don’t put up with emotionally manipulative people’s bullshit

don’t put up with people who give you the “don’t leave me like everyone else did” “if you leave me i’d kill myself” etc bullshit

don’t put up with people who guilt you into staying in friendships and relationships with them

don’t put yourself through that sort of stress and emotional tension bc you don’t deserve that shit

you’re not obligated to them by any means

love yourself

my mother prayed to the wrong god

and in her blasphemy, birthed me into

a body i could not love.  and she flew

to the meadows of heaven before the

gates were open to her, and when she

witnessed god, all of her became light.


but with her final sin, a curse on my

hallowed heart.  i could not love her.

because i was alone in a place where

mother means love.  mother means



and i had lost all the love in the world.