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Wow Hirako is savage, I'm really curious about him now, has his name any special meaning??

Here’s a breakdown of his name. o/

平子 (Hirako)

平 (hira): Ordinary, plain, novice, peace, flatness
子 (ko): Child

丈 (Take)

丈 (take): Simple, mere, used for measuring length
There are also connotations with the kanji for Take under a different reading (like Takeshi) meaning: refreshing, generous, old-fashioned, traditional.

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honestly idk why but ive always loved the type of boxers that gerard wore for several years (like the kind in that picture you reblogged of the white/black striped shirt). its just So Good and they're So Attractive, im dead.

wait you mean,



because idk man, it looks like he just saw that the tighty whities were on sale at target and bought one of every color and then wore them for 3 straight years

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what does S/S mean in fashion shows?

So fashion shows are done in seasons; there’s Spring/Summer (S/S) and Fall/Winter (F/W), some places may say Autumn instead of Fall but A/W would still mean the same thing as F/W.

Fashion shows are done a season ahead of time. So this September designers will have their S/S 2017 shows. Fashion shows are, of course, a way of advertising- “Hey, this is what we’re going to be selling soon!” Once Spring 2017 actually rolls around you’ll see those clothes in editorials, red carpets, and their ads in magazines since they are ready to be sold.


ارغواني || Pashtun/Afghan clothes and jewellery

The Dandy Niamey Streets Niger Photo Hugh Ardoin

The beautiful contradiction of being altogether visible and invisible

The morning in Niamey people have different ways to start their day

This one is definitely original

Corrugated iron and leading fashion

You know it is the morning because his shoes are still immaculately white…

Hugh Ardoin Africa by any Means Necessary Gallery