anonymous asked:

Recommended blogs to follow??

well i just cleared out who im following so my dashboard is perfect and you should follow them all

but some of my faves (i.e. the people who come onto my dash n im like YAY THEY’RE ONLINE/am v interested in their life/have made friends with/have been following 4everever/recognise them from just their url) include (bolded is an unhealthy obsession) ((from longest following)

buddaflies untall vixeur truith florixied lazeypeach daisiei centifolias wishtime glitahz vineayl sprouht dissolvinggg cometclover botanicly mahgyk bluhsh plantias kosmho nhebular rookiekid planttish sproutclub honerydew sunknowingly leafydew beanleaf lily-cats plantfreckles slheepy uncacti epellucid theprettygreeneyes tyedal innovate chanel-as-hell crydaisy adnamacool unflowur nudekissing specklesoftash bahliss2 cosmobug chloeswanderlustproject theuniversessecrets lavvender3 meanpasta soyabug !! flowury !! flowurryy maria-yvcca clouduh matissegrl milkoat softwaring planits daeum daeint cresthic kid-cactus furples pistachiou ppolishprincess lunajpg tulipsy frillaei i-am-percy-jackson peachlii ziggydoll vegan-yums eozart roials lilliepillie artkid lambpost hapidaiz blossite ifpaintingscouldtext ifblankcouldtalk sherbeht thefrenchfawn caliau catpuddingzsz dahft galaexykid bagelkid brekkykid peachqueeen botaniee flowinguniverse flowurdust sheehts avocavo eggkiddo dioxeyed newmiu fruitelf96 freckledenim florels watehva co0ler tipsyplant s-un-rise svnbabe midwintermist peachypup sugarberri callmefallada plantcreep funkybug glitterketchup rubyetc sleepyberry doodoodloo rrebellar bbplant fawnlii vangoghkid htmleaf suspiciousmilk

if ur not on this list i still luv u oodles ur SO IMPORTANT TO ME (and also to keeping my dasboard a+) but i probably dnt know u that well so TALK 2 ME n we’ll be friends n stuff

also that was a pretty random list n if ur one of the elites that is like “who tf is this kid putting me around blogs in a completley diff style” literally just ignore this i beg u