meanings of hibiscus:

The pink hibiscus flowers appearing in Steven’s Dream is the national flower of South Korea, Mugungwha. I went to look at the meaning of the flower in a Korean context. There’s definitely a lot to think about.

A flower from the tree blooms during the dawn, shrinks in the afternoon, and falls in the evening. By every Mugungwha tree during the blooming season, you can see a bunch of shrunken flowers at the bottom. Even though a flower lasts only for a day, more flowers bloom every day in the tree, making it look like the flowers never wither.

an anon requested rize and kaneki getting along in an au and i am weak (so weak) for florist/tattoo artist au’s


OMG!!! I think I finally solve the mistery of the flowers. People tried to understand the meaning of the hibiscus as a flower itself but I was thinking that only two gems names were revealed in the series:Nephrite and Carmelian.
If centipeedle is a nephrite accourding with some fans, how about carnelian you will ask? Well, the answer is in the poster.
Look closely, Greg and Steven have Roses, all we know they are a Rose Quartz representation because is someone so cherrized for them. Now, pay attention in jasper hibiscus, A CARNELIAN HIBISCUS, accourding to peridot, carmelian is from beta kindergarten, JASPERS SISTER, how about if they were close and somehow carnelian was shattered making jasper to feel guilty and probably she looked like amethyst and thats why she wanted to shatter her to make the pain dissapear.

Probably carnelian was pride to be a runt and wanted to be free and protect the earth and thats probably why jasper would be part of the crystal gems, because she will finally understand how to be happy not matter her origins and will realize that the earth can set you free.

….and also I think Ashly Burch will voice her.

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RHODODENDRON- what’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had?
i had this dream once where i was in a big room and everyone i loved was in their own little glass box, i was the only one able to walk around freely and every time i walked up to one of the boxes the person died in some violent way & i couldn’t help them?? i just had to watch, it seemed to drag on forever too. it was incredibly creepy

AZALEA- what’s a movie you cried while watching?
i don’t watch many movies so this is hard to answer, but one i can remember was the human centipede. it was terrifying, who even let me watch that, i was only 10
also perks of being a wallflower that movie/book means so much to me

HIBISCUS- did you ever play an instrument? if so what?
i used to play piano pretty well but that’s about it unless you count recorder in the 3rd grade lmao

AMSONIA- would you ever become a vegan?
i tried it for a few months and it wasn’t bad at all, only problem is that i’m anemic & going vegan made it worse bc it’s hard to get enough iron. if i could find a way around that then i’d totally do it again

thank you for distracting me from my hell brain valued mutual ♥

Life is Strange Theory: Butterfly part 2 (Tattoo)

Previously, we talked about butterfly as Myth and Folklore and also about butterfly effect. Now, let’s talk about the tattoo. I’ll Analyze the Tattoo aspects and meaning in this part. I might sound totally obsessed. But yeah, I do! so I tend to over-research things. Well at least I make this for FYI -ish thing. WARNING: THIS IS REALLY A LONG POST.

In the tattoo culture however, they have their own meaning and their cultural meaning specifically about butterfly as a tattoo. As a tattoo, butterfly life cycle can be translated as:

  • Egg (beginning/birth)
  • Larva (dependence/socialization)
  • Caterpillar (independence/awareness)
  • Chrysalis (withdrawal/death to a singular way of being)
  • Butterfly (emergence/illumination/awakening/evolution into a new phase of life)

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Hi mak, I hope you're having a sweet day! I was wondering, do you know if there is any significance to the flowers on Eto's scarf in the anime?

So, the flowers are crudely drawn and hard to identify in the anime, but she also has flowers on her scarf in the manga, and they’re visible the first time she appears in chapter 54:

And they’re easier to see later on, during the Kanou lab raid:

The flowers are hibiscus.

There are a lot of meanings associated with hibiscus, including “gentle” in hanakotoba. Which makes it an interesting choice for Eto.