meaningless meeting

i always joke about being a manic pixie dream girl but the buildup of evidence is alarming

  • actually bipolar
  • hot
  • a fleeting presence in the lives of most men
  • extroverted
  • haunted by past mistakes and relationships
  • running off to california to find myself
  • and let go of baggage
  • either wear pretty sundresses in public or pajamas. no inbetween
  • passionate
  • angry like 75% of the time
  • desperate to gain human connection through a series of meaningless hookups where we meet once and never see each other again so that we can preserve the untarnished memories of the people we were pretending to be
  • already have a history of doing that
  • a tortured artist and writer.  write an assload of poetry and prose about the ocean
  • think a lot about the human condition and wax poetic about it like a fuckig pretentious douche ba g 
  • a fun drunk (until i’m not)