means no lines!

it’s as if he is afraid of obtaining happiness.

at the very least I think we deserve mary trying to casually ask what the “deal” between dean and cas is and cas, without missing a beat, explains “we have a profound bond” and before dean can spew his gay panic all over the place cas continues “but he doesn’t like for me to mention it” and mary nods with understanding as dean face palms himself and somewhere in the distance you can hear sam cackling


Happy Minnie Day!! | Brighter than the Sun~

but when he heard shifting sheets and a soft grunt in the other room he paused reading, glancing back over his shoulder towards the bedroom.

“yeah.” it was a gruff, muffled almost growl, but it echoed, the sound bouncing back towards magnus in the living room and immediately his lips pulled up into a smirk. (insp.)


So I was thinking about the Hanzo McCree interaction in the Halloween event where McCree asks Hanzo if he thinks his bow and arrow are outdated and Hanzo says “Perhaps there is still a future for anachronisms.” and then I realised he’s not just talking about his archery.



Are both anachronisms.

He was talking about the two of them.