Hi~~for my first followers  sa-k-en, meansary and kouno1218 ~~XD

You three are super Oblio fanatics..So I drew Oblio as a gift XD still,It’s not finished yet,I started an hour ago (Yup..2 oc clock in da mornin’ ya’ll n I’m afraid to sleep.. O.O Maybe I get sleep paralysis AGAIN or somethin’ >.>)

and his head and face is the only parts I done so far.

I got tired,my hand is bit nubby, (If I had a tablet maybe I could finish this quicky.) It’s a little bit too slanted, My drawing skills still sucks  ; u ; And my english too

sorry If I made oblio funny, More Kyary pamyu Style, Pon Pon Ponish XD

Soon,I make him serious….* _ *