up together. We already know everything,” he chuckled. He had a point.

“Then, how about Dare or Dare?”

You leaned back on your hands.“This is really sad. Normal college kids would be playing…I don’t know. Beer pong or something,” you laughed, but you all ended up playing anyways.

Five dares later, which included Matt to go skinny dipping in the ocean, someone had picked on you as the victim.

“(Y/N), Dare or Dare?” Ian smirked.

Already not liking the way this was going, you replied. “Okay, you and Shawn go somewhere by yourselves, and come back after thirty minutes.” At this point, everything had gone silent. The only thing that was making noise was the crackling of the fire and the waves crashing.

“Ian,” you warned.

“We don’t have all night,” he shooed you guys away. In the background, you could hear them cheering. “Thank me at your wedding!” Ian hollered back as you jokingly flipped him off.

“I can’t believe them,” Shawn chuckled.

“Me neither.”

Beers in hand, the two of you walked along the shore of the beach. Shawn told you stories from tour, and he begged you to tell him about college. You were a little taken back at first. College was nowhere near as interesting as playing shows every night and travelling the world, but you went along with it.

“How do you do it?” he asked. You looked up at him, meeting his gaze.

“What do you mean?”

Shawn shrugged, and took another swing of his beer. “College. It sounds like hell, but you manage to keep up with everything.”

You laughed, causing him to tilt his head in confusion, which you always thought was adorable. “Trust me, it is hell. I’ve been pretty MIA for a while because of how much work I have to do,” you groaned.

“Do you think it’ll be worth it. You know…after you graduate?”

You looked out onto the water. “Well, I hope so. If I don’t, then I don’t know how I’m gonna get on with my life. Graphic designing requires a Bachelor’s degree, and I don’t seem to enjoy any other pathway.”

You always hated talking about the future, adulthood to be specific. It terrified you, but for some reason talking about it with Shawn made you feel something entirely different.

“Graphic designing seems badass. It’s practically meant for you,” he laughed. “You’re always drawing something.”

Grinning, you turned your head to sneak a quick glance at him, but he was already looking at you. There was something else in his eyes. It was bugging him.

The corners of your mouth lowered a little bit, and a face of concern replaced it. “Shawn, what’s wrong?” He shrugged his shoulders, completely forgetting about his beer.

“I just feel like I’m missing out on so much. College, friends, you…”

Your heart jumped a little. “Me?”

Shawn gently laced his fingers into yours, making the both of you smile. “Yeah, I’ve been wanting to do that for the past six years,” he murmured.

Out of nowhere, you felt a surge of confidence burst into you. “And I’ve been wanting to do this,” you whispered. Standing on your tippy toes, you pulled Shawn down by the neck and connected your lips to his. He automatically pulled you closer by wrapping his arms around your waist. 

Sure, the both of you had kissed people before, but this was entirely different. Six years worth of hidden love was finally being left out, and it felt like pure bliss. 

When you guys finally pulled away, Shawn leaned his forehead onto yours. The both of you were panting like crazy, but couldn’t get rid of the grins that were on your faces.

“We should’ve done that a long time ago.”

daystar8  asked:

Fake fic title Ask: Knowledge is power

Midoriya Izuku was Quirkless. 

This did not mean he was powerless. 

If there was one thing Izuku had in spades it guts, determination, and sheer stubbornness. He wanted to be a Pro-Hero and a lack of a Quirk wasn’t going to stop him. At all. 

So the first thing he did was borrow a book. And another. And another. And another, until he had compiled everything he could. He had lists, knew what he had to do to help strength his body without putting it under too much strain before puberty. 

He consumed knowledge, taught himself all the skills that would be useful to become a Pro-Hero from first aid, computer hacking, lockpicking to negotiating.

When he was seven, he continued his mother to enroll him in several different martial classes, trying to find a style that would best suit him and needs. Izuku absorbed everything, taking it apart and restructuring it. 

When the entrance exam for UA finally rolled around, Izuku marched up to the examiners who looked very concerned and confused, but ultimately allowed him to participate. 

If Izuku managed to bring along one of his mini-EMP to disable Glimmer, organized his fellow competitors into a semblance of a working unit and provided tactical planning, well all that meant was that he entered UA with the highest score seen in history. 

 badass bookworm trope. All I’m saying is that if Batman can regularly keep up aliens, gods and other superpowered heroes, I don’t know why Izuku can’t. 

Voltron Theory

So I was thinking about the paladins suits. Do you remember back in the pilot episode where they first go to gear up? Hunk is very concerned about the suit fitting him. Seeing them displayed in their cases I realized that they are all exactly the same size and length. Aside from the main color, every single one of the paladins armor is the exact same.

Do you know what this means? It is more than likely that the suits morph to whoever wears them. Obviously all of the paladins have different body shapes and sizes, not to mention different heights. Therefore their respective suits have to be different sizes and lengths. Just imagine them slipping into these standard sized body suits. Pidge’s would be so big and so long, that as soon as she stepped into it her body suit would shrink itself to fit her perfectly. Likewise Hunk’s suit could expand as soon as he touches it. Seeing as he might not even be able to get into it at its current size. And since the paladins armor consist of two separate pieces (the body suit underneath and all the armor that goes on top) then they have to be connected in some way.

This is alien technology we’re talking about. So just think of the body suits being connected to the outer armor pieces. As soon as the paladins don their body suits, the armor will automatically shrink or expand to fit the measurements of the body suit. Seeing as our current paladins are all humans (aside from Keith being half Galra) we have to remember that it’s more than likely all of the previous paladins were alien. So that means very different body types with the possibilities of extra appendages, horns and tentacles. It’s completely endless how many different types of aliens there are.

So my point here is, that the paladins suits are one major badass piece of alien technology. Altean and Galra technology if you really think about it. Seeing as Alfor and Zarkon founded team Voltron together, and the suits are kept in the castle of lions.

It’s even possible that the suits are made of some kind of organic material. Similar to the mech hybrid Pidge creates in Season 2 Episode 4.

Maybe I’m reading too much into suits that are simply meant to be badass and functional. But I’d like to think my theory is at least close to the mystery that is the paladins armor.

Shower Situation (Pt. II)

Part I

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 3.1k

Warnings: some curse words here and there

Summary: In the aftermath of a particularly unexpected encounter, you and your neighbor meet up as promised, wherein you learn more than you asked for.

A/N: Here is the frequently requested second part. I apologize for how long this took, a portion of it had gotten deleted and I had to do it all over again. But anyways, enjoy!

Peter Parker broke his promise within twenty hours.

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Gif by @livingthegifs

This thread (which is interesting in its own right, you should read it!) made me reflect for a bit on why I find this scene so damn annoying.

My first instinct is yeah, this is wildly out of character for Mycroft. The man is responsible for many deaths, in the tens of thousands if we’re to believe the jokes about him starting wars. For him to say “I will not have blood on my hands!” is not only hypocritical but silly. And sure, I’ll buy that Mycroft’s a hypocrite – that he avoids legwork precisely because he can’t handle this sort of thing – but I don’t buy that Mycroft’s unaware of his hypocrisy. A truthful response would be “I can’t do it” or, if that’s too vulnerable, “I won’t do it”.  

And this is where the annoyance comes in. Because: why do the writers have him say something so transparently hypocritical? Why do they have him vomit when the Governor ends up killing himself? It seems almost like they’re mocking him. Fucking Mycroft, they want us to think. Willing to order people killed but not willing to kill people himself. They want us to see him as a weak hypocrite.

But where does that leave us? It leaves us rooting for murder, narratively. It leaves us thinking, “If Mycroft were a better man, he’d have killed the Governor.” It leaves us comparing him to John, and esteeming John in comparison, because he comes closer to killing the Governor, because he actually tries to do it, because he doesn’t vomit afterwards. Of course, John can’t do it either. I’m glad of that. Just as I’m glad that Mycroft is being a hypocrite. But I find the whole thing very distasteful.  

The series of moral dilemmas at the heart of TFP is incredibly trite, not just in themselves but also in the context of a show that let’s people kill without consequences or reflection. To be fair, we knew this going in. In the very first episode, John kills a man, the ethical dilemmas resolved with a joke: “He wasn’t a very nice man.” Given that, it’s hard to expect a reckoning for Mary shooting Sherlock, or Sherlock killing Magnussen, or Mycroft starting wars and abusing state power. I mean, we complain about Eurus being forgiven for murdering a bunch of people but at least she ended up back in prison. That’s more consequences than any of the other characters got.

I’m just so sick of plotlines where people commit crimes and we’re meant to approve of them or find them badass. (And oh, the irony of writing this sentence about a Sherlock Holmes adaptation!) I’m sick of fiction where we’re meant to think less of people for not being able to kill. I was willing to ignore it when I first watched BBC Sherlock but I’m over it, I’m done with it. There are too many high-functioning sociopaths in real life for me to want to spend any more time with them in fiction.

Meant To Be (part 2)

You are a badass muggle-born Gryffindor girl in your 6th year. Your life is perfect in Hogwarts, you have friends, you study well and you can forget there your horrible relationship with your parents. But once, for a winter break, you decided to spend the holiday in the castle and this decision give you the chance to get to know Sirius Black. And from that day, you are bound to the other.
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Sirius Black

We were having breakfast on the first school day after winter break. Everyone of my friends were talking about how they spent the time and how much they enjoyed it. When Peter shared us that he “almost died in pleasure when first ate his best-ever mum’s cook when arrived home”, he gave me an apologetic look and quickly added:

“Sorry, Padfoot.”

But I just smiled at that sentence. Even if I couldn’t have an enjoyable celebrating with a family that filled with love; I’ve had the best winter break ever in my life. Y/N and I became very good friends and I realized we really did spent the whole time together.

She was so curious about our secret places in the castle and my “special” prank tricks, so I taught her small hexes and jinxes, but she “definitely didn’t want to use them on people”. I loved that mischievous side of her that started to appear slowly. It’s not like that it is the only thing why I liked her. It was clear on the first day when we met that Y/N is looking good. Very good, to be honest. But during the break, when she laughed on something, it was the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. And her smile was just simply incredible according to me. I haven’t seen Y/N’s smile before, so I didn’t know how much it makes her appearance more beautiful.

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me during moon lovers: wow, lee jun ki is so good in historicals… no wonder he does so many… i hope he takes on more historical roles in the future

me during first kiss for the seventh time: wow, lee jun ki is so good at romance… i didn’t know true romcom until he took this role…. he’ll be the best romance actor in korea for sure

me during criminal minds: wow, lee jun ki is amazing in crime dramas… this is his calling… he should totally do more crime roles from now on… he is meant for badass action scenes

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It's depressing to see some fanboys' comments about Kylo Ren on instagram. "Worst SW character ever", "I'd rather have seen Jar Jar than him", "gay bitch", "He needs to die in the next movie", " I hope Rey or Luke slice his head off" "or even better Leia kills him" . I'm speechless. How can people find the energy for such intense hate for a fictional character on a cute instagram post....

They resent him because he’s too human, essentially - they dislike characters that are overtly emotional or weak, and Kylo is especially offensive to them because he was meant to be the badass, villainous successor to Darth Vader (these people conveniently forget the whole redemption angle that went on there). He’s an uncomfortable mirror.

Representation Matters

Recently, I convinced my wife to read Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows book. It’s one of my favorites, and even though my wife doesn’t read much anymore, I knew she would love it. 

She did. 

She especially loved the character Kaz. My wife is 24 and walks with a cane, and has to put up with constant looks and invasive questions from strangers who think it’s their business to know why someone so young is using a mobility aid. Seeing a totally badass character who uses a cane meant a lot to her. When I told her that Leigh herself uses a cane, she was even more excited. 

Yesterday, my wife got the opportunity to meet Leigh at Chicago’s BookCon. She came and found me after getting her book signed and was just beaming. Leigh had greeted her in the autographing line by pointing out that she was a fellow cane user, and after chatting a bit, wrote the words “Be dangerous” in my wife’s book. 

Those words mean so much to my wife, because it’s easy to feel weak when society constantly shames people (especially young people) for using mobility aids. Thanks to Leigh an her writing, my wife knows she can be disabled and dangerous. 

Shout out to @lbardugo for being awesome.